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/rec/ - Ex-NEET / Recovery

Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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Does anyone have issues with executive function? Like not being able to remember stuff, spacing out, being generally unable to get stuff done, poor hygiene, inability to focus on stuff but at the same time often hyper focusing on a single thing to the point of spacing out and being unable to ignore everything else?


Yes, minus the poor hygiene though.. It's quite difficult to really work around it, though I find I usually at least am able to get the bare minimum done. Have you considered getting tested for ADHD?


No, I have an aspergers diagnosis though. I don't want to go through that whole process again. I'm too people phobic to even leave my room these days.


Did you mean excessive? I don't have memory issues but I do space out all the time. Especially when I'm in situations where I'm stuck around other people. I think it's my coping mechanism to mentally escape for a period of time.


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executive dysfunction is probably one of the biggest things I have to deal with. I rarely shower without prompt, brush my teeth, feed myself or even go to sleep. something about the brain just makes me wanna stay static and it’s a nightmare, unless I’m yelled at or something I just never do it. Again, utter nightmare sometimes


File: 1682822523355.png (2.96 MB, 2480x3508, 3dd7b0e576a41603b107eade03….png)

Yeah. I can't accomplish the simplest things. I'm bad at keeping clean. Was a bit of a struggle to even start writing this post honestly. I should be on drugs, but I'm too lazy to see a doctor.
Do you anons have anhedonia? My guess is anhedonia causes executive dysfunction by removing motivations and letting the inaction reinforce its self. Like getting good at being useless by practising it a lot. Also, a life situation where doing nothing is possible. I probably wouldn't be this way if I were naked in the woods.


Similar boat re: anhedonia but feeling like it's circumstantial. I'm actually in uni right now, and I'm doing fine, but only because I'm a cripple who kind of needs the degree if I don't want to starve to death on Murica SSD.

I can't do anything unless there's some catastrophic consequence to not. I can't cook or clean or even be assed to change clothes from day-to-day. Who gives a shit.


Has anyone tried engineering catastrophic consequences? For example in this video https://youtube.com/watch?v=xWNnMNuIPK4 he talks about having a friend punish you for failing your deadline, he tells a story about forcing an ethical vegan friend to accomplish his deadline for an art piece by making the consequence for failure that he would spend $1000 of the friend's money on meat and leave it all to rot in his back yard.


File: 1682968831294.jpg (8.86 KB, 214x300, 1625854482508-0.jpg)

Yeah, I used to really love anime and manga but haven't watched or read anything in nearly 5 months. I just feel too lazy to pirate anything. I don't even game anymore. Well, I do, I just don't actually play it. I'll boot up a game, move a character around for a couple of minutes then quit, boot another game and do the same. I don't follow the plot or try to advance the game. I just feel like my hopes and dreams have been crushed and everything feels so damn pointless now.

I don't have any friends (;__;) but I tried using electric shocks to motivate myself into doing stuff, fasting for 19 hours ot forcing myself to go barefoot for 10 minutes in snow to punish failure. It didn't work to well. I just became obsessed with making myself suffer more in stupid ways.

Does sleep have anything to do with it? I just feel tired and get exhausted all the time. I just want to rest in bed all day and do nothing. Life is too exhausting. Took me hours just to type this.


>Does sleep have anything to do with it?
Sleep affects basically just about everything. I haven't been sleeping well for about 2 weeks and it has affected my memory, motivation and the ability to concentrate (reading is much harder now). Sleeping too much also makes you more tired during the day.

>I just feel tired and get exhausted all the time

Have you got checked for anemia and thyroid issues? Both of those can cause fatigue.


File: 1683174522696.jpg (60.72 KB, 1280x720, possible-4062883_1280.jpg)

I have difficulty completing projects once I start them. Each time, I tell myself I need to be doing housework, or finishing them, but for some reason it's nearly impossible. Always fall back onto laying in bed for hours, or zoning out playing games.


Went to the doctor for chronic nausea. I feel bad all the time- have difficulty focusing, ruminating on things, unable to fall back asleep for hours once I wake up at night. It's gotten better ever since I started taking medication again, but they did blood work and were unable to find anything wrong. Have no idea what it is.


Yeah punishing/rewarding yourself never works. I've thought stuff like "If I don't get this done I'll drop a knife on my foot", but I wouldn't be thinking that if I didn't want to do it, and if I didn't want to then I wouldn't follow through. As long as you're still in control it's just willpower with extra steps.
Your options are either to find a way to strengthen force of will, e.g. through meditation, drugs or some cause/morality, or to hand the power to someone else, either an individual such as a parent or an institution such as a school, military, job or psych ward (cause/morality is arguably part of this category too). The latter should be seen as help to accomplish the former, as it won't last forever.


Oh yeah anon, i deal with my fair amount of forgetfulness, compulsive daydreaming.
Overall I feel that cognition has dulled.
I don't know if it's due to the fact that i'm nearing 30 of age, or due to social isolation, or maybe it's a mixture of both.

I often have to reread the same sentence multiple times to grasp its meaning.

Anyway, if you ever find a solution, don't forget to update this thread.


psych wards are abuse festivals for the unqualified to help ppl who need it. haven't known anyone who has gotten out of there with their trauma worsened or faking to be better to get out of there asap.

contact a doctor and talk about your symptomps. bring with you a notebook with a written timeline of your life with the most important emotional events with specific months. look out for, besides depression which you probably def have, derealization or dissociative disorders which might cause compulsive daydreaming because your mind might need escapism from something in your life.

look up and ask a doctor about the difference between randomly spacing out and involuntarily dissociating for no apparent reason.

autism diagnosis are given to ppl with other buried beneath issues because it's easier to label someone as an autist than a traumatized person. i talk from experience.


Could it be internet addiction? My mind is always floating off day dreaming about stuff I'm doing online. I need access to the wired everyday all the time and can't function without it. It's impossible to break free too becsuae the internet is everywhere.


File: 1685961193817.png (43.74 KB, 213x153, sleeper.png)

I have plenty of problems with this. My mother used to call me "the absent minded professor" when I was a kid because I consistently forgot stuff, lost stuff, left stuff sitting places, went into rooms without knowing why I was there, etc. As I got older I got it just a little more under control, but it's still pretty bad. I've self-diagnosed with Dyspraxia, which presents with poor coordination and physical ability, particularly in childhood (I couldn't hit a baseball off a tee until I was 9) and a solid ability to remember information, but a horrible working memory. It fits me perfectly.

I remember many things very well - for instance, I can easily list all Soviet premiers and party chairmen in order, including the obscure fellas between Kruschev and Brezhnev, and I can likely recall the plot beats and elements of any story I find interesting in detail, even years later. I forgot to get my parents to sign my progress reports in school about 95% of the time. I realize I can't start my car because I forgot the keys about 70% of the time. When I have to go to a new place, I usually recite the directions to myself the whole time, otherwise I will forget them. I had a phase in my teens where my parents would have to notify me that I've been showering too long, because while in there I would lose perception of time and have no idea that I had been in there for two hours.

Some stuff is definitely up with my executive function abilities. I still struggle slightly, though only slightly, with basic coordination. It might sound like ridiculous advice, but I really recommend exercise. Exercise has helped me think better and stay more sane by keeping me more in touch with my body. I only got started as a way to work out my frustrations, but it has helped me feel more real and less confused. I like these methods because I don't have to actually interact with people, and there isn't really a standard for success or failure. I run at night. Sometimes I just do wallsits and pushups and don't even leave my room. Yoga is probably a good starting place. These ideas can easily just be more overwhelming things you don't want to do, so for me, it's easiest if I just think of them as similar to a game or a movie - they're just some new bullshit I'm trying because I'm bored and miserable.

There's probably a lot more to it, but having something that keeps your attention builds up your attention. It's hard, though. I like exercise because it's almost like a cheat code - I'm automatically physically engaged. But in the rest of my life, it's hard to find things that are actually engaging. That are actually worth dealing with. The rest of the stuff is just weird things that are put on me. Stuff I have to do. Stuff I'm doing because I'm desperate. To me, interest and feelings are what actually define things. Without them they melt away and become static.


It could be. I started using computers when I was a kid and since I was a loner I'd spend all my days web surfing, using IRC, or posting on forums. Lo and behold I developed severe executive function problems and a fucked up attention span.

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