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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

File: 1454233370369.jpg (136.75 KB, 600x600, 7f39cf926304d79a8ce204193d….jpg)


THIS 2016
Standards for for /n/ are raised. Only tru hikkis allowed in here. Absolutely no NEETfags who still go around outside.


>neetism will not be glorified
>neetism can only be spoken of as if it's a disease
>the only board where this was permissable is locked now
Help! I'm being oppressed!

Seriously though, I don't like neetism either, but I enjoyed arguing with people about it. I'd really hate to have those people excluded. I liked /n/ because all neets were welcome, as those that were just curious. I'm afraid this board will distort the /n/ ethos with little tangible benefit.


Been posting in this board for years and I've never been a NEET or hikikomoda, fite me.


This board is not about being a true hikki or not. You don't even have to be a NEET to post here. But you have to try to be helpful.

I guess calling it /hikki/ is just to imply that we're not celebrating being sick or hurt.

If you enjoy being a NEET than there are plenty of places to talk about it. You can tell people here how to enjoy the circumstances that they are in if they are miserable, as in, how to make use of their time better. But don't try to force people who want to contribute to society and experience the world to just stay at home if they don't actually enjoy it, instead just try to help their stay at home be better.

You can also post about celebrating your NEET lifestyles in /ot/ or in another community, such as the Uboachan skype group, IRC, or just about anywhere else (there are several links stickied). But celebrating the act of stagnation could be harmful to some people and is not allowed here.


You know I have to wonder. This whole shit started when you became a mod. I dunno if its good or bad, I'll leave others to decide.


I'm not sure what you are implying "started" when I became a mod, other than that more mods were needed when the rest of the staff had already talked about needing help making large changes to the site.

I'm not willing to discuss this here if it's going to be unproductive to /hikki/. If you have something to say about the moderators it would best be discussed in /sugg/.


Actually, this was all my idea. It's something I've been trying to push for a couple years now. /n/ has always had a bad attitude and the influx of users from neetchan and wizchan only complicated the problem. Everyone I've talked to and asked about /n/ have only given me negative feedback, so the board was due for some housekeeping, even if that housekeeping ended up in it being burnt and replaced.

It looks like you guys are getting the wrong idea on the intentions I have with the board, and that's probably my fault for wording the rules post so aggressively. NEETs aren't banned, they never were. This is still a NEET/hikki/general mental health haven. It's just easier to start fresh than it is to dig through a pile of garbage, which a certain portion of the userbase is. The only thing good about /n/ was it being a place for people to talk about their problems and I intend to keep that here, but there were negative posts and dangerous threads that we need to take care of for reasons.

Oh and sorry for the abrupt switch to this board, we somehow managed to rush it.


Maidnaut proposed the idea, Writer endorsed it, and the staff approved it unanimously. Then we procrastinated on it for a month or so and then rushed out the changes in an afternoon. The transition itself probably could have been planned a lot better, but like Maidnaut's pointed out, the only things that have changed are the name/location of the board and what is considered destructive.

My biggest concern is that it takes a little while for an empty board to gain momentum, and regular posters could become disillusioned in that time. So we hope that you'll all continue to have helpful discussions here, and also make use of the Move Requests thread to pull over some of the better content from /n/.


File: 1454286313119.jpg (59.19 KB, 614x320, allausnackbar.jpg)

You know something, I was one of the first anon making noise about how retarded was to make /n/ a NEET fashion&trendy exclusive club, users agreed, and we were cool.

>If you enjoy being a NEET than there are plenty of places to talk about it.

I am not a NEET and I think this is extremist and bullshit, can't celebrate being a NEET in /n/? Oh wait this isn't /n/ anymore, I am against celebrating being a social parasite, but you CAN'T forbid it, this never happened in ubuu before and it's quite unlikely… to happen in anonymous imageboards.

>But don't try to force people who want to contribute to society and experience the world to just stay at home

No one was even doing that before, this was a place where NEETs, cyberautists and social beings used to chill with beautiful freedom of speech.

>But celebrating the act of stagnation could be harmful to some people and is not allowed here.

Are we going to be tumblr moral hypocrites now? Then forbid drug threads, celebrating the use of drugs can lead weak butterflies into addiction.

I am being sarcastinc about that, DON'T.BAN.TOPICS. a fucking sticky is enough… Like we had it before remember? Plus every time someone tries to make NEETdoom look like something trendy we fucking laugh at them.
Stupid censorship won't solve shit, it doesn't work in this kind of website, well, it may work, but people will leave.

About illegal shit, like death threats, suicide etc. well that's not censorship that's just avoiding deep shit.


Banning topics just helps direct the topics to places where they would better thrive. Furthermore we can decide how we want the site we run to be.

Anyways, if people don't like what this site is becoming than they can find a place where they feel like they do belong.


This should help those in need.
I follow another path.


This is censorship and shitting in the community, you're trying to transform uboachan into a rehab center.
I'm going back to fucking 4chan, you think you can just flip flop and say "OH NOW ALL THEESE TOPICS ARE BANNED LEL"
And what's this dick attitude?
>if u don rike it u can fuck off to otehr place lel
Welll guess what I will.
This is disgusting Sei, 2011 user here, I'm not coming here again.
Delete my post and prove my point, I won't be here to see.


All of the boards except for /ot/ have a topic. We've simply changed the existing /n/ so that the topic is narrower than before, after perceiving a need to do so. As always, runoff is welcome in /ot/, which can always use interesting threads.


btw I'm >>2732 and I think celebrating NEET lifestyle and promoting drugs cool life is shit


brb soup


File: 1454287429944.jpg (19.12 KB, 141x335, _ST.jpg)



File: 1454287491884.jpg (34.37 KB, 409x363, RIOT.jpg)


File: 1454287703897.png (20.44 KB, 460x315, the death of uboachan.png)

wew censorship and hypocrisy, not my cup of tea.


File: 1454287723879.jpg (70.54 KB, 476x475, kaguya-computer.jpg)

Have you tried like? Asking what we… fucking think?


File: 1454288805613.jpg (173.03 KB, 1000x666, 69get.jpg)

check 'em


File: 1454288880808.png (1000.13 KB, 628x788, 1403478160117.png)



Fuck this, imageboard culture was never about protecting your feelings and your triggers.

No one celebrated being a NEET without half dozen of anons making fun of them, and there was a sticky about not being a cool kids club.

This is taliban staff forcing their morals into the website while taking a shit on user's opinion.

These terms are hostile against freedom of speech, one of the best things of anonimity, makes me vomit to see so much moral bs so like the others, I'll fuck off to… I don't even know I'll use google.

A fucking suggestion or a new sticky was enough.


I don't think this is the way to do this. Nobody can help someone if they can't talk to them and if somebody makes a post saying they're going to kill themselves deleting it isn't going to help them at all. I can understand there's a darker side to this that you'd rather not see but pushing it away won't help to fix it. I can understand that you want everyone here to be well but pushing away the ill isn't the way to achieve that. I don't mind the rules about generally being a meanie or the idea that this should be a place to help people but, please, don't push people away. Let them speak their mind about their life and their choices.


Unfortunately, people posting saying "I'm going to kill myself" are selfishly throwing us into a legal quandary. Asking for help or advice regarding suicidal feelings is commendable and welcome. On the flip side, coming out and saying you're going to do it for real tonight is attention whoring and literally obligates us to call the police immediately or risk repercussions. Everyone has a responsibility to be considerate of others when asking for help. However, outright deleting such threads may be a poor policy and we will take this into consideration.

All of you may be anonymous but my name and address is on the server bill.


>implying a hikikomori can be rehabilitated by anons on an imageboard


File: 1454290090610.jpg (153.29 KB, 746x850, Keine_pointing_ironic.jpg)

pls shitpost only in /ot/ k


I think a lot of people are missing the point here. We're going to see if we can write a better rules sticky.


File: 1454290710183.jpg (454.82 KB, 2340x4160, dWMMpjd.jpg)

hi i'm back my soup was good

Everyone is losing their minds over nothing, everything I've said has been misinterpreted and this is getting too far out of control.

We aren't pushing away the ill, I keep saying this is the same /n/, everyone is still welcome. But like Seisatsu said, we can't allow certain things to be posted on the board anymore. Weeding out toxic users is also a concern of mine and at least two posters in this thread prove my point.


So you're not banning the celebration of NEET lifestyle?


It's sort of concerning that very few of the posts in this thread have any post history at all. I can't tell whether you're all that paranoid and think staff is going to ban over dissenting opinion or you're self-conscious for some reason about your actual posts.

Let me attempt to address all this "censorship" shouting, which I find a pretty bizarre stretch. Every single board on this site has a theme and a small subset of rules to go with it, as well as site rules that have generally been the same since the dawn of time.

What's being called censorship is in reality guiding discussion on a board that had almost no aim. The board was sloppily put together when it was originally formed, as opposed to every single board on the site, which normally had a sticky to begin with and some board-specific rules. At best, a long time after it was formed, /n/ had a sticky with a suggestion on what not to do, which people did anyways.

As /n/ was, it was people treating a lifestyle as trendy or hip when it isn't, it being just as trendy to make fun of them, and virtually anyone with a legitimate issue or discussion getting pushed out of the way because of those two factors.

Things disallowed in /hikki/ aren't globally banned. If you want to start a discussion that doesn't belong in /hikki/, you can make it /ot/, which is why we have it; to catch everything else that doesn't fall into the scope of a defined board. You can make every snappy terrorist allegory and chant "m-muh freedom of speech", but the truth is you can still discuss what you want to, just not necessarily on this exact board. The same has been true of other boards since, well, forever. Either way, a couple clicks and you've solved this egregious problem that has seemingly ruined uboachan for you.

The sticky can probably use work, such as streamlining the rules and making them more concise and easy to understand, since we do allow what you're stating, to a degree. Discussing feelings of suicide isn't a bad thing and isn't forbidden. However, there's a distinct difference between leaving a suicide note on an imageboard and actively looking for help. If you're dealing with a heavy situation, that's the purpose of the board, since there's a staggering amount of users who face life issues constantly but have nowhere to seek any sort of peer support. But if you're actually serious about killing yourself, that's why we linked to suicide hotlines.

Believe it or not, a little bit of advice or someone genuinely trying to help you help yourself makes a bit of a difference. The point of how we're changing the board is so that if someone wants to seek some kind of help under the guise of anonymity, they can

Can you actually explain what is worth celebrating about being a neet on a board about advice and self-help? There's always /ot/.

nice soup


File: 1454292067610.gif (155.16 KB, 400x268, 619002174_1758956.gif)

I swear to fucking god if /hikki/ runs Lelouch out of this place, I'll do something. Probably cry. Please Lelouch-sama you're the only one who can save ubuu now. You're the hero we want but not the one we deserve.


I don't understand why there is a premeditated thought about how being neet is "trendy?" & is classified as a mental illness on this board now?

It's ok to not leave your house for 6months though as long as you are not receiving welfare?

So the goal is to not be neet anymore because the users are ill minded, & this is just an anon self help group?


>Can you actually explain what is worth celebrating about being a neet?
Absolutely nothing, it's completely autistic to do that, can you explain why you need to forbid the topic instead of encouraging users to avoid it like before?
If someone dares to do that, the whole community will just make fun of them, like always.

Anyway, do you think this is correct? I mean this post >>2730
>Anyways, if people don't like what this site is becoming than they can find a place where they feel like they do belong.
If we don't agree with the changes we must leave?


i left 'cause everyone here is so mean and sad all the time :(


You're describing a hikki. A NEET is someone who doesn't have a job or isn't in school for whatever reason. This can lead to being a hikki and isn't healthy. There's nothing to be celebrated about being a reclusive individual.

I'm completely failing to see any reason behind any argument made against us in this thread.


The community making fun of people is a core issue we're trying to prevent with this board in particular.

>If we don't agree with the changes we must leave?

No, but you can if you want to. You don't usually have to leave unless you break the rules repeatedly on purpose.


File: 1454292941178.png (281.53 KB, 526x296, logicalmuko.png)

The reason is not about if celebrating NEETdoom is right or wrong(it's fucking retarded btw)
The reason is users' freedom of speech, and staff taking 360 twists on the website without asking the users what they think about it.

I actually agree with the "core" of the changes, just the methods are wrong to me.


There's no limitation on your freedom of speech??? Please point out where we said you had to stop talking about being a NEET because I have no idea where it is?


This wasn't an overnight decision either, there may not have been a thread asking opinions and inviting trolling and shitposts, but it's not like we went into this blind either. I've spent a long time forming my opinion on /n/ with the help of dozens of other people that have come and gone over the years. It's always been a bad board.


Let's suppose I'm some autistic tripfag, namefag, anon or w/e and we're talking about our beloved tulpas and how to imagine we summon spirits, the typical thread, we're having a nice discussion, no agressions, no rule breaking, no shitpsoting, then I casually say:
>Damn I feel so great with my NEETbux, these were the best years of my life, I really don't understand people who work for a living, the system is made for us to lie, steal, and get obsessed over material bullshit.
This over here is somewhat under "celebrating being a NEET" so a mod will take action, maybe deleting the post? a warning ban? what would you do?


File: 1454293739868.png (17.45 KB, 626x624, lGiX9Fr.png)

No tulpa threads on /hikki/ and yes we will warn you for posting useless content like that. It has nothing to do with the hypothetical thread you're talking about and as we've made clear, this isn't the place for neet glorification. Please lave /hikki/ and visit /ot/ if you feel the need to be a wizard.


File: 1454293915066.jpg (86.82 KB, 540x392, Fuckschool.jpg)

>No tulpa threads on /hikki/
Thank you.


>can you explain why you need to forbid the topic instead of encouraging users to avoid it like before? If someone dares to do that, the whole community will just make fun of them, like always.

Because as I said before, that didn't work. There was a sticky with what not to do and people entirely disregarded it. We tried to leave self-moderation up to the users and it turned into non-stop funposting, which buried people who legitimately were seeking help or trying to have genuine discussion. This is the fruit of those people's labor, the staff having to step in and salvage a board and focus the point to something that was beneficial instead of being off-topic 2.0 with a slight twist of mental issues.

>Anyway, do you think this is correct? I mean this post >>2730

>>Anyways, if people don't like what this site is becoming than they can find a place where >they feel like they do belong.
>If we don't agree with the changes we must leave?

I believe the tone of that post could've been better. The way I see it is that if you don't agree with the changes, you can voice them in a sane, rational way and we can try to integrate them into or adjust our decisions. You don't have to leave the site by any means, but if this individual board doesn't remain in a way you think is best, there's plenty of other boards on this site that are a lot more lax and would probably suit you better. The site is what you make of it, until you set fire to it and take a shit on its chest. Then we usually have to do something.

>The reason is users' freedom of speech
It's already been stated that this isn't even a violation of some god-given right that you are demanding and citing as sacrosanct. You can literally discuss whatever you want, given the rules involving the board and the site. It has been this way forever. It has never been different. If that board doesn't allow it, there's /ot/.

Staff discretion, like it has always been. As with every board, if you post something on a board that doesn't belong, it will be moved. If it's reposted on the board it doesn't belong, it'll be deleted. If people break rules, they'll get banned.

This is the way it's always been, so I'm not sure why it's being treated as some horrific display of force. /n/ just set a precedent in being so bad that we had to step in directly and change things because of the portion of the board that actively wanted help.


File: 1454294189748.jpg (803.25 KB, 2248x2624, FUCKINGSEAGAL.jpg)

I love the changes, like, I always agreed with the staff from the beginning, keep up the good work guys.


thx seagull-kun~


File: 1454294418521.jpg (9.04 KB, 290x209, venezuela.jpg)

I think the problem arises from the fact that stuff has been explained poorly, plus the sudden change and that the userbase wasn't consulted about anything.
Let's just calm down and see how this develops in the future.
Keep the good work, guys.


I meant to be tongue-in-cheek and serious at the same time. I apologize that somehow I forgot that never works with plain text.

Most true hikkies don't need encouragement to go outside. They need encouragement to go outside… and a motherfucking life coach! After being secluded for so long, the world will seem scary, and they will have a negative, skewed perception of reality (think Watamote, but with much more negativity) that would most likely cause them to relapse, and be discouraged from trying again.

Without the type of support this board board can not provide, self-determination is futile in the face of the flight-or-fight instinct. If they do have the type of support from someone in real life that can keep them from running back inside, they kind of usurp the role of this board.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound disparaging, and I like what I think you're trying to do, but I simply don't think shit works that way.

Also, a pre-migration thread would have been nice, but nothing can be done about that now.

I'm also curious, where are people moving to besides >>>/ot/ ?


We can probably all agree at this point that the lack of a pre-migration thread was the biggest oversight in this whole thing. There's nothing to be done but reflect on it now though, and we're sticking by these changes.


/n/ had a lot of negative content, and really I'm glad its not going to be filled with Tulpa shit anymore, but as compared to other neet-oriented boards it was much more pro-moving on and less anti-"ford driver" ect bullshit, having more of an ex-neet or non-neet element in the userbase.

Problem is, making it so by rule will probably mean those who might benefit are less likely to partake.


I call bullshit!
Sure /n/ had some shitposters and it went off course often, but there was nothing wrong that warrants it.
It was all in all a cozy place and whatever directions discussions took were alright most of the time.
Perhaps some threads could have been moved and some topics split, but that didnt happen.
/n/ may have had some bad spots but all in all it was good and even tough it may have been inactive, i hardly think it was because of trolling or whatever.

I know the administration meant well, but this is just overreactionary bullshit and kills it.

Im still thinking about if leaving this place behind me, probably not, but seems like a sign to leave this behind me.
To everyone who leaves and did leave whenever, good bye i hope you will all find a place where you belong to.


File: 1454363938921.jpeg (64.23 KB, 640x516, 0.jpeg)

I keep running into kind people it seems, ironically or not.
I can't save nobody, just one person i was able to, with heavy price.
My life and love.
I've chosen suicide as soon as my mother dies, sometimes words slip through and i don't want to bring anyone down with me.
I'll try to contain my pain from spilling on the new board.
Feel free to love my words but not the one spouting them.
I'm not an avid poster here, just come once in a while, i mainly go to wizchan and tohno, occasionaly hikkichan.


I agree, you basically said what I meant; whatever problems /n/ has, nothing kills it more than a board move that appears to indicate some weird over-supervisory rule change.

My point is that even on the basis the mods claim to want it to happen, its going to totally fail; being relatively accepting of a specific set of maladaptive traits or views towards society is the only thing /n/ had as a place for advice above anywhere else on the internet, so if you kill that then its dead even for that purpose.


File: 1454371751562.jpg (8.43 KB, 256x188, 1388541320599.jpg)


File: 1454372692714.jpeg (31.3 KB, 225x212, image.jpeg)

Why? I will never understand why some people choose to browse someplace so stupendously self-contradictory.


File: 1454373679528.png (1.09 MB, 1015x761, maxinubuu.png)

>I will never understand why some people choose to browse someplace so stupendously self-contradictory.

Anon we just changed a board that has been the same for years because it's content may hurt the sensitivity of newfags and to encourage rehab, wiz and ubuu are the two opposite faces of the same coin.


File: 1454379205751.png (683.69 KB, 872x918, 0.png)

I understand the meaning of your words, i'm well aware of that.
After all, some men go to war to fight, others to die.

When i first got into wizchan i thought it to be a great place where we could talk about things that weren't about women.
Which was fine by me, because i was running from anything love related, maybe except Eroges which i play from time to time. Contradictory, alright.

Then i've learned some bits of the place origins and mended some pieces together like other users, some raids happened and infiltrations as well, not only women but normals too. The result was what is basically what we're seeing now, only a few posts can be considered true.
Many posts there are tongue-in-cheek and made solely to try to stir infighting or to make fun of virgins or NEETs.
I said i still go to these places, but i don't post much, i've lost a bit of faith in them, they aren't like they used to be, which is sadly to be expected i guess.
I still try to bring the quality upwards everytime i post but to tell you the truth, i don't know why i still go to these places. Maybe to punish myself a bit more…?

Anyway, i've found about uboa, tohno and hikki and started going more to these places instead. Wizchan lost a lot of magic in me when these kind of posts started appearing, it was the place i was looking for yes, but it has changed so that i just lurk and post on boards/threads still bearable or without a lot of words, yes, the fap thread included. I used to go to magichan too but i've stopped.

I've got a clown nose and a clown hat, it's only normal to be laughed at.
Jokes aside, i don't care too much about anything anymore.
When we see the world in black and white it all becomes so simple, yet confusing…
Was this an apple or an orange? I can't tell anymore.


File: 1454380764233.png (218.08 KB, 1040x540, fugme.png)

Thank you for blessing me with your presence, Lelouch-sama!


File: 1454381988909.png (352.59 KB, 900x1300, fine.png)

I honestly don't know what to say aside from good luck and that I hope you find someplace where you'll be happier.


File: 1454384298141.jpg (347.81 KB, 906x1280, 0.jpg)

Not derailing the thread further,
The pleasure is all mine.
And here i had thought,
Necrophilia was dead.
Wouldn't it be better,
Casting ressurrection instead?


Some things are better left unsaid.
With just a few words i can read your book.
And add some missing pages to mine.


File: 1454386380625.png (25.03 KB, 496x288, ____LULUCH.png)







File: 1454416067100.jpg (13.35 KB, 590x273, nohope.jpg)

as if one public enemy wasn't enough for uboachan…


There goes the last decent poster.
Talk about a Pyrrhic victory against the tulpa shit. And that won't last, consider sei decided to make one of the main crazies a mod.
Bye leluch, hardly knew ya but you seem pretty OK, fucking especially for a wizchan fag, so it sucks to think you'll be dead sometime, even if I never would've met you anyway.


File: 1454436314072.png (73.64 KB, 665x491, 0.png)

I'm staying.
But when destiny allows it.
Then i must take my leave.
So let's make these moments last.
Just pretend i was never here.
Like words on a screen.

If you're curious.
My picture is in a /hob/ thread.
It was a good place on wizchan.
I enjoy cooking.
Sorry if i disappointed you, >>2777.
I'm not fat like that guy.
From the NTR image you've posted.

Now if you wouldn't mind.
I'd like to vanish my presence from here.
Avatarfagging wasn't my intention to begin with.
But somehow i felt liked.
This is more than enough.
I was wrong about people all along.


tl;dr i was the one who deleted my own thread and helped make the decision with the other mods that tulpas weren't appropriate for the community. we discussed it from all angles and came to a unanimous decision.

Actually I decided that though some people can handle separate the mind from reality when its needed, most it's one or the other. Thus I decided my own thread is toxic, deleted it, and even helped propose that tulpas would not be appropriate for a an Advice/Help board due their potential to make some peoples crazy worse.

Among the staff including myself, the potential of harm tulpas can cause is what sprung the discussion to remove potentially harmful things from the advice board. First it was tulpas we got rid of and than it was drugs. The rest was just a natural progression.


So this place is like a reverse /pol/ now?


best suicide methods, anyone?(USER WAS BANNED FROM /hkki/ FOR THIS POST)


File: 1454470837936.jpg (28.69 KB, 647x451, How to improve your life.jpg)



isn't that just tumblr


File: 1454474867736.png (1.46 MB, 1018x728, iggy summoning his persona.png)

I thought I'd post this since it looks pretty funny

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