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File: 1392233473553.png (468.51 KB, 645x485, 1342584962959.png)


So how about having a staff member of the month like in McDonalds?
We can vote which one is the fav of the community.
inb4 Booger wins


File: 1392238362189.jpg (110.32 KB, 986x740, 4chan moot.jpg)

I suppose staff can't vote, but if it did count, I'd vote Writer for best onii-sama and caretaker, and booger for best community interaction/contribution.


File: 1392239883736.png (116.15 KB, 400x294, 123124311234132.png)




File: 1392252119448.gif (260.2 KB, 640x324, booger3.gif)

>inb4 booger wins
those words…

I'd vote for Seisatsu but he died.

also, this gif is not finished and I doubt I will finish it soon so here you have.


I love you anon.
I'd probably vote for Nam, simply because she seems to actually care about maintaining a free community.
Also, I agree with her most of the time. We're allowed to be vain in our reasoning, right?


how could I possibly vote if most of the activities stuff that goes on behind the scenes. There should be a way of keeping score on the different mods, like number of bans, total accumulative time of all bans, amount of spam deleted, etc.


Bans? I wouldn't use that to make my decision simply because whether a ban is justified seems to be questionable or come down to a matter of opinion, especially when one already has a fair number of them under their belt. That is of course why one makes up rules, but that leads me to consider how many bans would likely be over rules I don't agree with anyway.


4chon has a public moderation log that I can only assume is included in tinyboard by default. Last I heard though Seisatsu was against implementing that so idk.


Oh god what why
oh god what finish this its cool



>have to re-do shadows

>have to clean up frames
>have to add 3 or 4 frames
>make the shirt move more naturally
>update mouth animation
>fix hand
>fix wrinkles in the shirt
>learn to draw

Lol booger, you know, they don't pay me.
It may take around one or two weeks, depending how much free time I have and how shitty my internet connection is. At least the sketch with the key animation pointers is already done, but, hey, it took me like 10 hours just making that.




That script only exists on 4chon. It's not a Tinyboard feature.


Sei hire saya best mod



Did you forget Marisa abandoned the vomitive shithole and she wasn't coming here now? Also, she does not want to be involved with us, people, if we could even be called that.


File: 1392812652161.jpg (152.98 KB, 887x775, 1378839064364.jpg)

Remember when I wanted to be moderator? Well, now I don't want to.

When I'm really flustered I can say a lot of weird shit.

So… Yah, I'm not an "active" member of the community anymore due to discomfort with sharing the same room as certain obnoxious individuals (although I've decided to ditch my irrational hate for stal).

Also Seisatsu is butts.


For reference, anyone you disliked from that time aren't even around anymore.

Additionally, I don't think we need more mods who may kneejerk over the slightest things, so I guess that feeling is mutual.


Very well, then. I hope we can just forget about this little outburst of mine and get along fine.

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