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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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lol recently set up a new homepage for his games, which naturally include .flow.

In addition to this, he also updated .flow to version 0.19.

Site: http://rustlimbo.webcrow.jp/top/index.html

(click on "games" and you'll see a little .flow icon you can click on.)

Note: the little Sabi on the "top" page has a word balloon that says "Welcome".


Anything new?
going to look into it


Played for about an hour after it went live. Found 1 new area that was added to the area before getting the handgun effect. It had a few interesting things in it, including a door I couldn't open and a street blocked by traffic cones. Not sure if the traffic cones means it's incomplete or if I need to do something to make them disappear. It may also just be a random event. I also have no idea what to do to get the door open. It might just be a faux door like the one in the apartments for all I know.

I'm guessing there's more new areas I haven't found yet; there's 266 map files in version 0.18's data files, and 284 in 0.19's, so obviously there's still a few new things to find. I'll probably play a bit more if I have time tonight, hopefully I'll find a few other new things.

(Had to delete this as soon as I posted it because I forgot to put spoiler tags, whoops)


File: 1416535174103.png (Spoiler Image, 77.93 KB, 640x480, room12.png)

wow it turns out there's a bunch of new stuff. 284 maps instead of 266. looking at the files, there's already some gems.


This is pretty neat. I never knew lol was still updating .flow. Guess its a bad thing I deleted my copy and save files years ago.


Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Monochrome Beach? I've tried 3 times now and every single time I get that god forsaken "Not Implemented" error that just keeps opening copies of itself. Each time I've had to Ctrl+Alt+Del to shut the .exe file with task manager.

Also, is there anything new in the Monochrome Beach area? 'Cause if there isn't, then this isn't really that big of a deal and just more of a minor annoyance.



lol tweeted not to long ago that some major issues were found in ver.0.19 and to please avoid playing it.

Not entirely sure what they are as the tweet didn't say, but that's probably one of them. Assume a fix patch will be out soon.


Guess I have something new to look forward to aside from 2kki.


The game crashes with a "Not implemented area" if you try to access the city coast via the rainbow maze. Hopefully lol will put a patch out.


File: 1416544070840.jpg (34.27 KB, 720x480, Capture21.jpg)

Even if it is broken, a .flow update is a nice thing to wake up to. I think if lol was passionate enough about staying with .flow to release a new version, they'll be working on a patch pretty soon, so I'm not worried.


This update has some serious shit on it. The Panorama and Picture folders can spoil you on them.


No shit sherlock.
Next time try not to look at the source assets.


Ah, thanks. Hopefully a patch will be out soon. I hadn't seen that tweet yet so it's good that lol is aware, because I also got another "Not Implemented" error when entering the streets leading to the Psychedelic City from the sewers. Since >>2720 had trouble accessing the same map, I'm guessing it's an issue with the map file itself.


File: 1416548304629.png (44.54 KB, 581x435, tweet_lol.png)

Sorry for double post, but I just read lol's Twitter and can confirm he's referring to the "Not Implemented" errors. Although he only mentioned the streets to the Psychedelic City, so I tweeted the Monochrome Desert problem as well.

Sadly, he says that nothing happens when he plays it himself (if I'm comprehending his Tweet correctly). He then ponders if it could be because he modded the game to run without the RTP.

tl;dr lol appears to be trying his best to find a solution, but it looks like the game's giving him so trouble.


*some trouble


The cause of the bug was found. A file in the music folder, namioto.mp3 appears to be broken. If you delete the file everything should run fine as is for now. lol will still be fixing the issue though, of course.


Any clues on how to access the new events?


oh man, there's a whole new area accessible from the alleyway where one goes to the asylum, dead hole, and the sugar hole.

it's this city-like (perhaps more alleys?) place with lots of lamps and blood. if you go a certain way you find an empty room with bloodstains and get jumped by a creepy blob when you exit. you then get transported to a maze, where you evade more creepy blobs (they transport you to the start of the maze). I didn't fully explore it, but if you go into a door, you exit the maze, and when sabitsuki walks out, her face is shadowed and the iron pipe effect is activated.

if you try to go back to the maze through the empty area, you instead see it's blocked off by cones, and beyond that, you see a kaibutsu attacking a corpse or a pile of gore.

it's deliciously creepy. I can't wait to see what else v0.19 has in store.

btw, if you want the handgun effect, you now have to traverse the city/alleys to get to it, since the dumpster it's in is now on the other side of the fence and not accessible via the asylum.


I went back a second time to see if I could get into the maze again, but the area's still blocked off. (I'll try again a third time.) however, instead of seeing a kaibutsu beating up a bloody hunk of meat, I just saw a guy run offscreen.

btw, to get to the maze, from entering the city you go up at the first intersection and carry on right until you change areas. you should enter a transition room where the music stops and screen darkens as you go on; after that is the empty blood room I talked about. if it's the first time you go there, it shouldn't be blocked off, and trying to exit should trigger a creepy blob to catch you and transport you to the maze.


I went back a third time, and the area is still blocked off; so I guess after you exit the maze, you can never go back there again. (unless it's a random event?)

this time, however, I saw nothing past the traffic cones. no kaibutsu, no guy, nothing. that one's definitely a random event; wonder if there's anything else that appears.


in other news:

sabitsuki apparently has two new dresses, though I don't know if they're actually in-game or just in the files.

the weird white things in the school's third floor are still there, and there's still one blocking the doorway. I have no idea if it's become removable or not, though. maybe it's still inaccessible. maybe it will always be and we'll never see what's behind that door. oh well.

other than a graphical glitch on an NPC in the sugar hole restaurant, I haven't seen anything else new or worth noting.

what's that from? is it accessible in-game, and if so, how do you get there?


>dream about Sabitsuki
>wake up
>check uboachan
>.flow updated



The game tells me I'm missing the イベント (events) file. If someone could upload the old 0.19, which probably is not missing it, I would be grateful.


File: 1416585744809.jpg (81.54 KB, 688x1000, sample-a46985f094625d48b84….jpg)

.flow version 0.192 is up


Sometimes you get a maid with red eyes next to the blood, and sometimes you get some of those red corpse figures from the alleyway, close to a fire. Pretty creepy.


I just put together a 0.192 quick translation of the effects and basic menu functions, so at least it's playable to non-moonspeak plebs such as me



File: 1416600918280.gif (3.36 MB, 320x218, DOT FLOW YOU SAY.gif)

Holy shit

Has anyone else managed to get to the new undersea town without cheating? It's so chill


File: 1416601856493.png (Spoiler Image, 16.69 KB, 640x480, Screenshot 2014-11-21 15.2….png)

this has taken a very strange turn


How do you reach this area? I've been walking around the Sugar Hole and the Hotel but I was never able to get to this place.



third door in the brothel. the shady lookin' maid. it's a random event though.


So, you just interact with her hoping for something to happen, basically? I've been trying to see all of the new events/areas.


File: 1416608409072.png (Spoiler Image, 3.8 KB, 640x480, Screenshot 2014-11-21 14.5….png)


that's how she goes. unless you cheat :)


And how do you "cheat", exactly?


File: 1416610125268.png (Spoiler Image, 68.83 KB, 519x680, for instance.png)


But that's no fun.


they're pictures, so its some event. notice that you're in bed during.


File: 1416611768295.jpg (25.33 KB, 500x540, shit.jpg)

I'm having some real trouble getting to the new "sugar girls" area. I tried doing everything with the hotel maid, even visiting her as rust. Nothing. No idea what triggers the area. Not to mention there's also the bedroom event and all of the other maid/monster related stuff.


ooh, is lol adding in dreams/nightmares now? interesting…

btw, I went back to the new streets area (I'm tempted to say city but I don't really think it is a city.) to see if I could see anything new after the blocked area, or if it was unblocked again (I think the maze access might be a random event?). anyway, it wasn't, and there was nothing past the cones, but walking back to the streets I saw a creepy blob there that wasn't there before. it spooked me for a second. it doesn't chase you or teleport you or anything; just stands there.

credit to lol for the music in that area, also. it's /really/ creepy and does a good job of making my skin crawl.

how do you get to this new place?

yeah, same here. I've never been able to get the shady hotel maid event to activate at all, not even in past versions.

perhaps I should look around rpg maker…


Sabi confirmed for slut.
Slut and a whore.


confirmed lesbian more like

all the predominantly female NPCs and interesting lack of male NPCs (smile and the doctor plus /possibly/ the kaibutsu (depending how you interpret them) are the only ones that come to mind) and general focus on "female" parts/organs plus this? sounds like sabitsuki is a lesbian to me

ANYWAY I was looking through rpg maker and found out two things regarding the streets area:

1. it seems you may be able to randomize the events you see in the bloody area by running around in the middle of the transition area before it, since there's an event that calculates the variables when you run over it and doesn't seem to be a one-time thing. I haven't tested this though so I can't confirm it works.

2. the "maze" isn't really a maze and the exit door is the only exit as well as only real event of interest, minus the chaser creepy blobs.

I'll keep looking for stuff.


You wish.


so those two new dresses you can get at the underwater town. I've still no idea how to get to the underwater town, though.


hmm, it seems the shady maid event in the sweet sugar hotel is connected to how much cake you've eaten at the sugar hole. so I guess if you eat a lot of cake, you'll be able to access the area with the girl statues. the previous event, the one with the maids standing over a bloody bed, seems to be gone (it's still there in the files, but is now inaccessible from what I can tell).

I also found the nightmare event (called 侵食, "encroachment", "erosion" or "corrosion") but still don't know how to access it.

I also found a glitch event in the FC world, but I don't know how long that one's been around for.


the underwater village and the nightmare are accessible by the debug room, but I'm not sure about in-game.


The village is in the Oreko area, the one that you access through the Garden world, from the nexus. The entrance to it is slightly from the right of where you start, underwater.

If you kill every guitar player in the village, including the one in the dress hut, The village turns very dark and everyone there comes after you, not even the Ghost effect will save you.


Not like the ghost effect has been a bit useful except for very small incidents.
Wish lol would add an effect similar to Madotsuki's stop light.


How do you access the debug room?


File: 1416627905750.png (Spoiler Image, 119.62 KB, 640x480, 体内背景2.png)

Anyone know how to get to the bedroom invasion event yet? I really want to see it in action.

By the way, if you visit the murder scene as rust, there's a random chance the cones will disappear and you can search around it. There is nothing there, but some monster will jump out and lunge at her, and Rust kills it with the Iron Pipe (?) automatically. Weird.

By the way, does anyone have any idea of what this is? I found it in the files. Looks new.


File: 1416629179895.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.2 KB, 640x480, Stylish Sabi.jpg)

Thanks for the indications, man. I loved that place, and the music.
The fishes in the foreground and the general place reminded me of LCD DEM

It was kind of amusing to see Sabi in her room, dressed in different clothing. A pity I fucked it up by using the computer. I wish it could be an effect instead of Yume2kki-like clothing


So, the nightmare event seems to happen at random. But it apparently has something to do with you having all effects, and your erosion counter. Maybe. This is confusing.


That file's been there for a long time. I believe it's one of the backgrounds for the deeper body areas?

Speaking of the body area, I was getting the viscera effect and, out of curiosity, decided to use the whistle in the room with the dead girl you get the effect from. The corpse squirms when you blow the whistle; it's pretty creepy.

Do you know which event in the game, in RPG Maker, has these details? I've tried looking around both versions of Sabitsuki's room, but haven't found anything that triggers the nightmare.

Only by cheating and modifying the game in RPG Maker so you can teleport to the debug room. Otherwise it's completely inaccessible.


Also, something else I found out: you know the new dresses that Sabitsuki can wear? There are two female NPCs that wear those dresses: one on a hill found somewhere in the area with all the female statues and maids (accessible by the hotel) – she wears the pale dress; and one in that blocked off part of the apartment you only access by eating a million cakes – she wears the brown dress.

Food for thought.


There's a really pretty BGM in the game's files; apparently it plays on the hill mentioned in >>2763. It's bgm49_.mp3.


File: 1416662101463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.13 KB, 656x519, desaturated.jpg)

After getting 23 effects and spending time in flesh walls area to increase my corrosion meter, I got the event as soon as i woke up.

sabi pinches her cheeks again after standing up from the computer after this event


Maybe those girls are the bosses of the maids? Since you can meet one from spending a lot in the Sugar Hole, and the other by an event in the brothel, the two main maid-related places?


How can you properly raise your erosion counter, again? I must have eaten too much at the bar. Blood splatters seem to never appear



the white room, chestburster/cancer girls WHATEVER, and bar kaibutsu events. getting caught by kaibutsu or rust demons also does it.

to point out the obvious she could be related to sister somehow. or viscera-chan.


>Erosion counter at maximum
>All effects
>Still no nightmare event anywhere

What do you want from me, lol


I found the triggers for the nightmare event – apparently you don't need anything other than a corruption meter of *250* points. Yikes.


Eating at the bar and interacting with Oreko with the diving helmet on will decrease the erosion counter.

IMO I think it's a better tactic to raise the counter first (so you can get goodies like the Rust menu and the nightmare event) and then do stuff like eat at the bar, get the Orange menu, etc.


File: 1416797237469.png (373.31 KB, 926x1200, 1416701992727.png)

Man it really sucks to be a kid in .flow's world. You either become half plant, almost die from sickness and get thrown in some sort of basement hallway, Or your brother is a crazy fucker who beats ladies up with a hammer, or you get forced into prostitution by Robot sugar maids, if the latest update's any indication.

This game is weird.


Going to the new underwater village as Rust, there were two brown dresses, the white one was gone, plus she refuses to wear them.

Btw the bgm in the sugar maid area sounds like heavy breathing/moaning, if you keep listening to it.I was able to access the area with the erosion counter at its max, at least as Rust, by just interacting with the 3rd room's maid a several times.


Sabi confirmed for super slut.
Village bicycle.


Sabislut is now canon


I've just realized

Since when do the Plant, Dress, and Gas mask effect (at the very least) have SHIFT-key powers?

-Dress: Sabi bows
-Gas mask: Sabi pulls her mask to the side
-Plant: Sabi does something and the plants grow all over her. Dat flower out of her eye


It seems that in if you through the sewer tunnel to the pier in 0.192 with the broom, the game will crash. Just with the broom, though. Walking still works. Weird.


File: 1416867922356.png (13.54 KB, 940x659, RUSTFUCKEDUP.png)

BTW if you to the underwater village as rust, there will be only one type of dress available and you won´t be able to wear them…


I think those have all been there since v0.17 or v0.18.


I checked the teleports in-game and there seems to be nothing wrong with them, and I don't recall anything odd happening to me when going through the areas using the broom. Maybe it is just your computer or version of the game acting up?


I checked, and you can indeed randomize the event in the Streets by running around the transitional map before it. Said event-randomizer is around the left of the map where the screen darkens/lightens some more, a few tiles from the teleport.


File: 1416955232981.jpg (21.89 KB, 553x454, handgun.jpg)

anyone know how the get the handgun in this newest update?


in the alleys, where you go to the sugar hole + asylum, find the large unblocked entrance. you should enter the streets. from there, you go up > left > up at first intersection > and then you should reach the effect.


File: 1417655231820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.65 KB, 641x481, worse than pyramid head.jpg)

Holy shit it's her!
[Effect added to the scene for ending foreshadowing.]

I've also got kidnapped and thrown into an alley by those creepy brown ghosts. When Sabi gets out of there, she has a gloomy face, and the iron pipe auto equipped.

Also, two things I've noticed that I'm not sure if they are from 0.18 or 0.19

-When you use the Dress, you can bow. Bowing in presence of maids make them bow too. (except chainsaw maid)

-When you use the plant effect, press shift to make plants grow out of you. BUT if you do that while it's raining (wate can), the plants and flowers GROW EVEN MORE! now you can't even move!

Also I now it isn't new, but, loli Oreko a cute.

One last thing, there's this door on the apartments, next to the flower-snow one, which I don't know if you can open?


>I've also got kidnapped and thrown into an alley by those creepy brown ghosts. When Sabi gets out of there, she has a gloomy face, and the iron pipe auto equipped.

If you do this without obtaining the iron pipe effect beforehand, the game will give it to you after gloomy-faced Sabi exits the door, meaning there's now two different methods for obtaining the iron pipe effect.


I've also got kidnapped and thrown into an alley by those creepy brown ghosts. When Sabi gets out of there, she has a gloomy face, and the iron pipe auto equipped


sabiwasraped is the new madowasraped


File: 1418013532751.png (Spoiler Image, 7.81 KB, 288x256, イベント21.png)

Is gloomy-faced Sabitsuki this one?

Also dayum, why are there two files of so much stuff in the charset?


Yep, that's the one.

There's a load of duplicate files in this version – I had previously assumed it was just my computer acting up, but apparently that's not the case. It seems to be for the files with Japanese names only (I may be incorrect, though). Hopefully lol will fix that up in the next version.

Speaking of the next version, I'm wondering if lol has any kind of surprise planned for .flow, seeing as next version will mostly likely be 0.20.


So… has the .flow wiki been abandoned at this point? As far as I've seen there's been virtually no updates recently, and hasn't been updated to v0.192 yet.



why not contribute to it, then?


File: 1418330395769.png (462.89 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_n7t1ujMPxo1rd379do1….png)

can someone tell me how to get to all the new areas without any spoilers or as little spoilers as possible


o and new events too


A new area is accessible in the alleys, where you now have to go through get the handgun effect

A new event can be seen if you raise your Erosion Counter to 250 points

Another new area can be accessed by eating 5 meals at the Sugar Hole and interacting with the shady-faced maid in the third bedroom of Sweet Sugar

Another new area can be accessed by going to the underwater world via the Ghost Garden and going right, opposite to the way you take to the giant heart monitor

I think that's all of them. All the new areas have specific events and/or extras found in them, so be sure to explore


Thank you anon!


someone talked about dead hole event in theories thread >>2609
how do i get this event?


There are two ways to get to the Dead Hole, one of which requires the Cat effect.

1. Go to the alleys where you access the hospital, Sugar Hole restaurant, and the Streets. Use the Cat effect to crawl under a fence. Enter the door behind Charlotte.

2. Go to the Orange Maze from the sewers and find the floating switch by the twintail Kaibutsu. Interact with it to get to the large room with various switches and a tiny test tube. From here you need to go to the southeast part of the room, to where the orange turns to blue, and interact with the switch there. Interact with the light in the next room.

An event with Oreko can be accessed by visiting the Dead Hole as Rust, using the second path via the Orange Maze.


Interesting thing is, you can keep having nightmares after becoming Rust every time you wake up… but Sabi will stop pinching her cheeks


Sabi to Rust inception confirmed


This new "hole in girl" and "sweet sugar" stuff really has me torn up inside…
.flow is finally on par with yume nikki in my heart at this point.

Sabi… T.T


File: 1421659956799.png (Spoiler Image, 43.81 KB, 320x240, sugar.png)

What's the easiest way of triggering this event?
Do you guys know yet?


Nom 10 cakes at the Sugar Hole, start new session, go to apartments via pipe world, go to restaurant and talk to a maid, go back to apartments where there would normally be a traffic cone, go up stairs.




File: 1424663439085.png (Spoiler Image, 14.62 KB, 640x480, i see you over there.png)

how do i get them to kidnap sabi? is it a random event?



Don't worry, it's not one you need to constantly wake up and go back in to the session for. Just head back into the room before, cross the middle, and come back. Sooner or later you'll get the event. Be sure to cross the middle of the bloodstained area behind the cones, though.


File: 1424762453371.png (Spoiler Image, 18.8 KB, 640x480, surrounded.png)

thanks! i got the event.

have to say, scared the shit out of me when that thing came rushing out.


File: 1424935615830.png (23.86 KB, 640x480, i see a mouth back there.png)

it's the backdrop to some of the body areas.


File: 1424939082350.png (Spoiler Image, 86.88 KB, 640x480, lots of demons.png)

if it helps, one (relatively) quick way to increase the rust meter is to go to the room in the red body where all those demons are and let them run into you, then go into another room, then go back and repeat.

if my math is correct, there are five demons in said room (three rust points each), so you'll get about fifteen rust points every time you visit the room. do it fifteen times and you got 250 points right there. won't even need to wake up or use the arm effect.

it's a bit tedious, but it worked for me when i tried it.


File: 1425010071851.png (Spoiler Image, 45.23 KB, 640x480, oh nooo.png)

i've done a few trials, and either i have been incredibly lucky to get this event four times in a row, or you're pretty much guaranteed to get the event if you pinch yourself awake in the body area (with the rust meter maxed, of course).

i haven't figured out if it works in other areas yet.


There's also a bunch of red demons in the foggy room that corrupts when you hit a kaibutsu (I counted around seven IIRC, but I might be wrong). Downsides: kaibutsu, and the red demons get rid of your effects when they touch you, making it harder to avoid the kaibutsu.


If you max out the rust meter, then you'll always get the nightmare event when you pinch to wake up, even as Rust.


File: 1425789947309.png (Spoiler Image, 24.49 KB, 640x480, i just froze the game exce….png)

if you use the plant effect while it's raining, then hit the shift key again, you can return to normal.


File: 1430670148455.png (69.54 KB, 820x757, dot flow ok.png)

No clear video guidelines on the web site, so I asked him for clarification.

OK to post and monetize videos and streams.


What's a good way to grind money for the cakes?


Get the black haired girls event. Kill them all, exit the room and repeat again.


File: 1436250280171.png (Spoiler Image, 17.18 KB, 640x480, not today asshole.png)

whenever i trigger this event as rust she just kills the potato sack before it can knock her out, but i read there's a way to get to the maze part as rust; does anyone here know how to do that, if it's possible?


As far as I can tell, it is impossible to get that event as Rust.


It is actually possible. I've gotten the event myself. It's just random chance, I think.

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