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What's going on with Lain lately? I remember a thread from a couple months ago talking about how lainchan died because some guy guessed the admin password and deleted everything for the hell of it. After that a new lainchan that looks way better was made. Where's that thread and what's the link to the new and improved lainchan? Also, what happened to tsuki and system space? Did anything happen on July 1st? Is tsuki dead? What the fucks going on people?


are you looking for this?
all i know about systemspace is that there was some kind of BS from the BO about not having enough to fund the server expenses


Didn't he scam his users out of money or something? My source on that is dubious.


File: 1512050282973.jpg (22.71 KB, 591x422, 1511263567805.jpg)

the guy who made tsuki was a mentally ill redditor with an abusive mother who said he would kill himself by July 1st and spammed his alternate reality on 4chan and various other sites, until he made systemspace to try and encourage other fucks into killing themselves. I never checked the site around July due to a lack of interest to role-playing

as an occasional browser of pre-delet lainchan, the new admin never changed the admin password, and the old admin (whow as a massive fag btw) just deleted it for lols
I think it split into two sites, lainchan.org maintained by the staff team by the time of the accident and lainchan.jp (now arisuchan.jp or whatever) which was just a split website by some random community memebers, it was literally the same as lainchan.org as a site design-wise for a long time

I never liked lainchan as a site because it just shat on the entire SEL legacy. There are various other reasons to dislike them, such as their "MLGhax0rgz freedom fighters" thing and the horrendous staff team, the "cyberpunk" board without a /cyb/, the whole cyberpunk movement in general (which was quickly overtaken by 80s nostalgia and vaporwave aesthetics)

The community itself aside from the designated shitting spots was nice.


File: 1512050520084.png (259.34 KB, 1150x928, 1511247972518.png)

>w as
was, members
Was on a rush.

Part 2:
The best thing to come out of them was the Lainzine and some other OC because the various sites linked to them heavily encouraged it's creation, which was pretty good.
The lack of a /lain/ board made the adoption of Lain as a mascot feel stinky in my opinion.


Both arisu and lainchan are sites I've been enjoying. At least they aren't polluted as much with stupid chan culture. What other boards even exist out there that have an active userbase? Ubuu is great and all, but we get like, 4 posts a day.


Unfortunetly Arisuchan still has stragglers from the systemspace scarefag invasion, where a bunch of thirteen year olds discovered systemspace.link because a faggot called scaretheatre on youtube thought it looked spoopy and the tight community was ruined in a matter of days.


>it just shat on the entire SEL legacy
That always kind of interested me. What do you think the SEL legacy actually is? Could a site properly pay tribute to this legacy?


>the whole cyberpunk movement in general (which was quickly overtaken by 80s nostalgia and vaporwave aesthetics)

I think the latter movements are dumb music memes while cyberpunk actually has a breadth of literature and films to back it up.

When you think cyberpunk you think Neuromancer, Bladerunner, Psychopass and various video games. Cyberpunk isn't just a transitory trend, it's a genre of science fiction that can cover a wide variety of themes. Cyberpunk is a way of interpreting the future.

When you think of vapourwave and neo-80's nostalgia, what do you get? You get bad fashion, Drive and derivative synth pop music. The only thing produced from these "movements" are forgettable garbage.


Did anybody ever really group vapor wave and 80's nostalgia with cyber-punk? They don't eve seem remotely similar. How is the celebration of vapid commercialism and style over substance confused with the chastising and cautioning of people about this very thing? I feel like the problems for cyber-punk started with the name. Punk doesn't really bring anything intellectual to mind, just rebellion for rebellion's sake. I don't think substanc when I think of punk in general. The genre also kind of fucked itself over by reusing the same motifs and design choices, not the mention character archetypes and themes. There was always a bit of creative bankruptcy in my opinion. The line between dark sci-if and cyber-punk is usually seen as neon colors, Mohawks and leather jackets for a reason.


look up leddit's cyberpunk board
many other sites share this aesthetic


File: 1513180272877.png (1.28 MB, 1280x974, 5bb1f771428117c387937bd846….png)

>They don't eve seem remotely similar.
Many old dark sci-fi movies (AKA the good ones) relied on these typical futuristic aesthetics, and the neo-80's fever is basically trying to pull old ideas back into our present to simulate a non-existent future, and here is where people got confused and assumed they both meet. The movements don't share anything in common at all, and vaporware is just a bunch of faggots taking good old music and speeding it up and adding blue and violet shades over it and calling "art" while trying to "evoke" some kind of nostalgia over something that strictly speaking has never existed. As far as I can tell, they are as bad as DJ's, and equally void and tasteless.



Creator of systemspace.rip here.

And yes, Tsuki did try to scam people outta bicoin. People that didn't take the bait dipped and are in a secret (ex-ss) club now. The """Official""" Tsuki Discord is a pure cesspool for neo-ss members (EID's above +2k). It's an overall shitty community now, I wouldn't recommend going to it at all. Tsuki also has been caught up in numerous scandals besides bitcoin scams. (see systemspace.rip for more info)


Besides the discord, how's the current system space board? Also, what's this about an impostor Tsuki? Was Tsuki actually investigated by the fbi?


I'm laughing, I went to that site and found my post in the photo timeline.


Snoop was == Tsuki for a period of time. Since Snoop had full access to Tsuki's PC via teamviwer(durr smart idea). Tsuki was never investigated by the FBI although many people have sent anonymous tips to authorities over the supposed 3 or so suicides that happened because of SS. As well as the relaxed stance on users committing (or rather trying) suicide. I don't really know what you mean by the boards. Arisuchan (Lainchan) has one, but many see it as a way of draining a dying community for traffic/promoting their website to a "cyberpunk" community. All the other Hyak chans/boards and shit are merely RPing off a dead community.

Glad I could make you laugh. <3


It seems comfy enough. ^_^


"Comfy" says nothing.
The people posting come off as really rude/smug or russian, which isn't surprising since the website was created out of spite.
The posting quality isn't much higher than .org, even less possibly


my guess is that the lains will be completely whitewashed with the release of cyberpunk 2077 this july. and there is at least one guy with mod privledge on .org relentlessly forcing his shitty political opinions. it all died a while ago.


The absolute state of trannychan. The warning makes it even worse.



File: 1566274829984.png (201.28 KB, 750x1127, trannychan.png)


I will get lainchan.net up, .org is censoriting a lot of anons, fuck this


lainchan.org is what you want


Present time… Present Day

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