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The other thread has been in auto-sage for some time now, so it was about time someone made a new one.

Vol. IV:
Vol. V:
Vol. VI:
Vol. VII:
Vol. VIII:

I've been reconsidering my life. They always tell you that as you grow up things get easier since you mature and bloom into a normal human being… but I've been pondering whether people only pretend to have their lives in control only to not lose their shit about it. I mean, yeah, I don't think everybody hates their lives, but I'm sure everybody gets chocked by the pressure once in a while. The question is, what happens when your life is constant chocking? Or rather, can you go on with your live as you're chocked every second? Some years ago I remember looking at people and feeling completely distant, and knowing that one day I'd merge with the multitude. Now that it's happening, I almost can feel my old self there looking at me from outside the crowd. It's been pretty surreal. My life isn't bad in on itself, but I feel I can't fit, and no matter what I do it's never enough. I don't know, I've had this idea that I'm broken somehow, and it's been my justification for so long. If I can't be fixed, why bother?

So yeah. It's late ubuu, I'm tired and I caught a cold. Good night, hang in there, guys. I hope that even if things aren't going that well you can at least get some peace from Ritz's voice.
Good night.
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File: 1518951673616.gif (2.96 KB, 160x138, mystery.gif)


File: 1518965424685.jpg (29.63 KB, 283x438, 1500396635367.jpg)

I don't want to reach the age of 40.


I don't want you to, either.
t. hates you


I hate how selfish, pathetic, and cowardly people are. How they constantly preach about kindness and selflessness and then don't hesitate to turn around and attack people who don't agree with them. How people claim to be your friends and then drop you when you outlive your usefulness to them. How they won't even accept the most basic of criticisms of their behaviors. How they refuse to clearly communicate even simple things and expect others to work through the incomprehensible web of invisible social cues they put up. How they promise to put in effort and then flounce when things become too hard, or do only the minimum and then cop out at the first opportunity.

Sometimes I feel like the only person who ever tries to put in the effort to care about others. And I hate myself for thinking this way, because I know I'm being just as selfish, pathetic, and cowardly as everyone else. And yet whenever I try to be the better person, as kind and forgiving and committing as I want others to be, it seems that something always happens to prove me wrong and that I'm a fool for trying to believe in other people. And as time goes on I just keep seeing more and more evidence that people will never truly change, they'll always just be so selfish and completely wrapped up in themselves despite claiming otherwise.

I can only wish I could cease to care at this point about what others do, that it isn't worth the effort, but I just seem unable to do that. I can't stop hurting no matter what happens. Maybe I should just give in and kill myself already. Why bother trying if this cycle never ends no matter what I do? Why bother when everyone just consistently proves themselves as selfish and uncaring almost without fail?

(Feel free to ignore. I just want to get these thoughts out of my head for once.)


File: 1519009297740.png (183.6 KB, 500x357, 75937543985.png)

Be the change you wish to see in the world sounds good on paper, but in reality it's hard to do it when everyone constantly pushes you to your limit, right?

It's okay. I feel the same way. However, it's best to try and look at things with an open mind and be forgiving. Be smart about it, of course, because some people really are shitty and will never change, but a lot of times people are just dumb because that's human nature. We're inclined to all try to be the one in the group who does the least because we're lazy, and the majority of our thoughts are selfish. (60 to 40 ratio if I recall correctly.) At the same time, though, being kind makes you happy, so I think it's good to be generous and do favors for people. Also, hang out with like-minded people so you don't get frustrated as much. And take breaks from the internet, everyone screams all the time here and your brain needs to rest. That'll help a bit.

I'm not very articulate, but hopefully my point gets across.


File: 1519012762937.jpg (22.12 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1063903840_d3ac.jpg)

Learn how to derive enjoyment out of life without other people being directly involved. I feel the exact same about people, but I accept it. I accept that human beings just are a lack-luster source of happiness. Get a hobby. Focus on yourself and enjoy life. Don't try to make other people happy. That's just a waste of your energy.


there's this like, franchise of porn massage videos that I have been watching. The narrator is super fey and into it for the gay videos, and with the straight and lesbian stuff he mumbles a lot and sounds pissed off. It's like he doesn't want to be there, and I enjoy that more than anything. It's like the lamest form of schadenfreude.


you sound like someone i know. at least you can admit to yourself that you're probably exactly as awful as the people you're talking about.

the only thing i can really say is to have some respect for yourself and move on.


Love does come from within, not without after all.


Happy fourteenth birthday Mado.


I'd post some picture but my raid 0 just died and I lost all my YN image collection.
Anyway, Happy Birthday Mado!


I did not know what I did in the past few hours, I am confused.


File: 1536122186679.jpg (216.6 KB, 689x814, __hosaka_minami_ke_drawn_b….jpg)

Can a man pretend to be a fish? Can a man put on skin-tight diving suit and go in a lake and then wait for fisherman to cast their reels? Can that man then grab a hook and trick the fishermen? Then the man could reveal himself.
"I AM the man fish".


File: 1536529599604.jpg (18.23 KB, 480x360, johnthefisherman.jpg)


File: 1547610426165.png (899.52 KB, 1084x1080, sadnesz.png)

Ever since I was cheated on and fell into a depression with my only driving force being an unhealthy obsession with my now ex, I have not been dreaming as much lately and that kills me inside worse than the thought of my ex fucking someone else


lol romantic drama


File: 1548467018017.png (1.06 MB, 800x600, __ekubo_kageyama_ritsu_and….png)

I've been watching Steven Universe since when it first came out. I've lost interest years ago, but I still watch every episode out of some sense of obligation and want of closure. I want it to fucking die already so I can move on with my life. I just watched the 44 minute special. I thought it was only gonna be ten minutes, when I saw the time length, I felt pain. It's hard to keep watching without pausing every twenty seconds and taking a break. I'm also currently watching Jojo and mp100. The contrast is crazy. SU doesn't even have fights. They just roll around and shoot energy beams. It's sooo fucking lame in comparison. I have a whole document full of ideas on how I would improve it. Somewhere down the line, i'd like to make comic based on my ideas and call it space dykes or something…

I've thought about the differences between Japanese and American animation before, specifically 2-d. Japanese animation has far greater overall output, it's average far exceeds the quality of average American animation, and the best Japanese animation is better than the best American animation. Even something like Disney has stylistic choices that don't appeal to me, like making all of the characters move around like they're made of jello. This is both unrealistic and a waste of resources. While Japanese animation makes the best usage of its resources and doesn't compromise on character design for the sake of budget, American animation opts to drag every aspect down rather than be clever about it. From what I could gather, the main root of the issue is the cost of living in America, but i'm not sure how well that explanation actually holds up.

In terms of storytelling, I'd say even something on the shakier side like Chobits is better than Steven Universe. It's knows what it wants to do and executes it like how you would expect from something made by professionals.


File: 1548500704536.gif (175.9 KB, 280x375, 1471922313107.gif)

These are my exact thoughts mostly, even the part about Disney. I didn't think I'd ever be such a weeb but moving on from American animation to see how much better the rest of the world is at it, you really can't come back. You'll never see something like Mob Psycho come out from there. The closest thing I can ever think of that compared to the quality of anime is Avatar: The Last Airbender and it was clearly a fluke that couldn't be replicated ever again.

I never understood the mentality of 'I hate this thing but I have to see it through the end to move on'. If I really can't stand something anymore I'll just drop it. It might be hard at first but it really is worthwhile, you can always find something better to replace it.


File: 1548507477047.jpg (3.14 MB, 2142x3016, lucky.jpg)

On the average, most western plots and premises are more unique and creative in comparison to the average anime plot (either moe SoL romcom ecchi light novel/mangoes adaptation with self insert MC and a harem or the shounen boss of the week with power escalation). Western animation is also more trendy while most anime stick to a clear formula. Execution, on the other hand, is another matter. Most Japanese studios (and the people that make them up) have been longstay and have more experience with the medium, while western is as come and go as it can get. Most recent CalArts stuff is rather trash and focuses more on fulfilling social justice quota or appealing to children and viral media. On animation and style, anime still consistently ripoffs Disney while western animation is still dogshit and choppy.

I don't believe both mediums will reach an acceptable consensus (in the eyes of mainstream) due to demographics. Like how almost all anime characters are either lolis, teenagers or young adults because they're pandering to otaku, teenagers and people who can't let high school go. People eat both of these up, so unless the producers and the middle men meddle with something, it's unlikely for both to sell for the better.

>In terms of storytelling, I'd say even something on the shakier side like Chobits is better than Steven Universe.

I didn't like Chobits when it came out, and that was some 17 years ago. It felt like it simply gone nowhere except for the occasional "haha its okay molesting a robot" joke. I don't even know how it got to air on TV in the first place, ratings were much more strict back then. It had a sort of cool concept that could be explored more throughly, but it felt very much wasted by mindless pandering. I'd say the average /co/ shlock would be far more entertaining.

But at least anime with a promising concept have a lesser rate of being Kubo'd and hack written than western animation. Corporate meddling is insane here.
Even when it's written by a hack, at least its more visually stimulating. Inital D turned into DBZ with cars past Project D and it was still dumb, albeit formulaic, fun. JoJo is still retarded, and that's good. If any cartoon gets trolled on the other hand it turns into dogfood because there's nothing there to hold it back up, not even animation. The latest "turn your brain off" seasonal shlock have decent animation, so at least it's visually stimulating and makes time go by fast, depending on how willing one is to eat it up.

It would be great to see a more mellowed out animation with a real backdrop (no sci-fi chuuni shit, although I love it) simply dealing with office drama and what not. With none of the "it's anime, so it has to have this token aspect" bullpoop.

It's fun to witness a trainwreck.


File: 1548533192585.jpg (463.34 KB, 850x978, __bankenman_ekubo_kageyama….jpg)

>Avatar: The Last Airbender
That definitely was lightning in a bottle. Animation wasn't always the best, but the fight scenes were serviceable and the aesthetic worked. Even Korra pales in comparison because two of the creators lost sight of what made the original good and the third didn't even come back. I do have to give credit where credit it due, Gumball has done some impressive things. It's not fully 2-d though and i'm pretty sure it's produced in Canada, or somewhere else outside of the states. The humor doesn't appeal too much to me and I've only seen clips, but it does impress me with its variety.
>If I really can't stand something anymore I'll just drop it.
Normally i'd agree with you, but this has been sevenish years of investment and at one point I really did see potential in it. A tiny bit of the fight scene animation in earlier seasons showed some effort. Beginning of this clip shows what I mean. Different angles, shots, panning.
For the most part, this is shot reverse shot. It's even lamer than these two characters first fight if you've seen that.
Mob Psycho 100, beginning of the season, totally insignificant fight for comparison.
>On the average, most western plots and premises are more unique and creative
Nah. I get what you're saying, but when you look at total volume, that's just not true. There's a sea of generic slice or life/harem stuff sure, but the bulk of anime with interesting premises it larger than the total bulk of western animation, especially in the more recent past. Typical anime, especially long running stuff, does tend to stick to formulas, but those formulas are more interesting than western ones like generic, monster of the week action show and every lull zo randumbz + rellatable comedy like pickle and peanut, we we bears or whatever, and diet teen titans lite to me. Shounen, ecchi and slice of life, are the worst offenders of being boring and indistinguishable, but watching them isn't painful like Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa. Fuckin High School DxD isn't painful to watch. Being bored is better than being in pain to me. Digimon Tamers is better than anything on right now.

>On animation and style, anime still consistently ripoffs Disney

I wouldn't say they rip it off. They initially ripped off a specific type of Disney comic and went off from there to make their own thing that has a lot of variety. The way they actually animate things differs. As another guy has said.
>American animation is characterized by very simple art and the animation itself lacks momentum: objects appear to move as if they lacked any mass and there is not a good distinction between solid and liquid objects as well, to me Disney characters look like they are made of gas when they move.
>What I find impressive in some Japanese animation is the physical realism of movement, specially in films like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. After watching a ton of anime I my eyes now hurt when I watch Western animation. Yes, they have a lot of frames but these frames fail to actually generate believable movement. Anime does not have much movement but when they move they actually look like objects in movement. In western animation they look like liquid flowing from one part of screen to the other.
Gaps only grown when you look at recent stuff.
>it's unlikely for both to sell for the better.
Don't care to be honest.
>It had a sort of cool concept that could be explored more throughly, but it felt very much wasted by mindless pandering.
Maybe give it another chance. It did explore themes about romance and technologies impact on it, for better or worse. It systematically explored sub-topics and developed an overall narrative that left me thinking. The biggest problem to me was the rushed ending. Before I was either annoyed by or indifferent to pandering type stuff, but not only am I now desensitized, but seeing it is cathartic because I know that kind of stuff wouldn't fly over here. Maybe that's juvenile, but that's my mindset.
>simply dealing with office drama and what not
Isn't that just Servant x Service?

There was this one guy who did seem to have decent chops, but he got sacked for trying to unionize nick animators. I don't know how badly that would fuck things up or if it would have improved things.
The dialogue sucks though.


File: 1548537900126.jpg (341.71 KB, 850x1202, __okazaki_yumemi_touhou_pc….jpg)

I wanna condense my point as much as possible.
Look at what's airing now. Now look at the seasonal anime chart. Do that for every season, of every year, for 30+ years. There you go.
I randomly picked Hanamaru Youchien.
For the American one, hmmmmm, how about…. apple and onion.
What about their ops?
I also looked at some truly bottom of the barrel stuff like Acchi Kocchi, that seemed comparable, but it's not average.
3.The Best
How good does it get? What's the highest quality anybody has reached? I don't really know where to start.
I don't know, this?

I didn't even look, this is just the first thing that came to mind.
For movie animation

Tarzan does look very good though.
As for the star wars clip…
>The character designs are ugly and simplified to the point of being human only by courtesy. The background art is flat and unconvincing. This is supposed to be a serious, dangerous fight. Instead we see a couple of semi human forms flit around like demented moths. The animation may be smooth but since it doesn't tell the intended story it is useless.


File: 1557011999012.png (121.97 KB, 452x391, Girugamesh01.png)

It's kinda weird seeing adverts again after mozilla fucked up the certificates blocking all extensions. It's like my sins are catching up to me.


File: 1557065701924.png (8.83 KB, 475x96, PacmanQuarter.png)


Happy 15th YN anniversary


love you


Does anyone remember a guy called School Shooter posting music here? I can't find the thread and I think the videos are down (although that might just be cos "School Shooter" is completely unsearchable)


File: 1573758268682.jpg (59.03 KB, 636x464, 2a4.jpg)


He goes by the name "Negative XP" now.


File: 1580944961969.jpg (31.83 KB, 421x421, cypher.jpg)

You know, that scene in Matrix, where Cypher goes around the ship unplugging the Matrix crew and killing them one by one?

It's like that


Love sucks.


Wow, look at that. 5 of those threads already died.


I envy them


File: 1593157034569.png (743.61 KB, 1600x1800, 69405319.png)

Once again, happy birthday Mado.


File: 1593174368239.png (43.94 KB, 2000x1168, 84487979.png)

I love this place.
Hard to say if I would like to see it more active or not. A little bit more activity could be nice but on the other hand the slowness contributes a lot to it's charm.


File: 1593720216192.jpg (471.77 KB, 900x1350, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun - ….jpg)

i want to contribute to the world. i want to create things with and for people, for myself, and enjoy this. i wish i had something to offer anyone


guess i just want to be loved for reasons past "you're family", but the world doesn't seem to find me very appealing. whether online or off or even in my dreams most of the time.



I feel you anon


File: 1597138122583.webm (161.66 KB, 480x854, output.webm)

I ride the storm!


File: 1597394410489-0.jpg (269.18 KB, 1262x1896, syez.jpg)

File: 1597394410489-1.jpg (179.53 KB, 850x1118, sygeyy.jpg)

File: 1597394410489-2.jpg (356.57 KB, 1080x1400, symaple.jpg)

I like Maple Syrup.


File: 1597828593724.webm (2.61 MB, 640x800, padthai.webm)

Wok on flames


Traditional vodkas are potato-based.


I want to own my own house! I should stop pussyfooting around and just get it, because I am already in a position to do so. I'm holding off because I think I can get a better deal if I wait. Well, that's true but it's a bit of an after-the-fact rationalisation. I feel trepidation about moving forwards with all of this because it's unknown territory for me.




File: 1598686224411.gif (5.03 KB, 57x95, 20200830.gif)


File: 1599213768905.webm (1.82 MB, 640x480, 33.webm)

Racing is about coming fast


File: 1599569806811.webm (882.68 KB, 1280x720, NZ.webm)



File: 1599731006475-0.jpg (351.4 KB, 1600x1067, A.jpg)

File: 1599731006475-1.jpg (102.8 KB, 1600x846, Akiman.jpg)

File: 1599731006475-2.jpg (311.25 KB, 1078x569, B.jpg)

Tanks a lot


File: 1600162597060.jpg (283.74 KB, 1440x781, 20200913.jpg)

No, tank you.


File: 1600198286044.jpg (36.68 KB, 960x761, 119055621_2655466431382757….jpg)


File: 1600677271007.gif (118.33 KB, 200x113, 20200920.gif)


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