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OLD THREAD: http://uboachan.net/archive/flow/res/1097.xhtml

it is recommended that you skim prior discussion before posting

but don't let that stop you
theories gogo
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Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before because Old Thread has 404'd, not quite sure how it would fit in with the other theories, but in the back alley where you get the handgun, if you walk to face the fence Sabitsuki's eyes take on the appearance as if she had the tattoo effect on, and then if you put the tattoo effect on, one of her eyes gets outlined with red.
Maybe it has to do with a violent past, or possibly even linking with the theory the handgun came to be in the dumpster after a murder, and the red eye Sabitsuki gains when looking at the fence could signify the location of the shot, or that the killer/victim was someone who wore a tattoo similar to the effect.
That or it could just be a side-effect of the fence sprite mixing with Sabitsuki.


I don't have much to say about this, but I just had to point out that it kind of freaked me out when I found that.



'Densen' means 'power line' (well, looking at the picture, it's not really surprising), but strangely enough, when written in a different way, it means 'infection'.


So, I guess this means that we have slightly more proof pointing to any disease-related theories.


File: 1330925743618.png (2.56 KB, 97x379, gui.png) ImgOps Google

Does anyone have any theories about why, in the sprite sheets, the blue girl is located right under the guillotine? Just wondering.


File: 1330927417737.jpg (178.03 KB, 1280x2960, 25theffect.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

There have been many theories on what the various endings mean, but I feel these are inaccurate. Why? They all fail to take into context the reason why Sabi would be on the school rooftop for the later endings. The reason for this is very simple. As indicated by ending #1, In all three endings Sabi is preparing to commit suicide. However, whereas in in ending #1 (real life) she is successful, in endings #2 and #3 she is prevented because she is still in .flow

Many people see the similarities between endings #2 and #3 and think they are the same. This is incorrect,they actually reflect two differing outcomes. Let me demonstrate:
>In ending #2 the cleaner appears and waits for a prolonged period of time
>In ending #3 the cleaner appears and almost immediate draws her chainsaw

Not the same. What is happening here is the following
>in ending #2, Sabi is not corrupted, therefore the cleaner simply takes her away
>in ending #3, Sabi is completely consumed by rust, therefore the cleaner cripples her first and then takes her away

I've heard some interpretations say that endings 2 and 3 happen in real life.Absolutely not. Everything about the rust chapter indicates Sabi is actually trapped in .flow. Consider:
>the fact that to enter rust you have to enter the computer screen
>the fact that Sabi "fades out" in the rust chapter rather than pinching her cheek
>the fact that right before .flowbeet in ending #3 we see a flash of rust/static
If I had to guess, I would say the cleaner is a physical embodiment of .flow. Either it is trying to keep Sabi alive out of sympathy, or trying to keep her as a vessel for rust. In either case, it is actually preventing her from killing herself.

Most theories try to suggest Sabi is ill to begin with, but this really neglects the centrality of her computer/.flow in accelerating this illness. It is not insignificant that ending #3 places the entry to rust directly where Sabi's computer once was.
>If I had to guess, I would say the events of .flow actually are of Sabi being subsumed by the computer/rust to the point she is unable to leave.

Admittedly, I am unsure how to plug in many of the other events in .flow with this basic ending structure, but I feel the basic facts of the event speak for themselves here.


This is a pretty interesting and well-thought theory. I hope that the rest of the thread and maybe myself can fill in the gaps though of what is unexplained(Smile/Sister/Oreko/Doctor/Nurse/ect)


File: 1330931933666.jpg (43.73 KB, 500x666, funny-dog-pictures-at-firs….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Very nice. I think you may have something there.


It's probably just a coincidence and nothing else.


Everything is worth looking into.


Maybe Smile, Sister, and Oreko were supposed to convince Sabitsuki to come back. Smile, the perfect guy, Sister, the girl who wouldn't let her have him, and Oreko, the really great friend, were all to encourage her to keep using .flow.


Over-analyzing things is stupid


In your opinion.


>Sister theories


I feel like anything could have a purpose. I mean, he did take the time to draw the Sister sprites.


I haven't heard enough theories about the Red Demons.


Well personally I always just thought of them as a respresentation of Rust breaking down Sabi.


File: 1331072170637.png (48.3 KB, 500x500, Hurpadurp.png) ImgOps Google

Hey guys, I just found out that the word "sabi" means "rust."

…this explains a lot.


File: 1331074464571.jpg (35.32 KB, 258x367, punch the internet.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1331076794219.jpg (58.02 KB, 533x401, TrollToDoList.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I lol'd. Seriously though, I actually didn't know that until today. DERP DERP DERP.


File: 1331077500173.jpg (74.12 KB, 600x450, FlapjackDrBarberBlindnessY….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

What about theories about the Doctor and his Nurse?

As a character and a supposed doctor, I always found him to be very lackadaisical. Notice how he never ever acknowledges Sabitsuki. Everything she does, no matter what effect she does, he doesn't do anything. Just sits in that chair, as if dancing in his chair or spout off things to placate the patients or their families.

The only time he finally acknowledges Sabi is when she brings out her lead pipe. Suddenly faced with the prospect of being attacked, he backs up, tries to get away.

Maybe the doctor wasn't telling Sabi everything, he was just blowing her off and she got sick of it and decided to attack him unless he gave her answers or told her the truth?


File: 1331080027173.png (23.26 KB, 649x259, cokic.png) ImgOps Google

The doctor was simply too busy flailing his arms around like an idiot to answer her questions and she flipped shit one day.

There's probably a more dramatic way to say that but for the life of me I just can't think of it at the moment.

Pic unrelated




i think the doctor/ochki/whatever ended up making the rust disease cause of all those dead children in his basement goddamn

or maybe he was just a really shitty doctor because sabi couldn't afford a better one


People make a big deal out of this guy, but he is really a pretty insignificant character. You know how Yume Nikki had tons of cryptic-yet-insignificant characters added to make regions more interesting? Yeah. It is exactly like that.

The children in the downstairs hospital ward are dead because that region is the gateway to rust, still in incubation. Don't believe me? You can actually go to the end of the corridor where the final door should be, stab it with the pipe, and BAM you'll get a rust blur onscreen.


Never though I'd say this about .flow's theory thread, but I'm actually glad this thread is autosaging.

I always looked forward to checking out the old ubuuchan's .flow theory thread, it just had so much discussion of whatever ideas people put on the table. Not to mention they really put their thoughts "on the table", as in up for discussion.

This thread has simply become a series of posts stating the poster's views as fact. I don't know if the fandom suffered some sort of massive quality drop in the past few months, or if the old thread's success was something temporary, like a golden age before breaking down into an almost /t/-like state.

Point is, I don't look forward to checking back on this thread anymore as of late. Don't thinking I'm alone on this, either.


Man, why do you have to be like that.


Don't take it the wrong way man. It's not like I'm blaming anyone in particular for this.

But really, look at the old thread. Just read it, or at least the last 50/100/200/whichever amount of posts you want to read. Then read this one. Can you really say you don't agree with what I said? Do you really think the degree of quality between the two can be compared at all? I dunno what the cause is, really. But the truth is the thread took a sharp fall, so much so that the big names of the previous thread abandoned it. Or maybe it's because they abandoned it that it went downhill, who knows.


Well gee buddy I'm sorry I can't just poop out theories. I am not a computer. My digestive system's only objective is to poop waste, not theories. I will try harder to poop a theory maybe if I write a theory that sabi writes fanfics about people pooping while trying to figure her life out it'll happen.


File: 1331187746613.png (4.62 KB, 298x290, HerpDerp.png) ImgOps Google

That made me laugh harder than it probably should have.


Point proven.


File: 1331338893170.jpg (55.33 KB, 548x604, yes.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The only cure to Sabi's disease is Rust-eze.


File: 1331365471741.jpg (30.21 KB, 604x428, OhYou2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I think you want this thread:



You know that black haired girl? Not the blue girls or Sister, but the one that was supposed to be the original Sabi or something.
Maybe she's a teenage girl who played Yume Nikki and wrote a fanfic about it, and .Flow is her fanfic.


I'm sure this has been proposed before:

Smile was a friend who infected Sabitsuki with Rust. The gang tattoo symbolizes her inclusion in the group after she was affected. Not to mention, the tattoo effect is located on the rooftop, with a large, dramatic-looking Smile.

Sabitsuki would obviously feel betrayed by him for infecting her, which would explain the "malicious Smile" you get after attempting to hit him with the pipe.

Sister's Drawn Picture: Sister didn't like Sabitsuki and felt she'd received her comeuppance for being close to Smile by getting infected. This theory is only based off how damned evil her drawn picture looks and her clingy personality.


Also, I've got a theory about Sabitsuki's living conditions:

She escaped from a quarantine section or hospital. There's a room beside the hospital, a pitch black maze, where you'll run into flickering, beeping monsters. I believe they represent on-call nurses or guards that Sabitsuki avoided while escaping the hospital. Similarly, in the "change graphics" room, there is a single cage with the bars busted out, which suggests that either Sabitsuki, the Kaibutsu behind the counter, or Smile had broken out of the cage.

If the cage also represents Sabitsuki's escape from the hospital, her living in squalor would be explained.

The problem with this theory is that, if Sabitsuki's not being monitored, how would she get the oxygen tanks she's shown to have after reaching 200+ on the Erosion Counter? Internet's plausible, but oxygen tanks? Maybe the dark maze just represented a feeling of being watched.


Created a new thread because the other thread seems to have been discredited of value by posters. But then I got bashed for it, so here.

So…I spent the last 4 hours skimming through both theory threads. Although I couldn't read it all thouroughly I can add that it seemed that there were several

theories but the most predominant one was the "Sabi is phisically ill". Afaik hello never provided his master theory, correct me if I'm wrong, so the majority of

people playing this game believe or support the "Sick theory", which seemed midway to what hello was going to provide.
I wanted to present a similar theory to the one presented by Night
( archive.uboachan.net/flow/res/1097.xhtml#1652 ) insteado of the regular "Sick Theory" route. I would like to begin for saying that I'm sorry for not being

able to read both threads to the fullest so could be sure that my theory was on the same level has the ones with less holes in it. I would also like to remark that

I wrote this before reading any theory, but after writing it I read what I could (on tvtropes, here and the wiki) to ensure that it was at least something different

and plausible, than what the rest presented.

I wrote this a month ago and will try to explain why I theorized the following text. If anything is amiss it might be because I forgot to write it on the papers, and

if so I'm terribly sorry >__<


Satsuki was trapped in some kind of mental maze. Level 0 of this maze would be a replica of her own bedroom. Using the computer we can get to Level 1, this

level being comprised of several floors and possibly 3 or 4 areas representing different sections of her life. Inside this level we would find certain people that

were part of her life. As we regain the several effects (that work as part of her memories) and travel around the world activating events (that act as

experiences she had), we end up being able to leave Level 0 through the door. As the situation changes, so does what happens in the end, but this event

should be repeated until Satsuki's mind is free. To achieve this she has to discard all her effects (memories) and becoming Rust. Rust can only travel through

Level 2, an outlandish place where the memories or thoughts that are blocking Satsuki, exist. The aggressiveness of this world can be thought of as a desire to

repress such memories (as it can be seen in the Slime Event). If the repress memories aren't found and one should simply exit through Level 0, a character

that exists to guide Satsuki, the Maid, will kill us. After our death we'd just end up being reintroduced again as Satsuki, in Level 0, so that we could redo

everything again and find what is repressing us.
When we discover everything, Level 2 presents us with a new door. This door indicates that the repression was caused because of Satsuki's

existence, and so Rust has to kill her.
After Satsuki has been killed, we wake on Level 0, as Rust, and we can leave through the door, where we'll be killed by the Maid, because Rust had stop being

limited by Satsuki and so began to transform into a Kaibutsu (one could even say that she was even more hostile, since she even attacks the "defense systems"

created by Satsuki's unconscious, like the Maids and possibly the Kaibutsu).
With the destruction of this Rust, Satsuki wakes up with all her memories and experiences back and with a certain determined comprehension of

what happened to her while she was on that state, and with the acceptation of her existence and some things that happened. In the end we can see Oreko,

whom is obviously important, and the Maid biding is farewell as we enter life as a renewed Satsuki, happily listening to some music.

P.S.: She might or might not be dead, but it makes less sense she being dead.


How i got that ^ :

Facts: If you equip the Pipe, the Doctor runs from you. The nurse only looks at you after you kill him.
There's a Plant-Nurse in the "Plant-Vital World"
Parade Hospital with People Alive has Blue Girl on a bed in the second door. (You can go to that secret door as Rust, to collect the empty box, and

inside there's a blown Blue Girl)
Blood Puddle World has a dead Blue Girl and 6 people looking at her.
Oreko's machine is similar to the machine we need to enter to get to the place with Oreko+Satsuki.
Everyone laughs at her in the City.
There's an unreachable Kaibutsu in the School. There may be in the future a warp to reach it.
Hitting the Kaibutsu in the Black Warp World ("inside" Flesh World) will make Red Demons and Kaibutsu appear and changes the section with the 3

types of warps. -> There are only Red Demons inside the Flesh World.
Footprint Path has 3 types of footprints - Cat, Human and Rhombus (maybe Machine Effect style?)
Saves are .lsd
Satsuki sits. Rust doesn't.

If we look at the map as place that exists in a space and try to imagine what floor everything is on, considering Nexus as Floor 0 we have the following:
Hell 2 - Floor -6
Industrial World 1 and Sewers - Floor -5
Ocean 5 (Stick portal, stairs to Hell Pier, with the fishing dood)- Floor -4
Rust Pier - Floor -4
Bar Corridor - Floor -3
Mouth World Strange Tree (that "tree" "inside" Flesh World) - At least Floor -4
Industrial World 2 - Floor -4/-5
Machine Girl World - Floor -2/-3

Theory - Several layers of consciousness. The easier places to get to would be the most similar to the real life ones.
The "Strange Tree" appears in the route to get the True Ending, before the final door.
The warp you need to take to get to the "Strange Tree" in the Flesh World resembles a bloodied Satsuki head with red horns.

Effects Theory - based on where you get them or on what they are or transform you into

Iron Pipe - Weapon/Gang Weapon
Diving Helmet - Friendship/Comfort
Machine -
Dress - Blue Girl's death
Plant - Things she liked(?)
Broom and TV - Nice memories
Arms - (Feeling) Secure
Ghost and Water Canister - Cemetery
Black Hood - Hiding
Gun - Scare off / Breakdown
Uniform - School (no shit)
Tattoo - Gang
Slime -
Mono Eye - Breaking Down
Cat - Friend / Freedom
Psy - Experiments (with drugs)
Tumbling Doll - Something that occurred
Gas Mask -
Whistle - Making people relate with her
Viscera - Memory of what happened to Blue Girl
Headphones - Good memories / Time alone
Corpse - Future? What she thinks will happen to her/what she thinks she deserves

Extrapolations -

The Blue Girl was bullied. In the end she committed suicide.

Shape-able Memory -> Kaibutsu - Defense 1
Negative Response - > Red Demon - Defense 2
Fear - Corruption - Defense 3
Desire - Rust + Corruption - Defense 4

We're Oreko (in the past) or maybe she's part of us?
Satsuki might have done something or seen something being done to the Blue Girl in the School basement. After Blue Girl's suicide Satsuki was in shock and

Oreko came to exist, helping her mentally.
Support to what matters to Satsuki -> 3 Empty Boxes. School, Blue Girl blown, Orange Stairway (Oreko)
The Blue Girl may have been pregnant and the Doctor might be connected with that. ( The Doc rapped her./The Doc wouldn't let her have an abortion./The doc

knew something or did something that lead to the Blue Girl's death.)
Most likely, Satsuki knew the Blue Girl. Blood Pool World might be proof.
If we look at the map as evidence of something - going Left, places related with the Past. Going Up, places related with the Past-Reason to why Satsuki is

there. Going Right, Present-Reason to why Satsuki is there.
Could Oreko be the Blue Girl? Or maybe the Machine Girl? The last connection would make more sense.
Maids are protecting Satsuki from here inherent problem. Could they represent Nurses?
Did she suicide?
The Mono Eye is bad - Red Eye World leads to Corrupt School
School Basement -> Mono Eye (Empty Box)

Canta - >created a new thread because EVERYBODY ELSE IS WRONG BUT ME

Not really? From what I've read the sick theory is like a direct approach to the question with some holes. The rest had some ideas, and like I said I liked the other post, although it had some holes too. I wanted to read hello's theory since it seem to had a lot of work put into, but alas it was impossible.


Yeah, I shitted up your thread.Yeah, you deserved it.

This thread is long dead, maybe post in the new one?



That's the new one? I had read some posts but hadn't understood… Thanks for the tip, I'll read the new one to check.


yo just wanted to say that "oreko" can be written as おれ子 which would translate to "my child" roughly…someone else probably pointed this out but i cannot be bothered with looking through all this
so i dunno
make of it what you will


File: 1364960928108.gif (896.42 KB, 272x209, oh.gif) ImgOps Google


gee wow baselessly rude much ):


Here's my theory.

I. Introduction.

Coma(deep sleep) state is similar to depression state that loweres the RAM(random-access memory) efficiency.

Sabitsuki's "sessions" are a metaphor of her fight with coma because the deeper she gets in her "sessions"- the more efficient her RAM is.

For the sake of consistency I picked all of the names from wikidot wiki about .flow.

If you didn't get something- ask me.

II. Effects.

Effects are manifestations of feelings or desires.

Arm- safety.

Black hood- isolation.

Broom- irreality.

Cat- irreality.

Corpse- death.

Diving helmet- isolation.

Dress- guilt.

Gas mask- isolation.

Ghost- belifes.

Handgun- isolation.

Headphones- isolation.

Iron pipe- cool.

Machine- irreality.

Mono eye- truth.

Plant- pain.

Phycedelic- irreality.

Slime- helplessness.

Tatoo- cool.

Television- irreality.

Tumbling doll- helplessnes.

Uniform- cool.

Viscera- helplessness.

Watering can- pain.

whristle- control.

III. Attitude.

Attitude towards interior and exterior.

Charlote- homelessness.

City dwellers- people.

Doctor and nurse- personnel.

Eye and mouth monsters- insanity.

FC witch- NPCs.

Flower girl- pain.

Hospital childrenn- herself.

Hovering screens- insanity.

Neon world creatures- forced cheerfulness.

Orange jelly- forced cheefulness.

Red things- pain.

School children- killed ones.

Black-haired girls- mother.

Demon Sabitsuki- "deep sleep" Sabitsuki.

Gas mask maids- nurse.

Kaibutsu- punishment.

Little Sabitsuki- past one/state.

Metal-tan- dead end.

Oreko- imaginary friend.

Red deamons- pain.

Rust- "true" Sabitsuki.

Sabitsuki- "false" Sabitski.

Sister- killed one.

Smile- killed one.


IV. Mind.

All of the areas are connected through logic.

Alleyway hospital- a place there her pregrant mother and when she stayed.

Apartments- apartment location.

Bone maze- taken away from her mother's corpse.

Children's hospital- halfway of the painful end of pregrancy.

City coast- living/entering a cheerfull state.

Dark corridors- forced isolation.

Decaying art gallery- insanity.

Deranged mouth world- painful end of pregrancy/beginning of pregrancy.

Famicom world- famicom games.

Flesh walls- path outside/inside.

Footprint path- phycosis.

Geometry world- logical conclusions.

Ghost garden- bloomed pain.

Hell- beliefes.

Hospital- beeing transfered to some hospital room.

Hotel- business.

Industrial maze- searching for truth.

Industrial snow world- heavy guilt.

Isometric pathway- being reanimated.

Microscopic world- growing in the mother's womb.

Monochrome world- dead end.

Nexus- 0 dynamics.

Neon world- forced cheerfulness.

Orange stairway- pointless/persistent search for truth.

Overgrown islinds- conclusion pain.

Pipe world- forgotten guilt and cool.

Plant labirinth- painful isolation.

Plant labirinth(past)- isolation's memories about birth.

Prison- guilt.

Phycedelic streets- city.

Red end blue world- rithm heartbeat what is remembering of birth.

Rainbow maze- cheerful isolation.

Red eye world- insanity.

Red body - birth.

Ruins- famicom games.

Rusted picture world/Sugar hole painting- nurce's image.

Rusty pier- forgetting/remembering about school.

Sabitski's room- the area Sabitsuki knows best.

School- a place there she was studing

Sewers- hopelesness.

Slum- guilt.

Star world- beliefes.

Sugar hole- abandoning hopelesness.

Underwater- isolation.

Underwater temple- forced isolation.

White maze- forced isolation.

White world- pointless time after reanimation.

Corrupted school- guilt.

Rut corridor- the end of deep sleep.

V. Life.

By connecting the Effects, Attitude and Mind with logic Sabitsuki's whole life is revealed.

Although Sabitski's baby body was living fine, the end of pregrancy lead to her mother's death and some phisical trauma to her.She actually remembered all of the pain that was in the proccess of birth because baby's brain is VERY sesitive to pain.She remembered the scream of her mother the most.

Fortunatly for her, she was treated for a long time. She doesn't remember for how long because you don't have time to remember such things.

Eventually she started to go to school. At some time she was picked up in there. "Smile" "defended" her. "A lie it was"- she rechonized. And so she killed everyone she could there, but the most memorable people there "Smile" and his relative "Sister" because she wanted to be cool like him.

She was found to be the killer, but she got spared because of her age and mental state.

She started to live a life there she didn't trust anyone. The only option for her was prostitution. Somehow she got an apartment and all those things she have there in the game.

She wanted to forget herself and tried diffrent ways of doing so. But her memories of past chaught her.

Unable to resist she entered the coma state.

In this state she is fighting with the coma with three conclusions after she finds all the connections(effects) of her life(the "gore demo" is the proof of this).

In the first she dies from her deep sleep by a suicide metaphor.

In second she dies from her deep sleep by having a phycosis metaphor the she wanted to commit suicide.

In third she dies in reality after waking up and going to the rooftop to end her life. But she had a phycosis instead and ended up with an imaginary pain shock.


Fucking up you go!






File: 1408198661923.png (88.86 KB, 330x328, funstopshere.png) ImgOps Google

It looks like this thread's already reached auto-sage, anon. It can no longer be bumped.


Thanks for the info.

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