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Yep, it's that time again. I got the urge to start on a new project so here i am.

The story is as follows: You are the only occupant of a station located somewhere on a remote planet. And having been alone without contact with another human for 12 years, you're obviously not in the best mental health. Which of course shows in your dreams.

Next, screenshots.
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i played the latest version and theres like one thing

thing is, if you fuck up on the puzzle here, there's no going back and you either gotta wake up and come all the way back or stay stuck forever. that was terribly frustrating

its also pretty hard to notice some things, it took me quite a while to figure out that i could walk through the chinese zodiac hallway.

Yeah and it is a bit dark. Besides my bitching I really like this, because it has a plot. Its pretty refreshing from the whole "HURR OPEN TO INTERPRETATION NO DIALOGUE" because i like dialogue and to know sometimes what in the fresh hell is going on. And it lets me know about our nameless, gender-ambiguous(feminine man/girl?) main character.

also, what items do and dont have uses? i have like four items and i dont know what to do with them. particularly, the iron key, bottle of glowing water and the icicle. And does praying in the altar in the hidden room do anything other than grow some cross shaped flowers?

keep it up, of course.


I don't mind bitching as long as it is for a good reason. I agree with your points.
I guess my screen is pretty light then. I'll see if i can lighten up some of the darkest places a notch, i'll also do something about the stone puzzle.

About the items, everything but the glowing bottle has it's use. Praying does nothing at the moment, and it's actually dieing to those flying priest-head-dudes that grows the cross flowers.


Game made generally easier to see stuff in and puzzle stuff in pic >>5659 (teleport from nexus). Nothing new really.


ah yes, that's much better. and the darkness of some areas, or just darkness in general, actually kind of adds to the dreaming effect.

im planning on playing through the game from the beginning this time just because, and i notice some grammar errors. not something i would totally worry about, though, at least not until the last and final version. its mostly capitalization and punctuation anyway and can be easily glossed over for now since it doesnt actually affect anything. im just throwing that out there.

ironically im not using grammar purely out of laziness. oh, me.


Shhhhit i hate grammar mistakes. So easy to not do and it makes the game feel so unprofessional. Those friggin capitalized "i":s. We don't do them in our country, except for if you're royalty, so i always friggin forget them. Quick fix of all the grammar mistakes i could find:


Damn I'm really loving this atmosphere. I haven't had a lot of time to play it yet, but the time I've had I really like.

Also, I'm guessing there's still no save feature?


File: 1338891552269.png (123.79 KB, 640x480, duuuude.png)


File: 1338896228117.png (2.86 KB, 76x113, Rose.png)

Thanks. Dunno if you uboas realize it, but i really appreciate all the support i get. I have a lot of fun making this game, but i would have dropped this ages ago if nobody would play it. Anybody who says that they are making a game only for themselves are lying. Everyone wants appreciation of their work. Just look at all the threads where someone drops the game after getting negative comments.


File: 1339452651574.png (447.25 KB, 672x531, worderr.png)

I just picked up this game (seen the thread around a lot and decided to give it a try). If you're looking for more grammatical/wording errors here's a small one in the opening.

It should be "I have found that sleeping has become…"

Not very big of an error but something that made me scratch my head on the first read.


Thanks. I should probably get some native english speaker to check this out for me some time.

Anyway, enjoy the game.


Just saying that I played this recently and enjoyed it. I'm not hung up on the fact that you used other people's resources (music, art, etc) and in fact I think it makes it pretty interesting.

One small thing - any plans to implement something that helps your character move faster?


Not at the moment, no. The character already moves faster than the normal speed in the rm2k3 games (which most other fangames are made in). There are also not that many places where you actually need it. The only really large areas are the ones you get to from the nexus, the rest is mostly small rooms. If alot of people have a problem with it though, i don't mind implementing something.



I guess it's not so much of a problem, just in one single place.

There's a room with a bunch of animal pictures that zigzags back and forth. Passing through that room too often is kind of tedious. Other than that, you're right, there's no giant, nondescript rooms full of aimless wandering, which is nice.


File: 1339810426556.png (21.91 KB, 128x256, Char.png)

I'll do something about that room then, how about that?

In other news, progress being made.



That would be pretty cool, thanks. I don't mean to bitch about an otherwise good game lol


So i have been in a bit of a rut lately. Too alleviate my boredness i thought of something that i thought would be fun.
Basically it goes like this:
I would like Uboachans ideas for a short event to put in the game. Anything goes, as long as it isnt too long or complicated to make, basically i want to be able to sprite and event it in a day or two.
If possible, i would prefer if it fitted in one of these settings: A abandoned office building or a sewer.
I've seen a few threads where ideas for this kind of stuff have been discussed, and i thought it would be cool if some of the ideas could actually be in a game. So go nuts!


abandoned office scenario: a suitcase levitates, opens up and is a portal to another world.


Idea for the abandoned office. Make a bit long room full of desks, like in typical office. Occasionally, some humanoid characters would appear in front of some of these desks, for a few seconds. Then, you could also add event, based on random variable. When player enters that very same room, music stops, there is only sound of dunno… wind howling, and behind every desk sits one of these humanoid creatures.


Consider it done! Probably gonna have to be a pretty small world though, or it would take too long to make.

It's originial, and yet not original, i like it! I'll be doing it.


A release of of v1.0 should be done in a few weeks at most, if everything goes as it should. I cannot put into words how excited I am to finally be done with this project. It's both a relief and a bit sad really, since i enjoyed making Misere immensely (most of it).
Look forward to it!

Also of interest might be that this will probably be my one and only finished YN fangame. In other words, I won't be making another fangame after this. I already have another project in mind though, I won't stop making games anytime soon.
That's all i wanted to say, I guess. More info when i release the finished game, I guess.


File: 1341742558338.png (26.17 KB, 368x116, Miserere.png)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: http://www.mediafire.com/?adf514g283ccazc
It is done.


>156 Mb
You kiddin' me?



I guess not. I'm playing and already got into some new places.


I am not "kidding you". I am in a good mood, so I will just say this: In my opinion, that is little for what the game offers.
A good day to you, sir/madam.


Oh my god. its just 156 MBs. No big deal. I've downloaded much larger games. If a game this large is a surprise to you then I suggest you play more games.


Well, I've found the chapel at the station. I have three items that don't seem to be of any use to me:

-Crystal Skull
-Iron Key
-Doll legs

Where am I supposed to use these?


I would suggest you look in the left nexus entrance and then try to get as far to the top rightas you can. if you want to use the Iron key.

The skull is wearing a top hat… what else is wearing a top hat?

I'd appreciate it if everyone asked me these kinds of things via mail or on tumblr instead of here:


On another note… What happened to /fg/? Why is there no action here anymore?


alrighty then lets look at what we i noticed so far

biiiiiiiig spoilers ahead for some who havent played or whatever

so carrie… when you fight her its like impossible to know what to do. and even after she eats you waist up i get teleported to where the hunk of rotted flesh is and cant open my menu to wake up. i had to close the game out of a ragequit because i couldnt win or even figure out how to damage her. at least, figure out how to. if thats a glitch i suggest fixing that.

also a few problems with npcs disappearing but its still solid where they were. like the creepy dolly girl thing in the office building when she phases through the floor

otherwise im so excited to find out a little more about our dear mainchara and some of his/her past

also /fg/ is either having a dry period or people are losing interest in making fangames. or if on the really bright side theyre too busy making the games and having lives in between that they dont have time to post here

wishful thinking, though. do you plan on doing bugfixes or are you outright done fuck that end of story with this?


Ah yes **Carrie. Well if you really want to know how to damage her, read on. Notice those creatures on the left? They will push you if you interact with them after a little while. What if you time it so they hit Carrie? Try it*.*


Aaand ofcourse i messed up spoiler. Well whatever. Anyway yeah I plan on bugfixing when I get a few reports of stuff.



I've escaped the Doll Head Event. Still not knowing where to use the doll parts anyway. And… This game reminds me so much of N'oubliez… Only with the difference in that you're pretty free to roam around.


File: 1342937298812.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.33 KB, 646x508, KCpT.jpg)

Picture says all I guess


I'll fix that if I ever get enough bug reports to warrant a new release. So far I've probably got less report than any other release I've done. Which is good I guess.



Miserere is probably at the top of my list of 'Most favorite fangames ever'. You've made something awesome, and I hope it gets some more exposure.

I guess I could say that playing this has sort of inspired me to start work on a game I've been planning for a while; so, thanks for giving me the motivation for doing so. Here's to hoping it won't fall flat on its face and die.


Thank you and good luck on your game, if you need any help feel free to contact me.


File: 1343327037539.png (Spoiler Image, 547.1 KB, 640x480, uh.png)

Hm my game just up and froze when I got to this. Was that suppose to happen? Kinda sucks because I gotta do everything I did in this area all over again.

Also I've had the game freeze at two other points all dealing with the event that happens after you give the lady the doll parts. One of them after I woke up I moved and got stuck in front of her journal and couldn't move. The other one happened when I tried to leave the room the sewer hole was in. It resulted in a black screen and I could do nothing but go back to the title screen.


That's weird. It sounds more like a problem with RMXP than the game though. You playing on windows 7/vista?


Playing on Vista ._.

If it's not important I can just skip that room and leave it alone


Oh and one more thing, I'm planning on removing the event in the picture in the next release, which will probably be the final release containing new content (which will mainly be stuff that you don't really need to enjoy the game).
I'll add another use for the items you use there, ofcourse, which will be a more appropriate one. That event was just something I threw into v1.0 because I didn't have the time or will to make anything nicer.


Not really important, skip it.


Oh okay that's good to hear. It didn't seem like the event had much relevance on the story

I just finished the game just now had to check if it was possible to beat Carrie and my hunch was correct I just needed better timing

I really enjoyed it ;w;
The game never ceases to scare the ever-long shit outta me damn doll head event


I'm glad I scared you. ^^


Download link v1.02(158MB): http://www.mediafire.com/?170drcmy9uvr2f5

Changelog: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?mnbhsglo35bdn1p

Final release. Uboachan have been a real help with playtesting and all that nifty stuff, thanks guys and girls!




Download link appears to be down


Are you sure? It works for me (sorry for the ultra slow response time).


Finished the game… there are any theories explaining how and why he end up in that station, what happened with the rest of the occupants and even who are the protagonist ?


File: 1462331954297.png (1.17 MB, 1000x1000, miserere_by_yoyonoyo-d66p0….png)

this forever remains my favorite fg

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