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For best interest in the userbase's safety and privacy, could there be any way we adopt or at least *consider* IRC or XMPP? It's not unknown to people that Discord is running a data mining operation and doesn't really respect the user's privacy or freedoms. The problem with IRC was that users had no way of knowing what conversations ensued due to lack of backlog support. Implementing backlog support via a bot can solve this issue quite easily.

I'm not requesting or expecting anything, but I just thought it would be neat to plug the information out in the open for discussion.


* I forgot to mention, there's quite a few Discord bots that transfer messages from XMPP and IRC to soothe out the "split userbase" problem. In an ideal world, there would be no problem in giving us more options since the chat would be synced, eliminating the transitory phase. Sure, users would be vulnerable to message logging but that's the only extent/reach Discord would have; no extensive data mining, intrusive advertising & account linking or storing crucial details and logs in plaintext.


Discord's not great though. The userbase there hardly has anything in common with ubuu's. Discussion there is facebook tier. I don't know if there would be enough interst in an irc chat and I doubt it would be more active than ubuu itself. I'd rather have people spend as much time as they could here.


File: 1532973014655.jpg (30.66 KB, 637x358, 1532178199001.jpg)

We used to have an IRC, it died. Bringing it back is pointless.

As >>3549 says, The "official" discord isn't really ubuu related, other than the fact that it was originally run by mudnut and many ubuu users happened to be there, so it was eventually decided that if we were going to have a chat, that was as good as any. Or at least, that's what I know of the whole affair.
It'd be more useful if activity remained within the site, other than splitting even more.

Ubuu's original server was #uboachan@irchighway, if you or any of you is interested in… like, going there just to see nobody talk. If it is still up; apparently the servers had a crash not long ago and they had to change their website and are rebuilding things…

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