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File: 1655876710522.jpg (38.1 KB, 338x607, imsadandtiredofthisshit.jpg)


I'm tired, folks. Sometimes I wonder how many users would actually be left if I kicked out all the racist / sexist / homophobic / malicious pity cases who pick fights and brag about hating everyone else so they can forget for a moment how much they hate themselves. And anyway they would just come back with new IP addresses unless I could summon the wit and energy to be consistent. As I move forward with my life, every incident reminds me that running this place can be a double strain on my reputation and my conscience.

I love Yume Nikki and spooky indie games and the people who like them, and I don't want to take away the online home from the NEETs who congregate here, I don't want you to be alone because I used to be you and be alone, and I can see that a lot of good things have happened and still happen on this site, and I really owe it a lot. And I know there are much worse places you all could end up if I pulled the plug. But, fuck, I am really tempted sometimes to just burn it all down and put this chapter of my life behind me. My love and my weariness fight for a delicate balance. Some of you can be so fucking mean that it just sickens me sometimes.

I'm really pissed off right now and might delete this post in the morning.


Hang in there sei. Weren't you going to pass on ownership of ubuu a while back? Maybe You should.


Wait is this about that black protagonists thread? I agree it was a shit thread but those people weren't being super mean, it was just bad shitposting (although I thought "make niggatsuki yourself nigga" was kind of funny). I get that you don't want offensive things on the site anymore but jesus christ, what's gotten into you this past year or two where seeing that shit gives you a breakdown?


I love shit!


I love shitposting too, but one or two of those were over the line, and once I started banning it was a matter of degrees and I didn't know where to cap it. They're all one day bans.

There's no one left willing to take it anymore, no one I know anyway. I can't give it to a stranger. I am thinking maybe I need to pass it on but I don't know how. Writer completely vanished off the face of the earth and all of the moderators left, ironically they left because I used to be the opposite extreme as far as moderation goes, I would let too much slide and they all got frustrated with me.


File: 1655905496128.png (125.64 KB, 652x314, thisshit.png)

You wanna know my fucking secret, why this place wears me down? I'm t r a n s for two years now and I have shit like this to wake up to. Having friends who are like you and being on the butt end of your own community's actual seething hatred puts a lot of other things into perspective, and it's hard to tell where the shitposting begins and ends sometimes. We were even raided because of it, "it's full of gays and trannies" was the actual reason according to the raid organization thread we tracked down and my discord profile picture was evidenced in the opening post. Imageboard culture has become hostile to my existence, with the rare exception of Sushichan.

At this point if there was someone I could trust. I might hand it off. This imageboard is like a cursed object I can't put down. I can't let it die but I don't know if I'm the person it needs right now.

(Ironically the community was heavily trans before I took over, and then my lack of moderation back then caused them to all be chased out, now we have clowns like picture related complaining that they exist at all. Funny how that works. I hate myself sometimes for letting this happen.)


i’m so sorry :( i know so many people in the YN community that are really kindhearted and accepting. imageboards just often fester the more extreme or “offensive humor” type. hang in there, the vast majority of the community has your back.


You own the place, but you are biased due to your emotional response to trans discourse and the people you hang out with, you are far from neutral, the fact you are so emotionally invested is what makes your judgment hard and innacurate.

Trans people NEVER infiltrated the community, they were there from the start, whoever thinks otherwise is a tourist and you don't lose anything banning them, people hating on others for their race and gender is deserving of a permanent ban in this specific imageboard.

On the other hand, you fail to realize that some people in that thread, me included, were seeing the OP as a legitimate troll pulling some typical race baiting discourse, disagree? lock the thread as it's too controversial because of its wording and ongoing debate, NOT BECAUSE OF THE CONTENT, I am all for nonwhite characters, but I suppose you just assume bad faith for all cases that don't go exactly with the way you think. To be fair with you, people acting like /pol/ blending on my side of the argument doesn't help you.

Don't get me started on the recent NEETpride thread, that lacked moderation too on all sides.

You need to be cold to manage one of those sites, that's the harsh truth, I've been here for over a decade so I obviously like the site, but if it's unhealthy for you, pull the plug until people with cold blood help you or become numb to it's insanity.
If we disagree or not it doesn't matter, what does matter is that your health needs to be first.

I know all of this is harsh of me, so I will give you nicer advice.

Make it more obvious where the imageboard stands in terms of ideology and userbase to discourage bigoted people from trying to blend in.
You can achieve this by just adding a short but visible description in the homepage right where "Don't touch the lights!" is going like "We are a Yume Nikki fan site blah blah, we have been around for a while blah blah, we gather NEET/Hiki culture and encourage mental health and are accepting of LGBT"

This is not gonna be a magic solution, but if it saves you from one /pol/ tourist, it does the job.


I think you're pretty much spot on. Seisatsu who started running this place 12 years ago and Seisatsu now are two very different people, and my moderation style is stuck between one extreme and another. The old extreme caused the entire moderation team to eventually resign because I interfered with them doing their jobs, and the new extreme makes people afraid to shitpost. It's a spectrum and I need to fall on the right part of the spectrum with my moderation or it creates problems.

It kind of splits my personality to run this place, and if I think about it too hard it gets very confusing. I probably need to stick to cold and literal interpretations of the rules and adjust the rules as needed instead of nitpicking every little thing, but it's hard not to nitpick when that new-Seisatsu-brain gets riled up, especially since several other communities I moderate would nuke half the shitposts in here in a heartbeat.

The person I am now is kind of foreign to the mental space of an imageboard. I have to bend myself a bit to work at it. If I don't have the mental energy to bend, I snap. I am hoping that the new moderators I'm training will be able to take a lot of this off my hands.


>You can achieve this by just adding a short but visible description in the homepage right where "Don't touch the lights!" is going like "We are a Yume Nikki fan site blah blah, we have been around for a while blah blah, we gather NEET/Hiki culture and encourage mental health and are accepting of LGBT"

Not a good idea, it just brings it up and makes it a target. It's the internet we're talking about. The only way to solve this is going for a no shitposting allowed, and yes, do this with an iron fist. Shitposting is not unique to uboa, controversy is not unique to uboa, why keep it? Remember, YN focused content is what's unique to uboa and what you have to protect. Having that in mind will make this place a lot easier to moderate and keep it clean. Also IBs are dying and YN is an old game by now, so it doesn't matter what you do, there will be less and less people, but I don't think it will never die if you keep what's important, and that is all the YN directly related content.


Oh boy, a contending argument. This is the other extreme which I often feel I should tend towards. Ah, there is no easy answer is there? This is one of those points where I have to make a choice and none of the choices are "correct". I fucking hate those.

I love shitposting but maybe even shitposting should have some rules.

I'll think hard about the future I want for Uboachan and then I'm just going to have to stop being such a flake and commit.


File: 1655922745742.png (684.57 KB, 613x667, uboachan.png)

I kinda feel like >>3839 has some truth; if you have to spoil everything to your very readers they likely aren't all that bright.

Sorry for sounding mean but there just isn't enough content on the site for it to grow as it is. 4ch and other uncomfy boards manage to perpetuate themselves on notoriety, absurd memes and causing chaos outside of itself. That won't work for Uboachan so we need to find something else.

I think that almost all the creative types have been already scared away. I do not know if it's by the lack of moderation, general movement of such folk to social media or a general disinterest in the "legacy" direction this board's community has chosen to take. But whatever it is, it is making them run away, thus leaving this board occupied by people who have nothing to do here. I believe you have realised that a bit already and thus I assume the USAGI Game Jam had its purpose. Please continue with nourishing the creativity and curiosity of Uboa's posters. For the sake of us all.

I have also seen this community to be quite opposed to communities of certain other games with similiar themes but which have deviated from the core concepts a lot but have amassed a great following thanks to that. I understand anons' concerns but I think that for us to survive it's necessary for us to just accept them. Every game has its own thread, if you hate a particular game, just do not click on the thread. For example I personally hate NSO (2022) and I think that its community is full of weird people because of its inherent themes but that doesn't give me the title to go around telling them that they do not deserve to live or that they all are interested in nonsense. Maybe I am entitled to express my opinion and my reasoning behind my opinions but that's about it.

Let others enjoy their hobbies and express themselves cililly. Even if you hate them, let them grow into the beautiful butterflies they are. How do you know they are not your future online friends that you might have a great time with in your future? People change rather quickly, mind you. Yesterday's me does not represent me in the slightest anymore.

About mean shitposting, just don't. And if you have the urge to do it, try to make it at least half interesting to read, make up a story about how much your mother hates Madotsuki and thus disallows you from playing YM, send us some totally legit evidence of Chie visiting you while drying your clothes on the balcony, heck, hype up a fake .flow sequel and then attach a game that rickrolls any daring soul, whatever, just troll us good and hard, not like a boring 4channer.

Pic unrelated, y'll are cute :3


File: 1655922801934.jpg (56.9 KB, 567x780, FEIqH_zUcAMd85G.jpg)

Yeah no way to make everyone happy, a large bunch will hate you no matter what. All administrative choices have risks. So either listen to your heart or flip a coin.


What are you talking about? You're only meant to keep things unique to a site? Shitposting is part of chan culture period, whether it's unique to a specific place or not. You should protect the yume nikki specific content but if you ban shitposting then you lose an integral part of…well…chans.
And it'd be nightmarish to moderate 'shitposting' which is such a vague action which isn't easily noticable. Even the black mc thread that spawned this whole thing was debated on whether it was a shitpost or not, it'd be simply impossible to accurately moderate 'shitposting' without having personal biases involved.


It's the internet, people are not going to be nice just because you're asking on the frontpage. My line of thought here is simple. Trying to balance what shit to allow and what shit to ban is obviously very draining. You might enjoy funposting but is it worth it when it's making you miserable? Then it's not fun anymore right?
Ironfisting is less draining on your mental health.

It's also a lot easier to find and train mods when the rule is very clear about these things. There's no sensibility curve for them to pick up. But ultimately, the reason I'm suggesting this is because I honestly find it to be the solution that makes a more stable ib with a smaller footprint on your mental health. It will probably get slower, but again, having less awful shit to deal with is better.


Shoot, you responded to me while I was posting. Well, I stand by what I said. We'll have to agree to disagree. It's up to admin to weight the arguments. I don't like to meta too much.


we can agree to disagree i'm not calling you stupid or anything but how exactly do you ironfist something as vaguely identifiable as shitposting? something that looks like a shitpost to one mod may not be to another and vice versa, I simply don't see a routine methodology working out.


>we can agree to disagree i'm not calling you stupid or anything
I know you're not anon.


I like ubuu more than other chans because of how accepting it is of those who struggle, whatever the reason may be. It's a comfy place. There's no right or wrong answer here, so I think you should just trust your gut, and carve the space you desire with your own hands. If you build it, they will come.


been lurking here since the before times, and honestly sei whatever you do is up to you. if you go iron-fist, i think ubuu will lose some of what makes it ubuu. on the flipside, the low-effort trolls simply aren't funny. we're missing the activity and in-jokes that made us what we were, and i'm not sure if there's really a good way to bring that back. events? minecraft? something shiny and new? i just don't know. regardless, i'm still around.


File: 1655985732870.gif (1000.19 KB, 500x375, kk.gif)

if it means anything sei, seeing other small ib go always makes me hope uboa never goes too. though, as a distant lurker it feels like you've been saying you're tired for a pretty long time. if a habit or activity isn't serving you, you really gotta change it or break it without looking back. so maybe just train some people and stay as owner in the background so you don't burn yourself out even more than you already have. I think if you could get them to ban at least straight up mean or malicious posts without a second thought it would help a lot in a few ways. I wouldn't worry about lost traffic if it airs the site out a bit. it's probably better to think of this place as an overgrown garden with too many weeds, I'm sure more than a few other lurkers still call this place home.


File: 1655999229558.jpg (25.79 KB, 480x600, 974fc2280b4cb86924e46a4c6f….jpg)

having gotten back into nikki/2kki after years of not playing, i find solace in the fact that this place still exists and i'm sure a lot of people do too. pulling the plug would be an enourmous loss to the OG western YN community. if you are confident in pulling the plug, which i don't judge you doing, please make sure to train a few people about how to actually run this place.
>t. lurker


This is a nice post and I agree


I think the solution does lie in making a concrete decision about how I want the place to be run, training staff, and then handing it over and taking a backseat. I'm currently doing step two but need to come to a conclusion on step one. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement, and I do hope this place continues to be around for a long time.


I used to post here a lot but then I kind of just forgot about it for a few months. Decided to check how thing's are going again today and this is the first thing I see.
I really like this place and it would make me really upset if it was gone, I post here since 2018 and I know that makes me a newfag but I have really fond memories of this site.


>I'm t r a n s
I'll pray for your soul.


I'm trans and Jewish so you should make me a mod so I can exterminate all the filthy bigots as payback


No thanks.


As a black trans-racial queer woman I find the sexual fetishisation of People of Color to be just as bad as the blatant racism. The whole thread should have just been deleted.


I don't understand, so you're black or you're white and you want to be black?


they're michael jackson


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