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Do you like angels egg?


I consider it overrated. Sure, it's pretty great in the sense that it's completely open to interpretation like yume nikki, but people exaggerate over how… "amazing" it is.


File: 1507222080009.png (696.58 KB, 1920x1080, 1500614842227.png)

i think it is a very interesting take on religion and new followers. the animation is great too


It's my fave animated film, truly gorgeous.

Definitely the closest we'll ever get to animated Yume Nikki.


I watched this movie for the first time yesterday (I admit, I remembered wanting to watch it after seeing this thread) and I quite enjoyed it.
The silence and little dialogue really captured, seeing the world as it was potrayed in it's abandonment (as well as beauty) is haunting.

The whole town has incredible architecture and other artistic decorations (the fountain, the cathedral,…), I believe this should show how earthly and materialistic (far from god) the population was. The way they acted, hunting those invisible fish, looking all the same, meant how in time of need they claim to faith and give up identity and become one of the group grasping for the unreachable they all image to see. There wasn't anything in the movie but maybe there was some sort of prophecy given to the humans like how God warned the people in the Bible. The man remembers the quote even though he says he has no memories.

It's definitely one of my favorite movies!


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hahaha "hacker"


Nancy Lee: The series really seems to enjoy making this woman suffer, to the point where her Butt-Monkey status crosses unfunny territory. Out of all the heroes, she's arguably the most sincere about making Neo-Saitama a better place for everyone. Problem is, her association with Slayer also means leaving herself open to all kinds of danger and unwanted attention — ranging from Attempted Rape(s) to straight-up torture. It's actually very hard to watch some of her scenes without cringing a little, especially after what Basilisk had done to her.

haha cringe fanservice


don't you have anything better to do than watch Fvvvking HACKER ANIMEs and NECRO BUMP UBOACHAN(!!!!) TOPICS


>Nancy Lee (ナンシー・リー, Nanshī Rī) is a >journalist and hacker.

>Power & Abilities

>Hacking - She can port herself into >computers and hack them.

wow… Hackker… Journlsit…………. Hey Babi wana hack me and write a… Story;)


She is the best haxx0r eva

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