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File: 1341734982994.jpg (92.43 KB, 663x724, 1339640103965.jpg)


The mental health discussions on the current /wild/ are pretty interesting. May I suggest we make a mental health board permanent? It fits in well with the context of this website (which is mostly about dreams and mindfuck type things), and I think it most of our users would relate to it and benefit from it. Why I am suggesting a complete new board is because while people CAN discuss it in /ot/ or /n/, they usually don't, and having an actual board on it encourages discussion on the topic.


That might be interesting.
I'd be lurking there erry day :P


lol please no. it will turn into a support group full of hypochondriacs in no time



I agree, a lot of people like to make shit up to sound special. We don't need any MORE boards like that; NEET is bad enough.


Well it's worth a try. It does have a lot of potential for good discussion. And anyway, it's going to be impossible to prevent the whole support group attitude entirely when you have people posting that they have suicidal depression. Let's just hope it wont be too much of a problem.


I got a hard on from that picture you posted though.


If theres anything positive to come from the normalisation of the internet, its that theres a lot more amateur porn being made.


You know, maybe considering we have so many mentally ill and depressed people on here, you might not want to post images that could be triggering.
Even if it wasn't triggering to some people, it still kinda likely pushes the gore rule.


File: 1343017914911.png (19.02 KB, 100x100, 24090862 (2).png)

Fits context IMO. Self-mutilation is a tell-tale sign of mental health issues, especially depression. :y Just my view of it.



>it still kinda likely pushes the gore rule

For it to push the gore rule it would have to contain some form of gore in it


Nope, it doesn't.

However, I'd like to request that you don't post these kinds of self-harm pictures. There's plenty of so-called artistic pictures with implied self harm in them to be used instead rather than the explicit.


Deal with it, how the fuck am I supposed to know every fucking trigger for every fucking mental disease you have


File: 1345257610158.jpg (41.21 KB, 500x268, tumblr_lu7bluKZ0N1qmkey9o1….jpg)

I actually really like this idea.
Why not at least test it?

It might get stupid. or it might spark a lot of good discussion. And lets face it, there's a whole load of shit-stormers on almost every page anyways.

Fuck, if people get too stupid on it, just delete it.

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