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Hello there.
It's the sequal of Yume Nikki Gensou, atelierizumi's last work.



A little more info please? Because from the OP pic, it looks nothing like Yume Nikki Gensou. (Seems to be a massive overhaul in the art department for one.)



Download isn't working.


Same shit. Castlevania with YN sprites, no more, no less.



Download isn't working. Strange…


Does anyone have downloaded this? If yes, could PLEASE send it on 4shared for an alternative link?

I was downloading yesterday, but got forced on turning off the PC…


Strange the download link worked for me sadly I don't have a 4shared account and it's larger then the free limit on mediafire

From what I've played so far it's rather fun. Not gonna lie though, I miss the art style from Gensou. I also miss being able to jump twice :c


Now that I've got the game, must say… There's the ability to jump twice, YES, but…

It comes to light that you have to pass the forest level and take the Frog Effect to do so, Also… CREEPY Y-MONSTER BOSS THERE!


Anyone knows where is the damn umbrella Effect here?! I can't find it, and don't know where to look.

(BTW, I'm talking of this game in particular. I know that the Umbrella Effect in YN is in the Puddle World.)



Oh boy! I can't wait to make it there. I just finished up the first level with the creepy tree and am on my way to finding the second level but with my poor sense of direction I'm prone to getting lost xD


So what is this exactly?


The site's gone. Does anyone have a different link to the game? I loved Houchou Shoujo Gensoukyoku.


File: 1325486279050.png (74.72 KB, 651x511, whatdisdo.png)

So apparently I'm an idiot. I can't find out how to get to the next area. Also I can't speak Japanese nor can I read it so I haven't the foggiest what this spell does. What did I just spend my 2500 DP on? D:

Also why I'm on what do things do, does the tree replica do anything special besides its stat boosts?


Holy fire gun! Never mind just found out what the tree replica does. I'm the biggest idiot *facepalm*

anyway what exactly does Mars do within the compound? Is he suppose to do something or is he just there like the other NPCs (Monoko, Monoe, ect)


Herp derp triple post sorry. Anyway for those of you having trouble downloading I found a host site that doesn't have the 2mb limit so here's a link. Let's hope this works



>Original Japanese:
回避スキル 「エアステッフ」免許皆伝の証
[↑]+[回避ボタン] で上空へ回避行動をとる

>My rough translation:
Evasion skill "Air Stef(possibly stiff?)" proof of mastery
Use [Up] + [Evasaion Button] to take evasive action in the air

No idea if that helps, haven't played the game at all yet. But there :D If there's anything else you need translated I might be able to do it.


Yo, I beat the tree boss and I have the tree, nopperabou, and that scroll replica. I have the air step and the back step, and I've been to block world… but I have no idea what to do next. The rain hurts, there are three doors that are locked, and I can't get by the fire. What the hell do I do? I've scoured the forest and the wilderness (thanks to air step and back step, which essentially give you an additional jump).



Kyukyu-kun sells you the Umbrella Replica, which gives you the ability to walk through the rain unscathed while it's equipped.



How do I get him to carry it? All he has right now are restoration items.


Nevermind, he stocked it after I talked to Monoko.


It did help, thank you! I'm going to take it that the 10k DP spell is another evasion spell too but in a different direction.


I've talked to Monoko and it's still not in his shop. I talked to everyone in the compound as well. I just went ahead and ran through the rain even though it hurt me and completed the second area. Was I not suppose to do that? D:

And now I'm rather stuck again. I just got a key from the girl with the hat and scarf so I'm off to find out what that unlocks anyway.

Also how in the hell am I suppose to get that towel effect?? Every time I shoot the gun it destroys 2 brambles but even with that comes that problem that I can't reach the other side without destroying the bottom layer and if I destroy the bottom layer I can't get the next layer. Augh do I just have to give up on it for now?


Destroy the brambles in a stair-step pattern. If you have the double-shot, this is nearly impossible.



Welp I guess I'm fucked then. I wish I had known that before buying the clip which I didn't know was what it was until I bought it.

I guess I'll start a new file and see if I can't straighten these out with that D:


Well, I did say /nearly impossible/. It's doable if you have the double jump and airstep (onion dude sells airstep for 2500).

Hope you're playing with a controller, because it makes tricky platforming a hell of a lot easier.



Rather than using double jumps or air dodges to space your double shots, what I did was use the branches and jump down and fire in order to make a staircase pattern. It took about two or three tries for me. It's not quite as bad as Mishka makes it sound, but it was a pain since the fireballs bite into your SP meter, and it takes a bit of time slashing up enemies to recover it before giving it another go. You could try that tactic, but if it doesn't work for you, go with the double jump, I IMAGINE it'd be easier. I don't know for sure.


Well I meant he could make the staircase as normal, then use the double jump AND the air dodge to reach areas that would be two "blocks" up to get the towel. I tested it myself and it's easily doable. Not as easy as having the single shot, but certainly easier than restarting the game.


Took another jab at it timing my jumps and finally got it to work. Hoo-ha! And no I don't have a controller, it's just me and my keyboard.

Still doesn't solve my problem with not being able to get the umbrella effect though as Kyu-Kyu refuses to put it in his shop :c

The key with the hat and scarf just gave me that effect so as it turns out I'm stuck once again since I can't extinguish those flames in the block world.


Would someone be able to post a Lets Play sort of thing on youtube for this game?

It doesn't have to be an actual Lets Play, just a bit of showing off some stuff, like Bosses and such.


Just telling, there's a reward for gathering Mado's furniture in game.

A new game mode, to say.
"Houchou Shoujo Mode".


Would anyone happen to have links to the first one and the rest of AtelierIzumi's works? It appears they have shut their entire site down on 12/31/11 with what looks like a message that basically says, "Thank you for your support."



http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33934572/yumenikki_hsg_1000.lzh (If you get a 404 error, it means the file is still processing.)

There's Houchou Shoujo Gensokyoku. I don't have any of the other ones.


Thank you.


For those wondering, the pattern in the last area is left, left, right, right, up, down, up, down.


Aaaaaugh, what am I supposed to do after I beat giant eggplant guy? That stupid red face door on the left side still refuses to open, I went back and talked to everyone to make sure I didn't miss anything, I've been wandering around for hours and not a thing I do seems to get me closer to opening that damn door. Please, Uboachan, give me a hint, I'm begging you.


Kill the Insane Toriningen boss on "Caged Birds" area.


Is the "Caged Birds" area near the "Control Tower", or am I wandering around in the wrong place?


There are 4 red face doors. Two of them are readily opened. If you're looking at the closed one from the left side, go down, and left, until there's another area going upward. The small shaft before seeing either of the set of two red doors should look like either a giant 'I' or a giant '2'. Both bosses must be beaten in order for the doors to open, which incidentally are connected and lead to the same room.

Here are the maps.



FFFFFFFFFFFFFF I wish I had known about this site earlier. Nice to know I missed the Umbrella and Lamp effect forever :I

I finally got to the control tower and am on my way to finding the caged bird world as well. Off the decipher the maps I guess


So I just beat the game and out of curiosity because I can't read the Japanese can anyone tell me the plot of this game? Like who in the world was that blue girl and what did she have to do with Madotsuki and Poniko?

I'd be super cool if somebody made an English patch for this


I just wanted to state, that if anyone's ever in this predicament where you have a 2 or 3 shot combo when trying to use the staircase method, you could use the back-flip to cancel-out mid-shot, thus only firing once.


You say that like there's something wrong with that.


File: 1326868662761.jpg (39.56 KB, 640x480, ynmor.jpg)

I'm stuck, I don't know where to go now.
This game deserves an English patch.



I believe you're suppose to get the lamp effect. Now I haven't gotten the effect myself (because I was an idiot and went through the dark world without one dieing a lot) but I think you're suppose to go to some warehouse and find a broken lamp then talk to Masada who will repair it.

I'm not 100% positive how to get to the warehouse though but I believe talking to these characters in this order will do something: Mars > Monoe > Storyteller (guy with the box head?)

Again I'm not 100% but that's what I got from my translations of the site posted in >>2991



Oh wait didn't realize this till now but you have gone to the snowy mountain haven't you?

If you're having trouble navigating the game I really suggest using this pdf: www.dotup.org2495816.pdf it's the entire game map. If you have a translator on hand you can translate the names but all of the areas are color coordinated. Block world is the yellow and dark blue is the mall area that leads to the rocky area (brown) which leads to the snowy mountain (light blue).



Whoops that link didn't work. Use the link that ends in .pdf on this page of the wiki: http://www38.atwiki.jp/mordata/pages/57.html


File: 1326944757268.jpg (65.7 KB, 640x480, yn02.jpg)

Yes, I already beat Yuki-onna and get the replica. I needed to repair the lamp, now it's done and just need to search the Dark World.
How can I unblock these passages with stones?


Those stones are bypassed with a replica you get in the Dark World, and the one you just got gets rid of the flames in the other area.


So yeah, I defeated the Yuki-onna and returned to the shelter, talked with Mars, Monoko and the box-head guy and the warehouse door is still locked. Help please!



Did you talk with Monoko or Monoe? Because I think you were suppose to talk to Monoe

I've been replaying the game and I'm pretty close to getting the lamp effect myself so at this point I can only infer what you're suppose to do based on wiki translations. I completely skipped the lamp on my first playthrough so….


The link posted ^ doesnt work, anybody else have HSG 1.0? i really need that one again.



Yeah, of course it doesn't work. I took it out of the folder because I didn't need people hogging all my connections when I use dropbox to share other shit. I'll upload to mediafire if someone hasn't already.


File: 1327276519450.jpg (246.98 KB, 923x593, hsg.jpg)

I had gotten the game when I asked previously, because there was no link to the game anywhere, and you technically provided the only link I could find after Googling for for at least a day. I was going to upload it to Mediafire, but it refused to start, and my internet connection is really lopsided.

I just found this on Google, so it will work for the time being.


Click the button I circled in the pic.


I hunger for an English patch! I'm throwing my money at the screen, but nothing happens. Seriously, I need to know the plot.


Where is the file that contains the save file?
Time ago I delete my temporal files and that erase the progress. Now I Want to save in case that I need to delete the temporal files again.


*Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\~your username~\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\~random numbers~\localhost


I thought there was a translation patch out.



File: 1334459873341.jpg (47.07 KB, 640x480, Yn.jpg)

Where can I find the two missing replicas?


File: 1334529750876.png (19.22 KB, 947x373, Waste Treatment map.png)


Looks like you're missing Neon and Blond Hair.

Neon can be found somewhere in the waste facility. I was going to link the map but it might be confusing if you can't translate Japanese so instead I just screencaped it myself and added in notes. The red circle is where you'll find the neon effect.

Blond hair can be found similar to the way you found poop hair and long hair (by defeating those monsters). The blond hair ones can only be found in the final area (central command tower) and only in 2 different locations. I guess it must be really rare because I took about 15 minutes of grinding a single area with no luck.

If you need the map though it's the 8th bullet on this page (is the only one that's a pdf file): http://www38.atwiki.jp/mordata/pages/17.html


Thanks. I'll search for them.


No English Patch? NO WAY!


File: 1339452978870.jpg (40.08 KB, 645x488, collection.jpg)

I need one more piece of collection to achieve 100% completion, the question is, where's that piece?


It's Nasu cartridge.

You get it by entering Mado's door at her room and beating her ghost again. The cartridge is just after the room where you fight her.


I'd wonder where I can find Sprites of the Game~


Where can I find maps for Yume Nikki Gensou? Even just the common area?



Downloaded it, and looks like there is no dialogues… Instead, Monoko sells the umbrella, Kasei sells HP/SP pots, etc.
Did he just remove all dialogues? D:


File: 1380467417243.png (29.01 KB, 640x480, where doing it man.png)

So I decided to try translating for a bit.
No troubles so far, although I'm yet to get started with actual dialogues.


File: 1380467478025.png (164.91 KB, 640x480, where MAKING THIS HAPEN.png)

Nevermind the Russian - I'm intending to make an English version too.


I'm pinching my cheek but this isn't a dream

This makes me really happy

Ever since I switched computers (and my save data got wiped) I've been meaning to replay this. I think I'll wait for this translation.


Site and games are now mirrored at atelierizumi.net.


Now the site is moved to studioizumi.com


File: 1387488634874.jpg (56.76 KB, 640x480, memoriesofreplica.jpg)

Hello people my doubt is how to get out of this shit that white maze, I walk everywhere and always came out the same place, is anyone help me in this part please? anyone know how to get out of this labyrinth, it is very difficult and does not have any video on youtube that white maze, please can someone help me?


File: 1387625060993.jpg (37.23 KB, 640x477, collection.jpg)

please friends. I really need help from all of you please answer me where is the control of the video game. is the only thing missing to complete my collection, I grabbed all the effects, and only I lack control of the video game to complete the collection, please answer me ok? I need your help.


well if you don't mind here got a Japanese version map
the control of the video game is in the east tower (ゲームコントローラ) place


File: 1387668052669.jpg (61.34 KB, 1360x768, levelup.jpg)

does anyone know how I do to level up using the cheat engine? I know it has a way more do not know how to do, does anyone know how to do this?


Check my gameplay/guide if you have any trouble during the game.




Google "Konami code".
The map says it's in the right control tower. Check it out.


File: 1401148856621.png (Spoiler Image, 118.8 KB, 1170x876, Yume nikki 2.png)

Can some one tell me how to get madamaude and the lamppost effect?
and how to get the object under the bookshelf


File: 1401150308858.png (Spoiler Image, 145.1 KB, 1372x918, Yume nikki.png)

Can someone tell me were can I get the madamaude and lamppost effect??
and the objetct under the bookshelf???


Object under the bookcase is the broken lamp that's needed to get the lamp effect.

I'm almost 100% sure you can't get those effects since I'm betting you're at the end of the game. They can only be obtained at a certain time period and if you miss the window you can't get them anymore. That window being before you go to the zone that you need the effect in.

I swear I had written some kind of walkthrough for this but I can't find it in the mean time you can refer to this post of mine >>3087 . I assumed this was what you had to do and I'm pretty sure it worked (sorry it's been a while but I did get the lamp effect in my second playthrough).


Please tell me the English patch is almost done! It's been almost a year. I really, really want to play this game blindly, but i want to know what the characters are saying so i can follow the plot as it unfolds as i play, yes?

On the bright side, a little bird on the interwebs told me that your Russian translation is done. Too bad i don't know how to read Russian. :(




Is there a way to rebind the keys for this game, or even to make it compatible with a controler?
I'm using an EU keyboard, so the Z-key and Y-key are switched for me. :(



you could probably use a controller if you use JoyToKey


JoyToKey helped. Thanks a lot!




top necromancer


I am digging the absolutely hell out of the game. I almost beat the game but my save file randomly vanished, I believe ccleaner killed it.

Is anyone else here obsessed with Memories Of Replica?




Me too


So, isn't there an english patch or apk version of this fantastic game yet?


Does ANYONE have a saved file they wouldn't mind sharing? I used ccleaner and lost everything…


So, no any news about MoR?


I believe the dev stated that it was done a few years ago.


Damn, seems like I somehow missed that statement.




Anyone knows how to port it to Android?


If it's an RPGMaker game, there is Neko RPGXP Player for emulating RPGMaker XP games on Android, and EasyRPG for 2000 and 2003 versions. However, if it's even compatible there will be at least some steps involved to get it to work with these android engines, which I am not familiar with.


There's already an Android version of the original YN, but YNG and MoR are Flash based games.
It's a shame that we don't have at least an english patch.


So what about a Translation for the game?


File: 1482086686668.jpg (970.16 KB, 2487x3600, 6957b8b814127067f962a908a5….jpg)

You may as well learn japanese and do it yourself.


File: 1489361116429.png (223.16 KB, 640x480, MoR-Noprogress.png)

In the latest version, has anyone (besides me) gotten to the red head in the tower/palace to the left, only to find that it won't open? I've spent hours–even cleared the following area with the cells platforms and disembodied heads–but it won't let me access the area! Did I sequence break the game irreparably? What gives?


File: 1516218556632.jpg (202.26 KB, 1280x718, MoR.jpg)

I'm not a programmer, I'm just a regular fan who wants to translate the game at least in a basic way to replay it, so, I'm planning to extract the text, Google-translate and make-up the phrases so they can have sense.
Someone knows where can I found the text of the game? I'm using Sothink SWF decompiler but I can't find it.


I have founded it in the "lib_system.swf" file, so, I'll try to translate it, recompile it and make it run.


I actually started working on a translation myself today since I'm pretty solid with Japanese. I just finished my first run of the game and am almost done with Houchou Shoujo Mode. I love this game, so I figured it deserved to be translated. I finished half of the files that need translating today already, so I should be done translating within the next couple of days. From there it'll just be making sure everything transfers to the game properly. I'm hoping to get it done within a week. Work permitting.


Update to my post immediately above this:
I've translated everything now, so not it's just a matter of making sure spacing is good and finding any typos I happened to make. Should be done in maybe a day or two, maybe even tonight as we wait for Dream Diary to release hehe


glad to see this game still getting some love


Update to the translation I mentioned about a week ago: the translation was delayed a bit because my friend who was doing revision and typesetting had to go on a business trip, but the translation is pretty much done. We have a working translation. Right now we're just triple checking everything. The only thing we can't get working yet is the area titles that appear when you enter a new area, but other than that, all other things in the game have been translated. Once we figure that out, I'll post a download link here!


File: 1520184965827-0.jpg (63.9 KB, 642x512, hZzbxRf.jpg)

File: 1520184965827-1.jpg (54.75 KB, 642x512, zUKxQlG.jpg)

Here's a preview by the way


Oh man, that's pretty cool.
Good luck with the rest of the translation project.


I played this. It's pretty good. Does anybody know if there are similar fangames for games like .Flow or any of the others?


File: 1520483592711.png (77.02 KB, 638x480, yume nikki.png)

Hello there.
do you know where i can find these objects?
the table, the rug and the black box
thank you


For the desk, exit the Shelter (the hub area with all of the shops) through the south east exit. You'll go down in a vertical room and west through a long room. You'll come across a room where if you fall through the gaps in the foliage you'll end up in the area below with no way back up except to go through the Shelter again. Instead of falling, keep heading west. You'll need the double jump or a jump with the bicycle equipped.

The "black box" is the trash bin. That is in the dense woods (the forest area with the acid rain). If you enter from Block City, it's a straight path with no detours all the way until the first save point. The trash bin is in the 9th room. It is the vertical room just before the fork in the road that leads to a save point. It'll be in the upper left corner. You'll need the double jump to reach it.

The Carpet is in the Snow Mountain area. If you make your way all the way to the room with the vending machine, go south one room. Then drop down the gap immediately to your left. Allow yourself to continue falling through another gap. You'll end up in a little corridor that leads west. Follow it and jump over the little gap at the end. The Carpet will be in the next room.

If that doesn't make sense, let me know. I have a world map that I'm translating that will be included along with my translation of the game. I just don't have access to it right this moment since I'm not on my usual computer.

If you find them, defeat the last boss (if you've already defeated it, defeat it again) and you'll unlock Houchou Shoujo Mode!


Do you have some kind of social media? I'd like to introduce a friend to this game and the fact that someone's translating it after all these years is hype.


So I guess it's safe to assume it's never coming out.


can u guys tell me how to get the scarf, i needed it to go through the snowy mountain :(


How's Translation progress?


EN Translation Cancelled? How sad


File: 1558200180280.jpg (65.42 KB, 642x512, 8aODtJ4.jpg)

Hey all! I know it's been over a year since I last updated, went through some hard times with mental health, ended a relationship with 4 abusive roommates, and an abusive ex-boyfriend and had a bit of a mental hospital stay, but I'm happy to say I'm doing better and I am determined to finish the translation (under a slightly different name than I posted with before)!

Thankfully, we still have all of the translated files. So the translation has been done, it's just a matter of typesetting and finding some typos and such.

I was initially going through the game on a new file to find any errors. I got all the way to the Abandoned Research Laboratory (third to last area, just before the Pink Shoal and Control Tower). Then I cleaned the cookies from my computer at some point and my saves got erased (because I forgot Flash treats saves like cookies). Thankfully, my 100% saves for both characters were backed up. Right now I'm just using those saves to quickly get to areas to access and check menus and text. As far as I remember, none of the item pick ups had any errors, so I shouldn't have to go through the game again again to check any of that. Right now it's just menus and area name pop ups when you enter them (unfortunately, it's kind of annoying finding these pop ups because they only show up when you enter from the entrance that you're intended to initially find the area through, so I have to navigate the map quite a bit just to check these. Once we get those done and the map translated (assuming I can find where the heck I saved that map). I was going to write a guide (and I might still do so for the FG wiki), but I think the map will suffice enough to include with the translation.

If all goes well, I plan to finish the translation within a week or two. I'm going to focus primarily on this until it is done. I do have social media. Can follow me on Twitter @attorneyatloli for now. I'll probably make a separate Twitter just for my translations since I want to do more from now on, but until I set that up, I'll just use that one.


While I'm at it, when I was going through the text files for the translation. I found files for a "Nightmare Mode" and "Inferno Mode." Does anyone know if these are actually unlockable or if they were modes that never got used?


File: 1558482666146.jpg (64.02 KB, 1280x720, MahBodyIsReady.jpg)

I'm Ready for this!


Keep strong translator friend! I'll be rooting for you!


Just a quick update on the translation. I finished revising everything about a week ago. The map is pretty much done. I'm just making some small changes and edits. I made translation notes including explanations for most area names since they differ from that of Yume Nikki.

My friend who did all of the decompiling and type setting is currently on vacation in Japan and plans to make the final changes for the translation when he gets back on the 16th. I have another person that's willing to help as well in case my friend can't find the time to finish it within a week of his return. I'm gonna set a soft deadline date right now and aim for the 25th if not earlier.


Hey, there's no rush. The game hasn't been translated for over half a decade, a couple more days of waiting won't hurt anyone.
Seriously, don't worry about it and take your time.


Lil' Bump time


Good news, everyone! So my friend finally found time to finish putting everything in. I'm just gonna check some of the problematic areas with type setting and I'll hopefully be able to upload it today or tomorrow!




File: 1564092099821.png (114.64 KB, 488x228, Brutal.png)



Please, tell me you're still working in this :(


File: 1565928616291.jpg (49.05 KB, 494x741, I_Want_To_Believe.jpg)


I wonder if a serious bug was found? Hope everything's ok.


File: 1568158050739.png (51.81 KB, 380x550, 1316670879992.png)

We'll see it in 2077… Nothing for now :(


Lil' Bump time


Nothing for now? How sad


First bump of 2020
Nothing new for now?


It's never happening, is it?


Hiatus again?


File: 1585370596169.jpg (236.05 KB, 1200x1200, DyYlo3GVYAAGIg0.jpg)

Hey fam, sorry for the long period of no updates, and apologies ahead of time for the depressing post. Also changed my name again but it should stay this way now. I've been having a rough time lately, got fired from my job for discriminatory reasons before this virus started fucking everything up (turns out Trader Joe's is actually a pretty shit and abusive company). Now that the virus has started taking a toll on everything, it's even harder to find a job right now, and now I'm just dealing with a lot of other crap like depression and my really toxic and emotionally abusive roommates. I'm literally at the point where I'm locking myself in my room and starving myself until they go to bed so I can use the kitchen because I'm scared to be in the same room as them. If it weren't for my really supportive fiancee (who doesn't live with me yet), and being able to cope with Stardew Valley, I'd probably be in a lot worse shape.

Sorry to be really depressing, these are just things that are delaying the translation. About the translation: the game is fully translated, it has been for a long time. There are just some spacing issues we were working on, but I'm not on the best terms with the person I was working with. I can try to get the latest files from him and try to finish it with someone else, or we can just go with the version I have and work from there. I'd do it all myself, but I have no idea how to start editing the files and stuff with it. Though my fiancee can potentially help me, and since we're video chatting all the time, it'll be easier to work together on the project rather than the passive, offline work I was doing with the other person. Like I said, other than some minor typesetting issues, the game is fully playable in English. I feel like maybe finishing this and moving on to other projects might be what I need right now while I'm feeling like most things aren't going right right now.


File: 1585548499773.jpg (64.72 KB, 642x512, huHuVu1.jpg)

Okay, so better update. Worked things out with the typesetter and he helped me figure out how to do everything on my own. I spent the last day or so cleaning up everything and re-translating some things. The final step is to just let my fiancee, who's never played the game, play through it and see if she spots anything I didn't catch after going through the files and the game for the millionth time. Also I've never uploaded a game before, so where should I upload this zip?

tl;dr The translation is done. Just have quality check left. Should be any day now. Tell me where to upload it.

Also I made a Twitter for translation stuff. https://twitter.com/bumblebyhyve/status/1244504105214599168?s=20


Let me see… Mega, Mediafire, OneDrive for example




Now we have to wait ^^


mega.nz is usually my goto, if you're still around


Me too


so, News?


Please respond ;_;


C'mon, we need News!


So, nothing for now… How sad :(


If it counts for anything, the Twitter account is still active and they posted an update about this back on mid November.


Nothing for now I see


So, how is it?


Heya, it's been a while. It's been a really stressful year but I'm hoping to finishing the translation soon. Like I said before, it's complete; it just needs proofreading but this year and last year have been extremely stressful and so much has been going on with COVID and immigrating to a new country and mental health has been absolutely abysmal this whole time so translation work hasn't been happening. I'm so, so sorry something so simple has been taking so long. I really want to finish these. I love the HSG games a ton, and I want others to experience them too. One thing I've been thinking about though is Atelier Izumi (the creator of HSG and MoR) says not to redistribute their games or post other download links. I'm not exactly sure how to contact them either. What should I do about that? If I can't contact them, should I just make a program to patch the games automatically and just upload that? I don't wish to go against their wishes with regards to posting their works but I want to get the translation out there somehow.


This game was Translated in Russian, so why not?


Did you have somebody who Talk Japanese to ask the creator?


Is abandonware, I don't think should matter now.


I'm with you. Now Flash is kinda dead


>>15275 This game is now Abandonware, so why not?




Most times it seems Japs would rather a game be lost forever than infringe on copyright. Best to ignore them and archive/share stuff as you please.




yeah, but also, "finders, keepers"


Only Time knows…




It seems so


Here's the Russian translated…


File: 1678726896302-0.png (9.3 KB, 335x478, B1njU_wIYAAECem.png)

Это станет отличным дополнением к архиву фан-игр. Спасибо, что запостил это.


Now we need the English traslation

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