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/rec/ - Ex-NEET / Recovery

Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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New board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs, and people with school/work/reintegration issues: Ex-NEET / Recovery

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just when I was turning my life around a global pandemic hits
how are you living through the covid madness, bros? I still gotta commute to work lmao


I was finally taking the steps necessary to graduate from NEETdom and then classes got cancelled less than two weeks into the semester. I don't know whenever I should feel relieved or annoyed.
How long do you guys think this whole mess will last?


Just when I wanted to get out of neetdom, it took my chance away. I hope it won't last *too* long.


File: 1584638430663.png (587.23 KB, 933x720, 1494037104825.png)

Well, tourism is absolutely dead and my business kind of depends on it, and my backup plan requires supplies from a place locked down in quarentine.

There is nothing to do outside in this boring town either, fuck Umbrella Corp and their stupid virus.


My pay got cut, so now I make about 55% of what I used to. Can't wait for this to finish. Moved back in with parents because I won't make the rent. They also got hit by lower income. I'm afraid I'll have to postpone college for a a year or so.
My only hope is how the stock market is dying. Maybe I'll be able to buy some in 1-2 months (I hope that's how long this lasts) and make some money reselling a year later.


I see this is messing with all os us eh?
Good luck anons, try to stay sane and safe.


I work at a fast food sandwich place and I used to work 6 days a week, about 35ish hours. The manager changed the schedule and cut me to 20, now im not even working everyday I was supposed to be scheduled. I don't know whats gonna happen. I have little money as is, don't have much payment wise but still have a 100 dollar phone bill every month and rent, even if its very cheap.


same happened to me, began working and now i'm quarantined


I had to spend a week in the hospital for mental health reasons, the last couple of days they were splitting up the group sessions and mealtimes so there'd be fewer people congregating at a time in the common area.
Now I've got a hospital bill, prescriptions, and follow-up appointments to pay for on top of rent, food, legal stuff (got pulled over with an expired registration and got dinged for not having a current insurance card, can't just pay off the ticket so I have a court date to show up for) and car issues (on top of the registration I have to pay for and late fee, there's also something wrong with the brakes and exhaust) to pay for. And I just found out that my work's been shut down so income is going to be very limited.

I'm trying to stay positive because I JUST got out of the hospital and really want to turn things around but holy fuck it's going to be an uphill battle and I'm kinda scared that I may not make it through.


File: 1584984199169.jpg (53.99 KB, 640x381, McDeath.jpg)

By the looks of this, it does seem like this is especially annoying for NEETs in recovery, what I get from this is that this is just pushing us to our old ways.

I already have enough issues without knowing this stupid pandemic, all I see is people worried and businesses close.


Yeah, covid sucks. I got a volunteering role in a food place last year and really loved it but things (well, my mind) went downhill since November, emotionally slowly sinking over the winter then nosediving into suicidal behavior over Jan/Feb for no reason. I don't know what's wrong with me. Couldn't go outdoors to my volunteering role so I let them know and they're a very relaxed place so they'd let me come back any time… but the virus hit us all and that business had shaky chances if they were to be forced closed for a month.

And now my country has now shutdown all restaurants *indefinitely* so I think I have to kiss my place there goodbye. We're not as strict about it as Italy but I think we should be, but that means I can't visit a real therapist (or have one come to me) like I'm willing to pay for. I don't want to kill myself as badly right now as I did at the end of February but the coming six months trapped indoors will erode my sanity. Not even sure if I can feel positive emotions anymore to restore my mental reserves. The loneliness aches.


feeling the same. just know that there are ppl like u and me all over the globe - I know that doesn't help but u never know what kind of ppl u will meet in the future. we will die anyways so why not take a look at what will happen if u live another day


Thank you, do your best anon, cheers!


Just came here to see if anyone like me was around and it seems I'm not alone.
If anyone wants to chat about random stuff then I'll try and stay here a while.
Honestly I've been pretty much a NEET myself for the past few years although I have had random attempts at community college/technical school and volunteered overseas etc. … I was kicked out of my last technical school and then I was currently taking classes again at a different one but everything is postponed and moved online because of the virus and it's really tough for me to learn that way as I get too distracted… it's just one of those things. Just trying to get back into watching anime now I guess. I only know shows from 2014 or so and it's crazy to see all the new stuff.


File: 1585411143793.gif (568.84 KB, 498x278, tenor (1).gif)

I can't work but I am taking this opportunity to do some exercises at home. I won't let this shitty virus mess with me anymore.

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