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saya no uta
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File: 1402027046880.png (15.36 KB, 96x96, ココ.png)

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Recently a Japanese language game on Vector that has received some attention and well-regard. Soon, it will be translated. Now, by who? We don't know! Not by me, that's for sure! But rest assured, it will be translated soon (I predict within 1 month or two). When that happens, a torrent link will be posted in this page to distribute the translated version. If anyone wants to take the translated version and upload it to somewhere like Mediafire, be my guest, since the torrent will probably die soon after it is first released.

For now, I give you a picture of the main character, Koko.


Uh, surely you didn't miss the memo about the author not wanting translations of this game? I'd abort mission before you get too far along.


Rest assured, I'm not the one translating it. I am only told to post information on downloading it once it gets finished.


Also, I think that it is because of the author "not wanting translations of this game," that whoever is translating this is not revealing who they are.


Let me guess, another racist pig


Don't lump the pigs with these kind of people, even them are offended. But seriously, why wouldn't the author want more distribution of the game to more people to play and appreciate the work? This is pretty stupid, not to talk that the person could just make it so people need to ask first before translating the game.


LMAO what. It doesn't matter WHY the author doesn't want translations, all that matters is that they don't, so therefore no one should be publicly distributing downloads of translations. People HAVE directly asked Hachisuka for permission before, and they said no. Like, I know respect for other people is a rare thing around here (considering most of the translations on this board didn't get permission), but come on.


>Oh noes piracy is EVILZ AND IS RUIN MY LIFE and we need to give total respect to those self-serving racists


Consider the possibility that such a translation might just possibly be done out of spite. It's very reasonable here.


You're trying to speak to a generation that has been pirating music, shows, software, and everything else without a second thought here.


……..Do any of you even know the definition of pirating, LOL. If you're gonna make excuses at least make good ones. You can't pirate shit that doesn't cost money/isn't copyrighted, and this isn't piracy, it's just being an asshole to game makers. Hachisuka isn't a big game development studio that you need to fight against with ""piracy"", its not like they hate English speakers, they just don't want people they don't know messing up their game that they probably spent months personally working on. It doesn't seem like it's a big deal, but when shit like this happens authors start taking down their games/not making new games at all. You're really not doing anyone a favor here.


Given how nobody in this thread even knows who the translator is, it's a mystery who you're speaking to.


At least for commercial products that make money, at least you have the argument that piracy is harmful because it possibly reduces sales and profits. When it's free in the first place, you have precisely zero arguments for its harm.


IMO this "Hachisuka" you worship so much already sounds like a big dick. Let's hope this game gets messed up badly.


Saging for no reason


Is the game even that good, I looked at videos of jp playthrough and the pixel graphics are so amateur


Any news so far or is the translation dead?




Just finished playing this, getting the best ending, it was really darn good. It did remind me a lot of Ib a lot that I was a little leery of it at first (that sort of wait is this story going where I think it is) but then things turned out not as expected and it was all good.

Apparently there are 3 endings (according to the readme) and I didn't manage to get the bad one (ending 3 I assume, I got 1 and 2) but I'm not really that upset either so I won't go looking for it.

I still have no idea why the person wouldn't want it translated but well I guess the cat's out of the bag now.


OP here

>>3398 is not me, so this was certainly surprising. Seems like some other anonymous translator did us a big favor here. The original translation effort was still underway, although it was under a little delay, so that it wouldn't have been done in 1-2 months since the first post here, but it was still underway, and it would have had "features" like using the Old English system of pronouns (thou, thee, thy, thine, ye, you, your, yours) and other stuff.

Well now that this is done and over with, I guess that this might well be the thread for anonymous translations. There are certainly some other games in mind as well, I was told.


File: 1407701509958.jpg (23.99 KB, 500x375, 7086.jpg)

Continuing >>3422

Specifically, a game called リフジン

The creator hasn't specifically said anything about translations as of yet, but seems someone of a nature who might be best not to even ask.


I'm gonna be the dumbass here and ask on how to get the best ending on Bury because that thing is just fisting the hell out of me.



Did you get ending 2? If you got that one it's not that hard to get the besting ending. You have to collect all the notebook entries. The last one is really hard to find, the only reason I found it was because I literally checked everything in every room go back to the servant's room on the second floor (it's the topmost room and examine the candle on the table) there will be a scene and you'll obtain the last one. Then continue the game as you did before, the ending will be different now.


Just recently played this one myself. I definitely see what some others are talking about with the Ib vibe; I'd be surprised if that wasn't an inspiration for this game, with all the similarities. It's really mainly the feel, however, since the story and setting are rather different. Story was a bit light for my tastes early on, but was pretty enjoyable once it got further in. Definitely felt worth playing, all in all.

By the way, am I notice a lot of you seem to be not bothering to get all three endings, so you may like to know that there's a bonus room that unlocks upon getting all 3 endings. The endings themselves are honestly rather boring aside from the best one (which I liked), but the bonus room is interesting enough that it made getting the other two feel worth it. Don't expect any plot revelations or the like in there, however; it's more a silly thing showing all the different characters in the game, along with some brief reactions and observations on them (which is not only kind of fun, but can help figure out what all them are referencing if the notebook wasn't enough).

Also, here's how to get the endings:

Ending 1: Be nice to both party members, read the note in the annex, acquire the Paper Doll Chain, and get all the notebook pictures, at which point a candle should be lit in the annex where the note was (which will lock you into this ending upon examination).

Ending 2: Read the note in the annex, and but don't get all the notebook scraps at the end.

Ending 3: Be cold/rude to your party members, and avoid reading the note in the annex (just avoid the note in the top room; the two diarys are fine, and required to read, I believe).


chrome keeps giving me a malicious file warning when I try to download from that link. Anybody else have issues?


I'm sure if you go to downloads (Ctrl+J) you'll see a "Recover File" button.


Uh, I need help finding the blue shoe? Any idea where it is?


Inside the fireplace.


File: 1408183806519.png (25.72 KB, 640x480, ScreenShot_2014_0816_18_08….png)

where are the places I have to go to after seeing the twins talk to coco near the ending??


Rolling for racism


Could anyone please help me with the 4 mannequin? I know it's talking about season but I don't know the answer for that riddle.


why do I feel like it's vgperson translation…?


That puzzle confused the hell outta me too. I had to look for a Japanese playthrough just to solve that one.

Hint: Focus on the little boy's hint, and think of the clothes as leaves.

Solution: [spoiler]TREE[/spoiler]


I cant get past the part where the second floor is finally open and that blue dress bitch dies??


explore a bit on the right hallway from the main room of the 1st floor then there would be a cutscene of some footsteps coming from the main room
answering my own question: i forgot to get the paper doll chain



Welp, the download link was removed again.
Here's a nnew one http://www.mediafire.com/download/ui9nbps4s7rigdu/bury.7z


what is the Paper Doll Chain? I can't proceed after the cutscene with the twins, I already got all the pages, maybe that's what I'm missing?


Torrent uploaded to The Pirate Bay


I updated the walkthrough and hint-guide to address your problem. Hope it helps.


To those who already downloaded either one of two, or both, you don't need to re-download the update, unless you're having the same problem as Anon 3454.

Other than that, since I deleted my previous post. I'll say it again.

The walkthrough is long, use (Ctrl+F) to find things. It may be a bit confusing. Only use it when you're absolutely stuck. The hint-guide is basically a short version of the walkthrough.


File: 1408470975088.jpg (108.49 KB, 640x566, please.jpg)

Um, I hate to be that guy, but the torrent's not working either. Re-upload, please?


The torrent is working. You may have to wait a tiny bit to connect to peers/seeds, though.

But yes, also requesting a re-upload.


The torrent has been mirrored on Isohunt




If the above torrents get removed, search Google for:


That is the hash of the torrent. You'll probably find another mirror for the torrent



Now I'm done playing the game, I am still confused with the story.
So who is Coco? She seems to be a country girl but the master seems to have a liking on her. What about her being in the mansion for so long? Did she die and become ghost to find her notebook? How and why did she die?
Or maybe I just didn't read the story well enough?


It seems like the author just don't want us to know the whole story. I don't like this kind of games.


I just got my best ending too, and honestly it felt like a letdown. Like, "Oh, that's it?" The questions are still there and it just doesn't feel any satisfactory. One thing we know for sure is that the gardener is Lyell's grandpa.


Glad to know I wasn't the only one who found the plot to be vague.


I thought [spoiler]she died from falling down the ruined well. It's where you start the game, the notes in the annex mention the well being dangerous and Coco going missing, and the gardener tells you you're not supposed to go near it during the flashback. I think she fell down looking for her notebook. The voice at the beginning ("I suppose it could be there… you know? \ Oh yes, perhaps. But that's not a place you're supposed to go, is it?") was someone encouraging her to go to the well? Maybe the sisters? I didn't actually see them on my playthrough. Do you see them in Ending 3?[/spoiler]

Also, how do you get into the westmost door in the hall with the cat and fiddle?


The sisters are in the best ending playthrough. How could you miss them? And yeah, those are their words.

Until the very end of the game, if I remember it correctly there were 2 rooms that cannot be unlocked. **One is the furthest door in the first left corridor, the room next to blue girl's room.
The other one is the Guest Room.**


i wanna play bury game


You can use the torrent



I followed the walkthrough but the option to pick up the paper doll wasn't given to me at all for some reason


On wait never mind, the option wasn't available to me cause I wasn't nice enough to Lyell


Such a nice translation, even the pictures are translated; are we sure it's not Vg's?

Anyhow, In case the translator would even come around here: I'm really grateful for whoever took their time to translate this game, really enjoyed it.

On a different note,

got ending 1 and 2, currently trying to get the third bad one. Really excited to see what the bonus room that might reveal as it was mentioned by someone before - maybe we will see some extra information about Coco?

By the way, aren't the save points (the female face with only her nose showing) Coco herself? The first time you speak to the save point, it introduces herself as Nancy, and I reckon somewhere towards the end of the game, the boy calls Coco "Nancy" . I'd really love to see what's your guys opinions on this, maybe I am just confusing something! C:


Vg as in vgperson? If vgperson did it, it would be on the site.


Even if she was the person who translated it, I doubt she would admit it since she couldn't get the permission to do it and stuff.


Nancy is a storybook character, just like the rest of them. It's clarified more at end 3.


If you talk to the save point after getting all the pages of the notebook and then let Coco rest in the bonus room, you will know who that thing was supposed to be.


It is a mystery.


I also think it's vgperson's doing. The translation style (?) seems so familiar to me. And of course she won't publish the game in her site because she couldn't get the permission.


Who was the axechick? Part of a folktale?


Axe chic is Lizzie Borden, a nursery rhyme which is based on real murder case I think you can read about her in the bonus room

Also, the game is all about nursery rhymes, so you probably should know that there's a nursery rhyme titled "Who killed Cock Robin?"


It does look similar but. I think a lot of people most familiar with that person's style of translation. Even if it was somebody else, I don't think it's too far-fetched that they might resemble vg's style.


Can somebody please tell me how to trigger the sisters even shown in >>3437

I got the best ending, but never actually saw them anywhere


Just go to landing in that screenshot. I think the notebook might have to be full though.


somehow i managed. thank you
on a sidenote, somebody said it happens if you do a best end playthrough. i was aiming for ending 3 when i triggered the scene, so i am guessing that it's not something that depends on how you play, you just have to be there at a specific time


This translation is illegal. Please remove it immediately.


File: 1412298108655.gif (1010.85 KB, 300x169, 1406752576385.gif)

None of us translated the game. We're merely discussing it as a whole.


I am referring to those in touch with who has translated it to tell them to take it down as well as those who have uploaded mirrors. I have no issue with discussing the game, I have a problem with illegal distribution of such works.


File: 1412300957750.jpg (82.57 KB, 939x911, 1411213725974.jpg)

I'm sorry but the translators are already dead. They died as a group after chugging down multiple sausages at once in a hotdog eating competition.


pfff bahaha


>Not allowing translations

I could completely understand this if the creator wanted a specific person/group to do it so that they can trust that the translation is on par with their vision.

What is completely inexcusable is pretty much every other reason.

Before I never even bother playing the game and consider whoever made it a shitlord, does anyone know which one of these it is?


The creator didn't want their game to be translated because they wanted to keep track of the fanabase if it ever got one, obviously that would be difficult if part of the fanbase were people who don't speak the same language as you and live on a different continent.


Shit, now I feel bad about it.


But when you relese something, especially on the internet you give up that kind of control. I really dont understand their reasoning behind it.


"Fanbase"? Now that's quite haughty, to assume that such a thing would ever even come into existence. Most games of this kind (free games) don't even get much of a "fanbase." It's just another free game. To make an "if it ever got one" assumption makes it sound as if people were dying to "make a fanbase" of a game like this. Haha

Also good luck trying to remove all those torrents, as well as getting all those IPs to stop seeding.


File: 1412779172356.jpg (80.7 KB, 500x500, 1392948291367.jpg)

>to keep track of the fanbase

Were they planning on sending them all post cards?



I'm reuploading backups to mega just to be a dick



I just went back and gave the other blue shoe (house with the little people) to the girl in blue. It was by far the most hilarious and disturbing scene in the whole game!


I don't know why but the text in the game is all broken/mess up so I cant' play it can up anyone help me or know how to solve it


File: 1419488210358.png (Spoiler Image, 52.14 KB, 624x467, Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at ….png)

Here is how it look like


Damn. That guy never gives up, doesn't he?
Here's another mirror https://mega.co.nz/#!JdYXTTxK!btyQIMFvnNH920u8TdXAxsdZ9SOAfEIj6bT-6KNBEtc
Pretty safe to assume the translation project is dead by now, right?


Preparing more backups now.



File: 1426614402310.jpg (1008.59 KB, 2952x2031, 44338150.jpg)


I have tried to download this game. But it seems the links are down once again. Can any body re-upload it please?




File: 1431252158585.png (4.33 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

:U Anyone else able to make another mega or mediafire download..? I'm practically dying to play Bury….. Hell, I would even be down for giving out a [temp] e-mail so someone can e-mail me the files… I've searched for a while and this seems to be my best bet… So it would be pretty darn rad if anyone could.

Although, a Mediafire or Mega link would be best ;o



File: 1431537839172.jpg (85.14 KB, 640x480, 1364401242957.jpg)

Played it, got bored.
Just another generic fashion horror game, not even good at it.


gaah, it's down again ! Can someone please upload a new link ? been searching everywhere…


Anyone got any ideas on how to make it harder to take down?


The links are down, could anyone please re-upload the file? I'm dying in impatience to play this game-


The link is working fine for me, try it again please.


It's down again. Could someone please reupload?


File: 1438568401760.jpg (28.82 KB, 586x330, hacking.jpg)

>pic related
hope this works

I wouldn't even call it a horror game.
It's not perfect but I like the plot a lot


File: 1438568692297.png (616.62 KB, 1269x1036, 38409575_p1.png)

That's why I said "fashion horror game".
Fashion implies that it is the cancerous "new horror" that is arousing everywhere as a new trend.


I see your point, off topic but do you think this trend will die soon? there's plenty of new horror rpg projects left and right going on in tumblr, it's kinda bugging me


File: 1438571586903.png (15.67 KB, 659x453, 772_2.png)

Well, just like what happened with Yume Nikki and its fangames, I'm pretty sure that it is indeed already getting old, even at a faster pace since all the ideas you could put into a game of this "genre" were already used somewhere before, and there is little – or none – space to work on something original.
All these projects seems to be cuntpasting the same thing over and over again with these stupid puzzles that make no sense with the actual plot, cutesy little girls in mansions being chased by monsters or some "unknown terror".
Overall, it gives me the impression that all of those projects will be the flavor of the month (if they actually manage to put a demo or something), and will be forgotten long after once the trend moves to the next fashion.

It actually wouldn't bug me so much if the devs actually tried to make a game with horror elements instead of "a horror RPG". Puzzles aren't the only way a player can interact with the game (I actually want to know how moving a chair is relevant to the story), and mansions with monsters aren't the only viable scenarios for this kind of thing.
It mostly gives me the feeling that they only played RPG maker "horror" games and are trying to copy what they liked. Sure, that's good and all, but, just as yume nikki fangames, when there are like 50+ games with the exact same content, it simply isn't appealing anymore.

So, I give this only a few months, maybe a year.


I agree with all that you've said but what else is there to use aside from puzzles and maybe dialogue options? And what about the games that do link puzzles to the game's plot?
I think puzzles are ok as long as they make sense in the plot and other than move these things, who's the liar (this one's ok but overused recently) etc


File: 1438580811379.jpg (100.9 KB, 850x645, d11e03834c8c4dcf38f14ad0fd….jpg)

>And what about the games that do link puzzles to the game's plot?
Those are ok for me.
For example, deciphering a code out of some books that give some insight in the background story to pass through a door/break a computer password is actually a puzzle that is linked to the plot, has some sense as an actual, plausible problem to solve, and has more thought put on it than "move chair C towards north and face the doll to unlock the mechanism", which just feels like cheap tricks without taste.

>what else is there to use aside from puzzles and maybe dialogue options?

As for what is useful for gameplay, just to give an example, simple investigation is enough in a linear plot to proceed smoothly and with plenty of input from the player. Linking data and facts from point to point in a game is quite reasonable and it's literally asking the player to be careful with his own moves and to take in mind all the data presented by the developers and move from what he knows. Although it requires much more organization and thought on the events, which may be why so many amateurs devs tend to avoid it. As for a real example, Call of Cthulhu from DOS made a quite good use of this feature. While it isn't RPG, it still could be easily applied to it.

Another thing that I haven't seen being used too much is the passage of time. Jesus, not all the game must be finished in the same exact day it happened. Using the progression of time to degenerate the situation and environment is an excellent device to express the the "rust-on-the-iron" on games that want to show some kind of horror (or at least non-happy games), or at least some decayed situation. Just like Key's VNs, where everything starts cheery and happy and then as you play, sad dicks happen.
Or even flow, since, as you gain points in the meter, Sabitsuki's rooms starts to get more filthy and stuff.

It could also help a lot if they stopped using little girls and instead thought of another characters in different situations that could add bonus points for new setups to exploit.
Really, just playing a bit of other games you can come with a lot of ideas that have yet to be seen in the RPG community.


very much thank for the replies, anon. it was insightful
I'm guessing most of the devs are too lazy to think up of a fresh mechanics or at least pick one up from some game and modify it or they are too much focused on other things like graphics, plot, music, etc. not that they aren't important but they were neglecting the improvement of the actual gameplay. their goal is to make a game, after all
I also have this idea that they are too afraid to stray from the mundane 'horror rpg' genre. which is pretty dumb…


File: 1438623297577.png (14.53 KB, 515x560, 550_0.png)

Well, I think it's a mix of all of those things.
We're speaking of a community basically made of amateur devs (mostly underageb&) that, while they may have some experience in the field of music, graphics, pixels, etcetera, they aren't really that used in all the process of game-making (which can explain that "laziness").
It may also be that they don't want to get out of the comfort zone, so they evade trying new things that haven't been tested before, or it could also be that they simply don't want to be off the "horror" wagon, which is, I agree, stupid.

>very much thank for the replies, anon. it was insightful

Wow, this is one of these rares cases where my input is actually appreciated. I tend to be extremely straight about what I dislike or when I point out something as a problem, so, normally, someone gets mad at what I write without even reading between the lines and then we're exchanging "ur a fag" messages for the rest of the thread.
Cool, anon, I wish more people took things the way you do.


File: 1438652260651.jpg (20.98 KB, 510x136, they have exciting years t….jpg)

>someone gets mad at what I write without even reading between the lines and then we're exchanging "ur a fag" messages for the rest of the thread.
Well anon, that's what they all do when they feel attacked. If you only saw how rpg maker fandom in tumblr reacted when someone pointed out their character designs were generic and unidentical when the silhouette test is done mostly because everyone's design was a little girl, had frills, ribbons, wearing poofy skirts, and of course the european/victorian inspired designs. They got butthurt so much. I only skimmed some of the replies to the post and most of them said something along the lines of "that's what horror rpg genre is" or some other bs. They also accused the poster for "stealing official art" (when they only used it for the silhouette test) kek
That said, having a close mind doesn't help being a dev at all. I'm also currently involved in this horror rpg project as well, though I don't have much control to anything aside from doing what I do which is why I don't feel too attached when the game got criticized by some hater. They were a hater but they did brought up some good points but the lead dev was like "nah ignore him" not gonna name the game but right now it's like a half assed shell decorated with unnecessary and time consuming accessories covering a meh interior. I'm not sure if I should bring this up to them knowing we're too far to make a major edit and they are too busy with personal life atm (not to mention the fucks I give is only so much recently)
I'm still pretty easy to get hurt over criticism but I would still appreciate it as long as it explains it's side

>I wish more people took things the way you do

I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people that do, they are just quietly lurking here like me, or actually doing something important elsewhere


File: 1438654384511-0.jpg (58.12 KB, 370x391, ub_1424374821994.jpg)

File: 1438654384511-1.jpg (188.33 KB, 578x580, professional developers ta….jpg)

>If you only saw how rpg maker fandom in tumblr reacted when someone pointed out their character designs were generic and unidentical…
Oh, I believe me, I saw that when it was posted in ubuu. It was hilarious how they all united to attack someone who actually made good points with kiddy arguments just because they didn't like what they read, with public bashing and shaming.

>That said, having a close mind doesn't help being a dev at all

This is sadly a great problem that most of people I've come across had in some or other way. Uboachan has always been criticized as being a "bash center" of some sort, but it actually gives great advice and help to people, it's just that nobody of those who say that bother to read what is being criticized and why, and instead they whine about it.

>I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people that do, they are just quietly lurking here like me, or actually doing something important elsewhere

Yeah, probably, /fg/ has been a lot quieter lately so I'm guessing all the people who can't stand others pointing out their errors so they can fix them are in other places now, surrounded by fake hugboxes and licking each other. I still remember when I got replies as if I touched taboos that were better left in the dark.

I think it would be better if we stopped here, though; not like the thread has much activity going on anyway but, certainly, this has been derailed quite a bit for now.
In any case, a new thread about the horror fashion can be opened if anybody is interested in keeping a discussion.


>2nd pic related
holy fucking shit the guy who defended themselves saying they took fine arts so they were not ignorant about art was my favorite out of all the replies there. it was like a paraphrase of navy seal copypasta, what a happy accident

>I think it would be better if we stopped here, though

I can't say I got nothing more to say but yeah sorry for making this thread derailed. I'd love to make a new thread but I'm not sure if everyone's that interested abt the topic. and now for something actually related

seems like the author's keeping a close eye on this thread :^)


>If you want to criticize something you should help to improve it.


someone please reupload


If someone uploads a copy that I can access I will upload it to places which are this guy is unlikely to be able to get it taken down from.

I don't even care if the game is good, I think the creator should just understand that trying to stop people from uploading copies of stuff on the internet is highly likely to cause more copies to pop up out of pure spite.



I've been monitoring this thread for over 2 months now. Please let this game not be complete trash.


File: 1447441459609.jpg (93.46 KB, 608x430, hehe.jpg)

>Please let this game not be complete trash.
I have bad news for you…


It's an okay game; not too bad but not particularly good either.


File: 1447448536208.gif (939.82 KB, 500x281, logicalmoku.gif)

I have zero knowledge of the game, yet I can predict what it will be.

>little girl lost in haunted mansion/graveyard/whatever

>Collect keys
>Open doors
>Suddenly there is a reason for the pointless things you were doing
>Moral choices
>More doors
>Good/True ending
>Bad ending
>You will like it because it's japanese/wapanese

I'm not a shaman I just described most modern RPGM horror games, they are all the same thing.


File: 1447463104491.gif (938.57 KB, 320x180, 1439133369548-1.gif)



Looks like the link is already down


RIP this thread. Anyways, off to download the game ayy lmao




File: 1463425836365.jpg (798.48 KB, 819x1200, 55537098_p7_master1200.jpg)


Could anyone reupload again? I hate to be that guy but I seriously want to check it out after reading the thread




Reupload please… :"


File: 1470367722776.png (309.61 KB, 1370x772, lala_shiver.png)

Goddamn, even the torrents were aborted. Were the dying words of his father "Whatever you do, be a zealous cunt about it"?

One link is not dead, I'm afraid of saying which. This is ridiculous.


File: 1470372274361.jpg (247.44 KB, 800x600, 1461988496001.jpg)



Email me a working link to the game, and I'll put it somewhere it can never be taken down from. This guy should be doing healthier things with his time than spending every waking moment looking for new links to his game and sending takedown requests. Doesn't he know about the Streisand effect, or that data which touches the Internet can never be destroyed?

I'm going to make an indestructible link on a specialized network and put him out of his misery so he can focus on other things already. This is ridiculous. Even if this thread didn't exist his problem wouldn't go away, because we're not the only ones sharing the game. Ending these shenanigans forever right here may be an enlightening experience for him.


Tfw racist dev is still at it.


According to http://vgperson.tumblr.com/post/85688731460/bury (blog of the guy who originally asked for permission to translate), the author's reasoning was that he would have little control over how the translation would actually end up. He's probably worried that the meaning of things might not turn out appearing as he intended, and that bothers him as an artist.

He can't control the will of the Internet though, and he'll tear himself apart trying. The translation is already done and has already been passed around. As a developer, he needs to give up now, or it'll be unhealthy for him.


Wow that's poor, once you released a game you must be ready for all kinds of fanworks and things you can't and must not control.

It is childish, what a shame that the dev responsible for a game some people liked isn't even ready to be a dev yet.



Uploaded bury.7z (7zip archive) to the IPFS network with the IPFS key QmZhpyoqRocNsZ6AWofbVcigiANcgnpUBbokB9qLipsGkU and propagated to several nodes.

You can install IPFS yourself or download through the public gateway. (Installing IPFS and downloading the file yourself will strengthen the file's availability.)

* More info about IPFS: https://ipfs.io/
* Download Bury through the IPFS gateway: https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmZhpyoqRocNsZ6AWofbVcigiANcgnpUBbokB9qLipsGkU/ (save as bury.7z)


Whatever the motivation I hope it makes enough sense and allows future access more easily. If >>4485 is the case I kind of expect translation problems in the vain of that spanish RPG -Can't remember which- where the author wanted to translate his exact vision and ended up with a muddled hard to understand work, which makes the potential public just dig around for a fan translation.

I thank thee kindly for the gateway, I have IPFS already set up but after that bit my experience with it is just some head scratching and acceptance of failure.


File: 1470405818036.gif (4.79 MB, 400x225, hacking.gif)

I'll help you swordfish


I'm curious now.
Do you remember anything else about that Spanish RPG? What it was about? Was it another RPGMaker game or?


File: 1470415797262.jpg (864.76 KB, 713x1023, WH40_Sisters-LivingSaint.jpg)

It was a pen and paper traditional RPG, sorry for the inconvenience.
I can't remember its name for the life of me, but it was apparently crunchy -mechanics heavy- as hell but fun to carry out; the fluff -lore, setting- relied on overpowered/champion-like characters with an assortment of big powers fueled by their energy or something along those lines. Think shonen anime moves but represented in a more classical mythical painting not unlike pic related. My mind is pretty fuzzy about it to be honest.


does anybody have a new download link? been searching high and low for one but no dice :/


The IPFS web gateway blocked the link for "legal reasons". If you have an IPFS client you can still download it directly using the key though.


https://a (dot) cocaine (dot) ninja/iforzr.png



already DMCA'd. that was quick.


It's been 2 years ffs, doesn't the author have something else to do with his fucking time?


>implying it's the game dev reporting the uploads
>implying it's not this same tumblrfag that won't let it go :^)



File: 1488672319440.png (188.88 KB, 1024x768, roxas with a fucking m4.png)

a true hero


hate to be that person but i'll be checking back for a reupload

ffs that's one persistent person


I’ll reupload them once more then, when I get some time. Some went down just for lack of activity.

Since I’m still having to bother myself over this game, I might as well leave here my comments about the game and my view over the translation issue. Feel free to agree or disagree. Some spoilers ahead.

So the game is good in comparison to some of the same genre, the graphics are pretty and decent, the story is interesting and it gives enough to incite you (although to me personally the story’s progression could have been better, as it was messy, but not in the good way), but sadly a predictable and somewhat boring gameplay. The ending is just the (spoiler alert) overdone twist “and you were the monster all along”.

Even so it is just more of the same for the genre and it is one of the closest games I have ever played that could be called an Ib’s fangame. From the art style, to the atmosphere, to the gameplay, the graphics, puzzles, even the characters.

But the most cringeworthy thing about it of all is, after the author not allowing translations, the whole bloody game not jokingly is completely based on western culture. The whole game. Western located story, western names, western time period, western characters, western clothes, western commodities, western houses and other structures, western culture everything.
More so, the whole gameplay is based around solving nursery rhymes, and all nursery rhymes you discover, ALL of them, are western. It even used the nursery rhyme based on Lizzie Borden’s murders, a song based on an actual USA history fact. This is so ridiculous it actually becomes funny, seeing a non-western denying westerns from a western culture game, and specifically denying an English translation when it is about English literature.

Quite frankly this shows such a lack of respect.
If this happened the other way around all the weaboos would be screeching for blood.

Keep track of the fanbase my ass. And if a translation wouldn’t ever compare to the original, then is it as if a simple translation would irremediably blind everyone and unleash all youkais in Japan for eternity? I played the translation and I still have my vision intact, although the house’s full of spirits but those were already here before I played the game.
Did they think vgperson (who has translated numerous games and does such a professional work) would translate it to be the next Ghost Stories or something?

Now, it’s been 3 years, when will this stop being an issue
I love you too, sweet tsundere author.


Hate to be the one to say it but it's not working again… This creator has guts.



Dear Anon, thanks for being such a big bro. If there is anything you need don't hesitate to call upon me.


So I got the best ending. This post after this will be spoiler-tagged (If it works) as it includes my own interpretation on the story.
**Okay, so obviously Coco is dead. In fact, everyone in the mansion is either dead or there because of Coco, save for Lyell. He's the only living person in the game. Coco's a ghost, looking for her lost notebook, that Lyell found years ago when he was a kid, and was never able to return it to her. She probably was dead long before that, too, so she's been, in TvTropes terms, Dead All Along.

Now, my interpretation on some of the other characters.
Axe Woman: Lizzie Borden. She has an axe.
Pie-Eating Boy: I'm actually not too well-versed on fairytales, so I have no idea who he is.
The Twins: Same as above.
The Woman Drinking Tea: Little Miss Muffet.
The Plain Egg: Humpty Dumpty.
The Blind Man: Err… no clue.
The Mouse: Same mouse from Hickory Dickory Dock.

I… likely forgot more than a few characters, feel free to remind me.
I went off the rails, anyways. So I'm going to get back on track.
I've only gotten the best ending, so feel free to fill me in on any others, but I strongly believe the hole in the forest is a grave. Coco's grave, to be exact. It could also explain the title of 'Bury', as she was buried there. The best ending has Lyell returning to her grave and giving her the notebook she'd been trying to find for years. Presumably, she passes on after that.**

Feel free to tell me if I missed anything whatsoever about this. This was a great game, even though I had to use a walkthrough.


Thanks a lot for the links and a big fuck you to whoever keeps taking them down.


welp I can't solve the first riddle.


The downloads are gone again;; anyway you could get it back up??


As >>3461 stated, if you search Google for "A50FBDD0E70ACA6ED8F3A739D9F62A46E393E860", this is the ID of the torrent and you will find some mirrors still hosting it.


sorry to be that person, but it seems like the developer took down all the links related to the hash (man, this guy is persistent)

so, any new links?


If someone uploads just post a magnet link


there's not even one link working
pls is there any way to post another one?


Somebody on ubuu has the file on their computer. Just upload it.


It's been years since this whole mess started and I still can't believe how persistent Hachisuka is.


I made a backup upload. I want to see how compliant google is when some random guy complains about private upload copyright.


I hope he doesn't take it down this time.


why is he so against this game being translated



Thank you, I actually checked this page last Friday (so two days ago) and the links didn´t work and now I came and you uploaded this game. I already downloaded it, before it get deleted. Still asking myself why there is a save file for 4 minutes into the game, but still great to have the game in my computer. I might upload the game files, if the link that gave doesnt have the files, because of you know. So very grateful for that.


I probably played it for a few minutes once. It's the only copy I think I have.


There is actually no problem, it the only copy that I could find with a link (that for the time is working). Very cool, I just found it rather weird, but not biggie. Thx.


Link got flagged this morning. I'll work on a torrent since it seems that's the only possible way to keep this online.




File: 1577562485403.jpg (420.36 KB, 600x450, 1383186490123.jpg)

Help I can't get the best ending. The walkthrough says I need to pick up the paperdolls, but Lyell just refuses to no matter when and how often I interact with the crumpled paper. It also said something about relationship values, but how much does it actually influence? I picked all the +1 dialogue choices on my second playthrough and nothing seemed to change.


nm, deleting the save folder and starting from the beginning let me see END1. Nice game.


Good luck flagging a torrent developer.


Can someone seed please?



I'm seeding


Can someone seed this torrent again please?


It looks like there are 6 seeds right now, including mine. Not sure what's up on your end. Maybe the person who keeps reporting links is also a wizard.


Here's a temporary upload as well. Password is "ubuu". http://www.mediafire.com/file/6tmje1d9q4rkfgf/walnutfactory.7z


Thank you so much!


Thanks a lot, guys!


File: 1608901141505.png (35.63 KB, 221x212, 1425005650372.png)

Thank you very much anon. Reading this thread and seeing the dev's autism throughout the years was a pretty funny experience. Why are nips like this?


Just dropped into this thread from /v/.
If I had to guess, the creator wants to keep some control over their work, including what versions are released and where it ends up. It's a pretty difficult thing to do once their game is released to the public, especially when the game's format is familiar enough to be decompiled by knowledgeable people. It's even harder when the game is edited by people outside your country who care even less about the game's integrity.

I think there's some benefit to free translators in that it allows a bigger audience to enjoy it, and might even get people to pay/donate who normally wouldn't. It's probably hard for the creator to see the benefits though, and the process to support the creator overseas might be difficult or not ready at all.

At worst, the developer might stop working on their project or future projects out of frustration. It might sound silly or immature, but you really can't tell others how they should feel (unless you're an idiot). So I think translators should proceed with caution if they truly appreciate someone's work and wish for them to continue.


as a rule I'd always ask for permission first, translate later. Do it the other way around and I think the dev would become more pissed off than if you simply asked. In circumstances like that I get that the dev is worried about his game, for example if the translation takes a shit on his script, or if the assets get ripped and turn up in paid games.


>the creator wants to keep some control over their work, including what versions are released and where it ends up.
Yes, but as you mentioned, this is a completely unrealistic expectation, no matter how much creators and their publishers want people believe that they are in control. When you publish something, you have to acknowledge that this might happen. If you want to make sure it can't happen, you shouldn't release anything. Would that be better? I don't believe so. Throwing a tantrum over people enjoying your game is pretty infantile behavior.

It is thanks to efforts of countless people modifying/sharing games without the publisher/creator's permission that people get a chance to enjoy them and that they are here to stay as products of human culture instead of fading into obscurity, with the code rotting away on the creators' hard drives while they lean back and enjoy the satisfaction they gain from the thought of all those people never getting to play their games.

Of course, I don't dispute that it is best to be respectful toward others. All the same, I am glad the translator decided the go against the creator's will this time.


File: 1614873308144.png (113.33 KB, 432x451, 1480857472.png)

Hi everyone! I decided to jump into this thread because I have some thoughts about this game and because I had to work with it (with original japanese and translated english versions).

First, the question about "who translated this game?". Unfortunately, author's concern about accuracy of the translation were right on some occasions - english translation does have a number of errors. Mostly it can be seen in the diary of the butler - about institution and another one about the well. In the japanese he was contacted by the hospital, went into it and then told his master about the baby (Coco), and the line about the well was just a note about how dangerous it is. Then there was an ambiguity about when Coco has died - in the original it is somewhat ambigous, but player can conclude that Coco died at night from November 22 to November 23.
I can't say that I have checked the entire game - it's just something that annoyed me so me and my friend checked that in the japanese game. You can actually get original and see it for yourself by using deepl or other online translation engine, lol. Well, I can say that english translation does need a bit of proof checking and a bit of polish.

Saying that, I can assume that this translation wasn't made either by vghime (there are a lot of errors vghime wouldn't have made; though I can't be sure about that - translation was done in 2014 and that was a long time ago, also all map names were translated and vghime is one of the small amount of translators who does translate them) or by Tosiaki7 (not his style). I think that this was either done by some unknown translator, or by vghime - though then there is a question why there are such big errors in translation? All I can think of - is that translation wasn't officially approved, so it was released without testing or proofreading.

Second, without mentioning the inaccuracies in the translation - english version is something that this game should have been, if author would have born in the english-speaking country with english folklore. Or closer to the western audience, as some anon has said in this thread. All rhymes, puzzles and even environments - are a love letter to the Mother Goose nursery rhymes. I saw that in everything, because I have spent a lot of time researching what each character refers to (they all are referring to certain lines in those nursery songs). I think that possibly author banned this translation fearing that translation would have killed all this love to those nursery rhymes and those folklore he had put into this game, but this is just ridiculous. I am sure that if author himself supervised the translation and helped to translate it - then english translation would have been a lot more popular, because english-speaking players would have appreciated this game a lot more than japanese ones - because it's their folklore.

Third, it's unfortunate that english translation released in 2014, because now there is a new version of the game, released in 2018, where there are a lot of hints, reworked gameplay and an ability to sprint. I think that there is no reason now to ban english translation, because it's really outdated. It would have been better if you just shrugged off and waited a bit for the update, lol.

Also, my country's official translations of mother goose's rhymes suck, ololo.


Vgperson might not be the only possibility however, there are some less known people who do rename the files, like that one guy who made the first translation for the Jojo fangame 7th Stand User, not saying it was him, just that there are people under the radar that do the same.

Kind of a shame more people don't do it though, as it makes it easier for people to play these games without all that hassle changing locales and installing japanese RTP (for the RPG Maker ones) which doesn't always work properly.


>Kind of a shame more people don't do it though, as it makes it easier for people to play these games without all that hassle changing locales and installing japanese RTP (for the RPG Maker ones) which doesn't always work properly.
It's a lot of work and most of the time translators don't have any help at all, even when they request it, so it's not surprising.


you don't have to change the map tree names to make a game playable on any locale, the map tree is only relevant to debug work


Why is it that some RPG Maker games can't work without japanese locale, even if translated to english?


same reason some games are region locked


tf you mean by that

Most of the time, it's because even though the front end is translated (i.e. dialogue and interface), the file names are not. And windows is a mess when it comes to character encodings, so it might not be able to find those files since their names are "corrupted" on a different encoding. I've been able to use the english and japanese version of the executables fine on different systems and locales, but I wouldn't be surprised if even that is a reason for things to break, too.


vgperson herself has already written about this problem: "This is a problem for a few reasons. But a particular problem is this: when you bring filenames with more than plain ASCII into the equation, RPG Maker - if not run in the proper locale to understand the characters in the filename - is going to get confused about what the filename even is, and fail to find it even if it does exist. Such files might even get extracted with messed up names by users, and you may have trouble putting them in .zips in the first place.
To avoid all this, you ideally want to edit every filename into one comprised of standard ASCII characters."

Games that are created on Wolf Editor, partially eliminates this problem, because the game itself takes all the necessary files from the game archive (so you do not need to change the file paths), which is why Windows can run the game without problems, because the system runs the game archive itself.

It is a pity that there is no program similar to RPGRewriter, which can also rewrite the file paths of Wolf Editor *snob*


I recently checked the developer's website, the game was updated to version 1.19 and most importantly - the ban on translating the game with reservations was removed.
Is it worth considering creating a new translation of the game…? Because the translation of version 1.10 is outdated and has errors.


where did you read that? The line prohibiting translated/modified versions is still there as before


hosting a translation without it getting deleted is very easy. getting someone to do it with no moral qualms is very hard.


File: 1624064031160.jpg (22.8 KB, 480x360, logicalmoko.jpg)

I'm genuinely confused about why would anyone invest time of their day in making this western friendly struggling with the developer when this game is an exact copy of every other "pixel horror JRPG" out there.

Then I remember I don't give a shit and continue with my day.



I don't understand either how did this pretty mediocre game manage to get that much attention. The pussy dev drama probably was the only memorable thing about it, and there's a fuckton of other titles that did everything Bury does much better. Not to mention their developers much more friendly and nice to target audience.


After all this time you can play legally now, lol: https://yamikazeyami.itch.io/bury-ver200

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