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There has been a lot of talk recently about 4chan shutting down. If it happens do you think it will make ubuu more active? Do you think it will make ubuu more toxic?


[citation needed]


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File: 1476300849771-1.png (320.8 KB, 1674x2892, 1475366671002.png)

File: 1476300849771-2.png (256.17 KB, 1674x3314, 1475366671003.png)

>Do you think it will make ubuu more toxic?
I doubt it. 4chan and uboachan are way too different, and also ubuu is relatively hidden among all the multiple chans still up today. I think most of the attention will shift to KC and others.
Also, ubuu is oriented to a really specific niche group (ultra weeb NEET shit/indie game development discussion/life advice). If you consider most of 4chan is basically /b/ and /pol/ (AKA that which cannot be replaced), you can easily see they wouldn't be interested in us at all. Say, even if /a/ dissapears there are thousand of forums and chans focused on anime. Even if /g/ dissapears, they'd probably shi(f)t to lain. There are dozens and dozens on /k/ boards/forums. Literally, the only faggots losing their echo chambers would be /b/tards, /pol/tards and robots (though they may try to create wizchan 5.0, again). And knowing how they react and beheave, they'd rather create a new home on their own that try to take over something for themselves where "degenerates" roam in plain daylight.

Also, let's remember ubuu is rather agressive towards outsiders trying to impose their shitty culture over ours.

>If it happens do you think it will make ubuu more active

Probably, a lot of people would probably visit us and check if things are alright. I just hope newfags actually know how to beheave ffs, I don't want to reply again that YN can be gutted with RPGmaker, or how we aren't fucking 4chan.


Hypothetically if ubuu became as popular as 4chan wouldn't that pretty much break the site due to the way it's set up?


What do you mean? I'm sorta new to ubuu only been here about 2 years.


Just that the site is set up in a way to work well with slower activity. Like you wouldn't be able to enforce the rule about not creating a thread that already exists.


If it did end up being that popular


there is no citation here, just someone stating the the world is ending with no reasoning as to *why*. what exactly happened / is happening / is changing? 4chan's weathered dozens of "the end is nigh!" situations so far.


The scare that it is shutting down wasn't made up it has to do with them not being able to pay server cost. A very legitimate reason to talk about this. Keep in mind I said people have been talking about it. I never said it was going to happen.


File: 1484877398735-0.png (171.36 KB, 1238x658, Comparassion1.png)

File: 1484877398735-1.png (117.67 KB, 990x570, Comparassion2.png)

File: 1484877398735-2.png (38.9 KB, 1046x199, Comparassion3.png)

File: 1484877398735-3.png (48.19 KB, 1021x262, Comparassion4..png)


What is likely going to happen is that people who are mostly on there for the fad of the week vidya or cartoon are going to leave for Reddit or Tumblr for their fandom needs.

/pol/ is likely going to move over to 8chan.

lainchan will likely continue to drop in quality as more idiots from 8/tech/ and 4/g/ continue to move there.

wizchan and hikkichan will likely get more traffic from /r9k/ users who haven't already moved to 8/r9k/.

That said, considering how 8chan allows you to make new boards on the fly I can see a lot of 4chan users regardless of board moving there.


So basically nothing will happen here?


what about endchan?


It feels that way, I'm someone who used to be on 4chan and 8chan and I was on lainchan until I got bored of 8/tech/ and 4/g/ going in there. It seems like a bit of a war might break out between your standard lain and the more consumerist /g/ user and the more meme spouting retard /tech/ user.

But this place? This place provides very little to a lot of mainstream imageboard users. You lack a cartoons and comics board, so you also lack the community of Steven Universe fans and general DC and Marvel fans. There is a vidya board but it gets no traffic compared to most other /v/ boards, doesn't really focus on more mainstream games and not to mention, this place feels like it's PC gamer dominated, the first page of /og/ is mostly focused on PC games.

The lack of a /pol/ board means we're a bunch of cucks to the typical /pol/lack so we are of no use to them. The only board we have that might interest some 4chan users is the NEET board but that board might seem too "normie" for them. Overall, this entire chan has very little to offer to anyone who just wants to shitpost or just act autistic.


File: 1484936646309.png (1.14 MB, 1000x1399, 1484059780001.png)

>You lack a cartoons and comics board, so you also lack the community of Steven Universe fans and general DC and Marvel fans.
I knew it, getting rid of /co/ was a good idea.


>you also lack the community of Steven Universe fans


So what your saying is uboachan is pretty much the best one? Okay, got it.


Not really, but since OP is wondering if this place will become more toxic from the death of 4chan, I say no it wouldn't because the bulk of the groups that use 4chan all have alternatives to 4chan that are honestly better than 4chan.

If you were a massive Steven Universe fan or any cartoon of the month fan, then clearly all the good content is going to be on Tumblr and you could even chat with these creators of fan content since I'd imagine 4chan and it's reputation prevents some people from going there. Plus more dedicated fandoms like bronies and furries have their own chans.

And all the forums and Steam groups for vidya means that all the mainstream gaming talk can just move other there.

This chan just focuses on a niche game and is too slow for a typical shitposter. I'd bet a large number of 4chan users don't even know about this place's existence.


If we had 4chan's traffic it would cost thousands of dollars a month to keep running. Also nothing that makes this place Uboachan would survive.


If 4Chan users have to move then wherever they go will become the new 4chan. Very little will change except the url and that the original website would have gone.


At some point 8chan was also really small. Whatever semblance of a unique culture they had from before a lot of 4chan moved there has been completely erased.
What's the maximum amount of traffic that this site could have before it's not worth running anymore?


I doubt it is even now.


File: 1492297811480.jpg (6.21 KB, 210x230, hm.jpg)

yo 8chan here this is really offensive we may be autistic but we're not retarded

huge difference

benis :D

This is wrong as well, not having /pol/ doesn't determine the quality of a site, at least that's how I feel about it, even if I almost completely stopped going there (you can probably guess why). And same with /co/, I'm not a stevenfag thank god but neither is most of the rest of /co/. I'm glad to have a cartoons board on 8ch and I don't need it anywhere else necessarily.

great imageboard btw I really like you guys. I hope you don't chase me away for being a sperg.


Most of us are too, don't worry.


File: 1604479185988.jpg (8.51 KB, 151x202, 20201018.jpg)

It's still up.

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