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A server move will likely be done in the near future to provide upgraded hardware. This could cause a few hours to a couple days of downtime.

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It was fine before. And get that IRC shit out of the rules.


Care to elaborate?


File: 1320783069902.jpg (12.6 KB, 100x100, 1302620014451.jpg)

>fine before
Lol. If by fine you mean half the boards were broken and most of the threads impossible to post in because the site was falling apart then yeah it was ok.


'Fag' and 'shit' are not nice words. This is a family friendly board, please do not use these words in the future.


You sir, clearly have no idea what you're talking about. I think you just have a severe case of "STOP LIKING THINGS I DON'T LIKE".

Ubuu's better than it has been in a long time. The board's cleaner, the mods are active, and the IRC isn't a churning hate machine.

Poor suggestion, but I implore you to try and justify how the board is worse now than before.


File: 1328274538618.png (134.18 KB, 550x660, 1328129904836.png)

I want to agree with you, Writer, and while I will say that Uboachan looks smoother, I've noticed some differences insofar as a lot of the users being way more rude (and way more butthurt when you're rude back). The mods can't really fix that.

I used to be a legitimate contributor to this site a long time ago before the overhaul, but now I'd just stop coming back here if it wasn't my only real source for Yume Nikki fanart. The community's fairly shitty, but it's the only proverbial game in town.

Just thought I should say that. If I get banned (again) then omgprejudice you guise are so meen.



The community is fairly shitty.


Is it 'cause the fap thread sticky is gone?

It's 'cause the fap thread sticky is gone, isn't it.

I can make it again


I do think the userbase has been a little worse than it was a couple months ago, but overall, it doesn't seem all that different.

The majority of the negativity I've seen has actually been in threads that were made to discuss the recent negativity, kinda like this one.


You kind of have to expect that when everyone's mad as fuck about one thing or another. Part of the problem could be that people feel like the mods aren't listening to them.


I wish you'd post content, but you dont. you post the exact type of content that you're complaining about here.


people are attacking everyone left and right all over the board, the threads that are only about complaining finding their way in other boards are being deleted, the rest are locked. rule-breaking posts are also deleted


I would post content, but I've begun to hate the userbase too much for it to seem worthwhile. I'm being hypocritical, yeah, but you're also the kind of poster I'm bitching about. Even though I'm bringing a valid point up you're scrunching up your face and trying to throw it back in mine.



So the type of user you're bitching about is any user with enough understanding of basic logical principles to point out flaws in your arguments?

Good luck with that, I guess


You know, the most amusing bit about you insulting me is the fact that in the NSFW image thread you actually support my arguments.



That's a different matter altogether, and I'm not supporting your arguments, I'm continuing to defend my point of view just like I did the whole thread before getting a name

Also, I'm not insulting anyone. Your posts make you like a lazy guy saying "jesus look at all these lazy people, how can they do so little"

Take care of your own flaws before point out those same flaws in others. Until you do, the only valid part of your post is "Even though I'm bringing a valid point up you're scrunching up your face and trying to throw it back in mine". Thus, my post

Care to tell me exactly how this is an insult, now?


File: 1328413967726.jpg (11.87 KB, 241x230, 1286375277050.jpg)

I've been tired of this discussion for quite a while but I thought I'd just pop my head in and say that this thread is the perfect example of irony.

Arguing about shit doesn't get shit done, getting shit done gets shit done. Stop arguing about nothing and go back to posting good content. Otherwise, why are you even here?


File: 1328431716828.png (33.75 KB, 345x369, 1319358447209.png)

You need to be more aware of the things you imply when you speak/write. Implicative insults are still insults. Just because I had enough observancy to read between the lines… Okay, it's so obvious that I'm making fun of you now that I might as well not even try.

Self-sage so this thread can finally die. Hopefully I'll get banned before I get it in my head to come back and fuck around here some more.


File: 1328453784663.png (73.06 KB, 755x1255, 1324790993523.png)


File: 1328573347472.jpg (30.12 KB, 600x450, 1301890073210.jpg)

are you trying to act as if you've trolled someone?



If you were able to understand the image I posted you'd also understand >>382 was the one who tried to act as if he was trolling


I'm Dementia, everything I say and write and post goes over everyone's heads because I'm obviously exceedingly intelligent and I'm not suffering from a festering case of overblown unwarranted self-importance.





here's this anon's heartfelt wishes towards a fast recovery from the massive amount of ass damage you suffered


And here's me not caring, because I'm not saying that out of butthurt, I'm saying it because it's laughably true.

Furthermore, you may also suck my nuts.



Sorry for posting such long words, I'll be sure to dumb things down for you from now on, because you matter


Please see

You're practically biting yourself in the arse at this point.

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