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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.

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Nam a bad mod please delete shouldn't have been hired in the first place.

Public moderation no. Anon shaming and increased amount of bans for made up rules no. Deleted posts are you fucking kidding me no.

I get /n/ and ubuu in general is a pretty shitty board, but deleting everything and banning everyone is counter-productive to the problem and it's slowly turning into a cancer. I don't know about everyone else, but I've never thought Nam was a particularly good mod with the whole Neku debacle. should have been fired with him imho tbqh.


File: 1387392357371.png (312.27 KB, 680x680, invoker.png)

Why'd you have to summon me for this stupid shit

Quit sperging over everything. Just stop. Sit down, smoke whatever you need to do it.

Nam has nothing to do with me stepping down, I was never demodded on the board and just left on my own accord.

I wouldn't want to talk about you being thrown out of moderation, because that's just throwing shit at you, which honestly is the same as what you're doing. Sit your ass down.


Neku pls come back we forgiv u


No wait this is excessive, Ubuu isnt that hard to control, specially since Sei's death, however, it's christmas, peace.


We're having an internal discussion now about global rule #4 and moderation guidelines. It may be partially my fault for leaving the rules so vague.


oh look there's more deleted posts in /n/ again

wonder what happened to those


File: 1387427197871.png (1.26 KB, 116x91, horrible.png)

For what it's worth, this sort of post is also as bad in attitude as what you're saying Nambread's is

Considering you're always in IRC and have most of the admins in reach for contact, why are you making a point to step out and speak poorly of others?

While I'm speaking on the topic, I don't think doing nothing is any less cancerous than overdoing it. There needs to be a balance, but letting the site shit on it's own chest eternally definitely doesn't fix anything.

I have also spoke to Nam about this sort of stuff before, but I guess there's going to be more talking.


I was asleep. Please don't assume I do all the moderation actions on the site.

Either way, I don't delete anything that isn't shitposting that I was specifically asked to delete, or spam. I think it's bad to delete anything on imageboards, but uboachan is slow, and it's a bit sad to see a whole board become just that. Please give me an example of when I shamed someone or banned someone for a made up rule.

I've banned 4 people for shitposting in the last 2 months, and the bans were all 4 hours, and only to those who used the IP -only- for shitposting.


This thread just needs Saya to be perfect


File: 1387462622745.gif (788.33 KB, 225x400, tumblr_mr5qjmsNf11ruo4imo1….gif)

I made this thread specifically for Sei's sake, and Nam even told me to do it from /n/. Seisatsu is unreliable and I didn't know he had a message catcher when I posted this.

And since when were the mods allowed to dictate how the community polices itself? I was under the assumption that mods are only around to delete cp and police things that get way too out far of hand, not be fucking pest control. God forbid someone tries to be funny and they get banned for shitposting. No sry mods say all discussion must be about killing yourself. I could even go on about how /n/ was made into what it is specifically for shitposting like /ot/ but I won't bother.

You should know how difficult it is to find any of your moderation on the site, since you've been deleting most of it. When bans and entire crops of posts are deleted, especially ones asking about a ban, there's a problem. It doesn't matter what else I say you've done, the fact of the matter is you're deleting way too much shit and flying off the rails.

And since this thread is also about taking the rules too literally,
* Moderators may take any action against any thread, post, or user, with the consensus of one or more administrative oversight staff members.


I have not deleted any threads on non-/t/ boards, bans or quastions about bans.


Granted I don't have access do the moderator logs so I can't say for certain that it's you, but I have notes from the admins and Seisatsu in particular saying your activity has gone up over the last couple of months. I've also seen my own posts being deleted first hand on /n/ and /media/ within a couple minutes of them being posted and all posts directed at it also being deleted. I also have word from Praesul and Writer that you were told to keep a closer eye on /n/.

I've seen a lot of questionable things from you since you were instated too, but if I'm wrong about the deletions and bans being you then I'll direct this elsewhere and apologize for putting you in the line of fire. But honestly there's nothing telling me otherwise. It's not that I have anything against you personally, but you're practically the only face for moderation outside of /sugg/ and SOMEONE is doing something wrong.


File: 1387493960385.jpg (50.08 KB, 1280x720, wait a minute.jpg)

I never told her to keep an eye on /n/. I made a common sense statement on how to handle /t/'s overwhelmingly degrading nature.

Praesul doesn't seem to know entirely what he's talking about. At least regarding what I've told people. I haven't said anything outside of what the staff can see in the mod panel.

I already discussed with you what I believe should be deleted and controlled on steam. Once we settle things out, we'll probably make a post in here.

To be honest, it'd be nice if our mod panel showed what the deleted post IS even if it was deleted from the public eye. That way we could handle this better than hearsay and vague action logs.


File: 1387636066758.jpg (99.45 KB, 497x666, camporasticker.jpg)


File: 1387650631917.jpg (166.96 KB, 600x3031, 1322793564565.jpg)

Based on your post history and ban record, your use of that image is pretty ironic

Unless you have some actual discussion to contribute, please don't post in threads where people are trying to improve the quality of the board.


Calm down it's just a joke JO-KE, it means someone should find it funny, and this is not the first IP I use sir general I have contributed a lot to the community.

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