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Has anyone here ever been obsessed with someone for no reason at all? Not in a crush-esque kinda way, just platonic, if that.

For example, I saw someone a while back on a Discord server and they're probably the only person who shares the same interests on the server as I do. I can't get them out of my head and am constantly thinking about doing stuff together. I've got a circle of friends already, but I just feel some sort of a special connection (?) to them. Am I becoming a creep or something?


That just seems like the beginning of a new friendship. It's not creep/stalker behavior in that context, but obviously it could develop into something unhealthy depending on what direction those thoughts take you.
To answer your first question, yes and no. I swore off thinking/worrying about other people ever again after I made the mistake of looking at this person's LinkedIn profile while I was NEET.


all the time, ill just absorb their interests and fantasize of talking to them about their interests but dont know how to, ill even find their facebooks for fun, is that weird, i just want to be dependent on someone


File: 1546933526348.jpg (212 KB, 1920x1080, amiretarded.jpg)

> after I made the mistake of looking at this person's LinkedIn profile while I was NEET
Why would that be a mistake?


It isn't logical to waste time agonizing over the personal achievements of someone who spends no time whatsoever thinking of you.


i get obsessive over nearly everyone if they talk to me often, either platonically or romantically, almost always the latter. i don't know how to deal with it, and i only understand it to a certain extent. i'm extremely dependent on other people, and i become a complete mess without someone to rely on. i just can't figure out how to live without someone else guiding me along and helping me and stuff like that


File: 1547317887285.jpg (892.95 KB, 600x750, sabi shock.jpg)

I share some of my classes with this seemingly autistic guy. Barely ever talks, no friends, leaves as soon as the situation allows, almost no internet presence, weird mannerisms. Only thing we clearly have in common is a surface-level interest, and even there our tastes diverge.

Seeing what an enigma of a person he is, and seeming like a person I could relate to well, I got it into my head that I had to get to know him and figure him out, that surely something good would come out of it, and so for a while I obsessed about him and paid attention to every minute detail of his existence from the side to write it down later, almost never actually interacting though, since I rarely got the opportunity, and embarrassed myself a shit ton. It got to the point where I hunted down the name of his high school and found old class photographs of him by meticulously going through the Facebook profiles of each student in his generation. Out of all of our interactions, there was only one time that we casually chatted, made jokes and laughed normally, the rest after that always ended on a sour, awkward note, if you could even call them interactions.

In the end, while I spent god knows how much time agonizing over him, he probably just thought I was a pest, considering his body language (which I interpreted as anxiety at first) and now thinks I'm a retard. In hindsight, I'm fucking disgusted with myself. OP, whatever connection you feel to this person, you're partly just deluding yourself. You don't know enough about them for it to be an indication of a good friendship. If you actually start talking to them it's entirely possible that you'll be disappointed like I was and lose interest. So steer yourself, I guess.

Other than that, I check the blog of this person that changes domain a lot every few months, just to see if I can find it again. When I first did it, they had an IP tracker and since mine was from a neighbouring country, they pegged me as a stalker and freaked out. I don't really care about the person themselves, though.


File: 1547342034994.png (346.33 KB, 609x800, 1547315194373.png)

sometimes i stumble upon low-viewed youtube videos made by people with disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy, etc) and i get this uncomfortable burning sensation that doesn't go away unless i check their channels/social accounts to make sure they're alright.
This feeling normally goes away after a couple of days, when i completely forget about them.


File: 1547344023062.jpg (287.99 KB, 850x1154, __original_drawn_by_wenqin….jpg)

Only schizos and manic depressives get my attention, and it's not because i'm worried e about them.


This post scares me slightly, since I'm sure your description of him is how I'm perceived and because there are a couple of people who occasionally engage with me just like you described. I interpreted it as pity before, now I'm worried that I've got some kind of "mysteriousness" to them.


In the past, I came across that way to some people. For most, it's more likely to be pity. Anon is just too used to stories about quiet people actually being something extraordinary.


Yeah. I just have to say: I'm so sorry.


Don't be, I'm sure >>5424 is right. I was just being dumb.


I do this all the time, probably cause autism

sometimes I stalk people I used to know's instagrams for a few hours at a time
there's this one person though that I've been obsessed with for almost two years now, some suicial NEET trans girl that sent in a bunch of questions to my friend on curiouscat for two weeks then just disappeared and never returned
I never even talked to this person but sometimes I feel like we would be really good friends


Tfw no cute girl stalker


tfw no cute guy or girl stalkee


File: 1567967565065.jpg (241.82 KB, 2048x2048, INLhRkjzCD.jpg)

When I was in school, I would obsess over girls I knew that mildly looked like anime characters. It wasn't sexual though, I just had this weird urge to hug them. It was the same feeling you feel when you find a new reaction image you like a lot.

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