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File: 1522635898889.jpg (154.76 KB, 1280x632, 4seas.jpg)


My mood depends a lot on the the weather, time of day and season.
Time of day
Early morning is my favorite; it makes me feel fresh and clean, especially during the Summer. Something about waking up before most people, when the air is crisp, makes me blissful. Sunset somehow always depresses me. The sun slowly dipping into an orange haze reminds me that the day is coming to a close and that time has passed. The changing of seasons has a similar effect on me, but a summer sunset always feels the worst. Once night arrives I feel fine.
I love cloudy weather because it masks the time of day. You don't feel the slow, ceaseless crawl of time when it always looks the same outside. I also love rain and every type of storm. Hurricanes, blizzards, typhoons, they're all exhilarating. Compared to the daily monotony, they feel like an event. Sometimes I like to fantasize about massive, four story tall floods.
Fall feels melancholic. Seeing the world slowly decay into bareness isn't pretty to me; Halloween is great though. Winter makes me feel tired and sort of hallow. There's some nice things about it too. Spring kind of puts me in a panic. For whatever reason, when the temperature outside rises above a certain point, it makes my thoughts a bit hazy and erratic, this just becomes more intense in Summer.
How does weather affect you? Do you notice anything similar?


Yes it does affect my mood. Late Summer is the best time for me. It still feels like summer but no longer sweltering hot. The clear sky with the small hint of autumn in the air feels really comfy. Also around that time the sunset faces my window so it gets even more comfy in my bedroom.

Looking at the clouds after a storm is also really nice too. Watching the grey cloud separate into smaller cumulus clouds revealing patches of blue sky is very comfy.


spring and autumn, but especially autumn, feel the best to me. i feel more like myself during those seasons, like i can breathe again. maybe it's because i was born in the fall.

i like it when it rains. it feels cozy.


I fucking love rainy and overcast weather, it's unfortunately rare where I live. Sunny days make me feel sick, but when it's windy and overcast or raining, it's just so peaceful and tranquil that I could nothing else but chill out and enjoy it.

The weather that you find in Stalker is perfect for me.


I agree with this so much, I really don't get how most people love sunny days so much. It's so bright and "obnoxious" for lack of a better word, never changes, just blaring Sun all day long. There's no atmosphere or mood like there is on overcast/rainy days you know? And also what you said about it being peaceful and tranquil too.


Maybe because we go to work or school and we don't enjoy the free shower or catching a cold.


There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Rainproof jackets, umbrellas, sweaters. Letting the small inconveniences in your day to day life dictate your preferences and mood is petty.


File: 1526839701833.gif (891.95 KB, 292x292, 4a5153bc2167f2150c3f9dcff7….gif)

I replied about liking the sun more, rain doesn't particullary ruin my mood, although it's annoying.
It's not petty anyway, your joy over rain shows that weather affecting your mood is perfectly normal, about your first world solutions…

>Streets flooding

>Increased car accidents and deaths
>Slippery floor
>Buses passing by and washing all your clothes
>Sudden rain(because not everything is predicted by the weather guy) ruining outdoor events
>Homeless people get even more miserable because they can't afford the right clothes

No, sorry, your preferred weather is objectively shit for most people and that is why most people dislike it.


You like the sun more because of rain's inconveniences. That's what you were implying.
>your first world solutions
There's plenty of places with shitty weather that have a good enough infrastructure to deal with it. I'm not going to keep the minority of people on ubuu who live in shitholes in mind all the time. People who have access to, "first world solutions", also don't like rain, so your argument is irrelevant when it comes to that.


All my arguments are valid because everything on the list are first world problems too.


Yeah, you have it rough. It's not like there's plenty of people in the first world without consistent access to the internet.



What the heck?

Am I supposed to not enjoy ice cream anymore because someone in the world is starving? What kind of silly argument is that?


File: 1526910035061.gif (614.9 KB, 500x281, 135.gif)

The one that will be replied by a strawman question.


>stop liking what I don't like
Exactly what you're telling us to do.


>Exactly what you're telling us to do.
Even more strawman? You can masturbate to cloud porn all day for all I care.

You didn't understand why most people dislike rain, so I made it clear for you, instead of arguing my points you were all about feelings like what is petty to you, people will disagree with you sometimes, get over it.

How do you even survive in the real world?

If you want to defend your ideas, I proved to you how rain is objectively shit for most people here >>18875 there are even more inconveniences, lots, but I didn't even include those because I wasn't taking this too seriously. Don't keep derailing, prove me wrong.


File: 1526927019017.jpg (124.62 KB, 934x1168, DG9iFvRXkAIhTVU.jpg)


>I still can't counter any of their arguments so I will use random memes
I get it, you can't prove me wrong, but at least you could leave this topic like an adult.


How about going back on topic?
In the area where I live I rarely get to see a clear sky, it's pretty cloudy and nebulous and it emits a certain aura of comfyness. When summer hits all of that goes out the window and I'm sweating pockets.


Not that guy, but
>I get it, you can't prove me wrong, but at least you could leave this topic like an adult.

>omg dude my clothes can get wet ;_;

>objective argument
Well, yeah, I don't think you're the one to talk about being an adult I guess. You sound quite the soy one. The guy is right, your subjective childish drivel won't counter the fact that rain is great, cleans pollution in the air and is the fountain of life itself. I wish it rained more on my area. As for you, I recommend you move to a desert ASAP.


File: 1526955961268.gif (115.01 KB, 648x900, __original_drawn_by_yamahi….gif)

Op here.
>I replied about liking the sun more
That's not what you were doing, faggot. You were putting people down. People who go to work and school can also like the rain, I would know. It's not our fault if you live in some hellhole. Stop expecting people to be sensitive to your particular shitty living conditions. You come off as bitter or something.
>These fucking assholes think rain is so great. Well fuck them. Rain fucking murders half of my tribe's population every year. Fucking first world pieces of shit. OOGA BOOOGA


>posts bix nood drawing
>calls others ooga booga


lol you got a problem with that? The drawing's not even racist.


>lol you got a problem with that?
Poor taste.


File: 1526957172826.jpg (114.16 KB, 534x514, wambulance.jpg)

>Not that guy
>Uses the exact same methods to reespond, only taking one thing on the list and trying hard to sound as sassy and petty as possible to ridiculize that one thing.

Yeah champion, whatever you want, oh yes, people dying is such a little thing.
Look samefag, I simply listed a bunch of reasons of why most people dislike rain.

Get over it or prove me wrong.

>That's not what you were doing, faggot. You were putting people down

Do you fags enjoy lying? Do you want an echo chamber to protect you from different opinions?

I insist, I listed reasons of why most people dislike rain, get over it or prove me wrong.

Inb4 more autists responding to everything they want except the point I keep reposting.


What you said is racist, not that I care though.


>people dying
Uh, what? Now that's trying hard!
So, rain = people die. Sounds scary.

But wait, did you know that the sun kills way more people? Ever heard of skin cancer? Oh, what about heat strokes? That's pretty healthy for old people.

Way to shoot yourself in the foot, retard.

>prove me wrong

What should I prove you wrong about? About you being scared of getting wet in the rain? Or being so retarded you can't keep your balance on watered concrete/asphalt?

If you really want to grasp at the extreme consequences of rain vs. sun, you already lost since sun is way more deadly and damaging. And no, I'm not that guy, ask a mod.


>Picks on one thing again just as I predicted

You know what, I'll make it easy for you to understand, let's say you're right about everything you just said, most people still dislike rain

>What should I prove you wrong about? About you being scared of getting wet in the rain? Or being so retarded you can't keep your balance on watered concrete/asphalt?

My point is, and please, PLEASE read what I write here:

>Most people dislike rains for the reasons I listed and others

>I replied that to the post saying "I really don't get how most people love sunny days so much. It's so bright and "obnoxious" for lack of a better word"

Anon didn't understand why most people act like this, all I said is that rain has inconveniences that these people commonly dislike, and I listed them, that is literally it.


People dislike it because it's a fucking meme. It's cultural, you're supposed to call "good weather" to sunny days and "bad weather" to rainy days. But it literally doesn't matter, the things you listed as reasons to dislike it are retarded, the sun is 3 times as deadly. People with actual personality can see through the bullshit and like rain, because there is nothing to dislike about rain. I enjoy doing outdoor activities while it rains, it's refreshing. Rain doesn't make me unable to go to work, doesn't make me slip, I don't go infront of buses to get showered with mud and I give no fucks about homeless people. So your whole list is retarded. Summer fucking sucks, heat fucking sucks, fuck you. Talk about ruining outdoor events when it's fucking 40ºC outside with the sun charring your skin.


It's not about which is worse, the sun is a literal galactic bomb in flames and obviously more dangerous, it's about what people dislike the most and why.

The rain ruining someone's outdoor activity or having to go to work early in the morning in the middle of a cold storm, or having to reschedule a flight, or needing to be extra careful while driving, are real reasons of why common, everyday human beings dislike rain, it's not about your preferences, you may think they are stupid, but anon didn't know the reasons and the reasons are these among others, you can't change that.


File: 1526959485651.jpg (71.97 KB, 680x671, coldsteeel.jpg)

>I give no fucks about homeless people.


Whatever, I've already given my opinion on it.
>not being a pushover asslicker to every living being in this earth makes you edgy
I'm just being honest about it, you probably don't give a fuck about homeless people too even if you don't acknowledge it.
How many times have you given charity to a homeless association? Have you ever given shelter of your own to a homeless guy? I thought so. Virtue signalers make me want to vomit.


File: 1526960448539.png (87.94 KB, 870x919, owte.png)

>Virtue signalers
lol aren't you the one being self righteous about how you're the only honest person on earth because you think the world is rotten?

I didn't say anything about me man, just called you edgy.


>because you think the world is rotten
Never said such thing, bad strawman. I just stated a fact and you couldn't resist and had the knee-jerk reaction you probably always have when someone says anything slightly politically incorrent or has a non-mainstream opinion.

I'll humor you. Explain why and how I am edgy for not caring about homeless people.


Relax, being edgy is not a bad thing, I'm not a SJW or something, I'm edgy about lots of things too, for example I think people in extreme poverty shouldn't be allowed to have kids.


But not caring about homeless people isn't edgy. Someone edgy is someone who wants to pretend to be tough and is faking it to be perceived a certain way by having comically tryhard villian opinions. By calling even the slightest non-disney statement "edgy", you're broading the definition so much it'll end up meaning nothing since almost everyone will fit in.

>I think people in extreme poverty shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

This has two solutions. Eugenics (sterilization) or no welfare so you don't have to pay for their mistakes.


>all I say is I prefer rainy weather and don't really get how people prefer sunny days
>the pettiest argument on Uboachan of 2018 starts

Okay guys it's the fucking weather you can stop wasting your time. I prefer rainy weather though most other people I know prefers sunny weather and tell me that there's something weird about me for it, their excuse is mostly that it's "dreary" or something like that and they don't understand why I like it even if I explain it so on the contrary I don't know why they like sunny days even if they explain why they do. I'll always find it generally annoying and unpleasant and they'll say the same thing about my preference saying that it's too gloomy or dreary for them, now I absolutely disagree, but I don't fucking argue about it, it's their preference that they're free to enjoy, so I'll keep moving on with my day. So simple!. It's all subjective, rather you like it or not, that's what it is, there is pros & cons to both of them you could point out just like practically everything in existence. What even is this argument, what's the point of doing this? Just go outside since this is all about the outdoors after all.


File: 1526999146014.jpg (264.99 KB, 1400x700, superman-business-suit-shi….jpg)

Everyone prefers yellow sun days because they make us Kryptonians stronger, not like those shit red suns that give me hangover, only emos like red suns because muh melancholy.

>Under a red sun, kryptonians are as weak as those pussy humans from earth

>After being used to a yellow sun, a red sun can cause seizures
>Makes Kryptonite even more lethal, giving supervillains the upper hand
>People go to work and then their powers get removed, ruining their whole weekend
>It ruins outdoor activities like lifting buildings to impress Wonder Woman
>Homeless people get eaten by Doomsday under red suns
>Even that pussy Batman waits until there is no sun to mess with me
>Lex Luthor made a room with red sun radiation and has a pair of kryptontite gloves, what do you think he uses that for? Radioactive masturbation?

Most people in Krypton prefer yellow suns and it's an objective fact, get over it or prove me wrong.


>it's not about your preferences
>it's about other people's preferences that make rain objectively shit
You know, if you were really trying to be objective, you would've said that it's not a matter of rain or shine, but that fact that most people are unhappy with what they already have and prefer something else.

Also, you're saying the sun is objectively better but you're failing to consider all the people who die from droughts, heat waves, forest fires and famines every year. What an insensitive jerk.

>Virtue signalers make me want to vomit
This. Especially when coming from leftists who pretend to care about poor people.


Do you really want to keep arguing with me? I mean it's your time but it's pointless.


File: 1527018015462.jpg (194.28 KB, 850x595, __original_drawn_by_tokuna….jpg)

>Do you fags enjoy lying?
You implied that people who like rain only do so because they don't work or go to school. Yes, that's putting people down faggot. You only started listing bad things that rain does in shitty countries after I said that people can just use an umbrella. Getting a cold is a first world problem. You shifted the context to hellholes because you had nothing else to say. You're the one lying.
>Maybe because WE go to work or school and WE don't enjoy the free shower or catching a cold.
If you can't see how that sentence is demeaning, you're autistic.


See >>18909 I mean, you're not going to convince me, and I am not going to convince you.

The time you spend flexing to some anonymous stranger is time you could be using to masturbate to clouds.


Convince you of what? This entire thread is about preferences and mood. I don't care if you like sunny days more. You're a prick. You make that clear enough on your own. That's it.


Congratulations, I think you're the prick, and one stupid enough to keep on trying to argue something pointless, we are going in circles, don't you see it?
What are you even trying to achieve with this? Do you have a crush on me?


What i'm trying to argue is obvious. Just look at your hand. You're a total idiot if you don't get it.


>common, everyday human beings
Yeah, we're all just rain-loving, sub-human neets with nothing going on in our lives. I wonder what a normal, full-fledged human is doing here wasting their time? I don't get where people get this notion that arguing on the internet is somehow a bigger waste of time than talking on the internet. Since it's all equally pointless, I wonder what they're doing here?


They are just larpers, like that guy who fetishizes society and will argue you to death about it. The fedora version of pretending to be normal.


Ehh? I think you're actually talking about me. Fetishizing society implies that I don't think it has a lot of problems. I just think mass cooperation has value and that people should pay for their own stuff if they can. Please don't drag that into this.


>Trying to bait me with le hand meme


LMAO, I'm not even trying to argue since yesterday and these fuckers just can't get over it, what's up ladies? Some nerves were touched?


I know you posted all of these. It's obvious that you're butthurt over being called out for being a prick. Only people who can't accept that they're in the wrong play the lol u mad y u so serious card.


File: 1527050205983.jpg (91.13 KB, 425x300, 66e.jpg)

…or…if you forget these internet stereotypes you've been brainwashed with for one second and read you'll realize that I actually stopped talking about the whole rain debate since…over 24 hours ago, because it's a pointless one, and you just can't get over the trauma.

Seriously, I am not going back to that, and I'm not going back to this either, I'm not going to respond ITT anymore since this whole ego struggle was reduced to decide who has the big dick, it makes you happy to win an internet debate? Alright I'll give you the win, you sure showed me bro, you're so badass now, all the anonymous girls are impressed.

You choose how much self worth you got, either you continue talking about weather, or you keep giving attention to some anonymous stranger that isn't even going to respond you.


>hey look at me xD, I'm an homo who likes sunny days :) rain makez me sad :'( mommy sez im not aloud 2 get wet


Enough of that. Let's get back on topic. This is too much derailing even for /ot/.
(edited for tone)


File: 1527096536725.png (627.5 KB, 680x1006, Madotsuki.full.2179443.png)

Personally, heavy rain puts me in a great mood. Hailstorms are even better. I like to walk around outside with an umbrella, and sometimes I twirl it to watch the rain fly off the sides. Last time I went outside in a hailstorm I started singing. For some reason it's very euphoric.

I love snowstorms too but the closest it ever snows is an hour away so I don't see them much.

Winter is my favorite season, followed by autumn. In the summer it's hot and the sun hurts my eyes, and I can't put on a coat to escape from the heat like I can from the cold. There's also more bugs I don't like when it's hot outside. Spring is so-so, it has many different kinds of weather alternating. The flowers are nice though.


File: 1527164150270.jpg (22.09 KB, 1200x630, night.jpg)

My favorite weather is that perfect cool night time breeze. Sometimes nothing feels better than stepping outside at night, looking at the moon and being exposed to just the right amount of cool air and wind


File: 1527196422558.jpg (6.48 KB, 276x183, k.jpg)

spring is the most beautiful, 20ºC is good temperature

the sunsets are nice


File: 1527574868653.png (456.78 KB, 600x403, 064d8eaae8f5f986f569e84564….png)

i love early morning, night, and generally sunset/sunrise. i hate hot weather and live somewhere where it's constantly hot. hot weather makes me physically sick and i cant stand it but cant really do much about this situation because im a poorfag. it also sucks that where i live we dont get "fall" or "winter" either, just more mild summer year long.


>i hate hot weather and live somewhere where it's constantly hot. hot weather makes me physically sick and i cant stand it but cant really do much about this situation because im a poorfag.
I feel you fam, same here, the constant heat and sunlight is just sickening. Where do you live?


The hotter and drier, the better I feel. I love being at the beach or in the forest during a hot dry Australian summer day.

I used to get fairly bad seasonal affective depression, but that was when I was more depressed across the board. Now I'm just mildly annoyed when it's cold, dark, or wet.


I wish I had the power to control the weather. My concentration and mood skyrocket once it rains softly and the cool air during the summer feels nice on top of this. It kinda reminds me of playing minecraft during the nights in the early 10s. I wish half of the summer days could be replaced with rain.


File: 1531008785323.jpg (307.22 KB, 1152x768, rwety.jpg)

I like late summer/early fall, when the sun is still caressing your cheeks on a clear day, but you can feel the warmth fading away with the next cloud. It's a very melancholic yet nice season with all that colorful and fragrant foliage.

In general I prefer rapid shifts in weather to long weeks of grey skies or brooding sunlight. So the change has mood lifting qualities for me.


That's pretty uncommon. The changing of seasons usually leads to more suicide and death overall. Old people have a hard time adjusting.


File: 1599285199013.gif (520.95 KB, 200x125, 20200920.gif)

Autumn Falls. Winter is Coming.


File: 1599641875876.jpg (338.16 KB, 1280x720, 20200913.jpg)

Starting to rain here.


Mood is usually sad and deprived in the afternoon. Oh and I hate the summers here with a vengeance. With an oily skin type, i sweat a lot and the temperatures really hit high(along with high humidity sometimes). I almost feel like a Jew in a gas chamber sometimes.


File: 1630564247363.jpg (265.8 KB, 1920x1080, MTG (5).jpg)

I don't like it dark and cold…

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