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Hey, has anyone heard about this?

>"LcdDem ver.0.030

>This is a “Yume Nikki” fangame.
>This isn’t “Yume Nikki”.

>To those know about/like LcdDem:

Please avoid talking about LcdDem as much as possible. Don’t say anything about it. "

Source: http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/48471399826/a-psa-from-koronba-lcddem-producer-psiwolfs

What do you guys think?
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Did anyone else saw x0o0x_ on twitter making rearrangements/remixes of Koronba's music?
Normies think it's her own music


Fuzuki? Yeah, the lad deleted his channel and after a while switched to another persona named "Kedarugi" now, I think. His niconico account for Fuzuki is still up though, but only 2 songs left untouched.

I've saved all of the lad's song I could get my hands on, so I can share it if you want to.


I would appreciate a share as well!


Here you go:

Also, should I upload it to Youtube as well? I've been planning to do that, but I'm kinda worried whether or not it is necessary as well, especially when the lad's still active there and all.


You could upload it to Youtube just for easier access, but it might be nice to have it unlisted or something.

Thanks for the download link by the way~!


I just finished listening to them all. I really love these songs! I appreciate you sending them here!


here are some flac files of koronba's songs
(encoded from the original .wav files, flac -5)
includes cover images for each song


Do you (or, hell, anyone) have Speder2's bandcamp stuff in lossless?


Rain was taken down on Spotify and Youtube. That confirms that it's not koronba himself who uploaded it. Now the real question is, who took them down?


Someone in one of the servers I'm in sent an email to the Routenote staff inquiring if it was the actual Koronba or not, which probably let to them realizing it was a bad actor, and then removed it.


I wouldn't make so bold assumptions. Inquiring someone's rights to distribute a work is really common, especially on sites that allow anonymous uploads, they don't care about copyright and rights in general unless requested by a DCMA Notice. That being said, I am betting a bottle of whiskey that it's not Koronba himself and that it was uploaded by a fan or an enthusiast. On the matter of it getting removed, most companies remove anything they don't know was uploaded rightfully, after all, they don't know if the material is legal and they will happily remove even the most popular and known content when somebody says it's theirs (whose it obviously isn't.) FYI, that tactic is called copyright trolling and was used a lot thorough the Koronba war and is used on sites like YT to this day.


https://ameblo.jp/koronba0/entry-12615370485.html might be of your interest, this lad/lass claims that the album was published as a cash-grab attempt on the Koronba fandom and that the only "pure" way of listening to the music is through their YT channel. They are also one of the common Koronba stalkers.


Kedarugi/ Fuzuki's deleted works have been reuploaded on this channel with his permission


File: 1596911471431.png (172.58 KB, 591x675, k_response.png)

I am the individual >>14782 is referring to. This is what the RouteNote staff had to say about the 'rain.' upload. The album was removed relatively shortly following this response (and the response itself implies what we already know- the album was not uploaded by koronba.)

Not that it matters, given >>14784 . Crazy stuff.


Post was nuked.

I had the Google Translated version open, but that's it.

If anyone was curious what the gist of the message was, here it is.



That man, be it Skye or whoever else, is very determined on keeping their truth. They nuked even my Wayback Machine snapshot somehow. But that quick turnaround makes me feel like whoever they are, they are snitching on us.


Oh, sorry, my bad. That post isn't nuked and is still available.


Huh. It was definitely offline for a while. Glad it’s back now.


If nothing, yup, now it's nuked.


Did anyone else notice a ton of songs getting privated or deleted? Wondering if it was one specific channel who just removed a lot of their work or just some coincidence of people removing some stuff they might not have particularly enjoyed anymore.


i really miss koronba



Fucking hell, I forgot to download the songs that were recovered from his old Myspace account. Does anyone have a copy of them?

Apparently, this is what happened to that channel


It has been uploaded to another channel.



Appreciate you linking the blog post, cleared up a lot of confusion from me!


So you need 15 videos (or 3 separate claims) to delete a channel. Good to know.


So who is the "Koronba Defense Force"? I don't think he's koronba. He is not the one who can claim copyright on koronba's songs.


A group of people dedicated to wiping Koronba's existence off the internet per his request. The bitter rivals of the archive channels.


The guy who made the remix of the song that the kotemusob account uploaded and removed has an ask.fm now. Could someone ask him if he could upload the original somewhere?


So what's with non-japanese people asking archive channels and uploaders to rename or delete Koronba's music? Go to anything Koronba related, sort comments by newest and you're likely to find at least one comment requesting a title change or takedown. The Japanese don't seem to make a big deal out of it. Is it just people who recently found out about Koronba through that one "Don't look for Koronba" video someone did a while back?.


First of all, it is true that koronba tweeted that he wanted his name hidden, which can be found in the web archives.
And it's also true that the tweet and the deletion of several sites and soundclouds were contemporaneous.
And fans at the time were loyal to that wish.
There weren't as many of them as there are now, and they already had the files that were distributed.
But many of the fans today are 13-18 year olds and think the above statement is a fake.
The new loyal fans are also children as well and are repulsed by each other.
The old fans are no longer active and no longer talk about him.
At any rate, this is the situation in Japan today.


I kinda agree on current K-fans being in the younger generation but I think most of them aren't actually that dumb and know their facts, I believe most of them simply don't care.


It's all conjecture. Consider that most of these younger fans discover these songs via YouTube recommendations and simply only understand the situation from what they have seen in the YouTube comments section, which is usually wrong or has some misinformation. Not all young people are apathetic, but the YouTube comments sections are usually in disarray.

I do not think things are much different for the Japanese fans.


Indeed, there are many people who know all about it and don't hide his name.
They argue that it doesn't matter because he's already retired.
Some of them are rebelling against those who seek to hide his name.


Does anybody know any composers who make music like koronba's? Most people seem to copy his UTAU/vocaloid style but not the IDM-ish style from rain and the other two albums.



>>14828 >>14830
I forgot to add this


Fuck KDF


Fucc you :)


>Some of them are rebelling against those who seek to hide his name.
Yeah, because it's fucking retarded. You're on the internet, you made something people like. Expecting people not to do everything they can to archive what you did is the stupidest shit I've ever heard.
Like, does the "Barbara Streisand Effect" not exist in Japan, or what?


I think it's a lot more retarded to be the one who thinks he's a special person who knows unusual music and takes pleasure in it.
There's so much better music out there than xx, so why are you obsessed with it?
Is stalking common and smart behavior in your country?


Regardless of the moral implications, it could be argued that the KDF's actions in taking down reuploads is doing more harm than good. All they are doing is spurring more people into reuploading and sharing songs. If your opinion is that koronba's music should be forgotten, it would be more productive to allow it to fade into obscurity in it's time rather than encourage people like KDF to create ill will within a small but currently alive group of fans. Expecting these videos not to be continually reuploaded is unfortunately misguided.



This. I don't know the full story or any of this KDF stuff, but koronba saying to not talk about LcdDem and trying to get rid of his work is probably a big reason people still talk about it or him.
By prohibiting it, he cements it in peoples' minds, creates more mystery and false value around it.
It's psychology and economics shit. Scarcity creates value.
Companies use this principle all the time and create artificial scarcity to increase the perceived value and demand for their product.
The only outcome is to put attention on it and make it more valuable.

In a more personal sense, if some art touches me, and the artist tries to prohibit it and wipe away its existence, then I will just want to hold on to it tighter. When it affected me, it became a part of me, a precious experience that possibly even changed the course of my life.
You just can't expect someone to let go of that because you tell them to. If there's a risk of that affecting work to disappear, then there will just be more effort put into maintaining its existence.

Also just as a side note, while I played LcdDem a long time ago (and I don't think I was aware of all this stuff until after I had played it), I never looked into koronba's music, but now seeing this stuff got me to look it up and damn… funny enough, I immediately love it.

Anyway… The situation is quite unfortunate.


You misunderstood me. I'm not supporting KDF.
I can't agree that people who aren't rights holders should remove it.
All I want is for them to get bored. You guys are right, I think KDF is a bad idea.
On the other hand, I'm also not positive about uploading it.
Well, I can't say for sure, because maybe that's what xx is trying to do, to get people talking about it like that.
I'm just going to follow xx's wishes.


I think the opinions people have of his work and what to do with it are the same today as they are seven years ago.



The influx of new people hasn't changed anything.



The fact that this thread from fucking 2013 still gets comments as recently as 3 days ago is truly amazing. Koronba was a fool for believing people would just stop talking about him.


He was either a fool or a genius. I like to believe the latter.


this is ridiculous, i think you guys are getting ahead of your self's

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