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A server move will likely be done in the near future to provide upgraded hardware. This could cause a few hours to a couple days of downtime.

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Why does uboachan have so many boards when the traffic is so low? Maybe some of the boards should be merged together so they wouldn't be so slow.


Deja vu.


I thought Sei just did this about a month ago, didn't he? I remember he said he was going to make a /sugg/ thread to ask which boards should go but that never happened.

Moving 3 boards to the annex wasn't really a good solution either.





Also, we experienced what deleting an useless board (ex /tori/) would be, no one even posts there and when it's gone:

>buu buu how dare you nigger mods I hat u all u monster!


I'm aware of the problem and I agree that we're spread out too thin. But I don't know at this point what boards I can remove without upsetting the community.



Since when did that happen? No one even talked about the mods AFAIK

On a separate note, there's no real benefit on deleting boards


I'm also of the mindset that deleting more boards won't do much. The only way I can really see it increasing activity is if it gets people to happen upon discussions they wouldn't otherwise, then get interested enough to respond, though since Uboachan's slower, I wouldn't be surprised if many of the more active posters already check and keep track of multiple boards that tend to interest them.

Deleting more boards also has the potential negative of limiting what sorts of topics are created if the consolidated board doesn't allow for the same types of discussions as the deleted board(s), or if people simply don't realize it.


It was a joke dummy, the point is, you have to recognize there was some whining


File: 1363569050306.jpg (102.38 KB, 600x480, 1362967781759.jpg)

Uboachan is just slow altogether. It never has been a super fast imageboard, and merging boards or flat out deleting them isn't going to encourage discussions, which is what makes a board active. Besides, 4chan has an unreasonable amount of boards and that doesn't make it any slower. So I don't think that's the problem here. The problem is that this is a small board dedicated to a small indie game that hasn't updated in years that doesn't have a clear target audience. Not that I don't like this place, it's just that the slowness seems like something you just have to get used to. Hacking boards off will only anger people and not solve anything.
tl;dr patience, my friend.


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Basically those 2 post said everything. Deleting more boards is not going to make the site more active and may get negative responses from the users.

pic unrelated


File: 1364683855752.jpg (241.25 KB, 936x936, chinesecartoons.jpg)

I'm gonna just write this here since making a new thread is part of the problem I'm about to address.

New threads or active threads should go to the first page. There are tons of threads with no replies because they get lost somewhere past page 7.

Also, we should have a catalog, and in-line quotation PLEASE. That would make this place so much more comfortable


Why don't we create an image board about Yume Nikki?


Worst idea ever and you should be ashamed


I know right?
Who would ever do a thing like that >_>


If we merged all our boards we'd just get Bunbunmaru. And thats slow.

Jokes aside I do agree that we have far too many boards and some of them should be grouped together. A chan of this size should probably only have five boards.

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