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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

File: 1339899129251.gif (954.85 KB, 500x376, m2dmwmYQp51qlms3vo1_500.gif)


I think were going to need a new board to simply 'contain' all the relationship threads that are overflowing /NEET/. I dont know what to call it though, you can call it /forever alone/ for all I care.


yeah it's not what it was supposed to be. but what is there fits it well. maybe i can make a new board with /n/'s original intent of talking about all the japanese things that you generally enjoy.


>but what is there fits it well
Ooo, cold.
But yeah a /jp/ would be nice I guess.


/n/ isnt /r9k/ for weeaboos


i don't want to make a new board until we get the server upgrade. i'll talk to sei about it soon.


but i do intend to leave /n/ containing all that neeting around.

new board potentially coming soon


File: 1340028300508.jpg (100.25 KB, 1920x1080, 1338654621484.jpg)

I agree with this. Neet should be left as a board to discuss otaku lifestyle and such, while the other board should be like 4chan's /adv/ or 420chan's /qq/ which is for personal issues/general feels.


I hope a relationships board doesn't occur, they are always awful


But now all the relationship threads go on /n/. Having a different board to contain them would rid neet of those.

Pretty much the same function 4chan's /b/ serves.



You mean was meant to serve at the start

Crapflood content (relationship threads, pony threads, all the standard cancer threads we'd see 2 or so years ago) has been banned from /b/ ever since I can remember. So it wasn't 4chan's garbage bin

It did go on to become the internet's garbage bin, though


well I was suggesting to keep /n/ as the place for such emotional discussions, and fork a new board for all the things that /n/ was supposed to be, did I screw up my last post in details? haaa….


it exists now, http://uboachan.net/2/
i haven't added it to the sidebar yet

secret boards secret boards secret boards


So hey. Why does anonymous posting in /n/ and /2/ show up as "stal"?


Oh, allow me to correct myself. Why does anonymous posting EVERYWHERE show up as "stal" now?


Because one of the admins was screwing around with the server config.


File: 1340454657276.png (38.5 KB, 400x378, 1340179645925.png)

/n/ has serious problems following global rule number 1.

The whole board has nothing to do with what it is meant for.

I'm not saying that mods should go on a rampage with a banhammer on everyone who possesses an immature opinion, but some moderation is definitely required.

Salvage the board with moderation or abandon ship.


it wasn't me

i swear


Are you that skeleton guy?

You should really shut the fuck up lol. Do you even know what the board's purpose is? You probably don't. loooooooooooool

Also, a big "fuck you" to the modding/admin team for not reposting /n/'s old stickied thread (and I know that this is a conspiracy, because even a board as dead as /lit/ has its sticky). We wouldn't be 6-feet deep in shitposts if it were there.

But, hey, I'll look on the bright side - at least Ubuu now has its very own dumpster, lol


I like /n/
don't be so mean D:


I liked it yesterday.
Since then, a few unsavory threads have been made and then flamers have put in their bit.
But before that all happened, I found neet to be my favorite place to lurk and post anonymously.


Apparently my request looks automated, so I'll post it here. /n/ relevant, I guess.

"You have been banned from all boards for the following
Global Rule 7 "Do not post any personal information
regarding other users or moderation staff. (Doxing)""

The guy's full name was written in the image thumbnail of his post. Anyone viewing the thread already knew his full name from the OP alone, I wasn't infiltrating his private records or posting anything online that he hadn't already posted himself; all I did was state the obvious. It would be different if I had stolen his passwords or posted his address, relatives, etc.

If anything he needed a wake-up call, he's posting way too much personal info about himself online and he needs to realize what kind of real danger he's putting himself in before he goes out and says something that'll haunt him for a lifetime (like how he's a loli fan, I'm sure THAT will look real nice next to his face and full name).

24 hours is nothing, but don't you think that instantly banning me from every board on the site for a single post that barely violates the site guidelines in one thread on one board is a tad excessive? It's not like I was flooding the site or reposting deleted info, I made a single post, I mean, trigger-happy, much? There's this little thing called "talking" that people tend to do to settle minor conflicts with some civility before taking action, try it some time.


lol it's not a conspiracy or whatever.

i like /n/ as it is, but i wanted a new board for what it used to be. chill, i've been away for like the past 3 days.

i'll clean it up. but most of the old /n/ users left a long time ago.


File: 1340636891912.png (14.69 KB, 500x500, 1340635987739.png)

My, yes I am.

Please elaborate me what the board's purpose is, since I am obviously in wrong place.


ah, skeleton hikkikomori, I apologize that my initial joke had offended you.

The creation of /n/ was from boredom, and the broken remains of http://archive.uboachan.net/a/
Since it broke, I decided that it wasn't getting as much discussion as it could, and thought we could just broaden the topic. I didn't want to call it /a/ or /jp/ anymore, but the only name I could think appropriate for a board about anime and japanese culture as well as fit the atmosphere of the site was /n/ - NEET. Everyone in the old days laughed, loved it, and it stuck. Nowadays it's become what you call /soc/ 2.0, and while I have no experience with such a board, I like that it brings together supposed NEETs(you say no-one there is a NEET?) and socially alienated(?) persons. It wasn't the intended goal, but I didn't want to remove that. NEET as a board made sense to me to keep it as it was.

When you had made your complaint I had thought that you wished for the board to return to the old days, talking about anime and japanese culture. I didn't realize that you actually wished for a real board for NEET/hikkikomori.

Sincere apologies. -kaguya


File: 1340683347891.png (1.48 MB, 1112x1322, 1298802269926.png)

I find this picture to be the best graphic depiction of the way /NEET/ once was.


I thought everyone knew by now. The mods on this board are fucking retarded and don't know how to do their job, nor do they have common sense or the capacity to read and make connections to more than one post at a time.

o wel ubu has alwas ben lke dis tho


could you please back this up somehow? Because a) Moderators and administrators aren't mentally handicapped as you might think b) We're reachable through irc at all times if you have any complaints, suggestions or need any help in general c) We monitor all the boards and read most of the posts, so we do know what's going on. ^^;


As for the mod who banned >>1034: they were warned on irc first, and short, warning-like bans are to be applied if the rules are violated regardless. If this happened again, the ban would be longer. I understand they didn't give away much, but they still did give away some information. It can be scary as hell to some people.


File: 1340912100086.png (163.19 KB, 787x561, backupplan.png)

I have a question and an answer to this thread: http://uboachan.net/sugg/res/1011.html

Could you make an /r9k/? Assuming STI isn't being a retarded troll (hard to call), /r9k/ might be homeless. This seems like a logical place to come. You have a NEET board, the userbase is nice as fuck, you need a place to discuss relationshit, we need a home, the site owner is a mod on 4chon, #uboachan is hosted on Datnode, everyone gets huggles. It just makes sense.

Any chance that this could happen? The sooner we have a plan for refugees, the more likely that everyone will be able to stay together.


Why is this happening


stee is abandoning ship. 4chon will probs be going down. So our buddies from there are taking refuge on ubuu.

Sounds okay to me.
I think sti's just trolling though.


Uboachan has been turning into the new 4chon for like a year now so sure why the fuck not I support that.


Did you even read what I typed?

It's *supposed* to be scary as hell, that's the point, he shouldn't be posting that kind of personal stuff online, let alone using a username tied to that personal stuff, and again, the name that I posted was IN THE THUMBNAIL OF THE IMAGE THAT HE POSTED.

That also doesn't answer why I was banned from the ENTIRE site for a minor offense on ONE board.

I also can't talk on IRC about this stuff due to my current internet situation, I'm on mobile, I have no access to a decent PC, so if I'm banned, whether it's legitimately my fault, the fault of another mobile user since our IP's are semi-dynamic, or the fault of a rogue mod, I'm essentially screwed until my IP gets renewed, since Uboachan doesn't have ban appeals because OMG LIEK WE UES IRC HEER.


I understand, but as the guy stated, he's new to chan sites. New to anonymity and probably clueless about privacy measures he should take. There is no need to scare them, just explaining it would suffice.

I'm not sure who did that, but I will ask on the mod channel for details and stuff. No worries. Also, hasn't the ban expired already..? @_@ Or do you mean screwed because you can't irc?



There was no offense on your part, that much is for sure. What you did can't be seen as doxing by even the most retarded of individuals; he dropped his own dox himself


He's the type who talks and never listens. Why would I try and explain to him why what he's doing is stupid when I can just say, "Ohai thar, [powerword real name], everyone can see your name up there."? Tell me, which one is going to leave a deeper impact, giving him a little net safety talk that he's going to forget the next day, or scaring the living crap out of him, telling him that his real name is in his post next to his face and the username of which he's already posted embarassing and personal stuff all over Uboachan with?

The fact that the ban expired doesn't change the fact that it happened.


File: 1341432645384.png (36.7 KB, 401x289, Jackie-Chan-Brain-Is-Full-….png)


Please calm down. You were banned for a single day for posting the guy's information in a douchebaggish fashion. Also, not being able to access IRC is kind of a bullshit excuse. First, my email address is listed in the FAQ, which is still accessible during a ban. I have received appeals by email before, and sometimes I have accepted them. Second, there are plenty of mobile IRC apps, some of them free.

Stee is bullshitting you.

You seem upset.


Seisatsu, I scoured this place for some form of contact when I was banned. Your email was not in the faq, nor was it in the rules, and if it was, it's well-hidden. Eventually I just gave up and decided to start a /sugg/ thread when the ban was up, but oho, right, all of my posts look automated.

Also, my android is cupcake 1.5; no decent/free irc apps for me. I'm not "upgrading" to éclair 2.1 because of stability and privacy issues, nor am I flashing a custom rom because this is the only phone I've got, nor am I buying an irc client for one site.


>not knowing seisatsu is completely incompetent




>getting upset about imageboard bans

ps: the email address you were seeking is in the faq so I guess you're blind


>page search "email" brings up nothing
>page search "@" brings up nothing


File: 1341782152086.jpg (54.46 KB, 640x480, Untitled.jpg)


The year 2012 has arrived.
A herd of fuckin' ugly shitposters
are rushing from other imageboards.

Hate post are increasing!
Uboachan is ruined!

Anyway, I used to believe that there can't be more harm done to Uboachan, but if this "refugee plan" is true, then it seems that I was wrong…

(But keep on ruining this, there's the forum of a certain fangame that more-or-less retained the atmosphere of the original Uboachan, so there is a place where the original uboachanners can feel at home, without all this 4chan-style shit that goes on here.)


I will not deal with or answer to further destructive criticism in this thread. This discussion has been derailed. If you don't like Uboachan, staying anyway probably makes you a troll. Please provide constructive insight or leave.

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