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There should be a thread on here about what next weeks WILD will be.

I vote for the redoing of /DROAB/


File: 1333908868768.gif (40.4 KB, 301x301, floppy8.gif)

How about a nostalgia board?


File: 1333912207272.gif (79.87 KB, 170x207, nvBbE.gif)

Dog board.
Only Dog.


File: 1333912658587.jpg (354.24 KB, 416x600, 1333595417395.jpg)

Sabi's legs





srsly tho

Nostalgia thread sounds like a good idea.
The tag could be *8BIT* or something similar.


How about a commercial wildcard board.
For discussing…
Vintage commercials
New Commercials
Viral Commercials
Barely Heard of Commercials
Parody Commercials


I was tired as shit when I wrote this and mainly meant for this to be a joke. I mean, I would like to see how this would play out, but, you don't have to take me srsly right here.
How about Beauty?
I've never been that huge of a "Give a shit about my looks" person, but, it might be fun just for the week to talk about hair styling and make-up and clothes or something.


Commercials are a completely legitimate topic of discussion; get ready for the videogame ads thread!

Beauty/Fashion, could be interesting too.


… Music




/cos/ is also fashion, plus their is a thread on /ot/ as well.


show us your team, your favorite most prized Pokémon


I think *yawndere* should be next weeks wild card thread. Because I'm fucking awesome and I think everybody here can agree on that.
yawndere appreciation board.


File: 1335151805390.png (Spoiler Image, 30.13 KB, 256x256, HzyGL.png)

Suggesting Horror Games. I've always felt that /og/ had so many other threads that the horror games thread was overlooked

This will give people a chance to discuss and recommend their favourite ones, for those of us who are looking for the next creepy exploration/heart-attack inducing game


> horror games for wild
Shit! This, for sure!
Please guys, let me know of every freeware horror game there is. <cheapskate
But yeah, seriously.





Yes please.


File: 1335197649421.jpg (170.78 KB, 480x750, edaa47f34a8d0cb871f606e58c….jpg)

How about, personnification/humanisation/whatever this pic count as?


File: 1335198039019.jpg (144.6 KB, 600x500, 131720490110.jpg)

I like both of these.


>>851 is already /media/


MS Paint.


but no seriously, MS paint is a good idea.


i just want to say that im really happy about this week's

so thank you


Music discussion is a nice idea. And no, /media/ is definitely not about Music.


Right. I want a music board next week! That would be interesting as fuck!


MS Paint is /o/ lolololol
I personally don't think MS Paint is such a great idea.


No ideas for next week?


File: 1336777470202.jpg (165.04 KB, 588x800, hydrogen.jpg)

Hmm…science would be an interesting topic. ^_^


Any topic will do, but really, no more repeat boards. There wasn't really any need to make one to begin with


File: 1337022202236.jpg (211.26 KB, 1023x976, Curious-and-Interesting-Fa….jpg)

Why does it matter. I don't really see any actual reason as to why this should cause any problem.

I want a Pokemon board btw
Trainers gonna train

Have we had a cooking board yet? If not, that would be a cool topic, I know there would be a good amount of interest in that.



Why shouldn't it matter? It's a Wildcard board. As far as I know it's meant to change topics weekly so there's always something fresh to talk about

Having it be about stuff that's already specifically covered on another board does nothing but defeat that purpose


File: 1337110133752.jpg (189.91 KB, 900x1051, Cats__I__m_a_Kitty_Cat_by_….jpg)

Yeah but it's not quantifiable or anything. We don't have a limited number of times the board can change, and therefore we lose nothing. And I think that having a dedicated board for something that may have been brought up or may fall into the topic of a different board to a degree would still generate new content. Either way, it may not be great, but it's not bad by any stretch.

Make it happen mods


File: 1337145316332.gif (767.83 KB, 320x190, 08c1ff8100ae549741d5c8d24b….gif)

Of course it generates more discussion. You could have next week's wildcard board be .FLOW and it's still bound to end up with more posts than .flow's actual board had for the last 2 or 3 months

We could keep this back-and-forth going until the end of days. The fact remains that when a repeat board is chosen, people's suggestions get ignored in favour of a subject that already exists. Which looks like a slap across the face from where I'm standing


Make this happen, mods.


> "repeat" boards
Well, "no topic will be chosen twice". So if any suggestions get overlooked, I'm sure /wild/ will get to them eventually. Besides, isn't it better to choose a hot topic so that more discussion will be generated?

> cooking board

That was actually the first ever /wild/ topic, if I remember correctly.


>slap across the face
This. Was waiting for an MSpaint last week, but nooo, we needed a second music board.
Then I thought we'd have it this week. Perish the thought. A mod suggested science, so science it had to be.

IRC circlejerk fagging stuff up full throttle imo.


File: 1337230347791.png (863.23 KB, 1154x648, nichifaces2.png)

Calm down buddy.

I just pick a random idea from this thread each week that I find moderately interesting. I honestly didn't even think about the fact that a mod posted it. We can have an MSPaint board next week.


File: 1337274372731.jpg (284.41 KB, 2048x1536, cute_birman_cat_looking_yo….jpg)

Just be patient, good things come to those who wait.

It isn't like MSPA is just going to deappearify over the weekend.


Holy fuck soma are you trying to give me a heart attack with all these absolutely adorable cat pictures??
/pets/ into the Wild Pool.


File: 1337628262086.jpg (456.92 KB, 1920x1200, Animals_Cats_Cat_s_tiger_0….jpg)

They're strays from /catplanet/!


File: 1337630400900.png (448.04 KB, 500x544, kittens.png)

Did someone say cats .-.


/philosophy/ for next week!



With the convention and everything I forgot to make the switchoff on Monday.

Looks like MS Paint for one more week.


Next wild could be a week where we dedicate ourselves to writing really bad fanfiction.


You could just make a "bad fanfiction" thread on /lit/, I don't think it's specific enough to warrant it.
If you were just joking, it wasn't clear enough.


Unlike Music, for which there was only /media/, right?


Yeah exactly, except no.
Didn't we already go over this?


What the hell are you talking about dude?!
What in /media/ a.k.a. Music/Uploads gives you the idea that board is for music?

Seriously get your shit together man.






I propose the next week's WILD to be /meta/.

We can talk about how we talk.


File: 1340682939088.jpg (4.22 KB, 111x126, 1251157391577.jpg)

Next week's board: HATE


File: 1340809845945.jpg (156.61 KB, 850x528, shrug.jpg)

I think /health/ would be interesting.



I want us to all tell jokes




hypothetical murder methodology


I was looking through /warc/


File: 1341564924022.jpg (1.13 MB, 800x2366, scientology.jpg)

Scientology board. The "psychiatry is a pseudoscience" thread in Health inspired this post.


I am declaring the highest of nopes


/supportgroup/ just to see if /n/ gets better in that week.







INCEPTION whhhaaam







webpages with fun interactive tools
like the 'Hack Factor Gender Guesser'



or /astronomy/

100% distinct from /astrology/, though mysticism bullshit might be a fun topic too, actually


baby pictures
from when entire Uboachan was babies


Verdict: FEMALE
Verdict Weak FEMALE.
Welp, I'm a girl now xD


These are good ideas.


File: 1345063422533.jpg (143.44 KB, 889x1024, 1317672562_www.nevsepic.co….jpg)




but yeah that sounds like fun. Also /uguu/ for general cuteness.


File: 1345147179473.jpg (49.42 KB, 450x318, 484589_340768209338612_174….jpg)

/vocaloid/ ?






Online personality quizzes?


/homo/ - Homestonk General




/blog/, in which we blog about our lives so I don't have to use /psy/


That sounds like a train wreck, but a fun one to watch, so long as it is contained in WILD.


I'm springing for /blog/ or /DOCWHO/




/blog/ was the best so far.


/glitch/, because game glitches can be very interesting. I guess.


File: 1347898338035.jpg (236.16 KB, 400x400, higher than anyone.jpg)

/drugs/, as that thread on neet generated quite a lot of discussion ^^



Favorite fangames?


vacation locations





i wanna bring this back up because


File: 1349047664208.jpg (73.74 KB, 500x297, 5.jpg)

for october, i propose WILD be a month long /halloween/ special.

because we all love halloween right? i know i do. if not the entire month, then maybe just the week of halloween.



yes yes yes yes yes.


File: 1349106554129.jpg (19.18 KB, 600x400, DNGJU.jpg)



Christmas Specials Some Time Next Month







File: 1355350616911.png (200.35 KB, 400x302, Rudolph's Shiny New Year.png)




File: 1355373608915.jpg (1.28 MB, 2448x3264, YESSSSSSSS.JPG)

yes yes yes yes yes.


File: 1364606231540.jpg (1.74 MB, 3299x1856, kity.jpg)

Time to refresh this fuckin list.
/Scary Outsideness/
/Existence Crisis/
/Why am I still here/


File: 1364609514156.jpg (448.41 KB, 2048x1536, Gee thanks mom!.JPG)

/shame/ or /why/ or /past/ or /middleschool/
we can discuss horrible decisions we made in the past and stupid phases we went through. We could post the awful music we listening to, dumb anime we watched, and ugly clothes we wore when we were like 13. I could write a book on that stuff. And I have a gross interest in seeing that other people were just as bad as me.

Here's a horrible photoshop I made of myself when I was 13, I thought I was so ~random and clever~ by making it look like I got Rock Lee for Easter. My Naruto phase was a dark time. I also had a goth/yandere phase I could discuss. I can't be the only one who was this brain damaged in middleschool. Right?



Don't feel bad booger, I did a lot of shit and I keep doing it so I guess we can discuss it.

Also, Sei, Where in the seventh hell is that WILD-Meta thread I did? There was a lot of good stuff to discuss.


File: 1364610723513.jpg (79.97 KB, 850x569, sheenah is bootifal.jpg)

Only thing I can think of that's worth mentioning is this time in Church I REALLY didn't want to be there so I just sat around looking all depressive and angry. This kid came up to me and was like "Hey how are you wanna play a game?" and I was like "I don't wanna make friends" and then walked away.


saint holy mother of fuck go back to the past and kill yourself


File: 1364611522813.gif (13.41 KB, 600x480, every day of my life.gif)

I've tried, I stabbed her with my steely knives, but I just can't kill the beast


my pedo senses are TLIN TLIN TLIN!


Sei, if you still read this, can we have a lovecraft /wild/ week now?
Or 80's; I remember someone suggested it.

Or… dunno, tentacles?


Something new and cool to discuss about.




File: 1366995969608.png (72.91 KB, 250x250, tumblr_mlheerFMPD1qk8kgko1….png)





It would be wonderful.


There should be a thread about changing wildcard weekly.


File: 1396305653059.jpg (283.44 KB, 1024x768, forest-village-abandoned-0….jpg)



File: 1398192051183.jpg (62.71 KB, 410x669, gardes.jpg)

Hey Sei, could next wild be /Martial Arts/? That would be pretty cool.


File: 1399087821709.png (83.59 KB, 250x256, shinjicup2.png)

photo-manipulations, verticals, and other shoops (pic related)


great suggestion praesul
i'll submit it for the next serialization meeting



What? I'm not presul.


shut up praesul


File: 1404959211316.jpg (175.32 KB, 1500x844, fc4c21d4b0476f8d2bee17c199….jpg)


For pictures of scenery, landscapes, cityscapes, etc.


Yes, because it's beautiful, thanks for suggesting it in.


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