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File: 1321541650557.jpg (29.67 KB, 598x444, 1320967399704.jpg)


Would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the default theme text color to grey/light grey?

Dark grey with black text is awful to read.. I usually change the theme but most of the times I'm using the default theme. I even like it, it would just be a little better if I didn't have to force my eyes to read things..


>I choose Yotsuba B
>Leave site and come back
>It stays on Yotsuba B


>browser automatically cleans cookies when I close it
>never stays on yotsuba B

Besides I love the default theme, just wish I could read what I am writing and what people have wrote. That's all.

The links on the top are so easy to read..


File: 1321574618165.jpg (30.41 KB, 400x400, 1292312347252.jpg)

Oh my god people finally agree with me. I've been trying to get that changed for ages.


Add Uboachan as an exception for cookiedumping?


How's that




File: 1321663467837.jpg (61.41 KB, 525x598, 1282503604554.jpg)



No clue what OP thinks, but I find it to be a significant improvement. I might actually consider using Uboachan Classic now.


Well find a color value and tell me. Black was fine on my eyes. I don't know what everyone's deal was.


There, that's the exact color from the topbar. I preferred black, myself.

The reason nobody can agree is because different monitors blend colors differently. I doubt if we'll ever find the perfect color.


I still see black.


It took more work than I expected to update the stylesheet. I'll finish it later.


File: 1321799252664.png (29.08 KB, 410x240, Captura de tela 2011-11-20….png)

Apart from black text with dark grey background being hard to read, try clicking on a quote.

The background turns even darker and it's impossible to read.

Picture related.


Yes, I'm aware of this issue.

When I have some time I'll rewrite the theme to make the text a bit brighter.


File: 1322195270940.png (51.78 KB, 357x467, neimu.PNG)


It's unfortunate that you're considering changing the text. I actually had no problem ever reading anything, and I liked the darkness because it didn't hurt my eyes like some other websites.

I guess I can deal with it if you do change it, though.


I feel the same way. I really don't know what to do. There's nothing actually wrong with the colors themselves, the problem is that whether the colors look ok or not depends on the monitor they're viewed from.



While the difference in color presentation between monitors may make a difference, I think the disparity of opinion is mostly due to preference, honestly.

Why not make a 4th style, where it's basically the same as Uboachan classic, besides the text being something like a very light gray, or white?

Also, it may be a good idea to make the default theme either be this new Uboachan theme with lighter text, or one of the other themes like Yotsuba B or Yotsuba, since I think most people have an easier time reading things when the text and background are strikingly different colors.


I asked this before but is it possibl to submit themes? I'd love to make some. Is what you posted earlier with the CSS something I can edit and submit to you seisatsu?


Absolutely. Email new themes to seisatsu[AT]omegasdg[DOT]com, and I'll try to work them into the site.

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