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What is your opinion on AI art? Do you see it as a threat, as a tool or are indifferent towards it? Personally I see it more like cheap entertainment and a tool for making concept art but not real art. Pic related was created using Dall-e 3, you can see it has lots of mistakes and it's boring and stale but I made it in 10 seconds for free. Couldn't get the square pattern in Mado's sweater properly, sadly.


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if it didn’t ransack actual art without artists permission for its data and it’s users didn’t have supreme hardons for themselves, I’d probably just be indifferent. However, as it is right now, especially as an artist, I really don’t like it. It was a lot more fun when it was bad, when dall-e could barely make a face without inspiring cosmic fear into its viewer, but now cheaply generated images have taken over a lot of spaces and I can’t find any genuine art anymore. I wish it could be just a cool tool or something to fuck around with, but unfortunately it’s bulldozed a lot of art spaces and affected a lot of people. Plus the riders for it are the most annoying people on earth, in my opinion.


Dont't you worry this is still just the baby steps phase. Much, much worse things are coming than you not finding human art and people are only starting to grasp it's reality despite the whole thing being a topic for decades.


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Honestly, I have recently discovered I have zero interest towards it. You scroll through Twitter/X (I really need to stop using that piece of shit), and there is a lot of forced AI hype, comments like 'WOAH CAN IT ACTUALLY DO THAT' or 'OK that's it I'm quitting this job', and its supporters are quite uppity about themselves, but I don't give a fuck.
So AI can create code. Great, but at least 50% of creation is about creating. It is through the process of trial and error that something is created, and the effort lends meaning to it. I don't want things to be so easy I can press a button and forfeit my freedom; I want them to be hard, so that it is worth it to pursue them.
So AI can create soulless art in 0.5 miliseconds. And? I like art, I want art, because it is human, motherfuckers. Nah, better enough, art can only be human. Any artistic creation is the result of an (individual or not) thought, the way they see things, how they perceive them, how they feel them. AI doesn't have anything of that, because it is not alive; It is not even dead, it is a mere mockering of existence.
I don't want AI. I think if people were actually asked, knowing the consequences, many wouldn't want AI either. Most people don't really want a phone to be indispensable for functioning as a human, or for cashless payment to be literally mandatory, they just "don't care", so nothing changes. And so progress goes on based on the fallacy that it is unstoppable.
So yeah, I would say I strongly oppose it, and will always prefer human creations. As a tool, it can of course be useful, but not as the god some want to see it turned into.

tldr; Miyazaki was right.


I make my own art, but I frankly don't care if someone feeds it to AI along with thousands of others for it to learn artistic style patterns, because the result is far away from looking like made by me.
To me its no different than a person downloading my art copying it using it as reference, it's not like the AI is tracing or blatantly plagiarizing it like lots of human artists pieces of shit actually do with my art.
People don't need my permission to download and use my art for their own learning so I'm not gonna be mad at a machine for doing the same, humans arguably copy more of your art with the "for reference" excuse than most AI models today having your art among thousands of others to get an average ideal style.
I think the artist hate for AI comes from three fronts:

>They asssume AI traces their artwork or make a collage with all the artists' works and that's not how it works.

>People they admire/their friends say its bad so they say its bad

>They are mad because they spent years of their lives learning a skill just for some loser with no skill to be able to put out art that looks a thousand times better than anything that artist could ever make in a lifetime

With that being said, there are AI models that were developed unethically in the past and simply made collages with people's art, and without enough data from the art pieces to make it unique or transformed, which is a valid reason for artists(not me idc) to be upset about.

AI art is great for memes though, no debate.


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I'm fine with AI, been running Stable Diffusion locally and had some fun making AI-generated Monoes. Pic related.


Artists are slow and expensive. Fuck paying hundreds of dollars on a commission with tons of stipulations and other bullshit attached. An AI just as good as a person, would basically be a slave, and slavery was great for slave-owners. So I'm all for it.


Not a fan, gotta be honest. It's a fun toy to play around with, but it struggles with the finer details. I think if you want actually good art instead of just 'good enough', it's probably better to just bite the bullet and learn to draw. It's embarrassing to spend god knows how long sucking until you get good, but it's probably worth it in the long run.


File: 1701163981798.jpg (1.37 MB, 2000x1126, yotsubraincute.jpg)

AI Art and AI as a whole are just the beginning of the end of the necessity of work for humans. At an economic level, AI art will likely cause the human-art market to shrink extremely, if not completely. (Consider the fact the majority of art jobs are repetitive work such as animation clean up, in-between frames, small design work and other things that AI is very suited for taking over.) As AI improves, this will only progress and expand into other areas (already has) that will leave most fields that are not the upmost specialized completely AI dominated. As a result, human activity will primarily shift from work/economic focused to recreationally focused, which I think overall is a net positive to humanity, even though the transition from now to that will be very painful.
Overall I'm completely indifferent to AI art because all it means is that art will return to being a primarily recreationally endeavoured skill.


i cant wait until all the art bots start eating themselves by making crap made with more AI crap so it all becomes a soupy half digested mess of media-diarrhea that everyone gets bored and we all get over the AI fad and move on

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