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saya no uta
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Happy Holidays!
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The following is a list of games I came across by looking around Nicovideo, which are as of yet untranslated. If nobody else will translate them, I will, one-by-one, translate them myself. Do note that since I am regularly busy with other things, that progress will be slow, and I would definitely like some help on how to modify these games to make an English version (I only know about DreaMaker so far, which does not help with translating menu options).

Boy Ichiro's Modesty (いちろ少年忌憚, Ichiro Shounen Kitan)
Paranormal Syndrome (怪異症候群, Kaii Shoukougun)
Sacrifice/Substitute Girl (身代わり少女, Migawari Shoujo)
Infection Nightmare (感染性ナイトメア, Kansensei Nightmare)
Beautiful Ballad (明美譚, Akemi Tan)
Neko Maguro (猫鮪) [Note: named after a well-known let's player on Nicovideo)
Oni Play (オニアソビ, Oni Asobi)
Utahoho Curse (哥欲祟, Utahono Tatari)
It Is Right There (そこにいる, Soko ni Iru)
Rumors of Mr. Kitchen Knife (包丁さんのうわさ, Houchou-san no Uwasa) [A text-reading game]
Memory Girl (記憶少女, Kioku Shoujo)
Forest of Animals (どうぶつ達の森, Doubutsu-tachi no Mori)
Save Meee (スクッテー, Sukuttee)
Red World (赤の世界, Aka no Sekai)
White Curse (シロノノロイ, Shiro no Noroi)
Seventh Night (オシチヤ, Oshichiya)
Lost House (マヨヒガ, Mayohiga)
Haunted House Exploration Team (おばけ屋敷探検隊, Obake Yashiki Tankentai)
Black Labo
Possibility (カノウセイ, Kanousei)
Devil Plug-in

Nobita's Biohazard (のび太のBiohazard, Nobita no Biohazard)
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File: 1388806378590.png (110.83 KB, 644x513, asfahdtkkd.png)

problem with Blood of Akemi
can't see the character's sprite and the screen goes out of focus help plz


Nevermind, fixed it by changing computer's locale to japanese, although for forest of animals i still get the same problem as anon, even after switching the locale


Not sure what that could be for Forest of Animals since it runs fine on my computer… are you sure you downloaded and un-rared it after you set the locale to Japanese? Maybe downloading the Japanese RPG Maker XP RTP (found here: http://www.famitsu.com/freegame/rtp/xp_rtp.html) might help.


yes redownloading it worked after switching thank you!!!


File: 1388906506927.png (260.17 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (32).png)

I downloaded Paranormal syndrome, changed my locale to Japanese and downloaded the rtp. Then I got the direct draw error and used the solution you mentioned above, but now it's giving me this error in Japanese and I have no idea what it means. Please help?



It seems one file is missing. Can't tell which one, though.

Try re-downloading it, changing your locale to japanese and only then un-raring it.

By the way, I'm not the person who is translating this so if this doesn't work just wait for his/her answer.


I searched around and it actually seems to be an issue with the RTP, since you are missing some files from the RTP. You should try re-downloading the Japanese RPG Maker 2000 RTP, unzipping, and installing it again (everything after setting your locale to Japanese).


The best way to deal with these things is first to reinstall the rtp.
But if you're feeling adventurous, the file that's missing in all these cases is the set in between ”ファイル” And ”は開けません”
Which translates in the end to: File ______ can not be opened.


Thanks for the help, it's working now!


Ah hello. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but, it seems that Akemi-tan's endgame has a lot of content cut off. It doesn't display the full ending, and cuts to credits right after Shimoko and Ebiko find "that character" beaten dead in front of the shrine. I'm not sure if it's just my game or if there was a problem with the coding, sorry to bother.


You have to play a second time to see the full ending. After you finish the game the first time, press "new game" again.


Alright, the very first one I ever started working on is also now done:


I'll definitely want to Oni Asobi next… it was certainly one of the ones I found really excellent.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


What is Oni Asobi about


Do you know of "Oni-hime-sama?"

Yeah, I know of it. It's an old legend told about in this town, right?

Yep yep. Once upon a time, when this place was still a village, to a certain farmer family, was born a girl with horns on her head. Because of those horns, that girl couldn't get along with anyone, and was always all alone. And then, on a certain year…… A bad illness assailed the people of the village, and caused a great number of people to suffer. The villagers blamed it on the girl, and ended up killing that girl as a mob. After that, incidents of children suddenly disappearing, a kind of "spiriting away," started to happen quite frequently. Surely, it was because the spirit of the lonely girl who was killed, abducts them out of a desire for friends. This kind of rumor started going around, starting from no one in particular……

There's a small shrine quite close to the school, right? That, you see…… actually seems to have been built in order to calm the spirit of that girl. But that girl, Oni-hime-sama's spirit has still
not gone to peace. Even now, from time to time, she attempts to take away people who go there……

↑Taken from the opening.


File: 1389420700058.jpeg (124.61 KB, 480x407, 29957409_480mw.jpeg)

Hey so i found paranormal syndrome awesome and tried looking for fanart of it since it was so cool, and i found the picture below, i only recognized mikoto and hiroshi, are those other 2 characters part of another game, if yes could you please give me a description on what its about and title of the game.


Probably Red World (赤の世界, Aka no Sekai), the follow-up game made by the same person.


File: 1389648526218.png (140.31 KB, 1280x800, virus_by_dandela-d722dfz.png)

hello, after translating it, a person had a problem with forest of the drizzling rain, since I can't find the problem, I wanted to know if you could help me, here is a screenshot of her problem.


I'm not sure what it is, but you can try making a new project and copying all the audio, data, etc. to the new project and see if it works then. Also, I'm pretty sure there was already a previous translation of this game into Spanish…?


eh? I think I was the first on translating it, however, I'll try, thanks for trying to help


Hello Tosiaki, will you translate this game?



Yes, I've also taken note of the games takutaku has played.


Alright, Oni Asobi done!


And now, next up, Mayohiga…


File: 1390198442063.gif (393.42 KB, 350x263, 1351606251334.gif)

Just wanted to say good work to all the people translating all these games in this thread.

Also, if anyone would like to, feel free to throw the translated games you liked into the game share thread.


A wiki has been started in order to easily allow people to comment on and offer suggestions for particular parts of the translation. The pages are still under construction right now, but any assistance in creating them is appreciated.




I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask in, but I'll try.

I'm having trouble finding the casket moving event in Forest of Drizzling Rain, I really can't even find when I'm supposed to do it or how to trigger it, I just know it "has something to do with the room with tons of books at the end" I keep getting any end except the ones that involve performing the event.


Investigate everything in that room some more.


Man, I don't know what's up with your translation Forest of Animals, but it's definitely just the file names- I managed to make it past the title screen with just AppLocale after creating a copy of タイトル2.jpg and renaming it タイトル2.jpg, in both Titles folders (i.e.- ../Graphics/Titles/ and ../Data/Graphics/Titles/).

After that, it won't crash when calling up the 'scary dream' image, but it will crash whenever the Squirrel Sage tries to show you either diagram file, or when the game tries to call up the Game Over screens.

So, uh, I'm not sure what the rhyme or reason behind the difficulties is anymore.


It seems to work for many other people, so I think that it may have something to do with the way you downloaded/un-rared the file. Are you sure you have it in Japanese locale before you even downloaded and un-rared the games…?


Also thought I'd like to post some updates about progress.

Seventh Night: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6dz4w76l5oqtwsj/seventh_night.rar

Substitute Sacrifice Girl: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tvkq7q0zquz188i/migawari2.06.rar

And next up, Chloe's Requiem…


Tosiaki-san, I have a question about passing through the cat. I looked up your video and you can carry one mouse to lure the cat.

I do the same as you but I can't take the mouse

I also looked up your wiki, and read the translation. But in translated version, The mouse only say that he love danger, not mentioning anything about cat.

Need help and confirmation


You have to first approach the cat, within about 4-5 spaces away, before you can talk to the mouse to get the cat out of the way.




I'm certain that the extracting was done under the right locale.

I also never said the game didn't work when the Locale's set to Japan, I'm just saying I got the game to work for further screens with only AppLocale by simply switching a few of the files' names which made me suspect that they're the source of any troubles on that front.

It's really the only game that has any problems like these, so it's no big deal. I just thought it was interesting to note that switching the 2 for a 2 had any effect.


Well, they're different characters, so of course it'd get things mixed up. Though I wonder how it ended up being 2 in the first place. It was "2," not 2 in the original .rar. Maybe one downloaded from the dropbox source instead? That one hasn't been updated for some time. Though even then, it should have been a "2" instead of a "2", so that doesn't exactly explain anything either.



File: 1401754542225.jpg (47.33 KB, 500x382, Ghost School 07 SS.jpg)

Me and my guys are translating the game "Ghost School". Don't know if this is the place to post about it.



Probably a very good place to post about it. This thread will probably serve a more useful purpose for people other than the OP who wish to announce their translation projects.


This community is the best community. ;_;


I'm guessing this translation group is 100% dead by now, isn't it? The main page is gone along with their Tumblr, and the latest post I could find in another site dated back to June of last year.
What a shame, I was really looking forward to several of the projects they were planning to release eventually.


Untranslated? Learn jap and translate it yourself!


i don't understand anyone who would do this for free. its simply such a timesink, that, unless you really, really like the thing you're translating and want more people to see it, comes with little to no reward.
like shit, even the big cheese who do it for free give donation links and shit like that.



Because it's their hobby? I myself like to translate a game and play it after that, because it feels really great when you make a thorough localization to your native language, and are able to experience it all again, but this time with 100% intuitively understanding everything in it. tl;dr I do this solely for my own comfort, nothing more.

But yeah, I also don't understand how can people translate games they don't feel anything to, or didn't even play them before.


Uboa seems like has a lot of people that are translating games, and also a lot of rpgmaker fans, then why the board has a section for scanlations, but doesn't have a section for games translations? Wouldn't it be convenient both for rpgmaker players to look for updates there, and for translators to upload and promote their projects instead of dropping them into threads, where they most likely will stay forgotten for years?

(I'm a newfag, so maybe such a section/board exists, and I'm just isn't aware of it).


File: 1638375307031-0.jpg (25.38 KB, 500x375, tower of hanoi.jpg)

File: 1638375307031-1.jpg (37.87 KB, 500x375, freem.ne.jp.jpg)

File: 1638375307031-2.jpg (59.89 KB, 500x375, freem.ne.jp (1).jpg)

Segawa, the developer of END ROLL, has released a new game titled "Tower of Hanoi." It can be downloaded here: https://www.freem.ne.jp/win/game/24302
I tried to capture it with the wayback machine to have a mirror (repackaged with winrar to reduce file size): https://web.archive.org/web/20211201155402/https://litter.catbox.moe/8z0bll.rar

The dev experienced a full-on autistic meltdown and requested that this and her future games not be translated because, wait for it, she is butthurt because (according to her) English speaking fans use her game characters as profile pics and repost the art that she, as an artist, posted on the internet. I mean, imagine people liking your works, isn't that preposterous.

>Vgperson's commentary: "Segawa has requested that English translations of her games (TOWER of HANOI and onward) no longer be made. Though she understands it's ultimately a small minority, the frequent reposting of her art and the like by English users upsets her whenever she sees it, impeding her ability to create and forcing the difficult decision to forbid translations."

Is anyone planning to translate this game?


I know this is basically dead but if anyone returns to this project please i beg you work on “Rumors of Mr. kitchen knife”


Yikes, that's nscripter. I'll see if I can find the tools for it again, but it gave me a lot of problems in the past.


tell me what this is. now. its so fucking hard to find ANYTHING about the rest of segawas games in English


nvm im stupid. i still wanna know about this cause it looks like a cute freeware vn. sorry for being dumb

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