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File: 1422658909164.gif (2 MB, 335x271, cereal.gif)


Hey. An anonymous .flow fan here.
does anyone have a .zip download link for .flow?? i would appreciate that. Gif TOTALLY UNRELATED.
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your totally unrelated gif is pretty ironic because it seems like you need to be spoonfed


Perhaps that was the point? He realized what we wanted was spoonfeeding so he tried to use cultural imageboard communication tactics to express that to us.


>email field
>he tried to use cultural imageboard communication tactics

Seems more like a newfag than an expert in imageboards.


Or a genius.


you were too lazy to even attempt to search for the download link. there's a link right on this fucking board, to the latest version of .flow, and it's even in .zip as if that's important. i'm not crosslinking the thread because learn to help yourself.
hint: it's literally in the first thread that's stickied to the front page

spite sage like crazy

File: 1398594477158.png (827 B, 168x240, Smileandsister.png)


Was it just me or did/does anyone else think that the red pixels below smile's face look more like a tie than a red shirt?
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Part of me thought his mouth was dripping blood. You know, from seeing all those banners in the schools with mouths dripping with blood.


m too


it always looked like either a cravat or an ascot to me.

not sure if smile would wear either of those, but it's a thought.


File: 1422119067300.png (21.41 KB, 320x240, Screenshot (92).png)

looks like a shirt or something


Probably just a really dirty school uniform. Because Smile is a dirty boy

File: 1417240508573.jpg (146.86 KB, 950x730, Kaibutsu.jpg)


Could someone ask lol on Twitter about the Kaibutsu's gender? At the very least, so we don't have to deal with the incorrect rumors floating about anymore. And it would be nice to have the subject cleared up anyway.

I would do it myself, but I don't have a Twitter, nor do I understand any Japanese.
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So Lol replied.
Gomennasai. Sore wa iemasen.
Sorry. That I can not tell.



Well, so much for that. It was worth a shot, though.


Hmm, just like I thought, he likes to leave it uncertain.



Hmm. I see. I suppose they want to be respectful and keep it ambiguous so fans can do what they please. Perhaps they don't want to nullify any existing fanart? I still like them as all girls. Well actually, I like at least one being a guy, too…

The only other reason I can think of is they're planning something and it's spoilers. But that's highly unlikely.


That's what I thought, too, though not so much for spoiler reasons.

I highly prefer them as all girls myself, mostly because I'm biased. Given that the different genders generally seek other people of the same/similar gender as company, it just makes more sense to me in a way. And it sort of fits into how .flow generally prefers female NPCs over male ones. (The only obvious male NPCs I can think of are Smile and the doctor, compared to how many distinctly female NPCs?)

File: 1417724608411.png (317 B, 320x240, Screenshot 2014-12-04 20.1….png)


downloaded 0.192 today and played about in the save file in the Debug room- found a Xmas Present.
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What the hell's going on with your debug room? I'm playing 0.192 and even RPG Maker doesn't show half the stuff in yours.


not a clue, the Version I downloaded off of mediafire (think it was the fangame wiki) had two saves, one with all effects and one in the debug room shown below.


File: 1418248938821.png (2.29 KB, 256x256, something I did when I was….png)

Sorry. That was me.
I had trouble centering the text in the text boxes because since it was my first attempt at translation I deleted the mojibake spaces like a goddamned idiot and had to keep going back and making sure "is this spaced right??? is this spaced right??"

The fact that I was more focused on doing it quickly just to get it out there was probably why there were so many times I had to keep going back and re-uploading everything over and over again.

It's really just a jimmy-rig translation that I made some big, stupid mistakes on, but it functions.


Even so, how on earth did you turn the debug room into what it looks like in >>2790? Surely that doesn't just come from fiddling with the game text?



Well, of course not. Those are all teleport events in RPGMaker. I probably should've deleted them before I released, but I figured not many people go into .flow's debug room anyways.

The reason there's so many is because I had to keep going back to each area where you got the effect and re-getting the effects over and over to make sure they were centered within the text box. Again, I deleted the mojibake spaces that would've made it easier to handle.

It's really just a result of me making mistakes while hastily trying to make things look properly centered and whatnot.

File: 1420274981268.png (16.69 KB, 498x199, wingull.png)


Can I get some help with installing on windows 8?


First, stop using a shitty OS.


install gentoo


What seems to be the problem?


Unzip the game using 7z under japanese Applocale and then run the game through Applocale again.
Then again, you should be more specific if you want people to help you.

File: 1373441998686.png (8.06 KB, 320x240, untitled.PNG)


omg I can't be the first person to notice…
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What's this "Shredded Diary" sidequest?


I'd like some sort of explanation for this, I've never seen this before. What is this "shredded diary" sidequest? Google tells me nothing.


The door is also located in the position where the Elevator appears later in .flow
So a hidden 2nd "door" there seems to be a trend.
It's also where the Diary is, too.


It's a joke mates


What, the whole Shredded Diary thing is made-up and doesn't actually exist?

Way to throw everyone for a loop, then.

File: 1417241026306.png (13.09 KB, 640x480, goddammit.png)


do you think we'll ever find out what's behind here or will lol keep us guessing for all eternity

anyone have any speculation/thoughts on this particular room? like what's behind the door? or what those things are, anyway–growths? aliens? weirdo mutant fungi? smile's lunch from last year?

File: 1415667831028.png (12.71 KB, 640x478, flow.png)


Anyone have any idea what this could represent?

(It's found in one of the rooms of the third floor of the school during the Rust chapter.)


Honestly I don't get most of the school things, other than "Sabi has trouble in school"

That one, I'd say it represents Sabi being alone and marginalized in school?

Also that she's a monster, an experiment like the others, that has been dropped there (that's what I get from those jail looking shoelockers)


File: 1416010367742.png (6.29 KB, 288x256, イベント14.png)

Loneliness, despair, weakness. It always looked like she was kneeling, as if from despair or she can't get up. Not sure how far this room is from the kaibutsu-like Sabi room or from the eye room.

Small details, but she has the same palette as Rust and the Rust that turns into a kaibutsu in the final ending. Actual kaibutsu Sabitsuki that attacks you is even paler, however.


I think it's an interesting detail that the room in >>2703 hosts one of the calm twintail Kaibutsu before the Rust chapter. But maybe it doesn't mean anything. Though, I recall there being quite a few empty other rooms in the third floor that lol could've chosen to put this Sabitsuki in, so maybe it does mean something…

File: 1324605849160.png (30.69 KB, 320x240, densen.png)


For some reason I can access the files for .flow, and I've found a few strange things in them. One of those things is this image. Another is the sound file called "wwww.wav". In this file we hear one voice attempting the kaibutsu giggle, and another voice in the background, talking. Does anyone on this board know what the voice is saying? Is it even Japanese?
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I downloaded both versions 0.4 n' 0.5 but neither of them seems to run, when i run the exe. with the applocale pops up an error. any suggestion?


>it doesn't sound like English to me.
You know that speaking English phrases doesn't automatically give lol an accent coherent to English speakers, right? Have you ever heard someone who doesn't know English try to speak English? Let's just say it tends to be a bit difficult to understand.



And have you ever thought about why should he try to talk english when the whole game is in Japanese?

Honestly guys, it can be anything.


I don't hear English at all. I hear Japanese-sounding words that sound like English words, but not actual English.


Yes, I have thought about that, quite a bit, in fact, because lol is totally obsessed with the English language, knows barely anything about it, and wants to understand English as badly as half of the weeaboos on sites like this want to know Japanese. You would know this if you had seen anything that he has posted outside of .flow updates.

Considering lol's obsession with English, the speculation that Smile may be an author-avatar character, and the fact that "wwww" plays when you interact with Smile, it doesn't surprise me in the least that the audio clip would be full of Engrish.

lol uses machine translation constantly to communicate with English-speaking fans. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he had typed a sentence into Google translate, translated it into English, listened to the audio playback, and recorded himself imitating it (terribly) to use as a voice for Smile.

File: 1407459688773.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.26 KB, 1341x480, flow1.jpg)


I was casually playing .flow today, then pic happened

I don't really remember this white labyrinth.

That leads to a… blue Oreko lab?
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ah yes orphan bodies on swinging hooks. it's a classic


How did you get there?



This video shows how to get to the Dead Hole (as people are apparently calling it). Like several other things introduced in 0.18, this seems to be helpfully mentioned nowhere at all on the wiki.

One oddity of note: The video calls it a Rust event, but if OP is to be believed, he got there as Sabitsuki (given the presence of effects). On the other hand, OP is apparently not being led there (unlike in the video), so perhaps it's like the Corrupted School in that there are differences depending on if you visit as Rust or Sabitsuki.


I'm OP of this thread

Interesting video. Yes, I went there as Sabitsuki, I didn't even have all the effects.

If I remember right, the were several new blue areas in the Industrial Maze. I think I went there from the white area, where you find Monoko's effect. I activated the mark that allows you to wander freely on the white void, out of the hallways, and ended up in the white place in my first picture.

As you can see in the second part of my first pic, it leads to a blue area that is different than the one shown in the video. This is the left-most part of the maze.

The way to the Dead Hole is in the right-most part, another blue area.

Also, as far as I've noticed, there's only one difference between Sabi and Rust's versions of the area:
Oreko's ghost only appears if you are Rust.

So I guess it means Oreko is no more, after you turn into Rust.
I think she either died, or she turned into the homeless girl outside the Dead Hole (Charlotte was her name?), and she threw her iconical suit into the trashyard.


File: 1416009994744.png (3.38 KB, 288x256, イベント17.png)

It's called Dead Hole in the files. Oreko's world is called Blue Hole in the chipset. Lots of interesting things in the files.
Eh, "Charlotte" (she has no name in the charset and I'm not sure if lol has ever named her publicly) has pink hair. The girl that seems to be a younger Oreko has light brown hair.

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