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File: 1334112690580.jpg (99.19 KB, 604x446, I've Seen You Masturbate, ….JPG)


I think images should be expandable. It will increase my enjoyment coming from this board.

Please post your opinions to benefit due process


File: 1334114479637.jpg (66.86 KB, 960x960, LISTEN.jpg)

Well, this chan - excluding /h/ of course - is generally topic based, not image based. Regardless of it being an Imageboard persay. An "Expand all Images" option would be kind of useless for the most part.

Just my take on it though, It's a good feature to have, but it wouldn't be that usable over all.


idk man, my migraines flare up when i have to flash to a white page before viewing an image

epilepsy runs in my family


File: 1334120096012.gif (480.51 KB, 141x141, 1330919279257.gif)

Understandable especially in your case.

Though before the button comes here, why not try using hotkeys to open the image in a new tab before switching over to them? Most computers have it set to the middle mouse button, that way you can both
A: Open multiple images at a time, for alt-tabbing through them at once, for a less distracted fap time and
B: Allow you to bypass that annoying "White flash" as you describe it?

You can also google for more hotkeys, as well.

Also, nice post. I'm all for this change.


Well, if there's no down side, and it makes viewing the site more comfortable for some, then why not.

How does it work though? I'm not familiar with "expandable images" (at least, not on an imageboard).


File: 1334172931326.jpg (157.5 KB, 888x750, 525436_352243208151820_336….jpg)

Pretty much it is a simple button which you can hit, either at the top of the thread or at each individual image.
At the top of the thread, it will expand each image to their regular side whilst still being within the same tab. Every image will do that, really.
Whilst at each individual image level will expand that single image in the same way as before.


Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like it may be useful to me too (if it works okay on Nintendo 3DS' internet browser).


>there's no DOWN side

i see what you did there.


I meant "negative effects". DX
Plus, call me naive, but I'm not sure what I did there. (I_I)


>>834 Assuming you have windows or can adjust to your system:
Desktop> Right click >properties > display> appearence> advanced > items> window. The rest should be obvious.


File: 1334620522615.jpg (40.76 KB, 180x180, 891080 copy.jpg)

mfw: the joke because I didn't get it.


By the way, it's here now. Image expanding is here (in case anyone didn't notice).

I feel like I've never seen it before…and well, I really haven't (not on an imageboard anyways).



420chan has inline image expanding. Theirs is a little buggy though, sometimes images don't unexpand properly… they just blur into a mess

also if anyone is having trouble switching themes, click the one you want in the left frame and refresh the whole site and it should work (I'm on firefox 11)


I think the style switcher at the bottom of the page still works on Firefox. I'm working with STI to fix the bug. The old code was broken with the latest software update so it had to be rewritten.



Working for me



For me, the style switcher works fine on the sidebar when I'm at the frontpage, and doesn't when I'm at the various boards. In those cases though, the style switcher at the bottom works.

If I remove the frames though, the style switcher options at the bottom goes away, and it reverts to "Uboachan Classic" for all sections of the site other than the news page, which sticks with whatever theme I set it to. The style switcher options would go away with the removal of frames in the past as well, though it wasn't an issue then, since the style would stick to whatever I had set it to for the whole site.

I'm using Firefox 12.


File: 1336316412651.png (2.05 KB, 262x28, lookatallthesenumbers.png)

I'm having the same issues on the newest chrome


I just realized expandable images don't work when frames removed, (in Firefox, at least).

I know there are still multiple issues on the to do list, so maybe you guys are already aware of it, but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere, so figured I'd do so.



Freaky. I'll report it to STI.

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