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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

File: 1332918433140.jpg (74.95 KB, 722x676, weirdo_stalker_hinata_by_d….jpg)


be able to upload images by just pasting a link to the hosted image, similar to what imgur does. pic unrelated


also I noticed: .gif files occasionally fail to upload properly.

this board software isnt that great.


Sometimes, that kind of screws up. Like, for example, if the link is removed, it won't be there anymore.
Also, as for the gifs not uploading, I think there is a 10 MB limit or something, so you might want to check your file sizes.


So, anyways, I kinda disagree with this.


1. no, thats not how it works. the board software copies the image hosted elsewhere and hosts it here, it doesn't hotlink it.

2. no, file size isnt the problem. it is below the file size limit.


I'll need more info to debug that. What is wrong with the gifs?

Also note that we're on the development release of Tinyboard.


well i dont know if theres anything wrong with the gifs. i tried posting a gif on /ot/ and someone else wrote there that they had the same problem.

why did we change to this new board software again? i didnt see any issues with the old one.


The only time I've had an image fail to upload, it was a 4.59 MB gif in the following post.


Here's a direct link to that gif somewhere else, in case having the actual image can help in testing things.


I'll also try adding it to this post, in case it decides to work for some reason.


this post should have a gif of a girl sucking a dick. if there isnt theres probably something wrong with the upload


The issue was in the server's PHP configuration. The server would not except uploads of any kind larger than 2mb.

Try now, it should be fixed.


File: 1333249889347.gif (4.6 MB, 300x169, Bees.gif)

Alright then, here's an upload test.



Wow, not usually one to ask this but…source on this? Google image only gives Uboachan.


its sporechan. yes thats an asian guy's dick and shes sucking it while his roomate is playing spore in the same room, lol.




To the mod who removed that image: Er, you do know NSFW is allowed, right?

Fucking Uboachan.


You know if you copy the direct link to the image, then when you go to upload an image, copy and paste the direct link into the file upload browse bar. It should work.


Yes I do but not everyone does.

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