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So the guy who made Lisa just launched a kickstarter for his new game of the same name.


That music.
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You mean "jew". Goyim means "gentile", aka "non-jew". You ignorant fuck. You just see that meme word getting thrown around a lot and you decide to use it without even knowing what it means.


Do you realize what shitposting means? I actually think devs have the right to monetize their art, If you're frustrated about your shitty life because no one loves you, go be hostile to /v/, where people actually care about that kind of stuff, rude O Meme Cultured Sir.


File: 1444001978933.png (179.74 KB, 640x335, anonkid.png)

omg someone misused a meme! Let's call them names and humilliate them for such horrible sin! Behead the infidel! Unforgivabl!11!!

Chill your shit, we're not that kind of imageboard.


Sure are a lot of people who post smug anime girls who believe they speak for the entire board around here.


File: 1444004261525.jpg (30.53 KB, 480x531, smuganimugurl5.jpg)

You're totally right, I'm pretty sure everyone in Ubuu wants to be hostile to people over silly things, I'm absolutely hijacking the site's will.


Yes, I certainly hope people become annoyed at /pol/ tier memes and "It's just shitposting guys it's our BOARD CULTURE XDDDD" until you idiots leave.


You're… Actually offended over it? Over Jew jokes?
Shit anon, I think you might be what that meme is meant for.


Why are you so angry anon? Are you that one anon that always gets salty over jokes? You're cute.


File: 1444006691268.png (244.86 KB, 595x842, smug_anime_face21.png)

>catfight over memes
>people complaining about anime on a weeaboo site

>Yes, I certainly hope people become annoyed at /pol/ tier memes and "It's just shitposting guys it's our BOARD CULTURE XDDDD" until you idiots leave.

Why don't you leave? We don't want people who can't take obvious jokes and flame as such. If the post breaks a rule, the report button is there; and if it doesn't, just ignore it instead of bitching like a nigger, you fucking faggot.


File: 1444006801066.jpg (54.61 KB, 540x467, totallyharmful.jpg)

You could just… Ignore it? Instead of starting pointless arguments with your terryfing spartan might.


When your "jokes" are outweighing legitimate conversation it's an issue. All you do is deflect, and it's clearly the same 2 or 3 people. Which is really shitting up a board with only a handful of people as it is. If you want to rile up fanboys there plenty of much more populated boards you can funpost at.


Anon posted "Lisa went meme" and you insulted the fuck out of them, what the fuck are you talking about?


Okay I actually feel you, but I mean, you DID get legitimately upset at a shitty-, misused joke. You both look kinda silly.

And sure, legitimate discussion is great, but I would care more if I could think of a time in recent memory that there was discussion here that wasn't self-perpetuating depressing bullshit.


File: 1444007013154.jpg (97.78 KB, 1280x720, Smug_anime_face22.jpg)

>When your "jokes" are outweighing legitimate conversation it's an issue.
>Anonymous 11/14/13 (Thu) 20:05:20 No.2955 "So now lisa goes goyim"

It's been two fucking years since that post. TWO FUCKING YEARS ANON. The only faggot starting shit here is you.
Fucking hypocrite.


Not the same anon m8's. That post should have been deleted.


Holy fuck your right.
That's pretty funny honestly.

… Also kind of depressing though. This stupid shit has gotten people posting more than anything else has in awhile.


same bs in the Undertale thread. this board is so dead it cant even discuss NEW games.


How about discussing non-flavor-of-the-month games?


10/10 the irony made me laugh.


Yeah yeah I know people poster >>whoever is retarded let's laugh at him hahahahaha.

So did anyone else play Joyful?


Nobody? That sucks, it was good.


Calm the fuck down autist


>tfw Undertale is getting more exposure than this


LISA is almost a year old. It was huge in the game news media when it was new. Shame Joyful didn't get much coverage though.




Lisa is a year old Undertale came out a month ago what the fuck do you think?




Semi-valid, Lisa wasn't fucking everywhere back then.


Undertale is more kid-friendly and accessible while LISA is a post-apocalyptic nightmare fest. Stop being salty.


KEK, saying Undertale got more attention than lisa is not being salty, drink some tea or something.



I hate more how people keep comparing and pairing them together



like a year later response but I just bought the expansion, I hope I will enjoy it despite the fact I really disliked Buddy


And? How did it go?


File: 1459479240661.png (3.17 KB, 167x167, 2839247.png)


oh my god this is like
ultimate catty pet-peeve right here
because of how FAST that shit started popping up
it's like apples and oranges. and i want to rip people's throats out for it

back on topic and since nobody's really touched on all the joyful plotholes since y'all fucks gotta ruin everything, who dis?


The only thing confirmed about that mutant is this tweet https://twitter.com/Dingalinggames/status/692219766312943620
I would personally assume Sweetheart was one of the women Buzzo mentioned during the Pain epilogue from the second game.
>the joyful plotholes
Please elaborate.


File: 1459482096604.png (66.13 KB, 630x295, Screenshot 2016-02-17 16.1….png)

Yeah, that sucks.

Though it still also sucks that memetale got SO much more damn exposure.

Of course, there's an obvious reason, pic related.

Also related: my unyielding love for Dingaling.

Joyful could've been done better, to me.
Could've used more of the original humor AND Buddy and Buzzo's characters were a little iffy. Buzzo's backstory and how Dusty are treated are 100% pure unadulterated LISA though.


Also related: solid evidence that people with the spelling ability of a 12 year old boy can still create better art than you likely ever will. Somefuckinghow.


Please let's not ruin Lisa's thread(more) with that irrelevant meme game. They have nothing in common.


Yeah. So what were your favorite moments?
Oh wait I just realized it's fucking impossible to go through a favorite moments list for Lisa the Painful. It's all great.

Closest I can come to is the entire intro sequence and ending. And also all of Trash Island. And the Fishmen cave. And the happy music in the screen where you select which party member you want to force to play Russian Roulette. And Bo. And..


people make typos all the time, dont be an ass.


File: 1459525220277.png (59.98 KB, 400x400, 000121231243.png)


started thinking about it and a lot of them are less plotholes and more just open ends. the only honest-to-god plothole that stands out is the total lack of explanation given about the flash and why olathe was "perfect" for yado's experiment

also maybe the baby at the end of JOYFUL, given the heavy implication that buddy killed literally everyone by the time you finish the game (except for one, but that raises the question of can a joy mutant still get it up).

and yeah there's that trigger, but does anyone really believe bolo could've busted a nut that quick let alone even penetrate her in the 3 seconds it takes for him to get mauled? and if he was that close to buddy at the time wouldn't she have taken pretty significant damage from that shit just by being that close? even with yado's influence, joy mutants generally lack any kind of self-control. or control at all. disregarding sentience, since it seems to vary

given ding's comment on it though, it probably was but i just fucking hate bolo and live in denial


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9n5wCdIUNM herd u were talkin shit


What was the deal with Sticky's father just showing up at the end of Painful? I suppose it's a remnant from when Brad's friends were more important to the plot, but with the appearance in the intro and halfway through the game it seems like there was supposed to be more to him.

Buddy was horrible, but that was what Dingaling wanted. I feel like how Buzzo was shown was apporpriate because he was a ruthless monster but only to Brad, he didn't have ill will to anyone else.

Buddy doesn't kill everyone, but rather just destroys most of the remnants of civilization and order. There's still the Joy gang members, and Western Olathe probably isn't completely massacred.


I'd suck ding's dick, was just having fun.

See I'm not sure about that because he literally jumpstarted the descent into bodyhorror Joy hell just for the opportunity, aside from tortuting Buddy as well; even if he didn't, he clearly wasn't that much of a rogue with a heart of gold.

As far as Sticky, I just think it was another way of showing how much animal lust and vanity and evil people will pour out of themselves onto an empty, friendless wasteland, especially faced with the idea there's no future, nobody to remember them. You had a somewhat normal person at the start of the game and by the end he's mutilating and enslaving a young girl just to leave some sort of mark on the world. And on tender flesh, hah.

As for why Olathe was "perfect," I think it's just because it was the epitome of normal, white, working class America before the Flash. The most effective place to test it would be a place that is for the most part, fairly average. Real-life Olathe is a town that actually exists in Kansas, and it was boring and wholesome enough to be featured in In Cold Blood.


File: 1463694600657.jpg (487.39 KB, 1204x800, 1463190263684.jpg)


Eh, it was okay, I didn't like the whole Badass!Buddy bullshit but the bosses were cool and I'm glad she finally got that she was being a little entitled bitch, I guess it was a satisfying closure


i hope austin's new game he's working on will get talked about


has anyone played lisa the pointless?


File: 1486854248123.png (125.47 KB, 540x400, luaiham.png)

I finally went through Painful/Joyful and I really am in love. They're better than I was ever expecting. My only wish is that the games could be longer, but at least the replay value's good.

I'm wary of any fangames that aren't YN. Frankly I can't see any reason to continue after Joyful, even though I love the setting/characters a lot. I guess that's why it's called 'the pointless' though!



Pointless is pretty much the only Lisa fangame that actually keeps to the general humor and style of the originals, and it's rather goddamn hard to boot. Original tunes to it are very nice and remixes/"reimaginings" of Painful and Joyful songs are fantastic, and the journey of the main characters doesn't actually cross with Brad's journey despite going through some of the same areas. I honestly do rank it among Painful and Joyful.



Does it get better past the Garbage island? Cause I recently got through that section and wasn't loving it.

I didn't mind the difficulty and the art and music seemed pretty good, but the dialogue and story seemed really lacking. There wasn't any hook or sense of purpose, and most of the humor felt like it was trying too hard to be Lisa without understanding what made Lisa's humor work.

Is the start just rough?



Start's a bit rough but it does get better. I adore the game for really forcing you to scavenge absolutely everything you possibly can, from exp via fights to the optional stat-boosts from sidequests like humping garbage on Garbage Island.

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