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saya no uta
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Does anyone here know about these games?

Towelket is a series of RPG Maker games inspired by MOTHER, with surreal, philosophical, and horrific themes. Currently, there are six games, and four spin-off titles.

Recently, a few people have started work on translating the series. If you can aide with the translation, feel free to join the IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/towelket

English wiki with more information: http://www49.atwiki.jp/towelketranslation/
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What kind of problem do you have?
I know Easy RPG can sometimes turn vehicle sprites invisible in overworld (you can still use them or just save and reload to reset them). It also has a pretty rare bug with animated tiles on maps, noticed it was a thing in Space Funeral 3, and sometimes it crashes the game.


Oh i am on Towelket 6 right now and i was stuck on a certain part involving a graveyard but i was just stupid and i managed to get past it. I got confused because the cow had a blank text box when i tried to talk to it and as for the no text boxes some of the characters don't have them and it happens quite a bit. I am considering switching to the regular .exe but i don't know if that will fix it. Hopefully i made sense.


That's a pretty common bug, I think it also happens in Yoro no Umi 2. I think you can keep walking while the textbox is up, so just change screens.
I recommend sticking with easyrpg, if you use the .exe and experience a bug you are basically on your own for most cases.


Damn you reply so fast. Oh, i get that one as well but is it not also common to get it where you talk to them and then they show an empty text box and immediately turn around or is that normal? Oh damn thanks for the info i will make sure to use easyrpg then and that is a good thing because i can't live without the speed up. lol


File: 1688695514251.png (108.66 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_588.png)

I'm always lurking.
You probably finished the game already, but it's normal as in it's a normal bug, you are not missing any dialogue.


Just wanted to chip in and say I love these games and god bless everyone who has put work into translating them. I'm playing 4 right now and I'm loving it.
Does the Mochi Mochi fruit actually have any sort of effect in the game? If so it wouldn't result in you being permanently locked out of anything would it?


Oh i am glad and yeah you were right i did finish 6 and was like nooo why with the ending. 4 seems like it is connected to 6 so hopefully the ending is pretty good.


You need them, but don't worry you the game makes sure you wont't miss any.

Reminder that Warawau did nothing wrong!
4 is absolutely my favorite "classic" Towelket game, I love it, but it was pretty divisive when it was first translated.
I hope you enjoy it!


File: 1688843499175.png (2.12 KB, 251x247, 1592139016945.png)

There's no way someone who looks like this to be evil!


Yes nothing "Wrong" At all Warawau just innocent. And 4 yeah this one was pretty good. And in all honesty i don't think i could pick a favourite however the one that sticks in my mind though is the "cow enjoyer" which is 2 I think. I just found it so bizarre.
Yes, no way Warawau very innocent so innocent infact i think dogs will agree.


So I played Sora Kara Kuru Otome Bakudan and you know what? It sucked, I can see why Kanao wiped it out from the face of the earth.
It starts so good and then wastes time rehashing Gaugau's bride. When you finally go back to the main story it just ends. It's actually pretty funny how rushed the finale is. The heroes literally speedrun the final section and then it just ends, when I saw the "Oshimai" in the screen I though it was a joke, but no, the game had actually ended.
Hemiola and Omochi-chan were cute together too bad they are stuck in the worst Towelket game. Also RIP Elegy you wont be missed.


On the one hand sprites seem nice and varied, but I absolutely do not like them. They've become creepy and even kind of overpowering. So, I'd rather faithfully continue to like the classic parts with simpler designs.


Since it has been a little active around here lately I will ask.
You see I've been using gpt4 to translate the games that haven't been traslated yet, I basically made a pipeline that let me translate without getting spoiled and the results were pretty good, way better than using Deepl. Thing is I relied on RPGRewriter to extract the StringScripts, which is fine for RPGMaker2003, but now it turns out that the next games are done in RPGMaker MV. Is there a similar tool for RPGMaker MV games? A tool that let's me extract the text from a map, translate it and then just udpate it the original file? So far I found Translator++, but its not what I was looking for, also some functions are paywalled. I could code a tool, but I really don't want to spend time understanding MV's file structure.


So it is an another Towelket 6 situation?


I think I saw some utility like this specifically for MV-MZ but I can't remember where.
The main problem with Translator++ is not a paywall but an actual "injecting translated text" part because it can scramble game files and scripts if assets or variables have Japanese characters in their names.


Well that sucks. I kinda gave up, and started the TL with Translator++. I've no other option but to hope that nothing goes wrong.


I recently played 6 again, and I think it's pretty enjoyable. The start it's very strong, and so it's the ending, I kinda like how everything goes to shit after they open Warawau's heart. My only real complain is the middle, it really feels like it's just going through the motions and worse, the party dialogue its not even funny, most jokes are just "wow it sure its cramped here", but I did like Nekoashi-konbu's backstory and the blind girl.
Anyway Sora Kara Kuru Otome Bakudan is way worse, it starts on space with a lot of potential for what's about to come, then it shifts to the earth with a totally diferent cast and it's just boring all the way, like I said it's literally just Gaugau's bride. When you finally go back to space the plot suddenly speeds ups and everything gets resolved in the most boring way possible and then it's just ends. The game is 4 hours long, and yet the towelket 5 section feels like an eternity. And I did like towelket 5.


I haven't played Sora Kara Kuru Otome Bakudan yet, so I can't really compare the two games, but if it's worse than 6 that must be something.
I do agree that 6 starts strong and promising, but the middle of the game and even the ending really ruins it.
For example I love how Waruwau's psychopathic personality is written and the "Shocking" scenes with her are really something, but the game kinda just ignores that she's supposed to be a crazy bitch and she just sits around for the entire middle of the game and then only at the very end the game is like "Oh yeah she's supposed to be a psycho". I can see that Kanao had some interesting plans for Towelket 6 but just dropped them on their head.
That said I still do appreciate Towelket 6, mostly because you can see that Towelket 4 took a lot of the interesting ideas from Towelket 6 (Ex. Being able to talk to party members in maps) but refined them heavily so they're a lot more enjoyable.


Does anyone know if there's a way to read the light novel version of Towelket 1 anywhere?
I might seriously consider trying to buy a copy otherwise.


Oh man if you ever buy or find it, please scan it, now that's a piece of media I really want to read.


They're not too hard to find. You can easily get one for around 400-700 yen on jp Mercari


File: 1690762751299.png (302.11 KB, 600x690, 5517a4aa0534c33e6fca1a3627….png)

It's not something I can say with complete certainty but I feel like the only reason that game was made was to flesh out Hemiola but Kanao probably lost interest in it and tried again in Yorumorukimiri which was a game that had a lot more love put into it. A hell of a lot considering how much longer it is compared to every game before it. Hemiola before that game is probably the blandest of the Fish Hats since he usually gets offed the moment he shows up, Hemiola after it is probably the most developed Fish Hat in the series.


The wait for Warawau/Yorumorukimiri continues


File: 1691061967736.png (2.87 KB, 226x325, [picture]wanko[dokusho].png)

I don't see the wait for Laughing Warawau being much longer since it's the next game. Yorumorukimiri? All I can say is good luck to the translators. Not just because it's long, but also because of how convoluted it is compared to the others. Kanao really let loose the autism with that game. I want to see it happen though. Dog autism is something that has to be experienced.


File: 1691070041539.png (41.92 KB, 1004x604, Towelket 5 missing image.png)

I've been playing the Towelket 5: Gaugau's bride 1.00 translation and I've been getting fairly frequent missing image errors like pic related.

As far as I know this seems to be the latest download right? Is there something I need to do to fix these errors?


Ok nevermind, I installed the RTP packages mentioned in >>5533 (Although I downloaded them from the RPG maker website since I was getting a filepath error from the links in the post) and it fixed it.

Anyhow this is a very good game so far. Very.


File: 1691259036779.png (82.55 KB, 1434x352, Towelket 2 Joke Ending.png)

Does Towelket 2 have a joke ending? I never got it or even remember there being a just kidding item, but in Towelket 5 there's this line mentioning it. Is it just a joke or did I miss something in 2?


there's a vendor inside the mind selling it


Damn, I must have completely ignored it because it costs 500. Maybe people like me are the reason why it only costs like 2 gold in the later games.


Nevermind, there isn't a joke ending, just the game literally throwing the "Just Kidding" text in at the very end. I just forgot about it because it was so stupid (And I guess it ruins what is normally a very strong ending)


Thanks for checking I was about to play it again just to see it, but I really didn't want to cry again.


File: 1691790414479.png (3.5 KB, 473x268, FszIxyOaMAIkiCZ.png)

Did anyone download Oni Magatsu Toki before it got deleted? The newer games tend to reference it a lot


File: 1691864038423.png (142.83 KB, 800x900, 44439400_p13.png)

I just finished playing through Wonder Girl! Nekoashi Otome and the game is really amazing. At first I felt like it was kind of middling for a Towelket game and just going to be a big joke game like Towelket 5, but the game keeps getting better overtime and by the end it feels like a really good story. It handles its serious moments very well despite being such a goofy game most of the time. I have to give props to the translator for translating it.

That said I want to talk about some heavy spoiler content:
So who is the 9th maiden bomber? At the end of the game there is a sign that says "Current maiden bombs: 9
So the obvious 7 starting ones are Wriggle, Present4u, Samurai Mama, Lotsofsocks, Coughcough, Little Miss Prayer and Ricecake. Then the final boss refers to Master Green Tea as a failure and there's some signs that hint at her being a Maiden Bomb so she's number 8, but who is number 9?
I'm honestly really not sure who number 9 is because it feels so up in the air that it could be a lot of different characters. It could be the Ms.Wriggle you fight at the end as if she's a different character than the normal Ms.Wriggle possibly, but then what happened to the normal Wriggle? I almost want to say it might be Nekojita because of how well she knows him, his past as an awakened being, and because "Cat ear fluid" is thrown at you so much at the end of the game but he's male so I have no idea.


File: 1691975075611-0.jpg (117.33 KB, 813x652, fugggg.jpg)

File: 1691975075611-1.png (68.94 KB, 818x656, F3SZBZzbkAEd_O7.png)

I have it but I haven't actually played through it yet. The slanted font makes reading a big pain and gives me a headache. I'm going to get down to it eventually because the font aside it does seem to be really interesting but I really gotta be in the mood.

In other news though the new game has been renamed to Towelket One More Time: Kemono. It's been a damn long time since we've gotten a "mainline" game so I wonder how similar it's going to be to them.


Oh so it's not a Nekoashi Otome game anymore, I'm a little disapointed…
On the other hand I'm very excited about a new mainline game after what? 13 years or so? It seems the MC is Moochasu… again…


File: 1692035333644.png (57.31 KB, 816x620, 2023060222531394e (1).png)

The game never had any direct relation to Kaiketsu! According to blog updates. I wouldn't be surprised if Kanao changed the name to avoid confusion

Also the protagonist is named Tantanuki! He's another Moochasu look-a-like but…Tanuki version


If you have a copy of Oni Magatsu Toki do you think you could upload it for download?


File: 1692196703034-0.png (83.27 KB, 813x618, Screenshot_643.png)

File: 1692196703034-1.png (71.48 KB, 805x616, Screenshot_644.png)

File: 1692196703034-2.png (102.56 KB, 815x618, Screenshot_645.png)

So I started playing Yorumorukimiri, and I gotta say that it's really good so far. I played it for 3 hours straight.
Kanao's writing has improved a ton, the characters feel like actual people instead of just vessels for jokes (not that I mind that). I'm very intrigued about the different factions, characters and mysteries so far. I just hope it stays as good.
Also I love Keita and the Chuke.


Are you using machine translation? That text is surprisingly readable. Or is it actually translated?


gpt4 + some python scripts to format the text.
Yeah these look good, but other parts can be messy.
I try not to spoiler myself so I can't really course correct the tl when it becomes wonky. I tell myself I'm going to correct these parts when I'm done playing, but honestly thats just way too much work.


I never even heard of that one, when did it come out?


if im not misinterpreting the dev, the new game will be available to download today.



I ended up beating it. Honestly before playing the game and for most of the first part of it it didn't feel like Towelket at all. Maybe Shippoutachi no Kizuna during Tantanuki's parts but not Towelket. After a certain point though I instantly changed my mind and thought "I get why the name change happened. This is 100% Towelket." Thought it was pretty good overall. I'd put it above most of the other Towelket games except for 2 and 1. If we're talking everything that Kanao made though I'd probably put it around upper mid. Not as good as the best but still worth playing.


File: 1697467395435.png (619.25 KB, 987x755, Yatta!.png)

Apparently it released somewhere between late 2018 or early 2019.
In my opinion the setting/tone for the game is really interesting, but it falls off pretty hard after the 2nd chapter. It feels like a game with a lot of lost potential. Maybe that's why it was removed from the store at some point. It's a shame too because Okappa is very cute in this game.

I feel like uploading it is a little taboo since it's supposed to be a paid game, but if it's not even available for purchase then I guess it's a much more gray area. If you go out of your way to find a group of Towelket nerds you might be able to find a copy.

Decent Towelket game but kind of middling compared to some of the better games in my opinion. The world building is cool but I feel like the game didn't spend enough time letting us get familiar enough with the characters to get to know them, which means it's a little hard to feel impacted by how the story affects them. Okappa herself does get a lot more attention though and I feel like her story is overall stronger than it is in Oni Magetsu's, but that's mostly just because Oni Magetsu kind of drops the ball.


File: 1697603032974.jpeg (118.58 KB, 834x1205, 00002.jpeg)

Here's a PDF of the Towelket 1 light novel for anyone who wants it: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jhair79zhhmmsrz/タオルケットをもう一度+VG文庫.pdf/file



You're a gift to this world, anon


File: 1701239947769.png (1.5 MB, 990x990, warawau4_small_title.png)

Laughing Warawau just got translated



Nice. Won't be long now until all the 2k games are translated.


Badass, thanks!

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