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/rec/ - Ex-NEET / Recovery

Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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Does anyone else feel like they've lost a part of themselves after ceasing their neetdom? I don't even work a particularly strenuous job. I don't work that many hours. But when I was a NEET, even though many other people told me it was impossible, I was at least content - if not happy. I would frequently just hang out in my comfy blanket or outside on the patio and watch a series I liked or play a game I wanted to me but ever since I started wageslaving I just can't do that anymore. I'm restless. I just can't get comfortable.

I've been at this job for a couple years and honestly it's not bad. I'm one of the few non tards so I have actually gained a lot of respect and (justified) responsibility as well as basically a blank check to do whatever as long as I get my work done. Unlimited unpaid time off too. But for whatever reason even on my days off I just can't relax. I'm meandering a bit. But tl;dr, my job isn't bad and has allowed me to save up quite a bit.

Honestly, I miss being able to daydream a few hours away with fantastical stories in my head like I used to. I miss the comfy lifestyle I used to have. I miss watching videos and anime and playing videogames. I miss being able to relax without worrying about waking up early on 4-6 hour sleep for work in 48 hours.

I've thought this out and rewritten it and rewritten it for weeks. I just can't articulate it properly. I feel like I've lost a big part of myself and cannot enjoy the things that used to bring me happiness due to newfound obligations. I just can't get comfortable anymore


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i lost "it" 3 years ago after a family crisis happened and my neet life was turned upside down. then the pandemic happens and what was kinda bad got really bad. i started working again and i can't really tell, it's better in some ways than my brief still-a-neet-but-hate-my-life phase 3 years ago, and worse in other ways. i started working voluntarily because i couldn't enjoy being a neet anymore.

one thing that changed specifically because of work is "sundays." or technically thursday for me, since i work weekends. i feel a crushing weight every thursday, i start to worry about the work week ahead of me, all the way until i get there. when i'm at work it's not that bad, but the day before is a nightmare every time, i can't rest.


I understand. I miss when time was one river instead of a thousand puddles.


I get it OP, I’ve been an on and off NEET for a couple years. Before my current job I’ve only worked about 5 months in two years. I now have two months at this temp job and I’ve found what you’ve said to be true every single time I’ve worked. I think it’s that, when you’re NEET, you KNOW you have time. I don’t know about you but every time I’ve had a job the workday usually drags on (my current job feels like it goes by a lot faster than my other ones) and time spent at home goes by way faster than it should to the point it actually stresses me. I know that’s just how it is but it’s worse than I feel it is for most.
Maybe being NEET at all just screws you over with things like this. When you try and relax like you did as a NEET it can’t ever be the same because now you know whether in the back of your mind or if it’s all you can think about that work is right around the corner. I don’t think work is a necessarily bad thing either, it’s just way more difficult with mental illness. Depression, anxiety, paranoia, you name it that shit makes life in general significantly harder. Atleast as a NEET you have the time and you can take how ever much you need which can make the healing process of mental illness easier but while working the tiredness and dread only takes a lot of you out of you.
I’m not the best to put it into words either especially cause I’ve only been working a fraction of what you have OP. I don’t know if it gets better even with all the meds and self help a person can get.

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