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Does anybody still care about Thanksgiving?


What's even the point of it? Sorry I never understood 'murrica's customs that much.


File: 1511463706991.jpg (332.58 KB, 960x540, wednesday-addams-thanksgiv….jpg)


It's basically this.


As a proud National Socialist I do enjoy celebrating the mass murder and ethnic cleansing of the land Thanksgiving is about.


A long time ago a bunch of pasty, white, religious fanatics came to America so that they can practice their insane, draconian version of Christianity without everybody giving them funny looks. When they arrived, they found some guy names Squash, or some kind of vegetable, who helped them figure out how to farm in this strange, savage land. Arugula was promptly killed by all of the other savages when they found out about this treachery, but the pilgrims didn't care because tarragon was just a soulless, godless, sub-human. they however where thankful to not be starving to death, and so they held a feast to celebrate. Today Americans use this event as an excuse to stuff their fat faces with bird carcasses and meet up with the family that they'll just see again in like a month.


It's my favorite holiday. It's one of the more chill holidays of the season. I love the extensive use of orange (my second favorite color) and how it can often bring families together.

I love the sweet potato pies and just in general the fact I can just hang with my family, cook a simple meal and be grateful about life. I know there is a dark history to the holiday with the whole native American genocide and all but everything seems to have a dark past. What Thanksgiving means to me is family time, great food, and being happy for what you have no matter how little.

Fuck Christmas though. Fat ass Santa never gave me a GBA.


Not only spiteful, but historically wrong. Thanksgiving ties in with old religious practices of fasting, basically the inverse, where you stuff your face with as much food as humanly possible. I really hate how certain idiots conflate the current Thanksgiving with some kind of celebration of killing Natives. It's primarily religious, and was celebrated for a week. Here's a piece of advice for you though: information comes in three tiers: childhood innocence, adolescent edge, and adult knowledge. Last line was on point not only for now, but ever since the feats for Thanksgiving.


Stop taking shit posts seriously.


Kek, even from a religious point of view, Crhistian, it's human tradition and pagan shit, get cucked.


Why do amerifats need 2 festivals in the same season? Can't you just give yourself turkey nuggets on Halloween if candy is not enough? This sounds exhausting


One to circle jerk over patriotism and being a good person, and another to buy shit while pretending to give a shit about Jesus.


Americans are just fat fucks. You nailed it on the head right there. They will use any excuse to stuff their face with a cheeseburger - i've been to America and seen this happen first hand.

Once, while I was in New York for a holiday, I walked into one of their infamous feeding zones known as "McDonald's". Right as you walk in you're overpowered with this sickening stench of sweat, rotting milk and aged cheese. This family was sitting in one of the booths eating their happy meals. The matriarch of the group, who appeared to be nearing a hefty 250 lbs, was enthusiastically encouraging her offspring to gulp down one of those processed prole-slop sandwiches.

"Git it down yee boy" She squealed in her piggish, high pitched manner, inherent in most American females of her stock.

"Yessir, Mamma I certainly will"

The she-baboon then forced the entire cheese burger into the boy's mouth and you could obviously see he was in pain. Meanwhile, his surrounding family were supporting him with their animalistic whoops and jeers. Not to mention the fucking clapping. Anyway, the kid seemed to swallow the entire thing in his tiny wee mouth, tomato sauce and tears streaming down his face and mixing in with the relish. He spluttered and coughed but you could see this twisted pride in his eyes. He was going through some kind of rite of passage. After he has slid the monstrous girth down his pie hole and into his gullet, all his family members stood up and started clapping. A young couple from the next table over (both fat fucks) congratulated them through grunts of acknowledgment while simultaneously gorging on french fries. Everyone in the restaurant starting a round of applause for the chap and he leaped up on top of the table, with his potbelly proudly sticking out, and starting singing the star spangled banner. It was fucking horrifying. Never going back to that shithole.


Nice story, but people who actually live in NYC don't tend to be fat. If you're talking about New York State, you should specify that.


nigga america is fat the world knows it get out of the closet

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