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File: 1319785879338.jpg (104.73 KB, 550x720, 2357414.jpg)


Monoe only.


File: 1319881673283.png (1.41 MB, 1000x861, 64bd22625d5606c58893769f47….png)

there needs to be more stand alone monoe


File: 1320817705296.jpg (427.67 KB, 703x1123, 11910122.jpg)

Yeah there isn't a lot of here by herself

then again I personally prefer Monoko to Monoe myself.


File: 1329200550692.png (255.31 KB, 900x2252, monoe_vector_by_saioul-d2y….png)


File: 1330323681464.png (13.73 KB, 327x274, tumblr_ls1pwijIEd1qc6hqq.png)


I don't know why there isn't more Monoe fanart. Honestly, she looks really cool.


File: 1330417058926.jpg (109.79 KB, 235x448, yumenikki_Monoe__by_kutara….jpg)


File: 1330736638500.png (54.47 KB, 400x480, monoe_id_by_yn_monoe-d38v9….png)


File: 1330745198573.png (64.14 KB, 500x407, AskMonoe1.png)


You are welcome.


Except that it appears to be really inactive.


ANY ask account is better than none, greedy anon.


I actually found out about this ask account months ago, so, I've kind of read most of it already. It's just not really much new to me, I guess someone else might enjoy it though. I really hope it will be updated soon.


I can do a brilliant Monoe impression I'm gonna get my hair cut into a bob soon so it'll be even better!!


Ohh… what exactly is a Monoe impression?



Pretending to be Monoe.
I think I said the wrong word.


Don't most people portray Monoe with long hair and straight bangs rather than a bob? I mean, I have seen a few bob haircut Monoe's, but if you are trying to get a haircut just so that you can pretend to be Monoe, it's likely more people would recognize you as her if you got a long, straight-bangs haircut.
Also, what exactly does pretending to be Monoe mean?
All that is really canon about Monoe is that she can smile really creepily, she can disappear really fast, and she is a school girl. She doesn't really have much of a personality considering she doesn't talk, and other than her smile(Even then, smiling creepily doesn't really count as looking unique), she doesn't really look unique.


File: 1334260887873.png (30.68 KB, 317x317, monoe_by_kaname5-d368m1a.png)


File: 1351499474198.jpg (36.09 KB, 876x913, monoe24.jpg)


File: 1351499497247.jpg (131.31 KB, 600x600, monoe7.jpg)


File: 1351499575872.png (436.45 KB, 453x499, monoe36.PNG)


File: 1351499619917.jpg (230.41 KB, 671x900, monoe23.jpg)


File: 1354814266833.png (175.47 KB, 500x500, 31034925.png)

There's a fair amount on Monoe stuff pixiv. But indeed, she doesn't get that much attention compared to Mado and Monoko.


File: 1354814640092.jpg (305.41 KB, 541x765, 30810963.jpg)


File: 1354815147497.png (46.95 KB, 650x812, 30591853.png)


File: 1354815286264.jpg (115.84 KB, 572x618, 30480076.jpg)


File: 1354815838396.png (341.54 KB, 1024x768, 29749198_p0.png)


File: 1354815974193.jpg (148.74 KB, 480x640, 29139846_p0.jpg)



I quite like this rendition. Reminds me a lot of her in-game sprite.


File: 1375736254771.png (6.32 KB, 374x600, tumblr_mpqdf0b0pH1r9h4uoo1….png)


File: 1375736385811.png (1013 B, 200x200, tumblr_mk7n3grfva1qj1hlso6….png)


File: 1375750302235.png (124.49 KB, 480x640, 1259602746194112.png)


File: 1375750354995.jpg (199.99 KB, 993x1349, tumblr_modjvvl9Ww1rb2o8so1….jpg)


File: 1375750450668.png (13.43 KB, 267x299, tumblr_inline_moguurkNhc1q….png)


File: 1375750552650.gif (2.98 KB, 300x300, 48d07247b85a6d9fd5d5a4de23….gif)


File: 1375750658752.png (17.45 KB, 246x558, tumblr_inline_mputv9zPI81q….png)


Does anyone know the source of this image?


File: 1376284370282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.06 KB, 500x545, monoko_lel.jpg)

Premium Monoe Artwork


File: 1378485512100.png (101.05 KB, 550x660, vanishing_act___by_sam-ife….png)


File: 1378485574187.jpg (3.11 KB, 50x88, tumblr_inline_mlnw5l8ESB1q….jpg)


File: 1378485761291.png (42.92 KB, 250x705, tumblr_mda2zxb13v1rc3eopo1….png)


File: 1378485842220.jpg (76.85 KB, 600x572, 1282006192055.jpg)


File: 1378485915949.png (80.54 KB, 500x400, tumblr_m782xoiRrZ1ry7qdto2….png)


File: 1378486062343.gif (627 B, 50x50, monoe.gif)

I love her.


File: 1378486108228.png (14.5 KB, 114x124, tumblr_inline_msbf39O90l1s….png)


File: 1378486141849.png (68.1 KB, 498x660, tumblr_mgyp0lbH4e1rtvtmeo1….png)


File: 1378486166470.png (66.08 KB, 256x576, tumblr_mkabn18yCh1rbepafo1….png)


File: 1378486279239.jpg (98.06 KB, 595x842, tumblr_m7lpsnincb1r3g98bo1….jpg)


File: 1378486356381.gif (10.71 KB, 317x500, tumblr_lv8yf2j3AM1qzj3obo1….gif)


File: 1382542354448.jpg (137.4 KB, 1800x1012, 27580361.jpg)


File: 1382542452752.jpg (94.88 KB, 700x600, 29304103.jpg)


File: 1382542572186.jpg (90.36 KB, 640x480, 29139846_big_p1.jpg)


File: 1384631486488.jpg (36.41 KB, 250x317, image.jpg)

Close enough.


File: 1384635053621.jpg (68.28 KB, 500x616, 33939707_big_p7.jpg)


File: 1384635126737.png (119.85 KB, 510x800, tumblr_mw05jf4eDq1t0newzo1….png)


File: 1384635785893.jpg (47.03 KB, 426x561, 14801552.jpg)


File: 1384635825622.jpg (205.28 KB, 1357x2321, 38191926_big_p4.jpg)


File: 1384635865145.png (31.15 KB, 305x369, MonoeFullscreen.png)

I want to protect that smile.


File: 1384799381013.jpg (101.85 KB, 600x600, 6094222.jpg)


File: 1385844846415.jpg (91.67 KB, 600x600, 6418489.jpg)

Monoe a vandal.


It is my personal theory that Monoe is related to the worst experience Madotsuki ever had, because you actually have to stab a person to get to her. You don't have to use the Knife effect to clear the game. You could go on using it never. But you have to use it to trigger the FACE and Monoe events. For FACE, you have to stab a wall. For Monoe, you have to stab a NPC.


File: 1393211991123.jpg (171.42 KB, 700x700, image.jpg)


File: 1393294182737.jpg (220.74 KB, 850x850, image.jpg)


File: 1393296881990.jpg (48.18 KB, 480x812, image.jpg)

Monoe is tired of your shit and she needs a smoke.


File: 1393473553942.jpg (13.56 KB, 480x384, image.jpg)


File: 1393473683463.jpg (16.5 KB, 480x182, image.jpg)


File: 1398188701303.jpg (48.37 KB, 528x664, image.jpg)


File: 1402155759201.png (4.77 KB, 159x399, Monoe Base.PNG)




File: 1408752018904.jpg (7.5 KB, 160x316, untitled.jpg)

Fuck the op


File: 1408752498358.gif (381.61 KB, 320x176, tumblr_m9u355BBln1ryc527o2….gif)


File: 1411930370732.png (74.35 KB, 662x935, 45669028_p3.png)

Monoe a best


File: 1411931633996.png (149.17 KB, 666x1111, 42483974.png)


File: 1411931681039.png (407.63 KB, 1400x1000, 37294263.png)


File: 1411931841551.jpg (196.58 KB, 1500x1100, 38669997.jpg)


File: 1412496216372.png (69.43 KB, 480x640, 1260429336230678.png)


File: 1412497083693.jpg (754.89 KB, 1000x1300, 46256220.jpg)


File: 1412497194429.png (197.67 KB, 600x700, 44371996.png)


File: 1412497400942.png (47.96 KB, 865x717, 39893796.png)


File: 1412497745795.jpg (92.51 KB, 1000x1365, 37143318.jpg)


File: 1414291164871.png (1.01 MB, 2500x2000, 46714175_p0.png)


File: 1414291374970.png (615.36 KB, 769x1102, 46507459_p0.png)


File: 1415931421825.png (89.54 KB, 592x445, 44672648_big_p7.png)


File: 1415931455608.jpg (59.52 KB, 640x800, 15166834.jpg)


File: 1415931520405.png (7.12 KB, 256x445, tumblr_inline_ndf55uL29Z1r….png)


File: 1437337532658.jpg (312.6 KB, 777x1419, 51217924_p1.jpg)


File: 1445660978386.png (819.41 KB, 1280x1083, monoe transparent.png)


File: 1445723358197.png (790.76 KB, 1300x1600, 49168113_p0.png)


Bump, I don't have any Monoe on me right now.


Come on, Anon, I'm sure you can do better than that.


File: 1451763830595.gif (869.54 KB, 1024x768, monoe.gif)

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