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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1326327558351.png (2.91 KB, 225x137, machinegirl.png)


I think it's kinda sad when characters don't have names, so, let's name them! I think the Machine Girl should be named "Kinzoku-tan". Kinzoku is, according to many Google results, the Japanese word for Metal. (By the way, if you are naming a character, please try to attach a picture of them so that we know who it is)


We could also call her metal-tan


Hey OP, do you know why the majority of the Yume Nikki characters have Japanese fanon names?

The reason is because Yume Nikki established a large Japanese fanbase before it caught on with the English speaking interwebs, and the fan nicknames given to the characters are Japanese because the fans who coined the names were Japanese.

Now, just because that's the case for characters from a game whose popularity began with a large Japanese fanbase doesn't mean that every new character from a game that now has an international fanbase has to be given a fan nickname in Japanese; close out Google Translate and come up with something creative to call her, or just call her what she is; Mechanical Girl.


How 'bout Peggy? is that international enough?


Oh yeah, here we go again…

I find it amusing that many people with practically zero Japanese knowledge decide to give their fangame characters/other NPCs a Japanese name, but are too lazy to look up in a proper dictionary. So they end up using Google translate (or any other web-translator), and come up with words that are so over-complicated (or rarely used) they doesn't even make much sense to and actual Japanese speaker.



Dang it, Peggeh! Buaaaaah! Dammit, Dale!

Now, she looks very, very vaguely like Peggy Hill.


>>647 It wasn't just Google translator, but okay, whatevar. :"D


how dare people give japanese names to fangame characters made by japanese people

but no seriously im kind of tired of seeing people whine about that. Kinzoku/Metal/Mecha-girl sounds fine to me.


names are names, and as the fan community who finds no established names for characters we like, we can name them WHATEVER we like, for whatever reasons we like.
i think it's respectful to observe the origin (and continuity is cool as well though not required or even necessarily recommended by any means)but we dont have to if we dont want to.
we have the gift of being able to name it whatever we want for whatever reasons seem best/most enjoyable. take advantage of that.

this is a naming thread and not an elitism fight thread. so let's get on with the naming!

happy naming, guys!



You don't get it, do you? Giving Japanese names to them is not the problem. The problem is that many of these names are produced with online translators, and because of this, they are simply nonsense.

(The most obvious example of this is probably "Tasei-san", from YN.)

But don't get offended, this thread is a nice idea.


File: 1326436405433.png (1.33 KB, 46x68, thedoctor_or_DrAlbertLeewa….png)

Hmm, I see your point. Better brush up on my Japanese next time I want to come up with a Japanese name. /nods/

Anyways, name for "The Doctor".
I was thinking "Glasses-kun" since he has [sort of important] glasses; plus I just remember seeing it in an anime or videogame or something that I can't remember. xD
But, I'm pretty much joking.
Here's a slightly more creative, but possibly lame, idea; Dr. Albert Leeway. Think a moment…Okay I just named him after the "Alleyway Hospital".


Sorry to disappoint, but he already has a name: Doctor Ochki!

I love those names though, they're hilarious! xD


Always glad to be a source of humor. xD

>machine girl
I like "metal-tan" for some reason. I guess it sounds CUTE! X3


We should name her Monomech. It rolls off the tongue and it describes her perfectly, a monochrome mechanism.


Monomech sounds perfect to me, since she is, as you said a "Monochrome Mechanism." Though, I like a lot of the other names too.


File: 1326488474064.png (5.04 KB, 288x256, kaibutu.png)

sparked by >>644

since when is "gabe" an official name for this guy?
it's a nice name and all but there are a few connotations from how he got that name that could be a little… err, tarnishing, maybe.

moreover, should the individual kaibutu have names? they're rarely referred to beyond the collective.


i've no interest whatsoever in giving the above character some cutesie pseudo-japanese name and people are ultimately going to call her what they want
though monomech is clever and peggy is just funny

>>Sorry to disappoint, but he already has a name: Doctor Ochki!
ochki is a generally accepted fan name and is supposed to be russian (well isn't somebody thinking outside the box) for glasses
but you are free to call him what you want as well

>>since when is "gabe" an official name for this guy?
gabe is just somebody's rp character based on that particular kaibutsu
but he happened to get popular and is basically fanon in some circles



not official in any way or form. probably started by that flowstuck thing


Monomech sounds cool!
Makes me think she's gonna transform into a giant robot though. XD

Oh, so THAT's who "Gabe" is. Someone was mentioning a "Gabe" in the theories thread, but I couldn't figure out who it was.

> names for individual Kaibutsu
Well, I think they look distinguishable enough from each other to have their own names. I didn't get any ideas ready though (crap).
Uh, how about naming them after the main characters from Monster Buster Club? Which would be odd, because that would be like busting themselves.


>>should the individual kaibutu have names?
holeface eyeface mouthface


They will creep me out forever now.


How about something more name-y (is that a word)

I think we should have gender neutral name for the eye-face Kaibutsu, because it looks both like it could be either a boy or a girl, but I don't know any gender neutral names. :P

Maybe Eve for the one with pigtails? Perhaps the hole-face could have a male name, I see that particular one as a male because of his short-as hair.

[I in particular see the eye-face Kaibutsu as a female, if only because the hair sticking out of her side-sprite resembles a girl's hair, but that's just my view]

This is gonna become a Kaibutsu gender discussion thread now isn't it.


>>This is gonna become a Kaibutsu gender discussion thread now isn't it.
we already have one of those

i think this naming business is silly just call them what you want
i mean sometimes i like to think of mouthface as being named gabby because gabby = gab = gossip = big mouth but that's just for me (btw purely coincidence that gabrielle/gabby is the female version of gabriel/gabe)


I've heard that "Ashley" is gender-neutral (at least in England). I can't think of any other gender-neutral names.


You just reminded me of a good gender-neutral name! :D "Ashton"

But then what would we call holeface?

We have one? Do you mean the theories thread?


>>gender discussion thread


>go to babynames website
>select gender neutral names
there you go.


>How about something more name-y
>Shitai = Corpse
>Poniko = Ponytail Child
>Kyukyu-kun = Mr. Rub-Rub
>The thing with the quivering jaw

Fans have a history of giving characters names that aren't "name-y".


>>660 I thought Gabe was the Kaibutsu at the Sugar Hole? o.o


to be clear on the source: "Gabe" was originally the name of a certain tumblr roleplay interpretation of said kaibutu. said interpretation is rather… iffy, to avoid outright insult. fags around here probably would have liked it


Which is exactly what I mean by giving something more name-y.


>>658 That's actually a lot more fitting than my idea, Kinzoku-tan. I think I might call her that from now on. :"3


File: 1326708148637.png (1.81 KB, 144x64, face_monsters_(hole-eye-mo….png)

> Kaibustu names
Well, using references from baby naming websites *cough*, I tried to find some fitting names for the Kaibutsu:

- holeface
Name: Zero (same as 0)
Gender: Male
Meaning: Nothing, Empty, Void
Origin: Greek and/or Arabic
Used In: No info, but obviously English speaking countries.
I couldn't find a name for "hole", so I went with "empty" instead. Not only is "holeface's" face empty (sort of), but it looks like a zero.

- eyeface
Name: Sheridan (pronunciation: SHARE ih dun)
Gender: Unisex
Meaning: To seek, seeker [and/or] Long lived treasure
Origin: Irish and/or Gaelic
Used In: English speaking countries.
I didn't bother go the literal route, and search for "eye", since holeface didn't get his. Eyes = see[k], goes well if it's "seeker"; "long lived treasure"? not so much.

- mouthface
Name: Chiku (pronunciation: CHEE koo)
Gender: Female
Meaning: Talks a lot, Talker; one who chatters
Origin: Swahili
Used In: African and Swahili speaking countries
Well, mouths talk.

I think the meanings fit, but I was pretty much only going for meaning. The names and their origins may or may not be fitting…
Plus, there's different info on different names depending on where you look.

I think I just wasted 2 hours. (-_-)


It's not good, but it's a hell of a lot better than calling one of them "Gabe". At least you're trying.


OK, I'm calling the Kaibutsu these from now on. Thank you very much~! ♪


Since my first idea, Kinzoku-tan, didn't do so well- how about Shihana? (Sorry that I only do Japanese names, I have made a lot of OCs, so I have used a lot of English names, and I wouldn't feel right naming a character from a game even though I've used the name for something else) for the Flower Girl? Shi is Dying, and Hana is Flower. Or, dead flower, Shindahana.



lol said they were all female though.


What shall we call Holeface, than?


Source or it never happened. Seriously that has been said multiple times and no one posted a single source so I'm calling bullshit.


I never actually saw it(I am not the poster of >>703), but I heard somewhere on the .Flow wiki that it was said in an interview on a Japanese website, and I think there was a link. Not 100% sure where though.


Well…I'm sure Zero can work for girls too (sort of). (-_-')

> Source or it never happened.
That is the BEST creedo to live by. (O_O) Area 51 agrees (of course (>.>) ).

> no one posted a single source so I'm calling bullshit
I agree…Until I see said source.

I'm sure they had a reason for calling him "Gabe"……(-_-)Hmm.
But at least I can say these names have meanings.
I don't think they're that good either though (kind of half-half for me).

At least someone benefits from my research. Spread the word! HAHAHA! xD ….yeah. Go Sheridun!


I'm personally probably going to be calling Mouthface Razor. I dunno, I felt she needed something more badass.


Or, even better- Razorface!


Ohh, okay. From now on, I guess I'll just think of the Kaibutsu as whatever genders sound right.


Reposting >>712 because I messed up my trips badly

Unfortunately no, there was never a link to that interview on the wiki either. I remember deleting it a month or two ago since there wasn't any sort of information that confirmed it

In fact, having researched and posted quite a good bit of information for that wiki, my most honest opinion is that you should currently not use it for much outside of finding directions and looking at obscure game mechanics. Everything from location/effect names, to trivia, to "facts" like this rumor have been changed by this Silverine guy, who (I can only imagine) is changing everything according to what he believes, and the names he calls areas. Without an admin there's not much to be done about it, either, so I won't bother going into a pointless edit war

Either way, it's really easy for people to get carried away and spread rumors like that, especially when they want others to share their beliefs. We had the Mother rumor before, and now there's this "lol said every Kaibutsu was female" rumor. Bottom line is, one should be sure to double-check when such an undeniably reliable piece of information comes into play, as it may not be reliable at all


File: 1326948868028.png (3.12 KB, 242x189, flower.png)

>mother rumour
i'm sorry for that! OTL


i've always mentally referred to him/her as "gardenhead". mostly because [URL] sort of strikes similar imagery in my mind as the scene of the person entangled in the vines where you get the flower menu, and because no one's really referred to him/her as otherwise. also, for whatever reason, i think that he/she and apartment guy are the same person, mostly because of a first-glance sort of thing. plus, it could easily be construed that way if you compare the two and consider how much lol's spriting has improved since whatever version the apartment guy first appeared in (as far back as i've played).



Hahaha come on Canta, you know I wasn't talking about you. You were a victim, not the culprit

Regarding the walking gardener, the debug room still has one, which means lol didn't delete it for some reason

This can hardly be taken as proof, of course, but I don't think he would have kept the sprites and the event if he didn't intend to use them anymore


File: 1327008790850.png (6.1 KB, 297x397, fl2.png)


about indisputably the same as the apartment one.

(apparently you can't put links in the email slot anymore. pooh. http://youtu.be/LO-zSxWRSVI was the inspiration for the name)


Should we give individual names to the Hospital Children?


File: 1327631410994.png (1.39 KB, 110x135, Poison.png)

I want to call this one Poison, because it seems like it could have infected the others. Because, it's pretty odd that it's one of the very few that has no blood or injury on them.


File: 1327631880008.png (1.32 KB, 110x130, Doku.png)

This one is also fairly little to no blood, and black hair. It could have been Poison's twin, so let's call it Doku, the Japanese word for twin. Atleast, I think I'll call it that for now. Maybe someone else can think of something better.


File: 1327634492641.png (1.57 KB, 105x155, Hospital.png)

I can't think of a good name for this one. Anyone else?


How about: Kansen which means infection


also if you dont like the first name, then i want to suggest another: Kyūkan which means Urgent Patient


File: 1327639350191.png (1.59 KB, 110x150, Kyukan.png)

Oooh, I like Kansen. Maybe Kyukan could be this one?


File: 1327639950652.png (690 B, 39x31, FuTari.png)

Maybe the two sprites of school children could be Fu(The girl) and Tari(the boy)? It's the word "Futari" being split into two, and it means "Two people".


File: 1327640019300.png (1.96 KB, 195x155, FuTari.png)

I just realized I forgot to re-size the image.


Or maybe, it could be "Gakusei"(The Japanese word for Student) split in two. The boy could be Gaku, and the girl could be Sei.


Back to the Kaibutsu, maybe Holeface, instead of Zero, could be Kootta? It's the Japanese word for Frozen, and, since Zero is the temperature where things start freezing…? Maybe it's kind of stupid, but, it was just an idea.


> patient names
I don't know. I think those names are based too much on theory like stuff (then again, they are in a "hospital" where infections might be).
Maybe the names should be based on something that at least seems obvious (such as them being "patients", not that that's confirmed or anything).
Those names for the patients so far sound pretty good to me though, I'll give you that. =3

> student names
Ooo, I like this one.

> holeface as "Kootta"
It's kind of weird getting a name from a name, but I guess we could say "his/her/whatever face looks like a "0", so then we name 'em Kootta since zero is around the temperature it starts freezing". The name itself sounds pretty good anyways.
It'd be nice to get the other Kaibutsu Japanese names as well, to go with this one.


Well, eyeface could be Ore, since that is basically the Japanese word for "I", and since Eye and I are homophones.


I mean, we could use Watashi or Boku too, but, Ore sounds the most name-ish.


Ore is the masculine form of "I" just so you guys know.


Although I think I see skirts on them, there is still no proof yet that they are all girls. Eyeface seems to be the most androgynous of them though, so, Ore might sound weird…. Then again, I like weird.


If you ask me, I think the patients shouldn't really have names. They are small, largely insignificant and they don't trigger anything when you set upon them. Personally, I'd call them things like "Patient #21", to preserve that insignificance, so they remain as dead patients who were neglected.


I dunno, I feel like the feeling the game gave me was terror, not loneliness. Nameless or numbered people would be more fitting for Yume Nikki, which did actually give me a feeling of loneliness.


That's a good point, Anon. And while you do feel paranoid and sometimes sheer terror, you do have to take note of that they are generally faceless entities, simply there.
Once again though, you do have a valid point.


> eyeface as Ore
That sounds pretty name-like to me.
Well…I wonder what "mouthface" could possibly have in store.

> patient names
Maybe we could give them scary numbers attached to the word "patient", like Patient #13, #23, #4, #6, etc.
What's a scary number? Any number that has scary stuff related to it of course.


Maybe the ones I suggested be called Poison and Doku could be #666 and #999 or something. Or, maybe #66 and #6 would be better. I dunno.


File: 1330677706577.png (969 B, 86x142, skirt kaibutsu.png)

Just mentioning again with the Kaibutsu are girls thing earlier, while I can't find it in any interviews, if you look at the sprites, it does stick out in such a way that it is either:
1. A skirt
2. MC Hammer pants
3. The Kaibutsu have really huge boners



that's how all the mado-based sprites are


File: 1330730315589.png (1.91 KB, 159x216, smile.png)

He did have sprites with pants though, so, he could have made pants.


File: 1330736713239.png (5.98 KB, 299x478, smileyboy.png)


or smile is just a skinny bitch

i'd like to take this opportunity to point out he has a hood umm?


…So wait- all of the other .Flow characters have obese upper-legs but skinny lower legs? Wat.
Anyways, I thought that was more of a collar-type thing(The kind that vampires have. The non-Twilight ones.) than a hood.


>…So wait- all of the other .Flow characters have obese upper-legs but skinny lower legs? Wat.
I believe it is what people call a "skirt," as if it wasn't obvious enough.


….I already mentioned in >>1018 that it was a skirt, someone said that that was how all Yume Nikki fangame pants looked, so I pointed out a picture of Smile to show how pants are supposed to look, and someone replied with that Smile could just be skinny, so I was assuming they meant that is the reason he has pants-ish looking legs, and so I thought they were trying to imply that the Kaibutsu had fat legs, but it wouldn't look right.
tl;dr I knew it was a skirt all along.


Or Smile just wears tight pants and the other characters without skirts wear baggy pants.


I mentioned that in >>1069
But, that was a joke. Why would they be REALLY poofy at the top but then quickly get narrow at the bottom?


File: 1331356434547.jpg (30.66 KB, 400x400, ham.jpg)


Black shorts, black socks.


Fuck you man GOD DAMN IT is the best name


But they look almost the same as Sabi's skirt. It wouldn't have been very hard to make them thinner and appear to be more shorts-like.


It's kinda odd to have things really name-y when there are thousands of names that wouldn't really have anything to do with the characters. Most of the facts about the characters are fanon.




Kaobutsu(Kao = Face)
Kuchibutsu(Kuchi = Mouth)
Mebutsu(Me = Eyes)


File: 1332885971800.gif (18.32 KB, 60x104, skeleton4.gif)





>> 655

I actually call him Specks XD
It started out as a joke nickname…but then it just kind of grew on me, so I refer to him as Specks now.


Read that as homophobes. Oops


Smile has a popped collar indicating him being a swag fag, duh.


i jsut wante dto say that i ws the rper for "Gabe" on tumblr back in 2011. I name dhim Gabe because of a really good frined of mine acted similar to teh way i was portrying jim ata the time, so. theres that. I don really like people/.flow fandom using the name Gabe for the bar-butsu nymore but i guess when things stick they stick.
sorry to all though, also adding onto the fact i was 14 at the time everything was stupid. trust me everything.


Are you alright, buddy?


sorry! I typo a lot..
so sorry.
im fine. but yeah
i named bar-butsu gabe and i regret doing so.



i was the original twintails with y'all
you should be sorry that was atrocious i take back the earlier theead comment about avoiding insult
that entire thing was atrocious

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