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File: 1526159312732.gif (130.4 KB, 500x345, 6f9.gif)


A Yume Nikki H-game. Progress updates will be here. It will have the basic structure of an average Yume Nikki fangame, but you find girls from YN and other fangames with graphic yuri sex scenes as a reward.

Leave any and all suggestions you might have here, but keep in mind:

* This will be yuri only.

* Spoiler NSFW images (I know it's redundant but you gotta follow site rules)


File: 1526159783541.png (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 1786x1651, 33df155995e0f0f903b4b6d7a4….png)

Basic ideas right now:

* Two "collectibles". Girls and effects. Girls are required to see the ending, effects are technically optional but helpful. All effects will be practical ones.

* The sex scenes will be triggered by interacting with the girls. This will be achieved through full-screen animations. Some girls will have different scenes depending on what effect you're using/what you're doing. For example, hat-and-scarf girl will have different ones depending on if she's visible or invisible.

* Chasers will trap you in dead ends, but they'll have their way with you first.

* Sprites will be redone. There will be as few reused assets as possible. (music may be a problem, I'll figure something out though).


Current girls list:

Hat-and-Scarf Girl
Igloo Girl
Faceless Witches

Masked Maids

Beret Sisters

Nail Girl

Tatsuki (as per anon's request)


There beter be an emetophilia scene


There is no need to spoil NSFW images. In fact, we encourage not to. You can't post hardcore guro/gore, a little blood won't kill anyone.

Started here >>13073
Adding to >>13072
Make the effects sexual toys you get after playing with the girls. Or outfits.


File: 1526160915949.gif (291.32 KB, 613x626, i can't hold it in anymore.gif)

Make the ending Madotsuki getting raped by Masada.
Jokes aside, are you sure you can even do this OP? This all sounds very idea guy-ish coming from you. You should have waited 'till you got a small proof of concept demo or so before creating this thread. You said you have no real experience with RPGMaker (to be fair it's a very easy program) which probably extends to things like music/sprite production which is the main ebb & flow in RPG maker. You will require an artist to make the H-scenes (or you can always just put downloaded pictures at the risk of a shitstorm, just good luck finding some dude drawing H for fangames), competent spriting and actual time and drive to do this. If you just want to make the "ubowercheng fongome" you can always just make a Dickme Dicki clone with MS Paint sex scenes, which I think is just what everyone expected.


Was gonna wait til I had something playable to show off, but someone recommended I post a thread to get input from you guys before I start.

I'm pretty confident I can do this. I have with experience drawing and spriting, and none of the sex is gonna be particularly fancy. I really undersold my RPG Maker ability, too. I've just never published anything. Reason I brought up music being an issue is because I've never composed it and I don't have the software (two things that I needed to learn to do anyways, why not start now?).

This will be sort of a babby's first project for me, and I intend to finish it.


I was the one who suggested he start a thread to get ideas on what people want to see. If you're wanting to make something like this and have no ideas, I just thought it'd be helpful.

I honestly have no idea what ubuu wants either. Still, as long as you show some proof of concept, I don't think it matters, this is just getting inspiration.

And also it was Kyuukyuu-kun who was supposed to rape Mado you swine.


File: 1526181564217.gif (826.74 KB, 264x480, 1324468086005.gif)

First you're gonna want to figure out how old Mado will be. A 12-15 range seems good. Any older would be lame. Poniko should be a bit older and way better stacked. Yuri is great and all, but sexy, muscle-bound Uboa is practically obligatory. Maybe they could be a hermaphrodite? Excluding Masada would also be a bit disappointing. If you don't want any male penetration, there's other stuff you do with him. Maybe he doesn't even have a dick. Shitai-San would be great for some necrophilia. Maybe Masada could, "probe", Shitai-San. That would fit in with the alien motif and keep the whole game gay. Monoe and Monoko incest would be great. Maybe Monoko could transform when she climaxes. You also definitely have to have weird sex music. Kind of like this track from Monster Girl Quest.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF3KKbj6s04 Quest.


File: 1526183196926.gif (1.58 MB, 570x412, seisatsu.gif)

>Meanwhile at Sei's home


Wonder what he thinks about this.


I can already imagine certain mods getting in a frenzy on the discord…


I don't use Discord so I wouldn't know.


Gotta include Flourette mayn.


I went on the mod channel one time. Pretty sure i'm locked out of it now though.


Her design is interesting but I dunno if/how I'd implement her. Gotta make sure I don't bite off more than I can chew with this (already thinking of cutting a few girls). Maybe she'll cameo.

Starting chipsets right now. Not gonna spam updates but I'll post about significant ones. Again, feel free to suggest whatever you want.


How about a cameo for Sometsuki?


I'd say Flourette probably wouldn't make good fucking material on account of her being a nun/shrine maiden/religious.

She could cameo condemning Mado to hell for her lesbian exploits, before conking her on the head with her shovel in a possible bad end.

Good idea in not going overboard with girls btw.

Homura and Nire are far too pure to participate in any kind of debauchery.

Despite their reps as panty thieves.


The purer they are, the better it is to defile them.


File: 1526229373290.png (852.75 KB, 1136x690, 0000av.png)


Not Nire. That's like sexing up Yotsuba or Kirby. Not really because she's too innocent though, but because the game implies she's actually a sexless dreaming castrated cyborg girl in a forevercoma you literally can't fuck her.

You could probably insert some guro fanservice-y shit by showing her with wires inserted into all of her orifices or her mutilated groin or something. But otherwise I can't imagine she'd really have much desire to fuck. Or breath. She's at the high end of YNFG NEETs. It's just wrong.


File: 1526231482021.gif (1.09 MB, 265x265, 1468528881127.gif)

>It's just wrong.
The more this needs to be on the game, then.


You just convinced me, include them


Only if Caterpillar girl is there to appease bugfuckers and medical/machine fags at the same time.


>Nail girl

And I'm surprised Usotsuki isn't on the list. Who wouldn't to get dominated and violated with a bat by a Nazi loli?


Proud of this anon.

I have an idea for an ending that could incorporate a lot of neglected characters. I downloaded and played Answered Prayers for a bit this morning, Flourette might work as her own scene. Same with Usot, dunno why I forgot her.

Nail Girl is an NPC from LCDDEM that I like. Wanted to give that game more than just Chie because I love it so much. Already have ideas for Chie, she was one of the first I considered (She's too pure even for Mado, so she takes it easy on her).

Side note, anyone remember that vibrating Harry Potter broomstick controversy from the early 2000s? Think I found a contender for the obligatory bike effect replacement.


That's one of the better concepts for a Mado edit I've seen. Really interesting. I'll see what comes of this.



I don't recall that apart from that lab event maybe, but what you wrote seriously describes Sabitsuki just as much. She even has a cyborg effect.


File: 1526315173365.gif (48.5 KB, 640x475, tumblr_p89kx3DnwZ1tk4o0bo1….gif)

There's more than one lab event.


Yeah, I guess it is a little exaggerating, but it still seems like Nire was a science experiment as a kid. Chances are she was probably circumcised in the name of science, or at the very least medically sterilized.

I can't imagine her as a really fun girl to have sex with. Or interact with. Personalities vary based on interpretation, but I see her as a soft-spoken and perpetually exhausted girl who comes off as cold and emotionless because if it. Sabi is more of an angry, drunk, butchy lesbian slut with freaky diseases. NIAS on the other hand would be a false statement. There's no desire nor sex appeal. She doesn't react at all during sex, going down on her elicits no reaction because she can't feel shit and would probably rather just be dead. Any sort of physical exertion is a bothersome chore to her. Even necessities of life like eating.

That's not to say she's incapable of love however. She probably was a huge lesbian for that black haired loli in her dreams. She was probably the only girl she ever loved, and was born with roses in her eyes. But then they buried her alive one evening in 1945 with just her sister at her side, and only week before the guns came down and rained on everyone.


I haven't played .flow, but from the sound of it, you might be reading too much into the character's sexuality or whatever. Was it really stated in game that she was circumcised? Anyway, I've seen doujins with totally emotionless characters before, so it's nothing that unusual. Somebody's going to be into it.


>in a ynfg
Of course not, nothing is ever stated as fact in these games. These are just dumb theories based on what you see. There's nothing saying Mado is a raped/pregnant/transsexual/hispanic/lesbian either but there are still people on Uboachan who believe these things.

Admittedly, some of it is kidding as well. Compared to most other fangames, I don't think I've seen a single dick anywhere in Yuque. It's refreshing, yet disconcerting. So I like to joke that Nire has no sex drive whatsoever. The most "sexual" thing in the game I think is the Toilet/Vomiting Snow Sculpture event if you push it, but as fucked up as we are, I kinda hope none of us really want to see "GIMME THE CHOCOLATE, MADO" but who knows?

Also the Birthday Cake World, but that's just probably just bulimia.


File: 1526408582134.jpg (160.8 KB, 512x384, 1270846094101.jpg)

This. The only this game is going to be any good is if it is the most exaggerated, shameless filth possible. If you don't ruin all the beloved characters for everyone it's just an echhi game that could be using any characters.

By the way… are you Shadok?


File: 1526411397089.png (146.38 KB, 350x210, katawa-shoujo2_9556.png)

I'm curious though, what would you say should go into a good dating sin/ecchi game though? I've never seen any really consistent opinions about what a romance game should have or what makes them good. It seems that either they're low quality and bland, or they're the greatest waifu simulator 3000 to ever exist.

Isn't there any sort of popularity pattern here?


The two most important parts of a dating sim are pretty visuals and likable, varied characters. The more broad the section of heroines, the wider appeal your game will have. That's doesn't mean the game should be a clusterfucker; you wouldn't be able to keep track of the girls. Giving the girls something that makes them sympathetic is also beneficial. If they're just totally normal, well-adjusted and without some big vice for you to cure, they'll both both be boring, and completely unrelatable to your core demographic.
You should tread carefully when giving the girl a tragic past. That can't be her defining trait, it is not substitute for a personality, and if it is written poorly, the game becomes unintentionally funny. The girls should also feel like they have a life outside of the mc. Besides courting the girls, there should be some other story going on. In the early days of newgrounds, the sea of shitty flash dating sims notably had absolutely nothing going on in them. They were practically stat grinding, mousing clicker games. Avoid that.


Please don't Dream vs Dream on us.


File: 1535387685423.jpg (17.55 KB, 512x272, liar.jpg)


File: 1536269677752.png (Spoiler Image, 11.46 KB, 500x500, ihopeit'snotalreadycancell….png)

nope that anon is not shadok


pretty hot tbh



please update, beta, something… we want this


File: 1536537134826.jpg (209.97 KB, 700x460, OPdiploma.jpg)

Your faith is incredible, OP didn't even post a sprite, he abandoned the thread, typical idea guy.

Look at all the bullshit planning ITT, now he shall be immortalized in Ubuu's history as a faggot.


File: 1537019333887.gif (Spoiler Image, 676.39 KB, 496x368, 971998__explicit_grimdark_….gif)

What engine will be used? Is it going to be animated? Can you even do animations with RPGMaker? Will it be as good as pic related? When are you going to ask for money? So many questions anon you better answer them


pick one


All I wanted was some spicy Corey on Faggotsuki action…


Eternal reminder that OP is the shame of this great website.


File: 1547754801899.jpg (424.28 KB, 1600x1200, lets make some fuking vide….jpg)

Since OP seems to have disappeared, shall we make this ourselves? I know Ubuu has a bad track record when it comes to this stuff, but I feel like there being porn will encourage everyone to work hard. We all liked the idea, it seems a shame to abandon it.
OP if you're still here, let us know whats going on. It's fine if you've changed your mind about doing this, just tell us so if you have we can start getting to work on a different version.


File: 1547756603266.jpg (51.1 KB, 526x800, 1_15.jpg)

You don't need their permission. Even if they still, "intend to finish it", two games are better than one. What body type should mado have. I have a thing for thickness like in related pic, but if the majority wants a slender build, that's good too.


File: 1547756788158.jpg (420.39 KB, 850x478, sample_aa4d0cf1459446a27eb….jpg)


Here's my incredibly fast thoughts.

>small and flat, but wide hips and ass.
>EXTRA T H I C C but embarrassed over her size.
>hourglass body. Big breasts and butt.
>lolibait shortstack. No breasts, but a little chubby. A "trap" in that there's an arm where her parts should be sometimes, used for all sorts of kinky purposes.
>DD cup. I'd find it funny though if she pads her breasts with uboa
>tall, skinny, and well-toned. Suprisingly well-endowed. Sexually aggressive.
Yuki Onna
>also short. Pretty plain. Hairy.
>gag route. He has an extremely feminine body with spandex that just accentuates everything.

And if we're including fangames

>canon says she's young with some chub. I'd imagine her being beefier, with thighs for days.
>beanpole. Literally underweight. Flat as a board.
Oni Musume
>the inverse of Poniko. Binds her big breasts out of shame. Her nipples probably have eyes on them though. She's pretty ripped.
>thicc, pudgy, nice ass, no breasts. Thighs can be used to suffocate.
MonoRobo (or the maids)
>a mix of Monoe and Monoko's body types. Don't fuck her though, her vag can cause degloving.
>also short, but slender. Sadistic and wears a razor strap-on at all times.
>very, VERY average body.


I think we need to consider how it will be drawn and animated before going into design specifics (although I do agree with what people are saying about Mado, flat is good since the player will identify with her). I don't know how skilled people here are, but my guess is that if enough people are interested in working on this, the cutscenes will look something like >>13631.


I don't know if making it animated is worth it. Quality still images trump shoddy animation in my book.


File: 1548249793924.png (2.68 MB, 3000x2015, 1.png)

didn't drew them all yet but here you go anyway
Consider this as something like concept art I guess…

What do you think of this game gameplay and core idea-wise?
I think the one thing we shouldn't do ever with Yume Nikki is dating sim. It's too cliche and too far from original Yume Nikki idea.

I was thinking about this: what if this will be also dream-oriented game, but you'll wander in lewd dreams instead. I mean, Kikiyama's dream world has so much lewd possibilities if you think of it.
Mado could've be the protagonist of this game as well. Her personality may be something as lewd but socially awkward nymphomaniac. She had learnt to lucid dream for the sake of having constant wet dreams. Or something like that idk.

But that's just what I was thinking. Gameplay-vise I have no ideas yet but we could've do something like point'n'click adventure for example.


File: 1548274202830.jpg (Spoiler Image, 658.35 KB, 857x1200, c1ec084db3ca81ea711b61aecb….jpg)

Keeping everything else the same and adding/changing stuff to fit lewd stuff in seems like the easiest option.


File: 1548275374212-0.png (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 3000x2015, 1.png)

File: 1548275374212-1.png (Spoiler Image, 2.17 MB, 3000x2015, 1wo.png)

+ changing gameplay style a little, yes.
Or else this unexisting H game wouldn't even count as Yume Nikki imo. I mean the most remarkable thing from Yume Nikki is its dream world. Would've be wrong to take it away from experience.

Something like CG with Mado and Poniko dunno
I'm just having fun with this whole concept don't mind me


What's your opinion on using pixel graphics for the main gameplay? IMO it wouldn't take away too much (most of the actual boobies would probably occur in the cutscenes), and doing hd graphics would mean that only one person could work on them if we want the whole game to look consistent-ish.

These all look really good. I think the game would work better if the scenarios were generally happening to Mado rather than her being the god of her dreams and going around raping everyone, but maybe cat effect Mado is super horny and actually does go around raping everyone.


>What's your opinion on using pixel graphics for the main gameplay?
Most eroges that aren't visual novels operate like that, with a drawn scene or image if you reach a win/fail state.


Should we have sex scenes carried out through minigames like HuniePop, or is that an annoying gimmick?

We already have the very sexual NASU, so if we did something like that, there's something to go on. Just make it Mrs. Nasu the HD remaster and have her choking on eggplants. But it sounds a bit more annoying than fun n sexy.

I suppose there might be VN elements. It's an H game, so you'd have dialogue options which determine where, how, or even if you get laid.

We could even go a platformy Demonophobia route with less guro and more "Mado walks into a room, gets buttfucked by a toriningen" or whatever.


File: 1548381753570.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1060x2290, 37c84529c52dc6b6c57730ee0….jpeg)

I'm leaning more on it being a gimmick. Some kind of sexy nasu would be fun, but trying to come up with ideas and implementation for more would just be unnecessary work. You have to think about intent with this kind of thing. What would platforming or aracadish style minigames actually add to a "pure" exploration game besides busy work?.part of why Yume3d doesn't appeal to me is it ignores this VN dialogue also runs the risk of being embarrassing to read, but that would still be a better route to take.

Keeping sex stuff like an extension of the events system would keep work to a minimum and make a final product more likely to actually come out.
if anybody ever decides to pick this up for real, I hope this thread will end up being useful


Honestly hoping this happens because my bisexual ass needs some of that edgy lady lovin


It's not.


File: 1550857637559.jpg (132.59 KB, 505x700, 1318391621442.jpg)

Not with that attitude!


Somebody might make it on their own, but it wont be a board project.


If the toriningen are allowed in, can we include the kaibutsu from .flow too?


I like this idea
Hope something comes out of it


File: 1582819647433.jpg (125.79 KB, 820x801, letmetellyou.jpg)

Come on…OP is an "idea guy", no sprites were posted, no concept art was posted, no clues of active developement was posted, this was all just for attention.

This also shows that we were never really strict when it comes to fangame reception here, as a general rule of thumb, creators should have at least a screenshot before starting a thread.

This thread is an example of everything wrong with beginner creators in the YNFG community, even when they start it, there's no guarantee they will complete it, making a good game takes a lot of time and willpower.


File: 1582823887024.jpg (70.07 KB, 1348x231, _[w4.jpg)

>This also shows that we were never really strict when it comes to fangame reception here, as a general rule of thumb, creators should have at least a screenshot before starting a thread.
Yeah, even when it's actually on the rules of the board.
It's ironic they claimed we were assholes about fangames and authors when we were actually lax as fuck.


Maybe I’m mixing this with something else, but OP said in another thread back then they were sorry but gave up and weren’t going to make the game.


want this to be a thing so bad

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