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File: 1463360670183.jpg (19.53 KB, 300x361, untitled_by_sierrapierce-d….jpg)


Unsure if this was posted or not, what are your guys heights?


File: 1463360893985.jpg (83.52 KB, 600x800, me.jpg)

1,74, that's 5'8'' for you amerifats.


File: 1463372155694.jpg (751.43 KB, 1280x1796, aiko__oyasumi_punpun__inks….jpg)

I'm also 5'8''




Well huh


File: 1463405753755.png (27.57 KB, 150x149, wat.png)

1,89 aka 6'2'' in murican scale.


195ish I just know that I'm still not 200~
and that's 6'4" I think in American


File: 1463449147447.jpg (20.57 KB, 500x500, 1457788887111.jpg)

156cm (almost 5'2") ;-;


5'3'' here. I feel your pain.


thanks man, I thought for sure I was already 5'2" (156cm is 5'1" 1/2 I think) but nah…


File: 1463457059394.png (211.39 KB, 492x362, 1456992360086.png)

Same, but I actually enjoy being short, it fits my overall look.

Which is fabulous…


File: 1463724323822.webm (1.53 MB, 634x463, 1440698780876.webm)

1'78 (5'10?)


6' or about 182cm.
Not freakishly tall, but still tall. It's okay. Having long arms is useful.


All you 180+ ones are safe from the snatcher menace than.


>tfw no tall bf


I'm tall and single.

6"5 mayonnaise race reporting in.


File: 1465531473638.jpg (195.73 KB, 1920x1080, 1464920845670.jpg)

I hope you enjoy furry dick then. Shiroh will bend reality to manipulate you into becoming his slut.


well he really cant help it at 6 inches tall





File: 1465735387652.jpg (25.67 KB, 600x315, 1886aaeb628e638e9894ffeb7e….jpg)

185 cm

I think its like 6'1"


shit-tier 172 cm or 5'5"


literally just greeting boobs and armpits everywhere i go holy shit why do i have to be so fucking short




File: 1471859416273.jpg (30.77 KB, 640x360, the-bfg-in-pictures-at-the….jpg)

Don't know how much this is in American measurement.
Normal where I come from. All my elementary School classmates grew up 190cm~…
Where I live now I am almost always the tallest. It has its benefits.

Had to think about this song…


File: 1475405024606.png (538.83 KB, 537x700, 1473955535809.png)

5'5 and 105lbs. I'm ok with being built like a fucking twig.


File: 1476227812363.png (996.59 KB, 991x1028, tumblr_o92o1caAPm1vy8k1vo2….png)

189… Sure is a lot of small people around.


File: 1476229660639.png (114.16 KB, 247x249, 1474971830542.png)

Genetics man feels bad~


File: 1476281015809.jpg (513.74 KB, 800x891, 075vYCq.jpg)


Ahh I'd love to be higher


Being tall is nice, because you can more easily pick people out in crowds. But if you don't feel tall, it's as bad as being short.


Being tall also sucks tho, because you hit your head on everything.


File: 1476332709195.png (247.03 KB, 500x411, 1466510498878.png)

I like being petite but I wish I was a bit taller. It was a pain in the ass cleaning my room the other day because of the high shelves.


File: 1476355946887.jpg (60.64 KB, 704x528, cap_1503.jpg)

I think American in height and I'm not even American. I'm 5'6"


I'm imagining the short people as cute, though most probably aren't.


Just imagine in 2d.


2D is boring. Reality is probably terrible. What a harsh existence.


Reality isn't terrible.


File: 1476521702653.jpg (83.56 KB, 736x484, Exist.jpg)

I merely half kidded with that statement honestly.There's some niceness.


File: 1515280947928.jpg (109.66 KB, 700x800, 1364477049903.jpg)

166 cm / 5'5
I get often mistaken for a girl, I wish I could at least grow a beard or something


Or capitalise on it :/

I'm 169cm and fairly happy about that, it works out well for me.


are you qt? Would you be happy living as a femboi?


File: 1516010565304.gif (2.94 MB, 750x500, 1515832725866.gif)

Yeah, I'd say I'm pretty cute.(for a boy at least) I can't really answer the second question though. If my partner is up for it, I guess. Otherwise I just want to live as comfily as humanly possible.


be my trap gf


No thank you. I doubt that you live near me. Besides, that would be pretty gay.


Neither small or tall, stuck in between, but since I live in a European equivalent to Japan in heights, old traditional people think I'm a scary giant.


I'm a giant skeleton
189 cm/6,2. I weight only 66 kgs and got hair down to my shoulders.
Unsurprising, I have no gf.


File: 1516044506452.jpg (156.27 KB, 850x716, `1234567890-==-0987654321.jpg)

That's because you weigh like nothing… Eat more!


File: 1516062102459.jpg (33.98 KB, 482x441, Sad Haruhi.jpg)

I am a different queer than >>18427

I am confused, are you straight? If so I offer my sympathies, cause you're going to be stuck dealing with all the shit that str8 guys have to deal with (birth control, meathead posturing, etc.) and all of the shit we gays take (I really want to spend a vacation in Iraq checking out Sumerian/Babylonian ruins, but I can't because I'll get chucked off of a ziggurat). Plus, no matter what you do people are going to assume that you're a closet case, and that's worse than either.

People suck and I am bummed for you


At least we don't have to worry as much about aids and, "pozitivity". There's no straight guys crawling on their hands and feet and pouring poz loads into their anus. There's also a lot more fish in the sea for us.


File: 1516072295266.png (9.94 KB, 355x258, 2SotPu2.png)

I was so confused initially because I just couldn't understand what your post meant. That video, wtf did I watch… I had to stop it midway because it's just so stupid I just started laughing. I know there are no limits to fetishes, but damn, gay/bi dudes already have a hard time, they don't need this shit to make it worst.

The only good thing in that video is that now I know about Mister Metokur.He seems cool.


I have an eating disorder.


File: 1516083040512.jpg (26.48 KB, 716x476, anime jesus.jpg)

Oh no, I'm gay as hell. It's just that I get hit on by straight guys from time to time because they want "a relationship with a girl without having to deal with womens bullshit". Relationships like that are really bad for both sides, so my go-to answer is to remind them that it's still gay to fuck boys even if they are cute.


Yeah, Jim is great. You missed the part about bikers going around, raping, and then pissing on asian men. s


I erased a part about the rape in my reply before posting. I decided to erase it because thinking about it was leaving me with too much anger at almost 4 in the morning while in bed trying to fall asleep. That last part of the video really escalated.
Seeing how the rapist boasts about it and the other shits he did, and since the victim was gay and a foreigner, I doubt this ever got any atonement sadly.
Is it really that common for gay dudes to be hit on for that reason? I know some straight women also use that to hit on other women, so I'm not much surprised. But I find it curious how clueless those people are of general relationships that they believe gay couples don't have problems, or how they lie to themselves about what they want. Why can't they embrace the idea that they can be bi or gay and stop living in bullshit.


I believe it's a "grass is greener on the other side of.the fence" way of thinking


>I really want to spend a vacation in Iraq checking out Sumerian/Babylonian ruins, but I can't because I'll get chucked off of a ziggurat
How would they discover you're gay? I'm sure you'd be fine as long as you didn't go with a parter or act camp.


>I know some straight women also use that to hit on other women
That's pretty ironic considering how lesbian couples have the statistically highest rates of domestic abuse.


Yeah I worry about shit like bug chasers, too. I mean, I've heard of dudes taking steel wool to their rectal wall to try to increase their chances of contracting shit.
And you know the crazies aren't the ones that get bashed, that would be too karmic. Fugg, I better start handballing furries or something before I get my head kicked in.
Oh, that fucking I Can't Believe It's Not Girl meme. Kinda glad I'm a bear, cause I'd get my troll on and flirt a little, wait til they're warmed up and getting excited, then ask them how good they are at sucking cock. And if not being gross and poz won't get me bashed, that fucking will.
I always manage to fuck it up. I try to present very masculine, cause I've got the body for it, but I'm not. If my laugh doesn't give it away shit like having good manners and cuddling with cats clues them in.
Supposedly Kuwait is working on some kind of plethysmograph-like anal probe that can detect all kinds of queers anyways. Supposedly they are hoping to force all incoming travellers to be subjected to it. Sounds like hooey, but it really makes you wonder if seeing Nebuchadrezzar's palace is essential.
I thought I was the only one seeing a trend like that. Sad!

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