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We are about to have an influx of refugees from the shuttered 8chan, and this is probably inevitable.
However, this is not 8chan, and it's definitely not 4chon.
Participation is welcome, but a sudden sharp increase of alt-right material and garbage posts will not be tolerated.
Please leave your hitlers, seisatsu.pngs, burning crosses, and shitpost floods at the door.
Even on /ot/, we expect some level of quality in our posts. Please familiarize yourselves with our rules and guidelines, and make sure to lurk before posting.
Also, apologies for deleting the /4chon/ refugee thread outright, I overreacted. There's nothing wrong with such a thread as long as it doesn't cause me too much of a headache.
Enjoy your stay and don't be a dick.

File: 1498531683088.jpg (9.52 KB, 237x212, smug.jpg)


What a slow, sad, image board. why do you even go here?


Why do you even breath?


Because it's a slow, sad imageboard.


It's a slow, sad, imageboard but it's my slow, sad, imageboard.


File: 1498559465113.jpg (22.29 KB, 349x344, 1464616878591.jpg)

my first post here and i honestly think it's just comfy


File: 1501848166423.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.23 KB, 600x600, 1283194362400.jpg)

Four years ago it had a lot of Yume Nikki boards. Now they're closed. Fandom is dead. The whole epoch is over. No one needs YN anymore.


Yn isn't the game we need, it's the game we deserve.


Well, besides us there is a small spanish community, and the faggots in tumblr.
But yeah numbers have dropped a lot if we compare it to a few years ago.



And what makes me even sadder?
Years ago I.ve seen Yune Nikki v. 0.09 when searched "yume nikki" at Filegoogle.com and didn't bother to download it. And then Filegoogle died. I am the person who made things worse.


nostalgia tbh.
I remember going on this board during highschool at the local library when I was skipping or whatever.

I didn't really make any memories during highschool, but I'm glad that this board could be a part of it.


>tfw wandering lurker
>tfw never found a place to settle down where I wasn't late to the party in some way
>not stupid enough to ignore the history of the websites I visit and the uniqueness of the userbase who made them what they are
>not intelligent enough to make those sorts of contributions on my own

Feels abstract, man. That's cool this small corner of the internet is someplace you can call your own, because it's deep in your memories. I'm an outsider looking in, and I must say it looks comfy.


File: 1511378157299.gif (3.19 MB, 352x210, oi lad.gif)

>not intelligent enough to make those sorts of contributions on my own
It's not about intellect, it's about attitude. If you're a meme arrow user with fuzzwords like comfy with pepe/feels.jpg attached, you won't be generating much friends here. Not that people will shit all over your post really (if the content of the post isn't garbage), they will just insert some subtle grains of pepper into the mix. Don't use template posting outside of /ot/ and it's fine. Seeing which users to reply with caution (no really only about 20 people or so come regularly here) by their posting style can be a major boon to avoid derails or unhealthy arguments.

>wasn't late to the party in some way

Being late to the party can sometimes be a positive, being an internet archaeologist is sometimes rather engaging.


Because it's fun



There is a small group of Japanese people who enjoy Yume Nikki related content on twitter. I'm sure there are plenty of smaller hidden communities who enjoy Yn and things alike


>No one needs YN anymore.
Really though, just learn Japanese and migrate to Twitter. Or Nicovideo.


Because I'm fascinated by obscure near-dead imageboards.


Becuase I am a slow and sad person.


I liked the snow.


Because it was my first imageboard (found it through the yume nikki article on tvtropes) and I like checking in to see how things are


I'm trying to tell those damn faggots in the music thread to love each other, but whenever I try to upload my sick-ass image that will make them love each other I'm getting "Failed to resize image! Details: sh: 1: convert: not found".
…and as such can't start a new thread for this. Come to think of it, there really should be a general bugs thread but I guess Sei is just so good a programmer that it's never needed.


>What a slow, sad, image board. why do you even go here?
Because it's slow and sad. No, really, it's so obscure there's a very low chance anyone I know irl comes here and I can powerlevel in peace.


Not really, there are plenty of chans that are more obscure and slower than this. Uboachan is even in several compiled chan lists, so I wouldn't call it obscure.


Not to mention everyone browsing for YN stuff finds us easily.


It's not obscure, it's just a fandom that outlived its cycle.


File: 1543781818828.jpg (329.66 KB, 1017x579, 1480109337915.jpg)

Please stop bumping this shit. People have been complaining about Ubuu being slow and the fandom being dead for years. I see new fan art almost every day on Twitter and the Discord is pretty active.

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