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Rule 1: You must not be under 18 years of age, reveal your age, or ask someone else's age.

Rule 1 was set up basically to cover my ass since this is an nsfw site. I ban people who reveal themselves to be underage so that I am not knowingly allowing minors to possibly view nsfw content, but also ask that people just not talk about it.

Do you think there are any problems with the way this rule is written or has been implemented? I cannot unfortunately remove the 18+ requirement itself, but some people are unhappy with not being able to talk about age-related subjects currently.


I think it is fine if it says you must not be under 18 and you must not ask other users their age.

Requiring that users be at least 18 implicitly forbids users from stating they are under 18, since users under 18 should theoretically not be able to use the site.

I think that anyone who bothers to read the rules in the first place is smart enough to figure this out. (Not reading the rules is another problem entirely.)


I think it's a perfect rule
>age-related subjects
I haven't seen anything like that besides "how old r u anon", I say let them rot.


Quite a succinctly written rule, and one I respect.

I think it's only less creative posters who whine. To them, I say, go back to Facebook if you want to be recognized.

The rule is written with plausible deniability in mind, which is of utmost importance to Freedom.


While I understand the you must not use the site if you are under eighteen rule, I don't get why people can't ask about each other's ages. The person being asked doesn't have to answer. It's not like they're being asked for an address or social security number or credit card number. If a person responds by saying that they are under eighteen, you can ban them then.


Also, I don't get why people can't say their own age. Maybe you can prohibit people with trip codes from saying it?


It could make someone feel uncomfortable or intimidated to reveal their age if they're under 18. I know uboanchan is not the sort of website where intimidation is commonplace, but I agree with the rule for forbidding asking.

If they're under 18, they shouldn't be using the site, but still.


I didn't know this was a safe space where everybody was entitled to being comfortable. My bad. Maybe profane language should also be banned. That could make somebody uncomfortable too, right?


I will not have this discussion unless you will be logical and rational


>logical and rational
>but still
You expect me to be rational when you tried to use, "but still", in your reasoning? "But still", is the exactly opposite of logical.


Discussion of age in the general is probably ok, specifically asking people their ages maybe not so much. Need to be 18+ to use the site in the first place, and there's not much use in getting people's actual ages. I vote keep as-is.

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