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I just became a Quora partner. I ask questions and depending on the views/ad revenue, I get money, no strings attacthed. I'm not getting my hopes up too high, but it's nice. Any questions suggestions?


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Assuming it doesn't work like SE where open ended "chatty" questions are frowned upon, try pulling one of those; Questions where bias is likely to take over fact (e.g PS4 vs Xbox One, Linux vs BSD, Car vs Motorcycle, Fork Knife vs Pahbgee, etc) thus increasing the chances of a reply chain. By the end of the threads' lifetime, provided your question isn't purely opinionated, the factual comparison should usually be at the top. Try looking at trends too and seeing what type of questions on other Q&A sites seem to be booming at that moment and place in time, accounting for demographics of course.
As for an individual suggestion, try asking how movies, art, music, distinguishes itself from anime or games.


The chances of me even making 18 pennies is really small, so nevermind I guess…


Nice suggestions, but open ended questions actually are frowned upon by the mods. There's plenty of loopholes though. Guess I was naive, but seeing what other people have to say about the, "program", is really discouraging.


Quora was invented by the CIA in order to 1. sow discord and chaos, 2. blatantly lie to you to sell you products, and 3. convince people they're intelligent. This is done as a distraction to prevent people from noticing the CIA taking over the world in the background; don't use it.


Do you got a source on that? Science based questions seem to get reasonable answers. Do you have a better alternative?


File: 1544653379209.jpg (27.96 KB, 481x283, bfad.jpg)

Hi, Anonymous! I have an EVEN BETTER website with answers that seem to be EVEN MORE reasonable! With a free user account (requires your real name, phone number, date of birth, and address), you'll be able to see up to TEN of these answers plus an amount equal to your contributed answers EVERY DAY! With a premium plan ($5/mo) you will be able to see up to ONE HUNDRED and DISABLE ADVERTISING. With the newest Premium Plus plan you will be able to see an UNLIMITED number of answers AND access to content that NO OTHER SUBSCRIBER GROUP HAS! Message me if you want to sign up.


Quora is free and I use a fake name on there. I really don't see what your point is.


Ah, yes, and the science on quora is real too. you are right, what a great source of information quora is, the answers there are real, even though you fake your own name


Who cares about the alphabet and secret societies, what I care about is knowing the maximum amount of Tang one can drink before dying of stomach explosion or worse.


One time I asked if nanomachines could replace exercise by manually creating micotears in muscle, and an ivy league man gave me a compelling, in-depth answer.


yeah but on my website not only can you get a $100% legit ivy league man giving you a compelling, in-depth answer, but you can get a SUPER legit ivy league man giving you a RIVETING, DETAILED answer.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


please try to stay on-topic, this is getting silly even for /ot/ standards


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Update: I've made 7 cents so far…

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