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I can’t stand any more how much my social anxiety keeps blocking me away from what I want to do. I feel like each day I’m going crazier from the weariness and frustration it causes me. And I feel like my life is getting closer and closer to a situation where it is essential for my survival to be able to overcome this, at least enough to not end up starving on the streets.

So, this next week, I’m going to force myself to join at least one discord group I know about for people with anxiety. From there I’ll try to join some non-directed for my problem and instead to my interests. Yeah, I know how ridiculous it is that I can’t even join online groups without stressing out. This is how much social anxiety hinders me.

Through the suggestion of a friend, I’m also going to create an account on tinder. I know how stupid this is, but it might offer in some part what I need to be challenged with. Exposition, been identified, sharing personal information, being approached by strangers, having people manifest interest in talking to me. Where I live this app it’s still not a complete cancer container. And having to deal with the assholes proliferating there will, I expect, allow me to develop other social skills that are also needed.

Have any suggestion to my plan? Or want to tell how stupid it is and that I’m doomed to fail? Feel free to either, I don’t care. I can’t stand how things are anymore. Even if this experience kicks me to the ground, at least something happened, at least I’ll be out of this cycle, even if just for a while.

Have any of you ever done something similar? What have you tried to fight against social anxiety?


File: 1545559016523.jpg (196.59 KB, 1500x1132, il_fullxfull.472886377_7vl….jpg)

You are doomed to fail, but so is everyone else.


File: 1545560362021.png (265.95 KB, 717x600, 54931613_p0.png)

I believe in you, anon.
Go ahead but don't push yourself too hard.

Do you have any hobbies (like drawing, programming, making music)? If yes, I'd recommend you joining discord servers with the people doing things you do or like. Because if you join server just with social outcasts, it may be difficult to find a topic to talk about so it will be hard for you to start a conversation sometimes. BUT if you join server with people sharing your interests in case you don't know what to talk about you always can say something on the topic of this particular interest and you'll always be sure that everyone will be interested in this as much as you do.

And also if you feel uncomfortable in some particular group — it's always okay to leave. You can't like everyone in this world and that's pretty normal.

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