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A server move will likely be done in the near future to provide upgraded hardware. This could cause a few hours to a couple days of downtime.

File: 1440889488820.jpeg (160.95 KB, 800x534, fox-foxy-face.jpeg)


OMFG you can read the text on this website without squinting!!! What the hell happened????? This isn't uboachan


File: 1440895260187.jpg (44.7 KB, 444x400, 1435770778308.jpg)

Could you elaborate that?


I assume you mean the recent site style update?

I switched the default site style from Uboachan Classic to Uboachan Gray and changed the link text color in Uboachan Gray, which was the last sore thumb that stood out on some monitors.

Now I've tested on several different kinds of monitors, and Uboachan Gray should display favorably on everyone's setup, unlike the older Uboachan Classic theme which looks really bad on certain kinds of screens.

You can switch styles with the [Options] link at the upper right corner of any board page, though switching styles with the sidebar open is still broken for now, so if you have it open you'll need to refresh the page for the change to fully take effect.


why are most of the themes so ugly? uboachan needs updated themes. The only tolerable one is re/zero which is actually pretty good.


File: 1441125063737.jpg (230.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1855466hjcjcrrconacmh6.jpg)

Here we go again… we all know rozen fucked up with the colors, but at least it gave this chan its own style. Uboachan gray came due to complains from newer users and people who couldn't read ubuu in, say, some screens or their mobiles; the intention was to provide readability while maintaining the style of the page.

>The only tolerable one is re/zero which is actually pretty good.

I'm surprised that not many users (or at least the newest users) seem to know about it when it's really easy to check out (I mean, it's there on the news frame and the option styles, you can't miss it). R/Z came as an alternative to the classical style with better contrast and a nice palette of dark colors, I guessed it would be the first choice for people who either weren't used to UC or they were already tired of it.

And, while we're at it, we haven't had a poll about ubuu styles in at least 2 years. It'd be interesting to know how many users use what now that we have a some variety.


Actually, there's a whole library of styles I could enable that come with Vichan's software. I may as well set up a testing site with a survey so people can vote for the ones they want.


I guess Zero is okay, but I think a custom-made light skin would be cool to have. I usually stick with Yotsuba, because I'm not particularly fond of dark skins.

Something themed after Monochrome World, maybe? Pure black on pure white is kinda hard to read on monitor screens, though.


you should do this. Also you should have a readable and decent looking default theme so newcomers dont feel sick coming by here and have the change to lurk around and get interested.


also, you need to trim down some boards man. This is insane. 29 fucking boards?! seriously?! learn from lainchan and slim down boards, move good threads from deleted boards to /r/ (or whatever your random board is) and make "recent" not hidden in the middle of faq search and other miscelanous links. Recent is the best thing for a slow imageboard especially one with so many damn boards.


File: 1441141516486.png (166.77 KB, 540x299, smugreactionimage.png)

ITT: whinning over silly shit like a bunch of secondaries in Student Council


>so newcomers dont feel sick coming by here
Why the hell would we want newcomers??


so the 29 dead boards arent all dead. Because imageboards run on users. because new users can contribute quality content. because all users were once new users.


File: 1441216700270.gif (315 KB, 320x199, liar.gif)

>new users can contribute quality content.
See pic. It seems you were not here for the last year…
>because all users were once new users.
After lurking for enough time.


That sounds like a greeeat idea, go share us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr we will get an awesome userbase.


File: 1441217353013.png (249.38 KB, 800x1000, 1.png)

To be honest, having new people around tends to be worse than better most of the time. I get your idea about receiving new people, but newcomers are the worst and most of them don't even know how imageboards work.


All a new person needs to learn is to just lurk more when in doubt.

They're right, you know. Without new people, any community, not just an image board one, will gradually stagnate and fall apart. We don't hate ourselves (well we often do, but we typically acknowledge that there's something wrong with that), so we wouldn't want that to happen.

There is no point advertising your board to people unfamiliar with chans, they're supposed to do most of the research themselves. But the least we could do is not be painful to look at for those who find us.

Anyway, I guess there isn't much to discuss in this thread anymore. Fox Poster is happy because the text is now more readable, that's good.


I'm pretty sure we have less active users right now than we have boards. Without new users the site will die. There's no question. No chance. We will intake new users or Uboachan will end. If you can't accept the reality of the situation then you aren't going to like what's coming next.

I'm already working on a plan to cut us down to 13 boards by removing and/or merging less active boards and boards which are less important to our core theme. I'll be running this plan by the userbase for comment, but cutting the number of boards is not optional, it's only negotiable exactly how it will be done. Eventually I want us to have 7 boards or less, but this will be accomplished after the results of cutting to ~13 are observed for a while.

I'm also working with the staff at Lainchan for a plan to connect our userbases to each others' sites, once Uboachan has slimmed up a bit. Lainchan's community is way better for tech-related discussion, and I think our community is way better for other kinds of discussion, such as depression and NEETism. We can both benefit from sharing users. This plan isn't finished yet, but we've already placed affiliate backlinks on each others' sites and also traded some banners into rotation.

I'm going to start moving into action once our new Janitor staff is hired, which will happen this week. At that point there will be a new sticky thread where I will begin discussing plans for renovation with the userbase. For now we can have some preliminary discussion right here.


Monochrome world is too bland, but I'll find some lighter themes to enable from the theme library.

Will do.

Agreed. I've already been making plans. The only reason we have so many boards is because we already had way too many boards when the site was handed to me in 2011.

We have no choice at this point. We need to consolidate boards and find new (quality) users. We can do this by not advertising at all the wrong places (see next part of post).

Advertising at these sorts of places without a strong existing userbase to keep newbies in line would completely annihilate the atmosphere of the site and destroy us. It's better for us to advertise in places where users of small imageboard communities gather, such as our affiliate sites, as well as sites where people with similar niche interests gather. Social media is too huge and varied and would bring us too many summerfags.


File: 1441239700419.png (174.59 KB, 485x315, advice.png)

>Lainchan's community is way better for tech-related discussion
>Uboachan is way better at depression and NEETism.
I find it fun how they good at being useful in something and we are good at being useless.


>I find it fun how they good at being useful in something and we are good at being useless.
Two sides of the same coin tbh, I think that's why this'll work so well. Just because you're great at tech doesn't make you great at life.


But, we aren't great at life either.


>Sage in sticky thread


I've added five new styles in the options panel and removed the mostly broken sidebar style switcher.


I think ricechan is broken.
The options panel isn't opaque.
And the choices are medium grey on light grey.


File: 1441577347486.jpg (48.8 KB, 500x500, 411439.jpg)

I'd also recommend to make the letters a bit more bright.

The other styles seem to be okay regarding the boards, but the faq/rules/newspage sections aren't blending at all. Do not sweat on it too much, though, we still need to decide which styles are going to be voted.


RiceChan is in fact broken, I'll remove it for now.

Maybe in a little while we'll have a contest for our users to make some styles. There aren't enough light styles available currently and they're all boringly similar.


File: 1441587080359.jpg (16.61 KB, 391x395, 1440807434468.jpg)



File: 1441587722290.png (596.27 KB, 1347x632, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems there's an issue with the sidebar and news/front page with the new styles. It messes up the front page and doesn't even change the side bar.


File: 1441589701825.jpg (17.35 KB, 400x371, 1425777687252.jpg)

Too late, see >>2373


I don't know what you mean about the front page being messed up, but style switching is known to be broken in the sidebar. You'll need to refresh for the sidebar to update its style.

This should be fixed when I rewrite the sidebar code not too long from now.


I think its something with the new themes not having the front page coded, or whatever you call it. I had the new dark theme selected, and also tried with stripe, and that's what the front page looked like.


I'm posting here because, since you can't post pictures, you can't make a new thread.

Okay, so the image function is broken, and so far I came across two errors:

>The server took too long to submit your post. Your post was probably still submitted. If it wasn't, we might be experiencing issues right now – please try your post again later. Error information:

>{"readyState":4,"responseText":"\nFatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /var/www/uboachan.net/post.php on line 332\n{\"error\":\"Caught fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in <strong>\\/var\\/www\\/uboachan.net\\/post.php<\\/strong> on line 332\"}","status":200,"statusText":"OK"}

Which doesn't say shit, and this one https://i.imgur.com/Os9YnsS.png

Sei do somthing


Sei do something


I have created a summoning circle for SEI + SATSU
HE will bE suMMoned when hE cHeCKs hIs pHonE NexT


question– what will be the criteria for which boards we choose to cut out, or how to consolidate them? Will the character boards (being that this is a YN imgboard) be consolidated to just a general character discussion board? Will it be the same with fangames as far as metaboards?


File: 1442013301574.jpg (181.68 KB, 630x647, 1438438721433.jpg)

I think that PHP wasn't correctly configured on the new server. If this image uploads, then it's fixed now.


Sei do something.


I said it's fixed now lol.


I still haven't decided, actually. I have some ideas floating around, but I'm going to need help from the users.

Soon I'm going to make a staging site at beta.uboachan.net where I'll test new changes and collect comments before applying them to the main site.


Noted, I can see the problem when using one of the new themes. I'll investigate this.


File: 1442020072116.jpg (39.82 KB, 263x422, thepowerofmemes.jpg)

Jesus Christ Seisatsu do something


I don't feel like making a new thread, so here we go:

Apparently, the gif/webm support is broken, at least with files bigger than ~2MB. A post without the file is posted instead, and if there's no body it will just post a blank space.


But only for files larger than 2MB? I'll look into it. Maybe it's the PHP configuration or something.


It was a simple PHP misconfiguration, I fixed it yesterday.

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