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What piece of fiction best portrays the life you want to live?




star trek


>star trek
I wouldn't want to live in a world where people don't use the holodeck to pretend fuck. They don't even consider it. Spooky.


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made in abyss, girls last tour, yume nikki, just let me explore something interesting with qts


File: 1509337419648.jpg (70.96 KB, 360x507, panzer-dragoon-saga-poster.jpg)

Idk about portraying the life I want to live, I wouldn't know where to start with that. Perhaps the life of a traveller in Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World.

But in terms of just cool worlds to live in, I feel super conflicted. Honestly I think it'd either be the world of Pokémon, or maybe the world of Panzer Dragoon. Pokémon harkens back to a childlike innocence for me. The world in those games seems perfectly just, with everyone in them being friendly, even the villains having good intentions. Pokémon gives me a warm feeling, living that would be lovely. Panzer Dragoon on the other hand is a world that I find utterly fascinating, and would love to explore.


Yume Nikki, because I want to sleep all day and sleep all night.


Aria or Nagi no Asukara.

Living near the ocean is my dream.


Probably The Garden of Words, because I really need someone with slight issues of their own so that they would (in the world of fiction) accept me and my issues, and that it's an older woman MC-kun ends up with is even better.


Cutting off slowpoke tails for money, breaking into people's houses, and extorting money from children don't seem that innocent.


I know it's a kid's game and shit, and I'm looking at Pokemon as a cynical adult, but overall it's pretty innocent. The parents in that world are dumb as hell though. The Pokemon world must be a molester wonderland.

>Child Molester Bill wants to battle

>Female Rapist Jill wants to battle
>Serial Killer Maddox wants to battle
>Genital Mutilator Sally wants to battle
>Creepy Pedo Pedro wants to battle
>Schizo Sheen wants to bette


Kino's Journey. The original.

That or uhhh shit

was there ever a book that was about some dude who lived in a cabin in the woods with someone he loved and wrote?

Doubt it, sounds uneventful for fiction.


kemono friends


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Pocket of apocalypse I can leave any time, life is nothing but camping and shooting guns.
>Spice and Wolf
I love the beauty it portrays in its world and "pagan" creatures still walk among man.


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I recently been having recurring fantasies of being in the world of girls last tour, I think it started after I started listening to more Егор Летов.


I've been having those on and off since I first saw it.

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