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File: 1657344027437.png (474.01 KB, 1225x2164, TAKE ACTION v2.png)


Erotic anorectal violence—anoreceptive activity involving a combination of rapid thrusting, considerable girth, and a prolonged duration—is both rampant and one of the greatest contributors to societal decadence today:
• Due to its ubiquity in pornography, several generations now have grown up masturbating to, demanding more of, and seeking to emulate violent behavior that should easily be considered severely criminal when more than one person is involved. Perpetrators of this violence against one or more others going unpunished is a major problem, as is incriminating evidence being sold for profit. Those perpetrators are rewarded, encouraged, and celebrated when they should instead face justice and be condemned.
• Widespread apathy, (often willful) ignorance, and misinformation about anorectal anatomy, physiology, and health are enabling people with (self-)destructive tendencies to have a field day with such violence and to effectively spread disinformation. That unrestrained hedonism is contributing greatly to societal decay. Far too many people neither wish to think about nor seriously discuss anorectal matters, so rampant anorectal violence and its consequences "fly under the radar;" people would much rather focus on some other (in many cases far less dangerous) kind of erotic abuse.
• Widespread ignorance of what a human anus is even supposed to look like makes it an easy target for those who like to mutilate body parts. Although the anus is one of our most important body parts, typically it is very under-valued. It commonly is denigrated and intentionally harmed, a situation that is tolerated—or at least ignored—by far too many people. As the vast majority of humanity likely never will care much at least about another person's anus, discouraging anoreceptive activities entirely is the only realistic solution.

Rampant anorectal violence is caused by—and in turn contributes back to—societal decadence; this is called a positive feedback loop.


File: 1657344117501.png (1 MB, 2560x4096, trends & associations.png)

Here are reference images. The text for them along with a few more can be found inside the TAKE ACTION image as zipped plaintext:

dd bs=512 skip=780 if="TAKE ACTION v2.png" of="TAKE ACTION v2+refs.zip"


File: 1657344160295.png (817.62 KB, 2560x4096, anorectal risks 1.png)

Last one for now


File: 1657613755572.png (887.9 KB, 2560x4096, anatomy & trauma.png)

As of 2022/07/11 relevant English Wikipedia articles for many years have had major, inexcusable flaws. Among them:
• The "human anus" article depicts a human female's anus and perineum that probably were damaged by some kind of major trauma. Biological human females normally lack an evident midline perineal raphe, or seamlike union/ridge, in the anogenital region; as the bulbospongiosus muscle is separated in them, embryologically it does not promote formation of an obvious, raised seam as it may in biological males [References: Anatomy & Trauma]. Furthermore, the "perineal raphe" article suggests otherwise involving fusion of urogenital folds, which normally doesn't occur in biological females[1].
• The "simple columnar epithelium" article explains neither its fragility nor (at least in the anorectal region) absence of somatic innervation.

The "anal sex" article …
• lacks neutrality; it gives the impression that opposition is limited to irrational religious positions by omitting any _scientific_ opposing perspective, e.g.: The human anorectum is very unsuited for many common receptive activities due to the region's anatomy and physiology. The single short-term benefit, _potential_ pleasure, is greatly outweighed by the many short- and long-term health risks to a receptive person.
• fails to mention the normalization of injurious anorectal violence in pornography featuring real people.
• does not disambiguate "hemorrhoid(s)," which can refer to pathology or normal anatomy. Anoreceptive activity can both cause hemorrhoidal disease and worsen an existing case.
• contains a logically-fallacious appeal to nature: "natural" is not necessarily good or desirable.

Those contribute to rampant anorectal violence along with misinformation facilitating it. Their persistence for far too long calls into question both the factuality and the impartiality of everything on the site.

1. Clinical Anatomy. 2013 Jan; 26(1): 134-52. doi:10.1002/ca.22177. (PMID 23169570)



File: 1658383095717.png (932.51 KB, 2560x4096, prolapse & incontinence.png)



File: 1659413102089.png (831.38 KB, 2560x4096, anorectal risks 2.png)

Below is a shorter traumatic risks summary.

The human anorectum is highly unsuited for many all-too-common receptive activities due to the fragility of the anorectal region. Contributing factors include:

• Anatomy — Not far inside there are very delicate and pain-insensate tissues (including simple columnar epithelium, a lining that some enemas and lubricants can inflame and even remove).
• Neuromuscular physiology — The internal anal sphincter is involuntary and relaxes with rectal distension. The external anal sphincter and puborectalis completely relax as a person bears down, causing hemorrhoidal cushions to engorge and increasing the cushions' fragility.

Potential traumatic consequences of such activities include inflammation, abrasion and tearing, damage to muscle and connective tissues, and colorectal perforation. All of those can lead to even more issues: bacterial infection followed by abscess / fistula / life-threatening systemic sepsis; hemorrhoidal disease, such as internal hemorrhoidal prolapse; rectal prolapse (originating from further inside); anatomic stenosis (narrowing due to constricting scar tissue called a stricture); one or more anal skin tags (scar tissue e.g. from a healed tear, a sentinel tag associated with a chronic anal fissure, or a remnant of external hemorrhoidal thrombosis); and fecal incontinence.




Two noteworthy Spanish studies:

"The aim of this article is to argue for the need and urgency to open an interdisciplinary debate on the goals of critical sexual education. From a philosophical and gender approach, the consequences of generalized online access to pornography, a profitable business, are analyzed as a school of sexuality for youth. The article deals with the violence and misogyny of many of the most visited contents and poses two hypothesis to debate. Firstly, pornography is subject to a process of erotizing violence, which may become a new space of legitimization of inequality between female and male teenagers. Secondly, a mismatch exists between the expectations of female and male teenagers regarding what a good sexual life is. Movements such as Me too and Cuéntalo as well as social polarization over trials like that of "the herd" would confirm such a mismatch. The conclusions reflect on the contradictions in societies, committed to equality, which increasingly tolerate less sexual abuse and aggression and at the same time are becoming more tolerant towards pornographic contents freely accessed by young people as a school of misogyny and violence. Some of the most serious consequences of those contradictions are dealt with by way of three current examples."
"[On pornography and sexual education: Can "sex" legitimate humiliation and violence?]" Gaceta Sanitaria. 2021 Jul-Aug; 35(4): 379-382. PMID 32173052. doi:10.1016/j.gaceta.2020.01.001. Epub 2020 Mar 12.

"Background: The viewing of mainstream pornography can in some situations be detrimental to the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents. This consumption generates gender inequalities by distorting the image of women. The aim of this study was to review the existing literature on the effects of mainstream pornography use on sexual and reproductive health in adolescents and university students."
"Methods: A scoping review was conducted to examine the existing literature on the sexual and reproductive health effects of mainstream pornography use in adolescents and college students. The purpose of this review is to explore the evidence on this topic by assessing a wide range of articles and study designs. The proposed scoping review has been conducted in accordance with the Joanna Briggs Institute methodology (JBI)."
"Results: We identified 14 studies showing that mainstream pornography consumption may have a short- and long-term impact on adolescent sexual health. Adolescent exposure to a sexualized media environment is associated with stronger beliefs that females are sexual objects."
"Conclusions: Pornography viewing influences adolescent sexual and reproductive health. The sexual misrepresentation of women caused by viewing mainstream pornographic material is a serious problem that can increase gender inequality. Mainstream pornography should be addressed in sexual education programs in schools, as well as in the different Public Health institutions."
"[Sexual and reproductive health effects of mainstream pornography use in adolescents]." Revista Espanola de Salud Publica. 2021 Aug 4; 95: e202108102. PMID 34267175.

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