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i’m guilty of this heavily, so i’ll just use one example.
I literally spent half an afternoon writing a lengthy analysis on the anatomy and byproducts of fairies (the 2hu fairies) and how they’re seen in both fairy and youkai/human culture. all developed on my own, mind you, none of this was established before.
To save you the pain reading the whole thing, i’ll skim it down to the bare bones for those who are curious. Still gonna probably be a hefty read.

essentially, the main part of fairy anatomy boils down to fairies not having any real genetalia, instead having their wings be the erogenous, more sensitive part of their body. since fairies don’t exactly reproduce, nor have the need to, it’s simply just a stand in for reproduction in fairy culture. Fairies also passively emit various pheromones from their wings, which coagulate over time into this flaky, dandruff like material colloquially referred to as Dust. Dust, being a delicacy due to faries being too stubborn to stay still long enough to collect much, is heavily desired by human and youkai medicine makers alike, who seek to use certain kinds of Dust in their products for various reasons.

tl;dr: fairies have no genitals, their wings are the stand in. Since fairies don’t reproduce, it’s considered taboo to rub them in fairy culture. Fairy wings also build up a pheromone residue, nicknamed Dust. Medicine makers can’t get enough of that shit, and pay top dollar for a decent sample.


File: 1520566614526-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 725.94 KB, 850x1202, doug.jpg)

File: 1520566614526-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 343.92 KB, 850x637, yep.jpg)

Channeling your creativity into something original or remotely productive would be a far greater use of time. Why not just make your own type of faeries?
>tl;dr: fairies have no genitals
Unacceptable. Denied.


File: 1520568179093.png (342.11 KB, 1292x1255, A990FA7B-DC93-48EE-8B5B-8F….png)

of course they don’t have human genitalia, they’re a different species. Even then, they don’t reproduce. Why would they need any?

Besides, you know for a fact that you’d rub her wings just to hear her yelp. Don’t deny it.

I wouldn’t doubt that she’d be the one that frequently rubs her own wings, and is constantly way too open about it. Considering she’s a hell fairy, and supposedly the embodiment of impurity and whatnot.

>make your own type of fairy

Interdasting. I might actually do this, It’s been too long since I’ve designed a character type. I kinda do wanna design me own fairies, too… The task is a little big though, so I’ll probably save it for when I get particularly bored enough to. (which is usually really easy to achieve)

Since this post is technically a bahmpu, I might as well share another example.
If you wanna know the previous character type I created, it was flawed psychics. It’s sort of like the ARMS gene in the sense that the people that have it don’t really know when they got their powers, along with it being notably prevalent throughout the world population. Telepathy is typically common, but can be absent in exchange for flawed telekinesis, a much rarer subset. This includes but isn’t limited to (note, I’ve used each of these); Inversion of forces acting on an object, extreme speed and accuracy controlling tiny objects, manipulation of the subconsious via wisps, adept manipulation of objects big and small, but said objects burn up like a comet while controlled, etc., etc.


File: 1520569999007.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.46 KB, 578x850, gut.jpg)

>they’re a different species
A different species that is humanoid and with almost no outwardly physical differences. Why would they need a, "stand in"? Considering the mythical origins of faeries, evolutionary and biological logic doesn't really apply either. Things don't exist because they would have a specific reason or purpose to exist. Having erogenous wings wouldn't even make sense considering all of the wear and tear they would have to go through during flight. You wouldn't want to use your dick as a propeller.
>It’s been too long since I’ve designed a character type.
I don't mean like a touhou fairy, I mean like your own, completely original thing.


File: 1520595602613.png (519.39 KB, 700x800, 547E566D-6902-43A0-851E-4F….png)

Well you see, The main point is for the wings to be a conduit for Dust. The production of dust is what makes the wings sensitive in the first place, as it’s a flaky material that sort of molts off the wing periodically, exposing sensitive nerves in the wing.
And I know you meant my own character type. That’s what the imperfect psychics were about. Yeah, I don’t typically do fanon writing, mostly my own work.


File: 1520596382725.png (276 KB, 462x1200, F10F179A-A421-45CF-BD35-F2….png)

Think of it like this: Each fairy has a time where their wings molt, where their wings shed this top layer so that they can get rid of all these pheromones that have been building up. By getting rid of this top layer of pheromone littered dead matter, they expose the newer parts of their wing, which are most definitely sensitive to touch. In any other case, they tend to be not that sensitive at all. As a matter of fact, the pheromone they release while scared or filled with adrenaline numbs the fairy’s pain reception. Think of it like how fish numb their pain reception when they know for a fact they have to embrace death.

Tangent aside, they aren’t a ‘stand in’ in a literal sense, considering they don’t reproduce, but in a cultural sense. It’s not that fairies use it to reproduce, wing rubbing just signifies what they see as intercourse for their species. And as such, there’s cultural standards and things like that. For example, it’s taboo to; Touch a fairy’s wing that you don’t know/aren’t in an established relationship with during their sensitivity gap, Have a human or youkai touch your wings during your sensitivity gap, touch your own wings during the sensitivity gap, etc. etc. I did write about this initially. I probably should have included it. Hope this clarifies a little.
also holy shit that image took me off guard


Fairies don't exist :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


File: 1520611083513.jpeg (30.51 KB, 287x287, 252BBE8F-8FEC-4E48-8523-F….jpeg)

Well, I suppose Someone’s gotta write how a fictional species functions. Guess that person’s me.






File: 1520981038663.jpg (906.15 KB, 1000x1200, sleepy_marisa.jpg)

I've always been developing stuff like games, languages, skill systems or contemplated for hours over the essentials of elemental rune magic. As I am a lazy bum, nothing of value was ever created out of those thoughts.

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