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File: 1334114698674.jpg (51.13 KB, 500x312, 1334108300522.jpg)


Hey guys,

why aren't I a mod yet?


Because you asked.


File: 1334116897927.jpg (66.91 KB, 854x960, 301777_258892597535901_216….jpg)



Just make sure you're active on IRC, and when mod recruitment comes around again, you're good to to go, yawndere. ;D

Simply being on IRC regularly will not insure you will become a mod, but is an apparent necessity.
(*not complaining*)


Oh yes, I would absolutely love to have a gore poster as a mod on uboachan. That would be a great way to improve the website and I'm sure it wouldn't lead to another shitfest at all


File: 1334172432042.jpg (90.36 KB, 853x960, 402576_290979624298719_279….jpg)

I'm almost never on the IRC, really.
I also made sure that what I posted was "Legal" so to speak after my initial warning.
Not like I'm going to petition for full legality towards Gore/guro, hell I was against the full legality of H in general.

Plus, I'm sexy as fuck. The only shitstorm I'd cause is who'd get to call dibs on my fine ass first.


You want to be a mod?
Hang around IRC all day erryday and we'll talk in a few months.


File: 1334181758211.jpg (398.57 KB, 1680x1050, 1259011908876.jpg)




No one's questioning whether or not you were allowed to post it

However if someone were to derive sexual pleasure from molesting little kids I wouldn't want anything to do with them. Same goes for someone who gets off on seeing dead/dying/grievously injured people

Not to mention how incredibly hypocritical of you it is to say you don't want unregulated H, and then post something as strong as real-life gore pics a short while afterwards

So all in all, yeah. Most definitely a prime example of what people are looking for in a mod


> almost never on IRC
Well there's your problem right there! You gotta get on that IRC man!

In more seriousness though, Seisatsu said in >>85 that you will "almost certainly not be picked" if you're not a regular on IRC…or something to that effect.


inb4 op actually becomes a mod


Figured since it was legal, why not? There was already a thread about it, so I decided to contribute. I understand your ideals against gore, really.
I mentioned the /h/ thing because of wide legality, such as saying "All because I like gore, doesn't mean I'm going to spam the shit out with gore." though if things are legal, then I won't feel bad about posting my interests.

I prefer forum posts though. :< Especially since I space out during IRCs and such.

That'd be pretty hot.

I'm on /cos/.


Really? I prefer forum posts too; but only because IRC sucks away my time like a black hole (I have a hard time leaving).

Anyways, even if you somehow became a mod today, it seems that you'd have to be on IRC a lot once you do become a mod; which is probably why it's better to be an IRC regular before hand. According to Seiatsu; "Half of the community is on IRC". And I'm assuming he doesn't want mods only moderating half of the community or something.


File: 1337722818611.png (134.7 KB, 228x267, beko.PNG)

So, when do I get to know my super secret mod stuff.



you already know it

you just need to REMEMBER

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