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File: 1331921323511.jpg (90.28 KB, 359x240, nevada.jpg)


So, I just wanna share this little nugget of /t/ material with you guys.

In Sasebo, Nagasaki prefecture, Japan, a 12 year old schoolgirl, Satomi Mitarai (御手洗 怜美) was murdered by her 11 year old classmate with a utility knife.

So I saw the picture of the murderer and thought it looked a little bit like monoe. Especially the smile.


File: 1331921375876.jpg (20.9 KB, 497x349, tumblr_luw20hQlF61qefs8co1….jpg)

And here's a picture of Mitarai. Note the twin pigtails.


Plus the event occured 23 days before version 0.00 if Yume Nikki was released. Thoughts?




What does 23 have to do with anything?

Monoe and Modoka look like average Japanese kids. Minus the greyscale and extra limbs.

The story is fucked up though. There's no sources and I don't know much about YN to refute your implications that YN was inspired by it, but it seems like it could just be a coincidence. A cute adorable coincidence.


23 in particular doesnt really matter, I was just pointing out how Yume Nikki was made a short period of time afterwards. And how they look similar.


If I was better at writing this would make great creepy pasta.


>Monoe and Modoka look like average Japanese kids. Minus the greyscale and extra limbs.
>Monoe and Modoka look like average Japanese kids.
>Monoe and Modoka



Waiting for crossover fanart even though I don't watch Madoka


File: 1332255303374.png (199.08 KB, 400x343, tumblr_lorngg0M3p1qkt0ft.png)

Want a link to the ask blog I got it from??


I love you guys.

And sure go ahead.


She stopped awhile ago, but there's still some good stuff on it.


I saw something about nevada-tan yesterday on Da. It's scary, the resemblance.


It sort of saddens me how they made a girl who obviously isn't mentally right into a moe icon. I love yandere and yangire, but that was a real person. Someone actually died, and the girl who killed her… I won't say she is evil, but she needs serious help. I'm kind of scared that she's being released from prison next year.


I guess she's getting released from prison or whatever next year.


I'm pretty sure that's what >>196 said.


File: 1333840416242.png (212.13 KB, 500x700, tumblr_lw9ftsCBNM1qmifj7o1….png)

She was obviously taunted into it. Being harassed and psychologically tortured can bring out such a thing in a person. Yes, it was extreme of her, though in almost all school systems, their anti-bullying aspects are, well, full of shit. She also showed intense remorse directly after the crime, and is probably scarred from the whole incident.

am I the only one who wants a murderous wife?


Don't get me wrong, I understand that verbal abuse and taunting can really fuck up a person and bring out sides of themselves that they wouldn't otherwise show(While I've never been violent, I have discovered more angry parts of my personality), and I understand that bully systems are full of fucking shit and they don't think any of it is a huge deal until somebody ends up in the hospital(In second grade, this bitch kept telling on me for things I didn't do and kept telling me not to even look at her and tons of fucking bullshit), I'm just saying that she probably doesn't need people obsessing over something that probably fucked her up for life and having it all over the fucking internet. Also, her name was accidentally revealed, so tons of people will probably know about her past just from her name.

As for the murderous wife thing, while I would be a little scared to marry someone who was currently killing people, both for my own safety and for the sake of them possibly going to jail, but I wouldn't mind someone who used to kill people, and for a good reason. Like, for example, if they killed their parents because their parents beat them or something.


I can barely handle my own problems let alone that of someone who had to kill their parents.


I'd rather someone who killed people because they had to than someone who killed people just because they kind of felt like it.


Natsumi Tsuji has a possé.


File: 1337604442148.jpg (35.67 KB, 240x320, nevadatan.JPG)

Looked up the killer. Those twinbraids… wtf.


Holy shit

Madotsuki is Nevada







File: 1342168420404.jpg (544.3 KB, 1280x720, Yume Nikki 5.jpg)

This is Madotsuki…


File: 1342168504147.jpg (538.92 KB, 1280x1024, Nevada-tan wallpaper 2.jpg)

And this is Nevada-tan…

See the similarities?


File: 1342453751303.jpg (124.16 KB, 640x480, sa1675.jpg)

Edited. A brilliant edit, but, nonetheless, edited. Look at the face - it's taken from the infamous class photo. I wonder whose body that really is, and how she feels about being appropriated by a 2ch "Nevada-tan fan"?


File: 1387684260148.png (12.83 KB, 471x364, nasu__flash_port_from_yume….png)

i might just be looking too hard but
Natsumi Tsuji


File: 1387840253757.jpg (41.23 KB, 414x579, image.jpg)

Sorry, but you are. Nasu means 'eggplant' in Japanese. The chances of a name connection are none.


There is a thread containing some stuff on the /t/ board if it hasn't already been brought up http://uboachan.net/t/res/1688.html

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