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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

File: 1328689121758.jpg (71.83 KB, 475x268, woo.jpg)


Rename this site to 2kkichan or .flowchan. Nobody talks about YN anymore.


>no one talks about YN
>recent posts box
>posts in YN threads


>Compare number of regular posts under /flow/ and /tkki/ to actual Yume Nikki related boards
>point proven.



Nobody talks about YN because there's nothing going on with YN. 2kki and .flow are more-or-less actively developed, so at least they have something to talk about.


File: 1328716995397.jpg (36.74 KB, 386x371, meirlfuckjpg.jpg)

I think they should rename this site to ubodychan and make it a website about bodybuilding and fitness.
Also It has been mentioned before but we need a /cube/ board.


Exactly. The fandom for YN itself is tired out and has moved on to other stuff. The site needs to change focus to what's current, being either 2kki or .flow.


File: 1328739447367.jpg (18.97 KB, 400x280, code_geass_nina.jpg)




For once I can agree with you off the bat


File: 1328826020327.gif (361.31 KB, 300x300, osaka1_300.gif)

Dude, pictures of sexy men are NOT worksafe and need to be spoilered, what the fuck, man? Do you even care about the well thought-out rules that the staff has carefully put into place for the betterment of this community? I mean what if an innocent child was browsing the internet, came across this image, and his parents caught him masturbating to it? You people are such insensitive fucks.


File: 1328833175885.gif (411.34 KB, 320x240, tumblr_lw691sbROV1qixko4o1….gif)


Hey shut the fuck up


Yeah, jesus christ. Won't anyone think of the children? There are so many wonderful young people on this site that we need to consider! They are our future, do we really want them to be exposed to even a glimpse of naked flesh? That is how sexual deviants are made! God, do you really want a site full of perverts? I swear, every day this site turns into more of a smut gallery! And that's to say nothing of all the cruel, callous people here. Don't any of you care about the feelings of the youth who might be viewing this site? You're all going around tossing naughty words left and right without any regard for who could be seeing them! I'm just overwhelmed by the insensitivity.


File: 1328838689394.jpg (12.51 KB, 210x240, HSITLSTIS.jpg)

New rule: anyone that stirs shit up is on the shit list.



I'll be sure to stir up as much shit as possible then for your pleasure and convenience.


People do still talk about Yume Nikki somewhat. Although, a lot has already been said about Yume Nikki, so this is more of a hang out for Yume Nikki fans than a website for exclusively Yume Nikki discussion. And while they are less active, the Yume Nikki boards still do get posts.


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File: 1329186061421.png (64.21 KB, 116x233, mercutio.png)

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