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/rec/ - Ex-NEET / Recovery

Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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Does anyone else feel restless/unable to relax/constantly stressed out since getting a job? It comes and goes but for the past few months it's noticeably worse. I find myself not being able to enjoy or "lose myself" in things very much. I'm always walking around just pacing, thinking - hard to focus on one thing at a time. I feel like I just can't relax even on my days off, the only exception being when I take a few days or a week off right after a weekend or something. I can only really relax when there's like 4-5 solid days between now and when I have to work next.

My job is fairly physical (I walk about 15k steps per day, lift 20-50lbs stuff occasionally, etc) and there's a lot of social interaction with coworkers so at the end of a workday I just crash and lay down in bed for an hour and a half or so after I get home, pace around and mindlessly scroll and think for a couple hours, then off to bed. Then on my days off I do much of the same and stress about having to go to work tomorrow or whenever I have to go next. I want to be able to sit down and watch something or play video games but I just can't relax and sit down. Anyone have any tips?

Fwiw, I would not say my job is particularly stressful. I am quite good at it and am one of the few people that regularly meet expectations and given quite a bit of slack whenever I make a mistake or anything. But when something does happen it does stress me out disproportionately.


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I think what you're feeling is pretty standard for those with jobs, especially if you're just entering the workforce or if its one of your first jobs.
When you're jobless, such as when you're growing up or when you neet, 'work' is seen as a break from free time. Now that you have a job, you're feeling the fact that that's no longer the case, now free time is a break from work. Your holidays, weekends, etc are now just countdowns, opposed to much of what you're used to. Not even school or university is comparable because you still have ample free time in those environments.
If there's any advice to give it's to attempt to appreciate free time for what it is, that is to say, enjoy being in the moment, rather than letting the inevitability of the future work ruin that. How and how well you do that is part of growing up.
Sorry if this doesn't help, have a tortoise :-)


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yeah, I'm the same way. it's why I get kind of terrified whenever the time comes to get a job again. it's just anxiety or something but it's one thing to know you're pretty much just more stressed than you're used to being, and another thing to actually be able to chill out.
as said before it's honestly best to just try to live in the moment and to remember to enjoy the little things around you. you do get used to the newly raised stress level over time, at least in my experience. I tend to watch more comfy anime or replay games I've already beaten if I can't actually pull myself together enough to get into anything new and exciting- do anything you can to entertain your restlessness as long as it's fun or feels like more than just kind of killing time until it's back to work. it helps having stuff within reach like a hobby thing or a handheld console so you aren't just doomscrolling on your phone after work. your phone is probably your biggest enemy right now if it's maybe unintentionally making you feel like you're losing time to it or something. maybe read some manga or pirate a bunch of books if you find yourself stuck to it? manga tends to turn into a work break thing if I'm not talking to coworkers which also helps blend things together in a way.

TLDR; afterwork restlessness sucks but try hopping into any remotely fun or interesting thing so you aren't just scrolling, it doesn't have to be deep. it'll keep you from getting burned out over time.
also, remember to get actual sleep and try not to do the whole "revenge insomnia" thing or whatever, it'll make you feel worse over time if you do. rooting for you anon


When I got my last job I was literally having hallucinations, falling in and out of consciousness in the office, just became extremely paranoid and stressed to the point I couldn't actually relax. I stopped eating properly and lost interest in stuff I enjoy. Haven't watched an anime or read any manga in nearly 6 months. I couldn't even sleep. Getting fired was the best thing that happened to me. I dunno what the hell is wrong with me exactly? Is this what everyone with a job goes through? Because Jesus it's even worse than I thought…


I never actually recommend this but unironically microdose weed with like gummies or something if it's legal where you are and you'll feel better

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